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NBC is one of the major US TV networks. Based in New York, NY, it’s an entertainment channel that airs an original lineup of daytime and primetime TV, including dramas, comedies, talk shows, and reality series. You can watch the channel online via the NBC live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our NBC review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: NBC
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: NBC Homepage

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Review of NBC

Review of NBC


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NBC is owned by NBCUniversal.

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4 hours ago


Who's watching This Is Us with us tonight?Live life to its fullest. ... See MoreSee Less

Whos watching This Is Us with us tonight?

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Who is going to cry watching This Is Us? Me! 🤧. Love this show!

I am! Got tissues handy, waiting. Best new show in decades! I keep saying that!

Me, me ,me!! Best show ever. Always wish it were longer!

MEEEE!! Not really looking forward to crying me eyes out though 

Every Tuesday night then Chicago fire after, Two great shows,

I can't wait to watch!! I so love this show.

Dear NBC and This Is Us, Good afternoon.... I will be joining you tonight and watching. Can't wait!!!

I believe this is the season finale, of course I will watch and DVR.

I love this show such a beautiful show and i just wish it would last longer , it soo real love all the actor in it .

Me too, great show and cast.

NBC is the place to be on Tuesday night! This is Us is us.

Us !!!! Love love this show!!!

I feel like I'm going to cry tonight


Love this show. Happy there is something worth watching.

I am.

Looooove this show !!!!

Faithful viewer. Looooove it. Best show out there.

Always! Must see TV!

Can't wait!!!

Me. Sure I'll cry

I am I am

I am, it's getting a bit repetitive though.

I love this show


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1 day ago


Lives are at stake in the Timeless season finale TONIGHT at 10/9c.IT'S TIME. ... See MoreSee Less

Lives are at stake in the Timeless season finale TONIGHT at 10/9c.

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We LOVE timeless! Great show my whole family can watch- and we really try to watch every episode as it airs. The problem is that 10:00 is too late! Show it earlier, when families are awake, get more views. And it's 2017- we have DVR and on demand and online viewing- that should definitely be considered over 'live' viewing. Especially for a show that can actually be viewed by the family with no worries of inappropriate content that airs at 10pm!

What does that mean, "finale"? Is it the SEASON finale, or won't it be back next year?? I like this show (despite their constant revision of history)!

NBC you HAVE to renew this show.... it is SO good!!! Put it on a little earlier if you need better ratings. Seriously this show is amazing and a lot of people will be devastated if you leave us hanging like that!!

This show is awesome, but I cant believe we have to sit through another season of Ninja Warrior. Somebody shoot me in the face.

I absolutely love this show! Please renew it! There are 500 detective shows on television, but this is a fictional show that finally appeals to us history lovers!

Please, please renew Timeless! This is truly the first interesting show , as far ad I am concerned, that NBC has had in years...please do not let it go!

Hey, I just heard that "First lady, Michelle Obama" was going to be a guest on the Tonight Show! GUESS WHAT?! SHE ISN'T FIRST LADY ANYMORE! Wake up NBC, you're dreaming. You backed the wrong candidate, and you've all LOST! #MelaniaIsFLOTUS

Timeless is Awesome!!! You have to #RenewTimeless!!! I have quit watching This Is Us, but Timeless is my go to NBC show!!!! ABC is already trying to ride its coat tails with Time after Time. That let's you know that you are doing something right!!! :-) #Timeless #RenewTimeless!!!

You have to bring this show back!!!! You'd be crazy not too!!!! I look forward to every Monday night when timeless is on !!!!

Please renew for a second season. Show us that you are the innovative, still intelligent network that promotes interesting, thought provoking shows not just "fluff". Timeless is awesome. Love picking a point in history & changing one item & extrapolating the outcome over time. Keep it going!

NBC, you can't leave a show on a finale like that. I'm so shocked with that ending, so confused over everything that just happened... we need a season 2!

Love this show! Monday's are a hard day to watch it! My family and I have the day off today and have been binge watching it on demand! PLEASE renew for season 2!

nbc is the poorest excuse of a channel I've ever seen, how dare you let your employees write such hateful, ridiculous, threatening, accusing, belittling bull on your behalf - you on a whole are shameless and there is no excuse for your nbc personnel at all for their ignorant, mean, biased, hateful, terrible behavior and to think you approve it!

