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NASA TV | Public Television from Washington DC

NASA TV is a TV broadcaster based in Washington DC. It’s an educational public television channel that provides live coverage of NASA space missions including those involving the International Space Station (ISS), robotic missions, satellite launches and international launches. Additionally, this channel has educational programs about space travel and live interviews with astronauts while they are in space. You can watch the channel online via the NASA TV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our NASA TV review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Location: Washington DC, United States
Genre: Public Television > Educational
Website: NASA TV Homepage

If you want to learn more about NASA TV than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of NASA TV

Review of NASA TV


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

NASA TV’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that NASA TV live streams its programs as they air. NASA TV also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

NASA TV is owned by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. It broadcasts live footage of mission liftoffs from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, as well as from other launch sites around the world.

See how NASA TV stacks up against other documentary channels in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at NASA TV

To see the opportunities available at NASA TV, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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Gullies eroded into the steep inner slope of an impact crater on Mars appear perfectly pristine. Learn more: ... See MoreSee Less

Gullies eroded into the steep inner slope of an impact crater on Mars appear perfectly pristine. Learn more:

Comment on Facebook mind went in the gutter there for a second. HAHAHA!!

I don't see how mars could be inhabitable. If I had food water medicine and i would take my bible and could leave earth to have a better life, I would, but because mars has none of those things I definitely will stay here on this earth for the rest of my days. I would love to find a place somewhere on this earth where there's no troubles like the moon has, understand?

I know NASA is good at stimulating imaginations, but didn't expect this one lol!!

sorry to be lame, but it reminded me of parts of southern utah.... well, not initially, but soon thereafter....

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" doesn't seem to ring true anymore after seeing this photo.

There is certainly very little doubt that there WAS plenty of water on Mars once upon a time.

Someone tell me how the Mars rover gets covered in dust but the Mars wind gives it a 'cleaning event' ?

What if ... the alien from the movie Life really existed on Mars? 🤔

This is clearly where the native martian rovers go in and out of the underground civilization!

Zach, don't tell me you didn't see it something else at first, too...

And here I thought Uranus was the only planet you could make dirty jokes about...

Okay I'm confused. Is there any spacecraft orbiting mars?

May i suggest "Gyna" for its name?

Porque centro america eslaq aparese primero en el globo terraquio tengo una sierta duda

Well, that's an inconvinient shape. How about "Mars Buttcrack"?

I always thought Mars was a man 😜

Why scientst r curious about is there exist water or not previously......... If exist or not what they can do?? Just try to make earth beautiful. Big countries test nuclear power and say we try to save earth. All nuclear test must be band, all wars must be stopped. And scientists have to go far outside the solar system, as our solar system was formed at the same time and if there is life then it must be like us on other planets, but there is no life on other planets. So try to go outside the solar system and please dont say we have find many earth like planets, it make no sense if we would not reach there.

Perfectly pristine, or you could say virginal.

looks suspiciously like....nah, won't go there lol!!

Pretty sure this is Venus.

"Quality base here...the bald eagle has landed."

Ohhh, you're a girl Planet. This pleases Ego

these nasholes will believe anything.


Ohh! Wth! It looks like something else. Haha

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In case you missed it, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson received a special call from President Donald Trump congratulating her on breaking the U.S. record for cumulative time in space. Go behind-the-scenes: ... See MoreSee Less

In case you missed it, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson received a special call from President Donald Trump congratulating her on breaking the U.S. record for cumulative time in space. Go behind-the-scenes:

Comment on Facebook

What a world we live in. 60 years ago scientists sent monkeys into space. Now we have a monkey talking to a scientist in space.

I'd have answered and said it was the wrong number.

Most insincere presidential conversation I've seen yet... It's a PR interview, to make Trump look like he cares about science and technology, but he doesn't and knows nothing as proven by this "conversation"

And Peggy deserves a medal for having to speak with him...

What a privilege. For him, I mean.

Sorry, but I think it would have been great if the President could have just spoken to the astronauts and not read a script .... congratulations to Peggy Whitson (even though the President called her 'Whatson' when he started talking!)

