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NASA TV | Public Television from Washington DC

NASA TV is a TV broadcaster based in Washington DC. It’s an educational public television channel that provides live coverage of NASA space missions including those involving the International Space Station (ISS), robotic missions, satellite launches and international launches. Additionally, this channel has educational programs about space travel and live interviews with astronauts while they are in space. You can watch the channel online via the NASA TV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our NASA TV review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Location: Washington DC, United States
Genre: Public Television > Educational
Website: NASA TV Homepage

If you want to learn more about NASA TV than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of NASA TV

Review of NASA TV


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

NASA TV’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that NASA TV live streams its programs as they air. NASA TV also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

NASA TV is owned by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. It broadcasts live footage of mission liftoffs from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, as well as from other launch sites around the world.

See how NASA TV stacks up against other documentary channels in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at NASA TV

To see the opportunities available at NASA TV, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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Lightfoot Discusses FY 2018 Budget Proposal on This Week @NASA...
This Week @NASA: Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot discussed our fiscal year 2018 budget. Also, Peggy Whitson and Jack Fisher conducted an unscheduled spacewalk outside the Space Station, we tested the RS-25 engines for our Space Launch System rocket, data from our Kepler mission help confirm the orbit of an exoplanet and more! Watch: go.nasa.gov/2rZoqNm
... See MoreSee Less

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Thats all NASA seems to do these days,is these Hollywood film like spacewalks to keep everybody in awe and thus, get to keep collecting their their billion dollar welfare cheques.

Gravity is the engine of our Universe. It keeps the movement of everything. Gravity has special waves. Universe is expanding because of Gravity. If the movement will stop, everything stops.. Black Holes, as the opposite are collecting all the power, energy, light and etc. IT is like a huge vacuum absorbing everything around and growing. All the matter what is inside.. What's happening to it? Circle of life. Or maybe singularity of life? In one small piece.The answer.Tho the question - "what is inside the black hole?".

ascensor espacial .13 toneladas a 200km/h 15 dias .6 ascensores lunares 70 toneladas cada uno a 200km/h =1 portaviones al año 80.000 toneladas año .orvita estacionaria 30.000 km /200 = 150 150/ 24 = 6,25 dias subir + bajar 12,5 dias .luna orbita estacionaria supon 30.000 /6= 5000 km .13 toneladas x 6 = 78 toneladas desde la luna . 5000/ 200= 25 . 1dia + bajar 2 dias .365 dias /2= 182 viajes 182 x 6 ascensores lunares= 1095 viajes 1095 x 78= 85410 toneladas al año .es un calculo sobre el mismo presupuesto que supondria hacer 1 ascensor terretre (365 / 15)13=316 toneladas al año ascensor terrestre 316 vs 85410 . tierra vs luna .85410 /316 =27 veces mas .¿y con un cohete? 1 cohete desde la tierra vs 1 cohete desde la luna ¿27 veces?

I was in a mosque and they had a poster there which had on it advertising about maths, science, English language and islamic studies. This made me feel there's nothing more etc.

the money spended this last one year (that not a need or pay orders) was on 2 random small monster toys made in china, 2.50 euros each, 5 euros total, BUMEGA and Predasaurs.. keepd in a closed drawer sense 1st day. money.. serves me nothing..

It's high time that NASA moved toward crowd-funding instead of continuing to collect welfare cheques from the state to make their space movies.

All of the scientific answers we seek are out there in the cosmos. NASA needs to be funded for the sake of education and knowledge.

Can debunk satellites but can't work out he can't work out NASA isn't taking his money because he's not American


La ciencia en buena forma al servicio de la humanidad y el progreso.

all the pedofiles ring of people of power and fame that were busted on 2011 are free and working on t.v. and having theire power positions back again and not as a record 20017.

do it,.. make a circular ring, vacuum sealed, and up tangential ejection of way faster than rocket unmanned ship.... to reach the other side of the cylinder.. maybe the texas ring of the one in batavia could be converted

If I wana to join Nasa, whats behind procedure, anyone plz?

Thankyou I really appreciate the consideration - seemingly also ;-)

Thieves! Stop stealing our money you fraudsters!

So is the planet earth in the future or something?

This was amazing.

Throw all the money at the NASA

Good Night NASA

U are so inspirational - I will have this made................


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration ... I've sent an application to be head astronaut and haven't heard back.

