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NBA TV is a TV broadcaster dedicated to NBA Basketball. It broadcasts NBA games, news, highlights, interviews, and special features. In addition to a great video section, this site has an outstanding stats and analytics section from the official site of the National Basketball Association. You can watch the channel online via the NBA TV live stream (with a paid subscription) and its collection of videos, updated regularly. If you’re getting hit by game blackouts on NBA TV, see how to avoid NBA blackouts. See our NBA TV review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: NBA TV
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: Sports > NBA Basketball
Website: NBA Basketball Television Homepage

If you want to learn more about NBA Basketball Television than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of NBA TV

Review of NBA TV


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

NBA TV’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that NBA TV live streams its programs as they air. NBA TV also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

It is a member of the NBA network.

See how NBA TV compares to other sports stations in the US.

See how NBA TV compares to more of the top NBA Basketball channels.

Since all the league sites are essentially the same, there will be little–if any–difference in their ratings and streaming options. Nonetheless, for convenience, here are all the other NBA Basketball stations.

Available Job Opportunities at NBA TV

To see the opportunities available at NBA Basketball Television, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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3 hours ago


โ€ชThe 2017 #WNBAAllStar Weekend is here! โ€ฌ ... See MoreSee Less

โ€ชThe 2017 #WNBAAllStar Weekend is here! โ€ฌ

Comment on Facebook

Lesbian weekend is here!

What's with the West even WNBA west teams are really STRONG.

I'd like to see the best WNBA team face the worst NBA team.

Lesbian weekend is here and not going anywhere dike ball

Brooklyn nets vs WNBA all stars book it silver


Lol women would lose easily

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4 hours ago


A look back at Sue Bird's legendary WNBA career ahead of the 2017 All-Star Weekend in Seattle!

... See MoreSee Less

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The W NBA All-Star game is being held here at key Arena today at 12:30 could you please show this to Olivia" I think it would be good for her to see positive women and a sport that she loves!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค ๐Ÿคก๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

I follow NBA TV for the nba. Why are they showing this

Touching! I really enjoyed this video!

Loved her growing up...her Lisa Leslie.

my all time fave and crush๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Mary Joy Antoniana Galicia

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4 hours ago


David Aldridge talked John Wall's 4-year, $170M extension with the Washington Wizards on #GameTime. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

John Wall is not worth that money. Sorry

any team taking on Melo's contract should also include a clause saying he should no longer be allowed to do that stupid 3-point celebration of his.

This clown isn't worth that, a lot of $$$ = No NBA ring(s)

he leaveing after this contract

That Nigga Eye Lazy Asf ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Hamza Hlabies

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5 hours ago


"I don't think he wants to go to Portland."

David Aldridge explains why the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers are still the potential frontrunners for Carmelo Anthony.
... See MoreSee Less

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I agree on Irving is the next kobe. Cause he have the "mamba mentality" Sidekick Can't pass the ball Throw bricks And demanding a trade.

Irving to the Knicks for melo, frank nitty and a future 1st round pick... spurs got no one to offer! Only other thing I can think of is Wiggins for Irving straight up.

trade irving, tt, smith, deron for porzingis, melo and lee.

This is literally a set up for an Irving for Carmelo trade - he even says that the Knicks are his team of choice- Carmelo - Irving means NO TITLE IN CLE

"I don't think he wants to go to Portland." and this guy gets paid big bucks? That's what literally any sports fan would have said on that show right now.

Just imagine rose, lebron,and melo. That's a smart team, and an improve.now let's talk about love, shrumpet, korver, thompson

This has gone on too damn long! Trade everyone already jeez

Anyone else think Kristen Ledlow is a robot?

And Portland fans got all excited LOL...

Tf will melo do in cavs?they got klove.if they will trade kyrie,deal tristan too and get bledsoe-gobert not melo

THEY WERE GONNA TRADE MOE? Ricardo Moreno-Ramirez

Seriously who wants to go to Portland, besides trees what else they got lol

No one wants to go to Portland ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Melo to Houston๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

David Aldridge you're a trash reporter

Kyrie to South Beach

Imagine Dame, CJ and Mello. Wow!

No kyrie por Carmelo no way

melo cares only to shoot- defense? he doesn't care a bit

I wanna see him go to boston thomas gordon anthony smart wowwww

Get melo for kyrie and still get drose

Kyrie to Bucks

Hi Kristen Ledlow

Dante Reeder actually its timberwolves as his first

They was trying hard Tidudzi.....

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7 hours ago


"Kyrie Irving thinks he should run a team, he should be a face of a franchise."

David Aldridge with the latest on the Cleveland Cavaliers PG. #GameTime
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Now he finally realized hes been carrying brons ass for years and lebron taking all the glory. Go to spurs dude ul be fine there. They work as a team.

