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NHL TV is a TV broadcaster based in the US. It’s a sports channel dedicated to NHL Hockey. It broadcasts live NHL games with news, highlights, and interviews. The Game Center live streaming is only available with a paid subscription, but the site does have an excellent video section, and it’s free.

Name: NHL TV
Location: New York, United States
Genre: Sports > NHL Hockey
Website: NHL Television Homepage

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Review of NHL TV

Review of NHL TV


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NHL Television is owned by The National Hockey League. It is a member of the NHL network.

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4 hours ago


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Interesting choice considering the league stole ROW from the Islanders with probably the worst replay call in NHL history. I get it, they watch the replays in Toronto where there is interest in making sure the local team locks down a playoff spot.

I didn't even know the Islanders had made a comeback. Metro division is nuts! I love it.

And cue the salty Pens fans being triggered by this post in 3... 2... 1!

Omg NHL you're so biased showing the winners of this game! 😡

We all know it was meant to crop by bailey so we could see that kids face ahah

"Why does this page show Pittsburgh only" Please shut up.

The look on everyone face in the crowd is priceless!

Was a fun game to watch. Tip my hat to the Isles. I like what I saw of Ho Sang. Kid has some wheels.

Washington's gonna knock them out in the first round neways lol

Very entertaining game! Wish Tavares had a shot at the cup.

The photos will be different in playoffs... If you make it that far.


Bring them to city feild

Look you finally got your cover photo Zach Peebles


go Bruins go!!

Crosby should have not been playing.

Cool Picture!☝#ozonfy127

Jordan José Carlos Luyo Ormeñoaprendan de Jaime Bayly 👆


Austin Snell

Let's go islanders

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5 hours ago


Double leg kick.

What a shootout beauty from Tavares.
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Tavares was actually afraid Crosby was trying to spear or slash him from behind

Actually impressed that Sid went a game without slashing or spearing someone. Best player in the world? Yes. Classless? Yes.

Fleury looked like a real pro out there. My fellow fan base was talking about how if he was in net during the shootout they would win. Well look what happened. Pens lost yesterday 1-2 with Murray and they loss today 3-4 with Fleury. Yea Murray was real bad Thursday guys.

"Shootouts are great for the game of hockey!!" (said no knowledgeable hockey fan, ever... 🙈) DDave SchmidtCChris Mone

Tavares actually scoring in the shootout? Is this real life?

21st Penguins post since like the middle of the month. NHL is very obviously biased to any real fan with a brain. I'm happy trashburgh lost.

Beauvillier's goal was pretty nasty too how about embarassing fleury and uploading it too?😉

Connor Judge I know it's on Pens which sucks for you but Tavares is killer

Excuse me sir, but do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and savior John Tavares?

Shootouts were a lot harder as a kid when all you had was sneakers and you played street hockey.

Did Tavares win The Cup yet... he must be a terrible player...

Michaela Albers This is the guy Dan said he would trade Fabbri for. This guy is better lol ;)

Megan Charlotte your team. Would hate to be the goalie in shootouts. Lol

Dave Perreault Marco Denis pareil comme moi en shoot Out a nhl tu vois Bin que sa se fait dans vrai vie hahaha

Riley Cardinal holy crap they want the Bruins wild card spot hahah

Sebastian Åkesson va gör han? Ska man göra sådär så är det 3 kicks som gäller

Janice Wong When you're figuring out the controls for the shootout on playstation

Triple leg kick, actually!

Bring on Boston, baby!

Yes Yes Yes! Nice job beating two tough metro opponents.

Triple if you count the one on the shot

what a loser


Call the police!!! The referees steel the game

Jgage 5$

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7 hours ago


Second place in League goal-scoring?

It's Nikita Kucherov, with 38.
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Second place is good... But how many fingers has he removed from his opponents?

I wonder how many fewer points he have if the NHL rules applied to him. According to the rules, the Wings are on a power play in OT because of this, but obviously we are not following the rules. The NHL referee's are still trying to beat out the NFL for worst officials in the history of professional sports!

5"11 178 lbs, but yeah if you're not over 6 feet tall you'll never make it. They'll keep discouraging you while you grow up, because yeah most of the coaches & scouts are old af and don't understand that the game has changed. These players keep proving each and every year, but I keep hearing all the time on tv that some players are too small. If you have the talent and heart you can make it no matter what, ask a little dude like Byron.