Behind the scenes...: "I couldn't care less about a woman making science in the mythical place that is everything outside America... but my PR people begged me so well that I couldn't say no."

He called her to tell her that not only will the finding for her trip be cut but that as a male he would have done a more tremendous job than her because no one knows more about space than him.

Back to having a President that embraces science and discovery. Thanks to President Trump, we are back in the business of NASA and space! It is also great that President Trump brought this to the forefront in our schools again. President Trump is once again, moving us forward into a future of knowledge and production!

For a man pushing to negate scientific discovery and intelligent argument... he has a cheek. Or is he planning to push cutting their funding as well and wanted to find out who to talk to?

He had the opportunity to ask how our planet looked like from space but didn't since, you know, he denies the existence of global warming. Oh well..

I haven't read the article, so I'm wondering how it went, since Trump hates, science, women, space, and NASA!?!?

tssss he cuts funding for reasearch and then speaks these words.....Sometimes I ask myself why his advisors dont stop him from talking so *.*....

Who was the lady in the blue jacket to Trump's right? I keep seeing her as the blonde lady from The Office but I know that can't be right...

'Godspeed', Safe Journey, and know that when you return to the surface of planet Earth, you will still have the option to let a call go to voice messaging... Inbox is full :-)

Oh, NASA, i talked you up against the stupidity of the International Space Station.... and now I regret that. You did this to me.

Mmm a mí no me alegraría nada recibir una llamada de dónald trump y si lo hiciera le diría todas las cosas que pienso de él

Y'all naysayers do realize this is about NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson, right? If y'all could get over your "Orange Crush" for long enough to acknowledge her awesomeness, that'd be swell.

He makes a nice gesture and leave it to the petty miscreants to turn this into a name calling contest. Stop being petty. Grow up. Focus on the whole point of the call which was to congratulate Peggy on her achievement. If you can't understand that... You are everything wrong with society and have no room to speak negatively on anyone else.

Why all this reporting on anti science Trump calling the ISS? He has no idea how that "phone call" was eve possible.

In preparation for the call, Peggy was probably thinking "You know what? If I stay up here another four to eight years I'll get phonecall from an ACTUAL President!"

Ha ha funny comments, Trump couldn't use a microwave let alone understand NASA or an astronaut...... Whatson!?

On one of news channel yesterday someone from Washington DC was saying DJ Trump was carrying forward the agenda of Barack Obama with some little changes. Is that true ??

Where are all the Russian hackers to like their own comments about trump's presidential greatness to the top of the comment section now? ... All I see is how people really feel around here ...

I hope that one of them do, do a prayer before leaving this earth. God is no fool for this reason he put those planets up in space so that men can enjoy visiting and researching them. But that is how far men can go . Thinking about going to Mar , well is freezing Cold and its colder then men thinks. So go to Mar let me know what is the true temperature is in Mar. Because Men have no idea. He just thinks he knowns.

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New research provides clues about when five giant impact scars on the surface of Mars formed. The study suggests that the Red Planet experienced a 400-million-year lull in impacts between the formation of some basins. Get the details: ... See MoreSee Less

New research provides clues about when five giant impact scars on the surface of Mars formed. The study suggests that the Red Planet experienced a 400-million-year lull in impacts between the formation of some basins. Get the details:

Comment on Facebook

Maybe its not that uncommon for rocky planets to experience planet sized impacts in the last stages of planet forming and with the right impact angle (which amounts to the two objects hitting each other in just the right places) there could exist another earth/moon system orbiting other stars, there could be many such situations, no?

i'm looking at the really huge crater in purple on the right side of the photo. This would need to have been done by a meteorite nearly one quarter the size of the planet. This similarity in mass size would make the gravity acting between them very minimal, and I doubt would cause such an impact. the rest of the craters: where's the meteorite? to make such craters, it would need to be much harder than the material the planet is made from, and should still be intact.

Just an observation! If a welder would have that much splatter, not only would the integrity of the weld be in question, but the length of employment would defiantly be in question!

