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MSNBC from New York, New York

MSNBC is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a national news station that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, elections, business, science, health, sports, the arts, travel, style and more. You can watch the channel online via the MSNBC live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our MSNBC review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: National News
Website: MSNBC Homepage

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Review of MSNBC

Review of MSNBC


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2 hours ago


Richard Painter, who worked in George W. Bush's White House Counsel Office, throws out the "T" word.


Russian connections: An act of treason?
Watch why Richard Painter says any American who helped the Russians influence the 2016 elections committed treason.
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Trump and his administration are in it up to their eyeballs and the FBI and NSA has all the evidence already. When will the Republicans call for an independent investigation?

Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂

Where's the proof besides one report from Crowdstrike...a private compny ? Claims of attribution aren’t testable or repeatable because the hypothesis is never proven right or wrong. Neither are claims of attribution admissible in any criminal case, so those who make the claim don’t have to abide by any rules of evidence (i.e., hearsay, relevance, admissibility). Why didn't the DNC allow the FBI to examine their servers ?

James Clapper himself said there was absolutely no proof from any of the wiretaps of Trump tower. Which definitely took place after the 2nd FISA warrant was granted and continued for quite sometime. Didn't Binney, Snowden, Assange, Kiriakou, et you anything ?

Obama crushed the dreams and hopes of many. Obama does not care about poor people. If he did he would stop increasing their numbers! He wants people to receive more free handouts so we become more dependent on him. That is the Democrats plan and it works. Millions of people depend on their handouts to survive because Democrats have been pushing this culture of dependency. Obamacare is a huge example.

Obama paid $400 million, behind closed doors, in secret, to Iran (a country that sponsors terrorism!!!!!!) in cash, for our naval sailors which were kidnapped by Iran? Iran jammed their electronics so they did not know where they were as well which is another act of war. Not smart Obama! Whimpish! Iran’s nuclear facilities should have been hit. Obama played golf, as usual. Obama was a wimp, as usual. Iran did nothing to deserve this money back. Who cares if the money was theirs? They were and are attacking America and doing nothing to help us. They kill innocent people and fight against us all over the place. They did not deserve that money. Now they are helping North Korea develop nuclear weapons. Terrible move by a pathetic president. Iran’s nuclear facilities can be destroyed in about 2 hours. One naval battle group and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and their air bases. Trump, it is up to you. Obama played golf for 8 years and wimped out. He did not take out one American enemy!

Electricty rates were higher under Obama – thanks for attacking coal!! “The average American’s electric bill has gone up 10 percent since January, 2009, due in part to regulations imposed by President Barack Obama and state governments, even though the price of generating power has declined.”

watching msnbc first time in a while, those I think some very valid points where made .. when the chance to lay down the BS they did not hold back which makes nothing fare an balanced about it.. sadly validating fake news by going over the top

Your stupid pathological fake lying president believes in Vladimir Putin and the way he runs Russia. Donald Trump admires the power that Vladimir Putin has and all that will do what he ask. Donald Trump believes he can run United States the same way Vladimir Putin runs Russia. Now fox news will not cover anything that makes Donald Trump look bad. its ironic that we see that Donald Trump loyal followers want him to succeed into making USA into ( Russia 2.0 )

republicans are starting to openly turn on these clowns... This is about to get real good real fast

Hey, a**holes the election wasn't hacked, no voting machines were hacked, 0 evidence.

Investigate all, including the Obama administration for political espionage.

Fox News has done a number on their viewers. Dumbed down by Fox News.

you bet it is they need tobe taken out of office and put in jail for life

Repeal and Replace Greta with Michael Moore. Why listen to her conservative lite viewpoint?

Get this Domino reaction started. Can't wait to see them start falling and will enjoy until they have All Fallen!

Put them all in jail.

Russian Gov attacks/hacked U.S.: April 2009: U.S. Electrical Grid, / April 2009: Pentagon / March 2012: NASA, / Feb 2013 Department of Energy, / Dec 2013 Federal Election Commission, / Sept 2014 US Post office, / Sept 2014 Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin, / Oct 2014 White House, / Nov 2014 State Department, / April 2015 IRS, / June 2015 Office of Personnel Management, / 2015 DNC, YET you had ZERO voice, concern, or outrage. Your hypocrisy is showing.

except they are rapidly destroying evidence

I agree!!! Traitor Racist Unqualified Misogynist Putin butt boy

what a joke

Yeah TRUMP looks worried a bunch of snowflakes are in his way. Racist snowflakes. Bully snowflakes. America hating snowflakes. Commie snowflakes. It would be a shame for all of the snowflakes to melt away. It's gonna happen though.