Hard fought game. But Detroit fan quite whining about interference. As refs so it, it was incidental. Z was so gassed he couldn't do anything except try to embellish it.

Sucks he scored against my Red Wings but it's a great goal. Congrats on the win TB and i hope the Lightning make the playoffs.

What a horrible agent he has though. How Stevie Y got him at that level of under market value for that kinda of player who you knew all along is pretty slick on his part and a horrible job on his agents part.

That pick tho...

Nice interference to set it up

I was at the game, the two fights were awesome! It was so hot in there I felt like I was gonna pass out.

any day the red wings lose is a good day. LETS GO HAWKS

Guy has been on a tear. Got a bye week for the first round of playoffs in fantasy, hoping he keeps it up!

Bruins should've stayed in the wild card spot, not these goons

Made up for the Vermin interference call earlier when he got jumped into by a flying Wing.. yep that was fair..

Sets a pick, aka interference, the only way he gets open. Terrible no call by the ref!

Kucherov is unreal but Tampa still ain't making the playoffs.

Matt Peters Remember when I wanted Kuch but you insisted on Larkin 🤔

Anyone else think that was interference? It's clear Zetterberg did.

Kucherov is going after you Crosby.

Point made that goal, very nice play by him. Bolts fans what's Stammers time table?

No doubt Kucherov is an amazing talent, but that should've neen an interference call.

Crazy awesome player, very dangerous. smart and fast. wish we had him :/

Thats some pretty heavy defensive skills put on show by Green lol

ea still has him at an 89 smh

Steven who?

Nice interference refs! :D

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8 hours ago


You won't see a much better face off play than this one. ... See MoreSee Less

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It wasn't a great play at all... #36 just absolutely blew his coverage. He shouldn't have been that high up after losing the face-off

Sharks got humiliated against the Stars…TWICE. I knew they had issues and I called it a week ago. Smh Love how people were defending this team when I pointed out their faults instead of coming to terms with it. They're not ready for a cup final again.

For the last few weeks I commented on how much the Sharks suck. Got nothing but poor excuses for replies .Isn't there anybody that agrees with me that this team sucks ?

Where are all the Sharks fans who were defending the team last week? Suddenly they disappeared…hmmm. And the ones who were saying Burns deserves the Hart? Hmmmm

The difference between a goal scorer and a regular player.. 90% would have shot the puck right at the reception.

Ben, Chris has got to get the the puck after you win the draw (like always) but I say we start pulling this play this summer.

In college I made a split pad save on quite literally this exact play, right Findlay? From the center losing the draw clean, to the Wing not locking his guy, the Dman losing Benn, and the goalie making the wrong crease movements and save selection - ALL involved made mistakes on this play and any one of which making the right read/play probably would have stopped this goal. That being said it was still a really nice goal.

I honestly would be surprised if we make it out of the first round

The Stars get my vote for "worst post-goal music/celebration"

Jere Sam Juho terve tota jamien rauhallisuutta😍😍😍 #daddy

Dallas has a face off play, but the Sharks will have that play off face.

Michael Fthenakis Good defending by Burns off the draw eh?

Maxime Moquin Mathieu Gauthier votre faceoff contre longueuil etais mieux😂

Jen Wray Taylor Boehlig almost as good as your face off!! 😊

Nicolas Fortin Burns a pas pogné son joueur... Karlsson l'aurait fait lui...

Where the D go tho lol Burns must've been thinking about scoring from his own zone somehow

No one cares about the Stars. They apparently love getting swept and not making the playoffs.

Houseman!!!! Got with the face off!! Sharks even making the playoffs

Yes you will backstrom to ovi one timer off the draw

Samuel Adams he gets top shelf and it doesn't look like he even shoots it wtf

Ville Kimmo Markus . Tekikö vaan fantasiat? 😂

Ethan Retieffe Brady Marche um what about a goal 2 seconds into a power play

Joe Pappas Nick Pappas one day we will make this work...

Kevin Williams John Stewart might have to work on this one for winter now

Bill Walsh Blake Kondras we have a new play to try off face offs now 👍

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