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NBA TV Canada

NBA TV Canada is an English-language TV broadcaster based in Toronto, Canada. It’s a sports channel dedicated to NBA Basketball. It broadcasts games, highlights and news from the NBA. You can watch the channel online via the NBA TV Canada live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our NBA TV Canada review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: NBA TV Canada
Location: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Sports > NBA Basketball
Website: NBA TV Canada Homepage

If you want to learn more about NBA TV Canada than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of NBA TV Canada

Review of NBA TV Canada


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

NBA TV Canada’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that NBA TV Canada live streams its programs as they air. NBA TV Canada also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Check out how NBA TV Canada compares to other local stations in the Toronto area.

See how NBA TV Canada compares to more of the top NBA Basketball channels.

Since all the league sites are essentially the same, there will be little–if any–difference in their ratings and streaming options. Nonetheless, for convenience, here are all the other NBA Basketball stations.




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November 20th, 12:14 am


In just his 17th game in the NBA, Lonzo Ball (11 PTS, 16 REBS, 11 ASTS) records the 2nd triple-double of his career! #NBARooks ... See MoreSee Less

Lonzo vs. Nuggets


Comment on Facebook

Why is this dude getting so much media attention. He’s a average player. They just straight up ignoring all the other rookies putting in work. They’ll probably give him rookie of the year just because the media not paying attention to the other rookies.

Man the NBA and media really want this dude 2 succeed.

wtf... Ben Simmons is almost averaging triple-double but doesnt get this kind of treatment... holy f**k..

LiAngelo had a similar night with a double-double from In N Out and 1 steal.

How does a point guard get himself in position to grab 16 rebounds? Should a PG even be crashing that much? What the hell are the big men doing? Were there just a shitload of long rebounds due to bad shooting? Impressive, just odd. On a related note, I think the triple double has become an overhyped achievement. I think players are gunning for the triple doubles, as the numbers have increased dramatically. A guy could shoot 60% score 25, hit clutch shots, play great defense, and lead his team to victory, while a guy on the opposing team could shoot 30%, have 6 turnovers, score 12 points with 10 boards and 8 assists, and some people will be talking more about how the second guy "almost had a triple double." All I'm saying is not all triple doubles are created equal, and in the world of high scoring, no defense, etc., they don't always mean the guy dominated the game. This is not a knock on Ball's triple here, as I didn't watch the game.

soon when GSW success is over all those bandwagoners can jump on the lonzo ball bandwagon, in the mean time i'm enjoying myself before those bandwagoners finally jump on

Couldn't call a simple inbounds pass a video worthy assist. If he threaded the needle between multiple players maybe, but NBA you are reaching to try and make this kid relevant against the likes of Simmons, Tatum etc.

That Brooke Lopez 3 was not an assist. Dude caught the ball and took a jab step to get separation and hit the shot. They just handing assists out like it's charity or something?

Here we go again, same Lonzo hating comments every time, yes he has a low shooting percentage, yes his dad is an a-hole, yes his brother steals.. Enough... jeez.. And as far as Simmons is concerned, he'll probably get ROY, he deserves it, but nobody gives a s**t about a second season rookie. It's like getting an A in a class you failed the first semester, sure you're the best now, but you had a whole extra year to learn s**t...

I’m going to unfollow nba from now on, it’s not the national basketball association anymore it’s the national BALL ASSociation....

He's inconsistent which is typical of rookies but his highs are on a level very few rookies have ever reached - how many rookies have ever had multiple triple doubles in their first 17 games ?

11 points is nothing and it's easy to pick up assists when your team is draining shots. Rebounds were bouncing his way. If a PG didn't get a trip dub tonight there would be a problem.

Winning or loosing lonzo is the star for the team...fvck dat😂 good or bad publicity is still publicity😂 nba media nowadays...hyping a player whose in the bottom ranking for rooks🤔

What does a point guard do? If the lakers have Paul George or Lebron James, Lonzo doen't need to score. 16 rebs and 11 assists against an NBA team? Bust? Wait 2 or 3 years.

The amount of hate most of you guys want to put on a 20 year old rookie is funny af. I’m a LAKER fan and I am glad he had a good game and I also critique when he does bad. Y’all just wanna hate just to hate acting like you all have had amazing basketball careers and know what you’re talking about. All of a sudden triple doubles don’t matter and PG’s shouldn’t be getting 16 boards a game 🤣 If DSJ or Tatum (who I both like) got the same stats, you would be all over them. You guys are sorry snowflakes and get mad about his dad and his brother which has nothing to do with the PLAYER.

Thats whats up! All the haters are mad ... this young man will be ok. Remember he's similar to Jason Kidd, which is why his numbers are the way they are. Y'all expect him to be someone he's not. #HeWillBeGood #StopHatingAndLetHimLearn

5/13 for shooting. Will be impressed when he actually shoots at least 40% for the season. Edit: I like his playmaking but just pointing out his huge flaw.

