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Nine News Australia | A Regional News Channel from Sydney

Nine News Australia is a TV broadcaster located in Sydney, Australia. It’s a regional news channel that broadcasts a range of breaking news, politics, sports, and entertainment news. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our Nine News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Nine News Australia
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Regional News
Website: Nine News Homepage

If you want to learn more about Nine News than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Nine News Australia

Review of Nine News Australia


  • Video On Demand

Nine News’ rating of 7.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no Nine News Australia live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

Check out how Nine News Australia compares to other local stations in the Sydney area.

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29 minutes ago

9 News

Here's Garry Youngberry with your national weather forecast for Friday, June 23.

#9News | 9News.com.au
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lucky he is berry and not cherry - just say`n ...

54 minutes ago

9 News

“For the Greens or anyone else to come out and say I do not believe they should be in our classrooms is a lie and as I said it is for political point scoring.”
#9News | 9News.com.au

Pauline Hanson stands by comments on separating students with disabilities from classmates
One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has refused to apologise for controversial statements she made yesterday that children with disabilities should...
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Comment on Facebook

I think its a great idea. Why should other students suffer for my childs learning disability. They should be in there own classrom where they can get the proper help they require or make sure there is enough funding to have the required assistance needed. Pauline Hanson is not being rude or degrading in any way in my opinion

The media are spinning this out of control. I was privileged to goto a school that did exactly what Pauline is talking about all because they had the correct teaching resources allocated to meet the special needs students needs.

Pauline has released her speech in full on her FB page, go listen to it for yourself. She has called the Courier Mail for an apology for only printing a select part of her speech, painting her unfavourably yet again. Don't believe what you read in mainstream media!

If a child can function in a main stream classroom, they have every right to be there. What's next, a student requires more visual aids because of their learning style, so they should be a classroom of other similar needs kids? If your a teacher who supports Hanson, throw in the towel, you shouldn't be teaching.

As a teacher- I'd like to say that having a child with autism in the classroom is very challenging. As is having a kid who is rude and aggressive. And having a child with dyslexia. An anxious student is hard to engage and and really smart kids who answer all the questions so others don't get a chance; they can drive you batty. There is a thing in teaching called differential teaching. we plan our classes so that every child's a winner. That's our job. That's what we get paid for: like the shop keeper who has to work with polite people, or rude and impatient people, or those who can't speak English and may take a little longer to serve. Every child is different. Every person is different. With rational planning and goal setting, support from teacher aides, back up from families: we can do it. It doesn't work perfectly 5 days a week, 8 hours a day; but what does? Pauline Hanson isn't a teacher. She's clearly spoken to a few who resent having to work hard or who don't have the skills to work with autistic kids. There are plenty who do. Keep calm folks- nothing's going to happen. It's Pauline Hanson.

People should listen to what she is saying if you talk to teachers and special aids there is alot of facts Paulie Has got right people just don't like that she is the first person to say it if it was coming from someone else everybody would agree.

There are already special ed classes and teachers in schools, students with disabilities are assessed as to who stays in mainstream and who moves to the special areas of a school, this is not new and certainly not news

So if I understood this correctly..ONE NATION wants to DIVIDE our next generation based on their intellectual ability ??.. thats great example of UNITY right there...

Should we seperate blacks, whites and yellows too cause they are different, how bout religions too? A school for each of them whilst your in to segregation of different abilities perhaps segregation of air head senators is needed too! Or we can all learn some tolerance and acceptance of everyone's differing levels of abilities and grow united and supportive of those who have mild differences in a school environment. It's strange that in the 70s and 80s they were just the naughty disruptive kids in class we learned tolerance to now those kids are the ones that have an excuse to avoid positive behaviour thinking sessions (detention as it was called back then) which created the calm environment that they so desired.

The Greens and Labour party need to apologize to all the students and Teachers for not doing their job of making sure these kids have their own schools and Teachers that are trained to look after these kids with special needs and these politicians need to pay all the medical bill for all the Teachers and student that have and will be hurt by these special needs kids , what to remember about this problem is that it is not the needs of the few that out weigh the many , it is the other way around , the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few , this is the same thing with the refugees and muslims , the government has their needs first before the needs of the many , GET IT RIGHT OR GET OUT OF POLITICS .

There are typical kids that disrupt the entire class as well i think schools just need more resources and teachers and aids to putting kids with disabilities into a specialized setting/schools is not the answer all kids weather disabled or typical need that interaction with each other because they learn from each other and to have separate classes or school is not the way to go

Once again the media make their own headlines. Pauline meant well in her speech, but some parts were not worded the correctly. The government do need to fix the schooling system for children with disabilities.

She has a valid point whether you like it or not. I feel for the teachers that have to try and balance the needs of the dissabled students with teaching the other students. It was always difficult enough teaching the smart eager students amd trying to keep the less bright, less driven students up to speed let alone adding dissability into the mix.

