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NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a TV broadcaster based in Stamford, CT. It’s a sports channel dedicated to all sports, professional & college. It broadcasts news, analysis, and live games and matches. You can watch the channel online via the NBC Sports live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our NBC Sports review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: NBC Sports
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Genre: Sports > All Sports, Professional & College
Website: NBC Sports Homepage

If you want to learn more about NBC Sports than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of NBC Sports

Review of NBC Sports


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  • Video On Demand

NBC Sports’ rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that NBC Sports live streams its programs as they air. NBC Sports also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

NBC Sports is owned by NBCUniversal. It is a member of the NBCSN network.

See how NBC Sports compares to other sports stations in the US.

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November 17th, 7:29 pm

NBC Sports

Here's where the Championship 4 drivers will be starting the final NASCAR Cup race of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday at 3 PM ET on NBC.

So... who wins it all? 🏆
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Heres where the Championship 4 drivers will be starting the final NASCAR Cup race of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday at 3 PM ET on NBC. 

So... who wins it all? 🏆


Comment on Facebook

Why is it that no other racing series has this stupid "playoff system"? I watch F1 and indy car racing and they do not use gimmicks to promote their races, but they also do not manipulate the end of their races.

Go Truex I guess? As a Jeff Gordon fan I could care less about Nascar now especially if Chase Elliot doesn't make it!!?

Who's first? (Don't watch NASCAR that much)

Truex deserves the championship

Get that 78 car across the line first Martin Truex Jr.



Anyone but Busch

Money on MTJ

Go 78

Truex Jr is going to win


Pulling for 78!

78 all the way

Rooting for Truex to win!!


Go Jr. Hope you win your final race.

Kyle takes it

78 gonna be hard to beat. Go Kyle Busch!!! 😁

#2 wins his 2nd

No.18 car

Don't care.

Anyone But Cheating Toyota

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November 17th, 4:12 pm

NBC Sports

Fly Eagles Fly!

The Philadelphia Eagles hope that the road to victory winds through Dallas on Sunday Night Football on NBC.
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Eagles Visit Dallas for SNF


Comment on Facebook

Lol eagles have the easiest schedule in the NFL .Seattle will kill them

"We all we got!" "We all we need!" Gang Green generation next! Smash it, bash it, hit 'em in the mouth! It's time to take the Cowgirls to the shed! Next year ends here!!!!! #flyeaglesfly

Sean F. Kennedy

November 17th, 3:48 pm

NBC Sports

Danica Patrick was emotional as she announced she will no longer be competing full-time in NASCAR after 2017.

She's "not done yet." She'll compete in next year's Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500.
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Danica Patrick Announces She Will No Longer Compete Full-Time ...


Comment on Facebook

More like she couldn't find any team wanting to take on a "driver" who only finishes top 10 or better based on process of elimination when others crash out etc.. She never was a good interview, wasted a lot of good cars! Im shocked this wasn't sooner.

Look at all the tough guys here laughing at Danica. Just shows you’ve never been passionate about anything in your life and have no idea how hard it is to walk away. I may not have been her biggest fan, but much respect to her for racing every Sunday. More than a lot of you can say.

NASCAR is stupid for letting her walk. They have just lost 6 of their most popular drivers in the last 3 years. If they are hanging their hat on Trevor Bayne or William Byron they are in huge trouble.

That's an odd way to say "I can't keep a sponsor".

Sports does not use "Affirmative Action" like the government does! It is strictly performance based! Danica is one great driver and lady, but in Nascar you have to win and perform!

I don’t follow NASCAR but I feel for her to have to step down from the sport she may have not been the best driver but she tried as hard as she could. She has emotions just like any other human being and I can’t blame her for getting emotional during the interview she is really beautiful in every way.

This young lady has had a tough battle her whole career. She is tough and, I respect the heck out of her. She deserves some kind of ride with all the work she has put in. She can still get it done and would love to see her in Indy car again or IMSA. Go get em Danica!

yeah bringing in fans for television and being at the race track is big but you have to actually perform on the racetrack consistantly and consistanly well, and she didn't do that, in that type of top equiptment.

NASCAR has passed its life as a high flyer the past 20ish years. It will still exist, but small scale. The JeffyG vs Earnhart years cranked up a lot of NEW followers. The rivalries just don't exist anymore. I like a few drivers...but do I watch 4 hours of parity now? No Good luck Danica

NASCAR can't afford to lose her ! They need her ! They are losing fans both at tracks and tv ! Gone down ever since Dale Earnhardt was killed ! They need someone like him that fans loved or hated !,

Nascar was stupid for not sensationalizing her, not as a top Nascar driver but as an amazing woman. Someone to watch. An enigma. Go ahead and look that word up you group of ignorants, too stupid to realize what you had.

Wow! The Daytona 500 and especially the Indy 500 will be very special! I am a huge Danica fan and think she would have won the Indy 500 had she not moved to NASCAR.

Hmm. Should sports in America implement " Affirmative Action " like the government does and demand sports teams, Nascar etc. to hire a diverse group of athletes or go strictly by talent and ability! Lol

Oh stop Danica. Turn off the crocodile tears, you were no more a NASCAR driver then I was. I was actually rooting for you to do good for the sport, but sorry you were just taking up a good seat with your pretty face.

She really wasn't a great driver,she was bairly a good driver,when 45% of your career you wreck.facts are facts,I liked her she added to Nascar but as a owner she was not a winner

I'm glad she has been in the sport. She didn't win and she wasn't a factor for finishing top tens weekly. She has been good for the sport by getting girls and women interested in Nascar.

Has she ever won anything?? Like literally. I don't watch racing but never heard of her winning much. Hyped just because shes a female.

She gone is bad for NASCAR and tv ratings... There should be a lot of sponsors interested in having a female riding in NASCAR. She can hang on and compete.

We all know she sucked, but she was an interesting driver. Now there will be one less reason to watch NASCAR.

If you don't win,you're not getting sponsored. That simple,these days. The days of free money,ended,with the stock market crash,a few years ago.

She had top flight equipment. I do think they should have tried another couple of crew chiefs to see if the chemistry could be brewed. But she wasn’t cut out for this. The Formula series and that style of racing is what she was raised on and IndyCar would be good for her. If she still has what it takes, she should test an F1 car to see where her limits are in that racing regime.

well when get beat by your own bf who wants be there at that job anymore but even then idont shoudl have gon tofu;er in wining many nas car races

I'm sorry , but it wouldn't be the end , if she had better performances. But with that said ! Best of luck to her !

This is nbc sports not days of our lives stop crying and play a real sport. Major league gaming is on the rise!

don't be bashing her she tried! be positive people no negativity towards her! shes a fan favorite ok

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