Your new ads (not Timeless, I'm referring to propaganda) is absolutely garbage. It's completely insulting to all Americans just not only the Trump supporters your attacking. I never thought I'd see America like this.

Well it does say season finale and not series finale. So let's hope it's picked up for another season.

Yes, an earlier time slot please. A great show that my 3 girls can watch without a sudden channel change for inappropriate content. Oh , and as they say, the men are hot. Please another season, and another....

Please renew Timeless! The history that the show revisits weekly with each episode is exciting & refreshing. Love watching this show with my daughter! So shocked at her Mom with Rittenhouse!

Please do not cancel this show!! I love it. Season 2 please.

PLEASE renew timeless it's tied with my favorite new show,, about us. But this show has much more potential with ongoing storylines

When will season 2 begin? Is it not early for a season finale? Hope Timeless is renewed.

You have to renew this show!!!! Too many questions unanswered!!!! Awesome show!!!! #RenewTimeless

I love this show! It has brought me back to watching NBC, which I haven't in years. Please #renewTimeless !

Its over already? 😖 wish it was still on. Gonna be sad when its over. Please comeback.

Maybe they can move it to friday ,since they canceled my favorite show grimm,so i can have something to watch with the kids

We need a new Timeless season right away! Its the only reason I watch your channel!!!!

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2 days ago


Join us in celebrating 90 years of NBC with The The Paley Center for Media Salutes NBC's 90th Anniversary right now! ... See MoreSee Less

Join us in celebrating 90 years of NBC with The The Paley Center for Media Salutes NBCs 90th Anniversary right now!

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Gee, I thought you meant "90th Anniversary," not a salute to the '90s. Are you afraid people will change the channel if you mention anything that aired prior to 1989?

Why not mention of any Daytime shows like Days of Our Lives? NBC has a history with these shows and viewers and yet they were all but forgotten.

While I understand the sentiment by some, I cannot understand why The Cosby Show was all but omitted. It was the anchor show for a significant number of the other shows mentioned. Yes, Cosby was accused of countless things, but you can't mention NBC and Thursday night in the 80's without #TheCosbyShow. BTW, a last second mention at the end doesn't really qualify - it deserves more respect than that.

NBC all night long you have bragged on how bold your network has been...."LIARS"......where is the show that helped save your sorry network.....THE BILL COSBY SHOW & IT'S A DIFFERENT WORLD....NBC...You are GUTLESS & the very 1st Afrikan that you did show....was a Black Man in ladies wear..Flip Wilson....and this is why I very seldom if Ever watch your network ...."DISGRACEFUL!"😖😖

Enjoying the show, but disappointed no mention of Adam-12 and Emergency! (So far). E! introduced America to the paramedic program. There's a reason the real LAPD honored Martin Milner with an official end of watch and Memorial service.

I noticed right off that the Cosby Show was not I googled the anniversary show n lo n behold there is a brief mention at the end of the show...I am switching the channel...shame on NBC

It's sad, and disrespectful, that Jack Webb was consigned to a grainy clip from the early 50s; an artist that brought millions in revenue to NBC through several shows from 1948 on radio, and on TV from 1951-1982 (see the "Dragnet" revival, "Adam-12", "Emergency!" and "Project UFO" to name a few..). Shame on NBC for forgetting their lucrative past, and turning what was supposed to have been a retrospective into a huge plug for recent and current shows, and the no-talent hams that populate them!

This is when I beleive television was great my how times have changed!! From funny to violent, this special brings back so many memories for me........

C-. Would have structured the show differently. Missed many good shows. Nice stroll down memory lane for my favorite network; well not show much these days...Shocked they said Ann Curry's name; missed Deborah Norville's.

If anyone thinks that the omission of #TheCosbyShow wasn't blantant enough ... have you noticed that #ADifferentWorld was all but omitted from the anniversary show? #ShamefulNBC

It was an interesting show, they missed a lot of good shows-Disney was on NBC for 20 years and I didn't see anything about that.

I didn't see the presentation in its entirety, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume NBC didn't acknowledge the many years David Letterman or Conan O'Brien were on the network.

What a FABULOUS show tonight!! I enjoyed every minute of it! Soooo many memories with NBC. Thank you for allowing me to relive nearly 60 years of them.