Much of the surface and feature all over Mars indicates a massive electric event. The scars, ridges, dips, rifts, pock-holes - they look very much like what you get when an arc welder is used on certain types of rock and mineral. Has that avenue been explored yet? That perhaps many of Mars' unusual features are the result of a catastrophic electrical event, and that funny little moon (Phobes) - could that be a piece of Mars that got blown/ exploded off during this electrical event? Perhaps it was some kind of collision or near miss with a very large invader cosmic body that passed very close?

Interesting so all these craters indicate that mars never was geologically active and that means it does not support life too . So it was a dead planet in past .

Look up majestic 12! Edgar Mitchell claim to of seen a gigantic round disc craft coming out of the creator! Google structures on the far side of the moon! You'll be amazed about all the information on this if you Google it! A percentage might be fake but not all of it! There's even a true story's about presidents meeting Extraterrestrials

What is the climatery data showing during that 400 million year "calm" period? Any guesses as to whether or not it was conducive to human life, or other life forms?

I see why there is no life on these planets besides Earth. The temperatures and conditions are so cataclysmic that no human could survive on them.

The Devonian is a geologic period and system of the Paleozoic, spanning 60 million years from the end of the Silurian, 419.2 million years ago (Mya), to the beginning of the Carboniferous, 358.9 Mya.

According to the gravitational formula of the real space-time physics: F=hm(1)m(2)/((dt)²m) All space details: an own space coordinate is at his disposal. H[x,y,z,h,v] We are then in the same space coordinate: if all of the space coordinates tally! Space coordinates: Descartes x,y,z...[m] , space wavelength h...[m], space velocity [m/s]. The spaces form a system locked openly! The spaces (H,H(1),H(2),...) balloon implement they move, their substance masses (m{h},m{h(1)},m{h(2)}...) together. So all closed spaces: moves somewhere from somewhere: (v,v(1),v(2)...[m/s]) with velocity! A space is at a standstill, accelerating (+a[m/s²] ... concerned a slowing one (-a[m/s²]) space. The standing space: the single ancient basis space. The accelerating space: the own inside accelerates because of his energy. It contracting flatulent balloon: it accelerates himself! The slowing space: it gathers the energy of the deceleration into himself! The balloon is inflated! If all are spaces (H,H(1),H(2),...) in the same manner gravitates, then everywhere: ±a=6,670/(10¹¹) [m/s²] Only the close totally identical: space details with a space coordinate are seen: the real event our coordinate! This means it: the receding details of our space are not visible in whole! This means it: our space disappeared instead of his space details: we see the space details of strange spaces in the distance!

As mens so na alles kyk en aarde ook ronde balle waar mense woon wonderlik hoe God als geskape het en dan besef mens hoe klein en nietig mens is

marte no tiene una zona de recubrimiento en la extratosfera que lo proteja de los impactos de meteoros o restos de planetas que viajan en le espacio como la tierra alcanza a tener hasta 5 capas acondicionadas naturalmente para violentar la fisica de los meteoros que pueden impactarla........respecto alos 400 millones de años de descanzo de impactacion de los 5 impactos mas importantes que dejaron cuencas cicratices posibilidad de que se debe a una era en que implosiono un planeta cerca se puede la ubicacion y direccionalidad de los impactos fueron en una misma area...... si fuera la impactacion probable en varios puntos respecto a los 5 crateres eso podria decir que marte recorrio una zona especifica de meteoros............

The craters were likely created from the great fountains of the deep from earth exploding during a world wide flood which happened around 4000 years ago and it's impossible to use any kind of dating in millions because there is no evidence of there even being tens of thousands of years... just a bunch of gibberish to push along the theory of evolution.

Are we sure god didn't put those there to make it look like it is old? 😂😂😂😂

Anyone know how they calculate the age of craters without carbon dating?

earth has similar features only they are hidden by life and climate conditions and geological activities .. so most are erased or hidden

Seems incredible that its dead everywhere else compared to Earth don't you think? ?

I must say NASA has done an incredible job spray painting the surface of Mars in rainbow colors! Fabulous!