Im a number


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For the past year, the #BEAM expandable habitat has provided a new way of looking at living quarters in space. It’s part of a two-year demonstration project aboard the International Space Station that evaluates the characteristics directly related to the module’s ability to protect humans from the harsh space environment: go.nasa.gov/2rqc4R9 ... See MoreSee Less

For the past year, the #BEAM expandable habitat has provided a new way of looking at living quarters in space. It’s part of a two-year demonstration project aboard the International Space Station that evaluates the characteristics directly related to the module’s ability to protect humans from the harsh space environment: http://go.nasa.gov/2rqc4R9

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They should test the rotational gravity thing. Why float in space when you could ride in gravitational comfort? Although it's inside the realm of possibilities rotational gravity is completely impractical, like so many other sci-fi staples.

I think in the far future atmospheres will likely surround spaceship in the way it does with 🌏. Kinda like a force field. I remember seeing this in the movie "Prometheus."

J'espère du fond du coeur pouvoir vous voir atterrir toi Thomas, Peggy et Oleg car je crois que votre expédition à vous 3 est terminée ! ! C'est le 2 juin....déjà ! Nous ici sur terre vous ne savez pas à quel point nous nous sommes attachés à vous car vous êtes quelque part nos....anges gardiens...😀

My name is Melvin shell and I have a theory I know you really don't care but I found a way the keep people from aging through space travel long distance the first step is to put the body back in his natural habitat liquid the liquid that you were breathing in in your mother's stomach in a capsule that will slow down aging and you will sleep as long as the journey take I have more anyways I have so many designs of different things plus I know how to put energy in the diamond to use to harness energy

Del aprendizaje que se obtenga estando en su hogar de la E.E.I., servirá de base para exploraciones futuras, los tripulantes hacen un trabajo encomiable y no tiene precio su dedicación y sentir.

I wonder how they could survive without internet , you should work on how to supply them with the internet service , I pet it's poring up there , there's no Netflix too for god sake , the only thing they can do is just watching the sights which can be interesting for a week or two but after it will make no difference

Did the intelligence director wife delete my emails and messages to the special Prosecutors office at the justice department and can we talk the dissipation rate of a light guided implementation

Every guy's wishing to be in his place!!! Don't you???

this is really cool that they can 3d print on the space station.... what a great invention....

The governments lying about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth! Everybody should be alarmed

BEAM's with Ad Astra engines lifted into space by Falcon Heavys that is the future.

there's a cute guy there 😉😉😉 i suddenly wants to go there in space! 😂😂😂 (wink! )

What's the big tube for?

When will the fist child be conceived in space ?

Looks fun if ya find james the gray he is vary understandable on any topic

In 2008 Vera's people said she was part of their Wonderland team aiding Logistics for the global Network is this true

You know the one with the Izod shirts and the collar up with her Dockers that she always wears? And what is her connection to the 62nd command Center at Central Command that I busted for child porm in 2007 which coincidentally is at the same Logistics base as to Ames Research Center with the other IP address 21638 216 232

My review is in! I find it applauding! Romeo & Juliet. A crime against humanity! By William Shakespeare! I don’t care what your back story is! There is nothing artistic about suicide! I always wondered why I hated him for that play! He has a lot of blood on his hands! Over the years & years to come! I tried several times my-self! I should sue Shakespeare! I am a better poet than he was! A turn of the century poet to boot!

And is Vera connected two general Larsen or Chad Franks from the air base of Anderson's command connected to Casey..

Clown on the right and a sick pervert on the left.

That Mason head look

Que legal gente ver vocês no espaço

Well, he's adorable.

NASA need to introduce International Space Force (ISP)

Great women in space too 😊👍

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Aboard the Space Station this week, an unscheduled spacewalk to replace a failed computer component that was too station operations, delayed some planned investigations. However, right after the spacewalk ended, crew members picked right back up on the science timeline. Details: go.nasa.gov/2rpVdOG ... See MoreSee Less

Aboard the Space Station this week, an unscheduled spacewalk to replace a failed computer component that was too station operations, delayed some planned investigations. However, right after the spacewalk ended, crew members picked right back up on the science timeline. Details: http://go.nasa.gov/2rpVdOG

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My block assault must be effective...havent seen a flathead comment yet.

while watching the ISS onlive app today I saw an explosion can anyone shed some light on what this was it was AMAZING i have screen shots!!

I was looking at some Chinese photos of the moon, and I think they're amazing. NASA's photos and videos of the moon were all in black and white, making the moon look really white, whereas the chinese photos are with a modern camera and make it look almost like earth, perhaps a desert somewhere. We need better photos of the moon maybe, although I suppose the chinese ones are decent.

All the critical operational gear.... on the outside of the iss. Requires a life endangering EVA......hollywood

Man seriously I love following NASA et al but can we use correct grammar? Love to all ❤️

How do Astronauts know when precisely to walk on the moon The time and how safe are they from the ☀

Thanks NASA for all the interesting events in ISS.Thanks also 2 all the astronauts out there.

