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Review of NFL Network

Review of NFL Network


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9 hours ago

NFL Network

Absolute legend. 👏 ... See MoreSee Less

Absolute legend. 👏

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Rings don't mean anything for INDIVIDUAL achievements. Rings are a TEAM achievement. They have no baring on the best QB of all time. PEYTON freakin MANNING

I think I could make a post about my dad on father's day, and patriots fans would be there saying, well Brady would be a better dad

As a pats fan I am so disappointed by other pats fans slamming on peyton He was amazing Im glad I was alive and got to see him and Brady square off numerous time Two of the greatest players of all time

So much salt from Brady fans. Anytime a QB that isn't Brady gets credit for something (even as minuscule as leading the NFL in virtually every passing category) they have a brain aneurysm.

So even on a post about manning people have to bring in Brady. First for those saying this stat is wrong based on wins. Tom Brady has the most wins with postseason combined. That 186 is just regular season. I won't argue Brady is better but no way can anyone call manning garbage.

Of Course lm a Pats fan, that said I have huge respect for Peyton Manning he was an incredible quarterback and if there never was a Tom Brady Peyton Manning in my opinion would be the best but there is a Tom Brady and he is the best quarterback of ALL TIME, Patriots haters can say whatever they want they are entitled to their opinion no matter how dumb it is Peyton Manning was a Class Act in new when it was time for him to retire I can only hope when the time comes Tom Brady handles at the same way

You have to be a fan of the game to appreciate talent not just a fan of your team. If you can not acknowledge Peyton as one of the greatest QBs to ever play then you are simply a douchebag. This guy is a legend.

Well Pro Bowls and MVPs and voted on and are ultimately BS. He IS NOT #1 in overall wins...that would be Mr Brady beating with a season more of wins. He does have passing yards and TDs but that is all....very good but flawed Choke artist

How many more years did manning play before Brady was drafted so let's hold the manning is the G.O.A.T until you see where bradys numbers are when he retires you cant compare the two until they are both retired

Those people trying to idiotically argue Manning is better than Brady. I bet none of them would say Marino was better than Montana. If they do, their doubly stupid, but consistent. Rings don't matter on TALENT based evaluation. But they matter in the best ever evaluation. Rings talk.

Whomever made this chart is mixing regular season-only numbers (wins) with career numbers for the rest. I wonder why they'd do something so disingenuous... Oh, wait, maybe it was so they didn't have to acknowledge that Tom Brady is cleaning Manning's clock on career win-loss percentages in BOTH the regular season AND post-season...

I'm the biggest Peyton manning fan I have multiple jerseys, cards, and other collectibles and merchandise, but I'm 100% right when I say tom Brady is the 🐐 there is no if ands or butts about it tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of ALL TIME

Why don't you people get real and look at stats...Peyton in no way shape or form ever compares to Brady...all you have to do is look at the stats..Brady far surpasses in each and every category....always has, always will

I'm a Pats fan and Brady rules on the field. However this guy Peyton has to be the most generous classy off the field. What's he's done for sick children with his hospital is way bigger than football. Guys a legend all around

Brady has more SB MVPS more career post season yards and touchdowns and has 183 regular season wins and 208 wins overall....brady will be top 2-3 all time in every major statistical category for QB when he's done.

Hes no doubt a smart player but overrated to the max he had star recivers his whole career when he lost them he did horrible than the next year went to the broncos an there star recivers an take credit for everything

Sir that is the dumbest statement I've ever heard regarding a "Team sport". You play to win Campionships & making your team the best. Pro Bowl QB don't get rings & infamy

All these pat fans just mad manning has a winning record against Brady in the playoffs and is a better individual qb 53 man teams win super bowls not one guy when did manning ever have a good defense until denver

Well the first stat is incorrect. He isn't tied for first in most wins. And we'll he always chocked when it mattered most. But congrats on a bunch of stats.

Tom Brady is the luckiest QB in NFL history. Not like he dominated those Super Bowls. He got 2 of them handed to him. He should write a thnak you note to the Seahawks and Falcons.

I'm pretty sure brady holds the record for most wins by a qb and most likely will beat the passing yards and but prob not the tds so Peyton will only hold 3 records the rest will be brady lol

Umm, how many rings does Peyton have?🤔 I believe 2 and 1 of those rings he got because his defense did the work, he was never consistent in the playoffs, so uhh no

They need to say reg season wins cuz Brady has the most all times wins lol. Manning was a beast, but Brady gonna beat most of these records

Lmao Rodgers is a lamb maybe. But no Goat. And yeah you can already say Brady is the Goat. Payton looked good on paper but he's no Tom Brady.

I love Peyton Manning. Coming from a Pats fan, he would easily be the greatest QB of all time if he didn't choke so bad in the playoffs

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12 hours ago

NFL Network

Happy birthday to the Sheriff! ⭐️ ... See MoreSee Less

Happy birthday to the Sheriff! ⭐️

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Happy Birthday to the biggest crybaby in the NFL. Changed the rules to be "softer" to him and his Golden boy status. Too bad a diamond in the rough is more valuable than you.

You give Manning all this love and he isnt in the NFL but when Brady birthday rolls around yall gonna pretend he doesnt exist.

Happy Birthday, Peyton. You brought a humble honor to football. You represented very well. Your stats are great, but only a part of the good man that you are. God bless

I've watched football for a long time, I've rarely heard anyone call him the Sherriff. I don't know why anyone came up with that. I'm not knocking on Manning, he's a great QB, just never heard this nickname before.

Happy Birthday to the 2nd greatest QB of all time (behind Montana)

Lost any respect I might have had for him after I learned about how he destroyed Jamie Naughright's career. He is a complete POS.

Happy birthday Peyton. Miss you too much on the big screen!

Still not better than Brady.

Imagine this comment with a picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn.

Happy birthday GOAT

Thanks 4 the years of 🏈 have a spectacular Birthday

3rd greatest QB ever just behind Brady(1) and Montana(2) but he is without a doubt the greatest regular season Qb ever.

I didn't know Peyton Manning was 18, congrats to him!

Happy birthday also to Peyton's neck

Best to do it.

Happy birthday Peyton the greatest QB

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning!

Happy Birthday to PFM and Omaha!!!

Happy birthday Payton

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning!

Happy birthday! I loved watching you play, thank you!

Happy Birthday Peyton

Happy Birthday mr.great

Bronco Gang happy birthday Peyton !

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