I completely missed this yesterday and tried to watch online; when it gets to Bob Costas/sports portion around 43:00 mark; none of their talking comes thru; it's just music. Is there a glitch??

What a crock, 90 years of lying to the American people, twist stories' every time against President Trump, never tell the truth, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her email scandal and her involvement in the millions of the Clinton Foundation. And there are other stories to talk about but NBC always talk what President Trump did something or didn't.

SHAME ON NBC after 3 long hours where was the mention of Days of Days of our Lives. One of the longest running shows on the network and television in general. They did give a brief mention when talking about 1st on NBC but nothing about how the show has been a staple to the network mid day line up. BUT they did choose to have countless clips dogging the Republicans.

Whine Whine Whine. Boo hoo, they didn't mention "my" favorite show... time to get together and protest I guess, something didn't go your way.

I was distracted by the horrible make up they did on those that did commentary. Some of the men looked like they had bad spray tans and red lipstick. The women were somewhat better.

The 1950s were basically swept under the red carpet. Guess today's audience can't be expected to sit through black-and-white clips of any length. Not even a 5-second clip of Martha Raye, who was on NBC for 6 years and the first woman to headline her own variety show. But boy did we ever get told how wonderful SNL is over and over.

VERY disappointed with this program. It seems that NBC forgot that there was NO tv 90 years ago because all that was talked about was the TV programs. There were a few "images" of radio programs in the early days at the very beginning but NO coverage of radios at all during this 3 hour long program. I was hoping to see some radio history included. Like how did the NBC chime come about? ...............disappointed.............

I thank you for at least showing Ironside, but it would have been great if it had been included in the groundbreaking section. How many characters before this series used a wheelchair for a whole series?

OMG... Some people are NEVER happy!! I thought it was a great tribute to 90 years... They did their best to mention a variety of programming... Move on.

Watching tonight's NBC 90th Anniversary special brings back fond memories when this network produced some of the best TV shows , back in the day when their only Agenda was to provide quality wholesome entertainment to Everyone. ... Oh how I miss the old NBC....

Who cares about there award show, there line up on shows always have untalented actors, they all belong with threat of the Hollywood actors that to go against our new President Trump. If you NBC and all those untalented actors want leave America, then leave, move to Syria.

I am really disappointed that they're not including "The Cosby Show". No matter what Bill Cosby did or didn't do, the cast of that show deserves better.

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2 days ago


Tonight's the night! ✨ Join us for The Paley Center Salutes NBC's 90th Anniversary at 8/7c! ... See MoreSee Less

Tonights the night! ✨ Join us for The Paley Center Salutes NBCs 90th Anniversary at 8/7c!

Comment on Facebook

Congrats NBC on 90 yrs. of broadcasting! The peacock will always be a part of my life. Of course I didn't love every show, but to each their own. I find nothing fake about your news BTW.

Thanks for the memories, NBC.....SCTV Network, Another World, Santa Barbara, Classic Concentration, $ale of the Century, the original Wheel of Fortune, The Bugaloos, Hullabaloo.....memories!

I enjoyed it. <3 Dr. Kildare, Monkees, Michael Landon, Friday Night Lights <3 Good TV memories, I laughed, and got teary eyed a couple of times. Didn't know Julia Roberts had scenes in Miami Vice! Still can't believe you cancelled #GameOfSilence tho after one season. :/

What is going on with the Dateline broadcast tonight? Black screen, color changing peacock, then Meet the Press starts broadcasting, then back to the peacock for fifteen minutes.

I grew up in 30 Rock. My Dad (Raphael [Ray] Weiss) was a sound engineer beginning with WNBC-AM in the 50s to retiring in the early 90s as Manager Technical Operations, NBC Radio Networks. As a kid I was able to prowl the many basements and stores and spent time in the Peanut Gallery (Howdy Doody) and the Tonight Show audience with a page as a "babysitter" when my Dad was working. I watched as he engineered Monitor on the NBC O&Os and learned how to work R to R machines. I was introduced to people with names like Huntley, Brokaw, etc. and remember them all being wonderful to a "co-worker's" kid. The Today Show has been a part of my mornings since it's inception and the Tonight Show (Allen thru ....) helped put me to sleep. He came out of retirement to help engineer the sound for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and won an Emmy Award that I have in my home.Thanks, Dad and Thanks, NBC for a fascinating time.