Why every time lakers has a game replay nba always featuring Lonzo Ball while there’s more better than him in lakers team who deserves exposure. Just asking ✌🏽

Is that you call an assist???! Fckn weak,, its just a pass, not really setting up a teammate for better offense,, fck this dude!!!

Haha reminds me of lebron james rookie day.. A lot of haters.. Same as lonzo ball. But the NBA and espn still hype for lonzo.. You know y.. Once hes shooting starting to fall is hard to guard him.... I think it will takes time maybe next season..

And I don't want to hear anything about oh the coach got ejected and the player got ejected and the player got injured blah blah blah we were destroying them before that even happen. Lonzo actually stepped up and played a good game and Julius Randle Off the Bench was just too much he's a beast

But but but he’s supposed to be bust, according to the haters and people who does not know basketball!! Sports fans do not know how to be patient anymore 😫😫

Lonzo needed conditioning. You can see the improvement. Simmons has had a year of training in the NBA. Tatum isn't getting any triple doubles if I'm not mistaken

He gets all this attention cause he's playing for the Lakers which is the dynasty next to the Celtics, and trying to save face over the fact that he was a top draft pick after Magic Johnson regretted it altogether. He's just an average player to me, but that shot he has though is horrible. Like his assists and how the other players mesh with him, but Kuzma is the star of the team in my opinion.

Kuzma is my rookie of the year if you won't include the medai votes hype , luke and magic johnson vote😂😂😂

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November 19th, 11:03 pm


Monster game from Lauri Markkanen! A career-high 26 PTS from the Chicago Bulls big man, as well as 13 REBS. #NBARooks ... See MoreSee Less

Markkanen vs. Suns


Comment on Facebook

Sometimes in life, people get lucky. There is no reason why my dysfunctional Bulls franchise deserved to get this guy...

I thought the Bulls wasted their pick on him but he’s balling. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays with Zach Lavine once he comes back.

Scalabrine would be Proud wearing his number 👏🏼

Laurie, Tatum, and Simmons are balling out of their minds as rookies. One of these guys should win ROTY. But the media keeps forcing feeding us lonzo. Is not better than those 3 guys I mentioned.

Everyone is going to get career highs against Phoenix let’s just be real here guys that’s not an NBA team

Alec Arredondo I take back what I said he's not awful 😅 dudes balling but where in the hell is his help at 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

Scary how much this feels like a Dirk Nowitzki 2.0 situation in all the best ways. The kid has a bright future.

This dude is nice a prototype stretch big man making about 3 triples a game at a 40% rate as a rookie. Hopefully we get top pick and draft Bagley or Michael Porter jr next year and it may be a quick rebuild

The Suns defense looks awesome 😂😂😂

He's better than lonzo too lol

In Phoenix defense Laurie was playing Phoenix's defense.

Some other rookie is wanting his shooting skills.

He got talent. Just need to build around this young fella

Man let me get a career game against the Suns real quick lmfao

Man defense in the NBA is terrible except for like 4 teams. It’s like And1

3rd best rookie behind simmons n dennis smith

Joshua such a strong draft class.

Young gun was a AZ Wildcat whatcha expect,

Mario this rookie 💪🏼 Marc if rose was still here 😊

Josh Belinha Josh Schmid sell kawhi and build around markannen tbh schmid

Guillermo Ureña el rookie Lauri Markkanen de Finlandia.

Who this lol 😂 about to send you a jersey? Malcolm Earl

He actually is solid finally impressing Jay Wallace

Still, the Bulls aren’t making the playoffs until the end of Trump’s second term.

Jelly Urena my man this draft class is crazy

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November 19th, 9:56 pm


In the same game where he recorded his 600th career block, Andre Drummond also tallied 20 PTS & 16 REBS for the Detroit Pistons! ... See MoreSee Less

Drummond vs. Timberwolves


Comment on Facebook

East is weak they said lol... says the fans that only look at how many big names on papers rather than actually watch n judge


Gg well played to the pistons ez champions aye Xavien Mathews to bad jimmy missed game winning shot it almost went in haha

❤ hola soy cantante y probablemente nadie lea esto, pero tengo la esperanza de que alguien lo hara. soy artista que hago COVER y agradeceria mucho que dedicaran un minuto siguiendome . no les obligo a darle like , son bienvenidos gracias 🙂

And flipping his FT% from 36 to 63 after 16 game

Drummond is like whiteside but heavier.

he amazingly improved his FT unlike Airball James...👏👏👏👏

I should have won the doubles bet for pacers and pistons. Nah!

East is weak they said lol... says the fans that only look at how many big names on papers rather than actually watch n judge

East is weak they said lol... says the fans that only look at how many big names on papers rather than actually watch n judge

Jarrad Joseph this big guy is ballin

first comment

Big man now making Big plays!

Jimmy Butler with missing that free-throw 😱

Reggie Jackson 👌

Bubush 600 e bata pa nyan.

Puro ba naman TO ung wolves eh syang

Wiggins miss all shot

Joshua Hu Drummond playing pre good

JobReo.com/?refcode=7708 good easy money at home

Itamar Hornik מרגש בקטע קיצוני.