Lo siento pero no hablo inglés 😕 yo solo vine porque me gustaron los colores de la fotografía. 😕

Give it a ground for the thinking of many peoples that the Mars is a green Planet becouse he is the red Planet?

Total bunk nasa. Awake people don't look to you for answers

color coding ftw! now you made me hungry for a pie chart....

Mars is just a wondering star. Which is what planet means. It is uninhabitable nothing more. More science fiction from NASSholes

Follow,it! Have a nice day! Enjoy,enjoy(y)ourself! R,dam Holland Europe! Mars !

And this is crucial for the Existence to life on Earth for mankind

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A Solar Eruption in 5 Steps
From long, tapered jets to massive explosions of solar material and energy, eruptions on the sun come in many shapes and sizes. Scientists now propose that a universal mechanism can explain the whole spectrum of solar eruptions. They used 3-D computer simulations to demonstrate that a variety of eruptions can be thought of as the same kind of event, only in different sizes and manifested in different ways. Take a look:
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

its so weird to realize the top of those eruptions will not be visible if you could stand on the sun and watch from beneath or maybe it will but than like huge idk im not a scientist

Depending on your view of Consciousness, either nothing exists or everything exists. One can't pick and choose on this unless your mental state has drifted away from sanity.

nothing happens without a trace ... how strange that the sun is the outbreak of the eruption when on earth the testing of any weapons or missiles ..! probably just a coincidence .the sun responds to us like a boomerang. ..? or is it just fiction ...

Las erupciones del Sol reflejadas en su superficie tienen efectos directos e indirectos, y dependerá su alcance en la medida que lleguen al resto del sistema solar como el viento (viento solar).

Gracias Señores de la NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, por enviarnos estas fotos espectaculares y de mantenernos al dìa con sus avances cièntificos y aprender de sus conocimientos que Dios los bendiga.

es muy bonito y su investigacion y los pasos dados por la NASA y su avistamiento del sol y sus energias y de aser parte del sistema solar felizitaciones x sus avances

extra-terrestrial future human technology and information: 1: digital program that translates typed keyboard words into voice, all types of voice and leanguages translated at the same time and spreads direct speed to the specific ID's and locals (including alienated and other types of comunication sush as lghts, etc.). 2: that same translated comunication will be visual on screen and on 3d hologram by models, same models will be old news anchors that are dead long, but theire mouth will roll difrently acording to that program, and may even theire visual change time to time, on color and more. 3: i warned you that a 3rd element would apear and interfer relations every time information and buisness ocurs, being tat same 3rd element death itself, but you all didnt acept sush conscious, but you have no more excuses, times over. 4: i dont need sush 3rd element, cause i comunicate with myself on the future telephaticly. the end. ps: i didnt change and all this never did make a difrence to me and my reality that keeps. bye.

World and other planets are orbitting outer phase of path the sun that is centrifugal force of black hole in our galaxy . there fore our universe is equalibrium orbitting movement . If it will be not our world and all planets were extending to blak hole and soak in to hole .

5 pasos .1 energizacion, libera ondas de luz, 2 aumento lento de las ondas de luz, 3 el espectro en la base solar se forman los espectros como forma de hojas, , 4 magnetismo de las ondas del espectro y la conexion cominenza, 5 en la explocion hay liberacion de energia ondas de espectro violeta, y luego el proceso se retoma un lapso y vuelve a comenzar.............

las pequeñas modificaciones que hay en los saltos de temperatura y que se describen como de color en los espectros aunque sean minimas modifican el proseso para ser liberadas ondas de mayor temperatura..