Lawrence give up already, haven't you eaten enough crow?

I agree.

No kidding

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2 hours ago


Is it time for an independent investigation of Russia's meddling in our 2016 election? Ari Melber shares his analysis ahead of tonight’s #ThePoint at 5-7 pm ET on MSNBC. ... See MoreSee Less

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Is it time??? We've said it for months. During any other presidency, the press would be reporting day and night on probable treason and traitorous acts by Trump, appointed officials, and campaign staff.

Perhaps the media can exxplain to me how the rigging affected the election (nevermind questioning whether in fact theintel is correct that they did) but they assume they did because the US gov says so). HRC won more popular votes than anyone, and voting was at the highest level, she lost by about 77,000 electoral votes in three states she needed to win, yet won around 2 million popular votes in California....maybe its because Trump just knew how to play the electoral game better than her....and even if the Russians did, we havent? As my 83 year old father says - "I cant believe at my age I now have to hear again that I need to fear the Russians and Koreans".

I agree! Let's do an independent investigation because they could find more collusion with Hillary, Podesta and the Democratic Party. Everything they accuse Republicans of for the past 18 months has back fired and landed back on them, just ask the mainstream media😂 Let the independent investigation begin, now! 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏

Nunes is compromised. We Need independent investigation. There's a cover up afoot. Don't get so distracted that we let them get away with this.

All eyes and attention is on the Russia care bill failure..wiretaps..leakers. Need to be watching Tillerson. What the heck is he doing? Doesn't want press going with him. Why was he just in Moscow!

Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂

Yes....a bipartisan investigation! They can't do it themselves! Thats like asking Ali Baba to launch an investigation on the forty thieves!

Need independent investigation of Russian involvement in the election and illegal surveillance by the Obama administration.

For FoxSnooze to claim the real issue is the leak, not the surveillance, is like John Wilkes Booth filing an OSHA compliant against Ford's Theater.

MSNBC reports on a world known only to its own delusional "journalists." Remember: "Liberalism is a mental illness." -- Michael Savage

An independent investigative committee would take years. Who knows what else Dildo Don would screw up before then. Maybe we should have a select independent congressional committee, to start. I deinitely don't trust Nues. He proved that he's still a Trump puppet.

A huge yes! It's time to get to truth. Then start the impeachment process.

Yessss just saw a program about Putin. And he is scary really scary we want to get whoever to investigate Puti , Trump ties immediately. This is so scary

Impeach him all over oil follow the money. Russia and the other billionaire s own all the oil and wind energy is clean and affordable. They stand to lose everything. We get trumped. Take him down. Get out of our house Trump s and take your cronies with you

I've been watching your show Ari. There's just some people that I just don't care what they vote for. You just happen to be one of those. I just think you're a very reasonable person and journalist who does your job, the best that you can. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how we're raised to think in our lives, we just think for ourselves, no matter what.

As more comes out and Trumps numbers keep going down thats when they will create an independent committee. Republicans are beggining to abandon Trump.This is something he can't control that's why he lost so much support on health care repeal.The economy is booming and creating jobs so his approval ratings should be in the mid to high fifties.Its ironic that Nixon was setting in the white house when Watergate started with a great economy also and the American people lost faith in him real quick.Professor Lachmand of the American University has picked the electorial college winner for the last thirty years using his own secret method also got it right with Trump. But he went on to say if Trump does not resign he will be impeached and removed from office with help by his own party.He had never put a footnote on a projection before trump.

It is about time. We need to keep the politicians out of this and do a Watergate type investigation. This is another "All the President's Men".

common sense what would you do if that the PArty President under impeach would you rather have an opposite party to carry out an investigation or your own party to carry out an investigation, for me neither one cos neither will accepting the outcome but rather the independence..

The MSNBCtards just cant get over the fact that the candidate they endorsed lost.

Your stupid pathological fake lying president believes in Vladimir Putin and the way he runs Russia. Donald Trump admires the power that Vladimir Putin has and all that will do what he ask. Donald Trump believes he can run United States the same way Vladimir Putin runs Russia. Now fox news will not cover anything that makes Donald Trump look bad. its ironic that we see that Donald Trump loyal followers want him to succeed into making USA into ( Russia 2.0 )

The one part of Trump's presidency I'm looking forward to is the sentencing phase. ~Andy Borowitz

Independent investigation, we've been calling for that for weeks

We need an independent investigation into unmasking of surveillance material and leaks. These are actual crimes.

Independent investigation is the ONLY choice, imo. It's the ONLY way we will have any credible answer to the problem.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the United States must place a travel ban on those coming here from Russia.

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