Jason Jones

Brian Almeida

Davon Currington

Darren Syx

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November 19th, 9:15 pm


Sacramento Kings assignee Georgios Papagiannis leads the Reno Bighorns vs. the Brooklyn Nets-affiliated Long Island Nets #NBAGLeague

NBA G League
GAME ARCHIVE: Kamari Murphy's 20 PTS, 13 REBS, and 5 ASTS propelled the Brooklyn Nets-affiliate Long Island Nets over David Stockton (25 PTS) & the Sacramento Kings-affiliate Reno Bighorns. (11/19/17)
... See MoreSee Less

NBA G League


Comment on Facebook

pick a seat! my goodness there are more people on the court than in the seats!

Wasnt sure if this was the G league or record breaking attendance for the WNBA.

Isnt he that dude that worked for Trump & colluded with Russia?

is this the same thing as the d league now?

Hahahaha fans don’t like to watch that game hahahha

low ticket sale seats

Wala young fans niyo 😱😨😨😨



better than kk

Philippe Nicolás nae

Umar Hanif

Patrick Cuevas

Victor Ignacio

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November 19th, 9:01 pm


Stephen Curry records his season-highs of 39 PTS & 11 REBS in the Golden State Warriors road win! ... See MoreSee Less

Steph vs. Nets


Comment on Facebook

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are the best Duo in NBA History period

Bro, just seen curry get foul three times w no call being made. Legit nobody can guard that man period

and people keep saying "curry has declined".. no he hasn't declined, he just has to pass the ball to KD and klay thompson. he can score 30+ every game if he really wanted to lmao

one of the best point guard today.

Stephen Curry is not only the best player playing the Point Guard position right now, he's also already a top 3 Point Guard of all time, behind Magic Johnson and John Stockton. Comment if you disagree and I'll gladly school you.

He could've had 45 points if he didn't get fouled out, Curry is playing at 50% right now, watch till March he would be dropping 40 points in 3 quarters

They don't call travel or carry for curry

Another Blowooooooooooooooooout baby.........Yesssssssssssss.......best team ever !!!!!! Warriorsssssssssss for lifeeeeeeeeeeee, baby !!!!! Superior team in every category !!!!! Champions until 2022 !!!!! Is just simple, baby !!!!! Amazing Curry.........he's the only guy who deserve everything right now, best active player in the league,, super MVP and amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing person !!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 Champions every year until 2022, baby.......yessssssssssssss 💯💯💯

Curry was Killin it tonight..in and out the paint ...39pts 11 rebounds and 7 assists...in less than 30 minutes...would have been more if he didn't foul out. Big props to nets for bringing it!! Great game.

What I like about Steph is he doesn't care about his stats, and he is not just a shooter but a really good playmaker 👏

Not imprresive tho. Kyrie still the most special pg in this league but Westbrook is a multi talented Pg. Curry is only 3pt specialist trust me he will end like the greatest 3pt. Specialist Not the Goat not even close to the word.. GOAT.

Just wowwww.. Steph Curry...you're the best dude!

If Curry have millions of fans I'm one of them, If Curry have only ten fans I'm still one of them, If Curry has only one fan and that's me, If Curry has no fans it means I'm no longer living in this world. I love the Curry and Warriors until the last breath of my life. Like if you think you love Curry and Warriors.

Settle down folks. It was the Nets. How many 40 and 50 point games have we had this year already? He is supposed to be the best shooter of all-time....smdh

WTF too many non calls for Curry, and he just keeps going and going and just letting the refs call it whatever they want. Toned down a bit ehhh....

Good job Curry🏀 typical night for an all star like there are many all stars in the league capable of doing that just another night at the office🏀

Steph curry for MVP this season!

I like how curry dont even need these missed foul calls. He dont need nothing from those refs because he gone score either way. These refs is petty. Lebron would of cried for every one of these plays. Curry just gets up and scores again. I just hope he don't get hurt falling this much for his whole career and other players knowing they can get away with it.

when are you guys gonna figure out how to make highlight reels that don't cut out the player shooting a 3?

Honestly Brooklyn played really well in this game coming back from an almost 30 point deficit to and 11 point game is respectable especially for one of the worst franchises right now. Spencer Donwiddie actually looks like something good out there and Crabbe was doing his thing from 3. They actually weren't as bad watching as I thought they were gonna be.

The only thing that can stop this team from winning every championship for the next 5 years is free agency.

NBA what is legal and illegal screen? No offence but this team is a master of illegal screen. Thanks to official for not calling. Im just curios if the rules had change. ?????

No lo aguantan recojan que ganó golden state....otra corona jjjjjjjj y otro mvp para el chamaquito y lebron sigue en la NBA porque no suena para mvp....será que está cansado de perder.

It's crazy how many times curry gets fouled with out getting the call. Especially when he doesn't have the ball and he's running around screens.

I remember when nba highlight where actual exiting not just some guy shooting 1k 3 pointers per gane

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