For all of you saying he couldn't lead a team "back then" are idiots he was young as hell and he and the team improved every year if you look at their record he was gonna lead them far eventually and plus he's still young only like 24

Why's everyone saying he had his chance back than look who he had on that CAVS squad. If Lebron would've never went back Kyrie and Wiggins where going to be a problem.

Without Kyrie & Wade in his career LeBron just another average all-star player. #Facts

Go to spurs and stop gsw another championship โœ”๏ธ

Saul Ortiz is this nigga on crack? Why would u wanna leave a team that compites for championships just because you wanna be the main guy on the team? Like wtf? Even Curry gave up the spotlight for Durant because he wanted to win.. he must not care about winning

Kyrie, don't you realize Bron is trying to pass on the torch to you already?!

Make a couple playoff appearances as a sidekick, wins a ring and is unhappy...๐Ÿ‘

The man (K.I.) is a great PG, and just like James Harden coming off the bench when he was with OKC, he wasn't really recognized as the player he is today until he went to Houston. Hell, look at him now #228m contract. Kyrie will never get the type of recognition he deserves being there with LeBron.

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he was the face of the cavs and could not even take them to a playoff game in the east. He's a great scorer but does not make players better around him. He does not pass or defend like someone who plays for the Knicks. He is lucky James came back so he had success.

He can't carry any team he shud be traded people always want the spotlight but wen they fail they wanna scream it's becuz they have no help smh he has a lot of growing up to do.

Kyrie is a great player and LBJ's crybaby BS pushed him over the edge. CLE was gifted the 2nd coming of LBJ. Wiggins was just drafted #1 overall and Irving/Wiggins could've been a formidable duo to build around.

Kyrie was a damn rookie and sophomore and people talking about how much he failed to lead CLE before Lebron came back. Not everybody could lead a team of bums, and remember when Lebron returned he went GM and started recruiting so it wasn't just him. Kyrie wants a chance to lead now that he improved his game. He deserves that chance at least. Look at Westbrook without KD, Kobe without Shaq, Mcgrady without Vince carter etc.

stop destroying our Uncle Drew's name. Ppl might think Kyrie said those words. Im sure there must be a reason why he wants out and come on guys, we've seen them play and Kyrie Irving + LeBron James chemistry was pretty much non existing. LeBron might be starting to build up his long long dream team with Wade, Paul, Melo .. Well whatever, we got yo back Uncle Drew.

Come to NYC and get it in with Porzingis.

He dnt pass enough...or facilitate. Anybody remember when he WAS the face of the cavs? They were a laughing stock...n they had wiggins! And thompson smh...BUT...they did try to trade em.

Y'all fake cavs fans going down this man when last year when he won y'all the first championship sung his praises, we all know he's going to leave because he doesn't want to deal with the if Lebron leaving or staying fiasco again, also Cleveland front office is horrible right now they fired a guy everyone liked, they made no additional moves to make them more competitive in the finals next season, so Kyrie like let me leave now to avoid the headache of Lebron leaving next year blame Dan Gilbert not Kyrie

But he's asking to go to San Antonio where KL is, or Minny where Wiggins and Towns are. Better to stick it out in Cleveland and wait for Lebron to leave after next year

He ran a franchise for like 3 years what was his record? ? He goes to the spurs he's not the face of the franchise he would be with 3 future hall of famers so how is he running a team just an ungrateful dude in my opinion bron took him to back to back finals yes kyrie hit Important shots and had big games hut when Cleveland won LeBron won mvp not kyrie.. enough said

All about the money!! Chale chale chale Julio Muรฑoz Carlos Alcaraz Kevin Castro Mejรญa esos contratos despuรฉs del nuevo TVDeal son una locura y todos quieren ganar +150MM en 4 aรฑos ...

This was planned by lebron and kyrie,LeBron is going to leave next year,so they did this so the backlash wouldn't be as bad as the ist time he left,nw he has a legitimate reason to leave because kyrie may be gone,so it could be a conspiracy by these 2,kyrie may go play with a contender from nw because next year cleveland would be irrelevant without lebron and lebron may go to the Lakers or even thunder or Houston

He cant run a team. You have to be elite at atleast 2 things to run a team and hes only elite at one thing and thats iso scoring..

Ur the team's 2nd option and the hero for 2016 finals... but secretly on the trading block just to keep Lebron aftr next season! How wud u feel aftr u find out?

Some people are missing the point. LeBron gave all indications that he wasn't returning after next season. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers aren't doing anything to stay irrelevant. So why use that man to chase rings and the team does nothing. When LeBron leaves, the Cleveland Cavaliers won't be seen in the playoffs for at least 10 - 15 years

But hey if cleveland could get chris paul and Melo by trading him lebron would probably stay in cleveland and cleveland would still be in the finals the next 2 to 3 years...to me lebron is to late in his career to be changing teams again cause it would tarnish his legacy for not staying in cleveland. I think it's always good that a legend has a team and a city he can call home after he retires.

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