Disappointing!!! You just lost me and for those people who make comments and don't live with this everyday are ignorant to the needs of these children! My little guy topped spelling in the Year 7 group last week! What level on the spectrum is being referred to???? All children with an autism diagnosis??? Mainstream education suits his needs!!

My son had a severe speech disability when he was little which in turn led to a lot of behaviour problems due to frustration with not being able to communicate. He was put into a special school for the first 3 years of his schooling and it was the best thing for him . After 3 years he was ready to go back into mainstream schooling and now you would never ever know of the years of heartache and suffering . I would have hated to of put him in mainstream schooling and him not getting the one on one care that he needed . Would have been also terrible for kids who have no problem as it would have taken time from them too learn as well . I think people are really getting worked up and offended for nothing . It's a awesome thing to bring in more specialised schooling with children who need the extra care . Thankfully Pauline sees that it's lacking and we really do desperately need help for kids with special needs

Ive got a please explain for you..... why is this measly statement all over the news when Malcolm Turnbull has just butt f*cked us all with these huge increases in living??? Talk about the old sleight of hand trick... and you sheep fell for it... why aren't you all up in arms about the real issue???

We've spent years trying to integrate and have people with disabilities accepted and pauline Hanson is trying to undo all of that. Shame on you.

It's all kids there are classrooms without ASD kids I've seen kids have to sit while a teacher controls a kid with anger problems what is he autistic maybe if u didn't label all ASD kids some parents would not be so defensive not all kids stop others from learning..they say no one is perfect but hang on every kid is except kids with ASD or a disability you should think before you label .Do you think these kids enjoy being labeled NO they don't you may find 80% of the class has an ASD trait

You have my support Pauline. My son is in the mc class at school, has been ever since kindy/yr1. My son is in high school now. Cannot cope in mainstream classes, and he gets the help and one on one he deserves for better learning.

Pauline is so misinformed we have s e u units or for Pauline too understand Special Education Units as well as our wonderful Special needs Schools in Qld to help these brave and willing to learn children, this being Paulines elected and home state you would think she might know this !

How about she concentrates on looking at why this issue is hapening and getting to the root of the problem but no poli does that for example all the jets flying over spraying all over the country its a big secret why they are spraying, also the way vaccines are implemented and forced and all babies being borned in the last 3 years. The foods manufactured.....there you go Pauline and all government concentrate on those issues and then start talking to the media

Are you kidding my brother was born deaf and tried mainstream schooling as well as special ed he did really well in mainstream schools there where no special treatment for him he seamed to get a hell of a lot of A's on his report cards. My son is autistic he has only ever been to mainstream school he has done good but maybe he could have done better if there had of been less noise and less disruptions in the classroom from the children who where normal and just screaming because it was cool to be the class clown all children have a right to an education all autistic children are not disruptive there are different types of autism are you to makes schools to suit different types of disabled child are we going to have schools for his who can't see or walk or children born without a limb or are we just going to move the kids with autism Pauline Hanson can say whatever she wants it will not change the fact that she has said something very very wrong as per usual you are a mother and a human think about what your saying before you say it and then if you think you know best you should say it in a way that does not sound like these children are not worth the trouble the whole education system needs to be fixed not just kids with disabilities you are so busy pointing figures that the real issue is not being addressed. We need to go back to basics in the 60's and 70's we learnt to read and write in the 80's and 90's kids learnt to use calculators now it is computers and they don't have to learn to do basic things I have a 14 year who can not read he knew all his letters and numbers before he started school then he went to school and they put the kids in front of so called smart screens and computers and they learnt to play games I told them to stop it they said he was learning yeah right he can't write or read the problem is the education department not the kids teach the teachers how to teach don't blame kids that threw no fault of their owe are disabled

My son is on the ASD and he can gets bored easily because he learns quickly which in turn means he can be disruptive to other children in his class. Pauline is not calling to completely segregate them from other kids just put them in a seperate class (like in high school you have different levels of maths and English etc) they will still be in mainstream school just in a class that has the correct resources to allow them to help all children. My only worry is who is to say which children with learning disabilities or the likes of such disabilities goes into these classrooms? Who will determine which kids go into which class?

Autistic kids, like my youngest brother, my son and friends sons, in a classroom full of loud students, florescent lights etc suffers, it's like shattering glass all the time, and the teachers are not trained to deal with that, when I went to school they had separate classes for kids with disabilities, low lights, calm space, trained aids and teachers, my friends son is stuck in mainstream classes as they don't have separate classes there, he's yet to make a full day at school without lashing out, his autism and add definitely disrupt the education of everyone in class. Why should she apologize for suggesting something that has already been implemented in most schools for 20 years already?