What a pathetic excuse for a show! Poor excuse to cram more commercials at us under the guise of an anniversary celebration. Shame on you NBC. it stinks!

The iconic Bob Hope. 60 colorful years with NBC. In 1950 he quipped, "Ahhh television, they finally got me." Aside from the great Johnny Carson, this man is still a remembered as a giant in television. Happy Birthday NBC!

I watched alot of it, but not all of though. I'm guessing that there was one genre of television they left out. What about soap operas? I know the soaps aren't what they once were, but NBC had a whole lineup of soaps just like all the networks did back in the day. And only one soap remains on NBC and that's Days Of Our Lives. I know they showed a quick clip of Justin Hartley when he was on Passions, but there should have been some kind of tribute to daytime soaps.

Today I hate nbc, cbs, ABC, Fox because I can't figure out who the stars of the shows are because you only show the names on the show without showing their face with their name. This way I can't figure out who today's celebrities are. The older shows identified their stars and had music at the beginning of them.

You ain't got nothing to celebrate about modern NBC folks , no , and your not worthy of celebration from days gone by and real news reporters , reported the news ....

TheREAL SeinfeldMusicGuy here.. Honored to be part of NBC's success story. Grateful that I was the composer for 17 NBC Series and wrote 13 of those NBC TV Themes (Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Caroline in the City,..) Thanks for having me on the team!

90 years man my favorite NBC shows growing up in the 90s were Saved By The Bell Fresh Prince Blossom Seinfeld Mad About You Wings Friends and many more

Great segment on Late Night, but you forgot the Midnight Special, SCTV Network, and Friday Night Videos. All memorable staples of NBC late night.

Way to go NBC. I watched my life of TV. Man, we sure have grown as a nation.

You contemporary NBC folks are spooky , frightening even , at times ....

You , NBC , were one of the spokes in a large wheel of the secular socialist machine that may have damaged this country beyond repair ...

On the Late Night segment: No mention of Tom Snyder's late-night talk-show, called "Tomorrow", which ran from 1973-1982. What gives?

Happy 90th Birthday NBC. Wow, Betty White is older than NBC.

We're waiting for a Xena REVIVAL with the original iconic stars , NOT AN AGEIST AND SEXIST REBOOT !

when are you going to upload Friday's episode of Grimm and Emerald City

ok in the words Joey Lawrence WHOA! no blossom clips?!

Bob Hope would have never participated with contemporary NBC news peoples , no , he sure wouldn't have ...

Seinfeld had better be mentioned!

Nah the walking dead is on!

Nbc is not 90years old

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3 days ago


The Voice coach Alicia Keys is getting into the #NBC90 spirit! 🎉 ... See MoreSee Less

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Alicia Keys is amazing!!!! Happy 90th Anniversary NBC!!!!! Thank you so much for giving us 90 years of incredible and legendary entertainment!!!! Cheers to the past, present and future of phenomenal entertainment!!!!! :D :D :) :)

We're waiting for a Xena REVIVAL with the original iconic stars , NOT AN AGEIST AND SEXIST REBOOT !

Know of any particular reason why episode 12 of Timeless is not on DIRECTV on demand??

Love Alicia! Enough about our "Fake President". . let The Voice begin!

Just this one post then I am gone and cupcakes can get back to distracting themselves. NBC, If you are so concerned with a Nation trying to influence our elections then where is the investigation into Mexico? They sponsored drives to get citizenships approved for a Democrat vote. They sponsored voting registration efforts to help Hillary. They had TV station intruding on our air waves spewing propaganda every night for a specific election result. Mexico had far more influence on our election than Russia ever hoped to achieve. Where is the INVESTIGATION INTO MEXICO? They did not hack the DNC but wow they sure did a lot more! So tired of two faced politicians and media outlets.

I can't wait to watch The Voice Feb.27th! Congrats NBC For 90 year's on TV show's!!!!

Such a Looker.

Too much Trump bashing boycott them

Angie this Angelo in the halls? 😂

Alicia is Fabulously rockin' her beautiful curls!! 😍😍😍

:D :D :) :)

I want be watching

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Don't make a Xena reboot, a Xena revival must be done !

Ashley McAuliffe


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