Wow, the NASA haters & space deniers on active early today! LOL!!😀😀

La otra buena noticia es que tienen momentos para disfrutar de sus golosinas, bien merecidas por cierto.

البيرت اينشطاين يقول ان التسارع هو الجادبية فمثلا المصعد ادا كان شخص في داخله يهبط بسرعة كبيرة فلا يشعر بوزنه في الفضاء وان كان شخص يصعد بسرعة هائلة فانه يحس بالضغط على قدميه يزداد وهدا يضهر ان التسارع هو الجادبية

Son gajes del oficio, menos mal que son profesionales y resuelven estando en el infinito.

question ? when they do a space walk is the airlock oxygen released into space and if so what does it look like ( mist - water ??) AND CAN YOU TAKE A PHOTO

the international FAKE station is a fairy tale. they've never been ''to space'' & never will.

Why doesn't someone block these trolls?

Only took 5 min and the nut cases are triggered.

There is no space station.

Looks like submarine hatch

Still talking about the International FAKE station and the fact that NO ONE is going to MARS LOL!

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration all this things happens there here on land i am watching there effects . Thank god my father made buildings walls on earth only. Haha your administration is just sleeping you know i watched your elders before you. ( thought - work for your mind : for your self : for your circumstances: not for others ) cool 🎑⛰🛰🆒

A repeated lie can't be true.

Lol this clown

Que legal isso

when ..close the door .. has a whole new meaning :D

Underwater station!!!


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Space to Ground: Surprise Spacewalk! May 26, 2017
This week, astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fisher returned to the vacuum of space Tuesday to do a little repair work on the International Space Station. Whitson is now 3rd on the all-time spacewalking list. Watch: go.nasa.gov/2roWjKt Questions? Use #SpaceToGround
... See MoreSee Less

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NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson is AWESOME!!! I highly recommend that she commands the first few crewed Orion flights on the SLS! By the way...scrap the manned Mars mission until we can get an international Moon Base established! That's the best way to go!

Felicidades ya que hacen un trabajo importante pero también de riesgo, algo que muchos por su ignorancia no comprenden, pero la buena noticia es que utilizan la computadora y otros dispositivos para que la gente vea lo tontos que son al respecto (los ignorantes).

Billions of stars . 1000 of liveable worlds is there a space ship to take quinn in king of stars to a world where the man dont die for every ones mis stack in wish the be forgiven or ever want to be lasting

This week, astrNOT freemasons Peggy Whitson and Jack Fisher returned to the international fake station inside the NASA pool to do a little deception work to convince the gullible masses they're in outer space is more like it

Why don't they just put all of the equipment that needs regular servicing on the inside of the craft? You know, like submarines? HAHAHAHA

Pls everyone do your reserch dont let nasa lie to you anymore!!!

extraordinaire! est ce que la boite changée lors de la sortie est operationnelle??

It is not a vacuum at an elevation of 250 miles. There is atmospheric drag. An astronaut cannot float along side the ISS which is doing +17,500 mph. Please stop lying about the space walks.

Jorge Felipe a Peggy tem mais tempo de vida em missão extraveicular que na Terra 🌎

space bubbles Nasa?

Underwater theater. NASA is a Masonic hoax.

NIBIRU IS COMING ...... WARNING ya no hay nubes naturales en el cielo;de hecho ya no hay nubes,solo los quimicos

Je veux dire par la attarctive ou expulesantes? Je pense que oui .

Est-il possible que dans espace, il est de onde (retractif oui des absorbantes?)

Underwater actornauts.

Nasa Does the aliens exist?

Nice Movie under Water 😂

Arkadaslar ben uzaylılar odamda ziyarete uğramıştım bana o buyuk siyah gozleriyle beni nasil yatakdan havalandırdı yesil pelerinli siyah gozlerle 3 sularinda kendimi yatakdan havalanır vaziyette gordum fakat kimildayamiyordum yataktan bu play3 yıl once odamda cok net hatırlıyorum inanılmazdı muthis bir andı boyle geminin icinde kacmaya çalışıyorum yakalıyorlar gemide computurun basinda kodlama yapıyorlardı bunları cok net hatırlıyorum inanılmazdı muthis 8 ila 10 varlık vardı uzaydan dünyayı gordum muthis degisik tiplerde varliklar 2si gri üniformalı bilgisayarın başında kodlama yapıyorlardı bunları algılıyorum durum bu

too crazy



Reena Luchmun dit hadden we gekeken


Good job👏

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