中央山脈的樹林很多。因為減少在夜晚吸收CO2 的能量。而產生它們本身沒有元氣。如在早上釋放O2 的能量減少。 所以早上CO2 大於O2 。而夜晚O2大於CO2. 的狀態。人類與樹木的O2與CO2 產生無法平衡呼吸之生命時間。當然還有光合作用及葉綠素的基本常識。這些吸氣吐納及釋放排放之間的古老智慧。必須由建築物的全新思考科技輔助工程方法。讓白天減能減碳。夜晚減能增碳。的製造更多的平衡正常空氣品質狀態。也就是說(放彌則彌,六合也。)創造(元氣精神)的日夜間正常空氣品質。如同製造樹林的集氣釋放能量與人類運動的肺活量的製造能量。互相互補的平衡空氣品質。建立日夜間正常化的空氣品質。是未來建築物的空氣品質智慧工程學。當然也是創造力與影響力的未來星球之氣體智慧工程生命科學。劉俊廷題2017.04.27.(國際與星際通訊傳達世界語音及語言翻譯知識執行。)註:創造地球之初。也是混沌之初。集氣孕育而成的真正科學智慧。Groundwater divide on a lot of the wood.For reducing CO 2 absorption in the evening of energy.Strength not to produce its own.To reduce energy such as in the morning release of O 2. That's why more CO 2 O 2 in the morning.O 2 night and more than CO 2. state.O 2 and CO 2 with the trees to produce human balance can not breathe life time.Chlorophyll and of course, photosynthesis of basic common sense.The inspiration, abated ; and the release of emissions between ancient wisdom.New buildings must be thinking about auxiliary engineering science and technology.Let the day can reduce the carbon reduction.Can increase carbon reduction at night.The manufacture of more normal balance of the state air quality.In other words (on competing with aggregate or Liuhe Aggregate.) (spirit) of the day licking its wounds, is competing with normal air quality at night.Like the manufacture of the woods collecting the release of energy and human movement controlled the production of energy.Complementary balance of air quality eac...

ahhh yes, again mesmerizing CGI to send our imaginations into space. the only place space exists is in our imaginations.

Yeah, they're a bit too jumpy sometimes. Maybe with the rockets of tomorrow, but not with current technology.

The video "NASA lies about the Sun. EXPOSED by Scientists 2017. " makes more sense than their crazy fairytales.

The expanses of space.. proof positive of how great God the Father is for creating it all.. May His blessings be bestowed on all of us.

A frase mais persuasiva que temos é: cientistas descobriram!, principalmente quando citam essa tal de nasa..!!

Si... Efectivamente, en mi libro ALBORADA 1997,pagina 317, lamina: 3.40. En el capitula Cosmogénesis, Hace una fuerte alusión al mecanismo solar, y empieza por masa de fusión solar o protosol rojizo a "CIELO ABIERTO", despues y a lo largo de millones de años en re-acomodamientos empieza otra etapa y dice el como de: "CÁMARA" DE FUSIÓN NUCLEAR; donde fulguro nítidamente: También hace alusión que la cámara tiene una pared de 900 kilómetros y es plástica.- Pero es muy complejo este asunto y muy "TÉCNICO" y solo "ALBORADA" lo puede analizar con certeza y nadie mas en este Mundo...

Attention, if arrives at destination .... all space will explode for reptiles...:(

@luis kilbert claims that sun is fake. Lol 😂😂😂 #flatheadLogic

The filament could bake the upper layer of Mercury someday considering the earth is in a different or opposite location in its orbit around the sun. I wished has shown (if) the filament was at the same direction or aligned with Jupiter in particular , if it did... it makes a huge difference and/or it adds another cosmetology fact about the dragged filament(s) towards the direction of Jupiter but not horizontically away from the planets (as other stars/suns appear to be). I hope confirms the direction of the departed filament into the solar system at least out of curiosity or serious observation. Thank you Nadia Feiruz Shahwan, Jenks, OK 74037, Wed. 3:04PM.

its very hard to believe this one especially when you have never been out of space or studied the filed

Ed Dames says this will eventually pretty much end us.

parece una separacion de las lineas magneticas del espectro de color que corresponden al espectro amarillo y que sale al abrirse los espectros azules morados y rojos.......... en el espectro de la luz sobresale el amarillo el verde el azul y el rojo ..............el rojo y el amarillo corresponderian a las zonas de mas liberacion de ondas de luz solar se observan en color violeta entre las ondas de color rojo que parecen debiles y dejan pasarlas para ser como una transformacion jerarca de ondas segun su intencidad de temperatura.......

i used to believe the big lie too. that we went to the moon. haha!

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (y)

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