Bloody fake media again, Stand your ground Pauline. Bet none of these whimpering lefties here have even bothered to read or listen to it...dam weaklings.

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1 hour ago

9 News

"South Korea must realise that following psychopath Trump...will only lead to disaster."

#9News | 9News.com.au

North Korea calls Donald Trump a 'psychopath'
North Korea on Thursday called US President Donald Trump a "psychopath" as tensions soar following the death of American student Otto Warmbier, who...
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Comment on Facebook

It dosent sound like news, its sounds like channel 9's one sided left wing opinion

"Takes one to know one!!" Seriously the west doesn't want to go to war with the north Koreans, we like our pharmaceuticals too much, and kinda value human life... So can we stop attempting to start a war

Kim is a total nutcase no disputing that . Trump is supposed to be of above intelligence, so how come he comes off looking like as much of a moron as Kim. Trump is leading us slowly to the point of no return. There is no return from a nuclear war. America you let this fool off his lead about time you brought him to heel .

If the world knows he kills his own family. Why would anyone trust a word he said? His missiles could reach the middle of the ocean max. Send a MOB and be done with it. 0 repercussions, besides the innocent north Koreans. But that didnt matter when nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed huh.. -__-

Don't let this distract you from the true issue, on this day in 1986 Maradona used the hand of God to win a football match.

If you actually think your government is any better you have no idea and I'm sick of people not knowing this . the Australian and American government intelligence agency's are sick! They torture rape and kill there own innocent civilians all day every day but it is hidden from the public . that is a fact

That's a bit rich. A megalomaniac calling someone else a psychopath.

You know you've got issues when the world number 1 psychopathic country call you a psychopath! 😂😂😂

😂 seriously ? From the guy who chucks tantrums and threatens the world on a weekly basis

South Korea say about president Obama, a new president been our president six months,trump is for our country period!

They mustn't have mirrors in North Korea?? They really need to take a long hard look in one!!

When your quoting a pychopath on who they think is a pychopath you've lost the argument

I say we boycott all South Korea products until they stop eating dogs

Who is the black kettle racism better call it colored kettle!.

Yeah let's face it the ABC here in Australia have probably called him worse.

I wonder what would happen if Trump put a big bomb bang smack in the middle of north korea.

From the guy that fed his uncle to a pack of starving dogs 😂

Yeah; just look at how North Korea, who they're following and how well they're doing 😅

They should know ,their bloated leader is one for sure!

cut the crap TRUMP get it over and done with this idiot

What are we, In high school?

Ha this coming from a psychopath that top it all

They can talk.

trumps no psychopath he is a genius

Good on Kim I agree Trump is only putting fuel into the fire , if something happens it will be Trump's fault

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2 hours ago

9 News

The project was launched today as part of the airline’s mission to improve the health and wellbeing of their customers ahead of their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight later this year.
#9News | 9News.com.au

Qantas enlists medical experts to find ways to tackle jetlag
From lack of sleep, to cramped conditions and even the food, long-haul flights take their toll on our bodies.
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Comment on Facebook

Serious question... what is jetlag... visited many countries... weirdest date/day shift ive visited was US... apart from the usual week long LBM after visiting asia, never really had an issie

If it's an A380 it wont lift off the ground due to mechanical issues from my experience so no jet lag to worry about lol

Less booze. 2 hr PAC care . H2o during flight min incidental movement to avoid dvt. Pre and post, up your h20, sleep typical and oh look pay me instead

drink lots of water, eat fruit etc and have a good sleep. that is my expert opinion....

No it's just Qantas!!

Omg - not turn the lights on at 3am!!


I hope they ensure the miserable crew are trained #smile

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2 hours ago

9 News

They estimated the total cost of the alleged offending was up to $130,000 in tax debt.
#9News | 9News.com.au

Cranston 'warned' son before fraud arrest
Former tax official Michael Cranston allegedly warned his son about unexplained wealth before the family was linked to an unprecedented tax fraud.
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Comment on Facebook

He really should have been sacked not allowed to resign. This is just all for saving face at the tax office. It's ridiculous.

Hey Chanel 9 $130k a drop in the ocean. Maybe you need a new monkey to do your stories?

Hope they all get the same cell after all a family that robs together should have digs together, his apples didn't fall far from the tree.

This is a man who chased taxpayers because of an honest mistake worth a few hundred dollars! He chased Paul Hogan for money already paid! Everyone...rejoice! 😂

Scumbag! when you think of the people he has chased on tax issues!

How far is it to fall from their ivory tower , there is no loyalty any more evan the federal government is showing the way .

It's like days of our lives. Love it

yes bet he warned him to be careful

Warned him, then did nothing.

Jail time

Busted lock him up.

Fancy that, are we surprised 😳 not at all

Should of ran

Josie Ferragamo 😲

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