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MSNBC from New York, New York

MSNBC is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a national news station that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, elections, business, science, health, sports, the arts, travel, style and more. You can watch the channel online via the MSNBC live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our MSNBC review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: National News
Website: MSNBC Homepage

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Review of MSNBC

Review of MSNBC


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MSNBC is owned by NBCUniversal. It is a member of the NBC network.

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October 20th, 9:54 pm


Trump being Trump, no matter what evidence has been presented to him, he insists his fake Renoir painting is real.

Trump has a fake Renoir painting in his NYC penthouse
Learn more.
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Trump has a fake Renoir painting in his NYC penthouse


Comment on Facebook

It’s fake news. If he says it then it has to be the truth. We know he is always honest, forthright and above board.

So he has a fake painting at his house, a fake Time magazine cover at one of his golf courses and a fake war memorial statue at another golf course. It seems like everything about him is fake

Everything about him is a fake and lie. The man is broke but the way they are stealing from the government, he will be worth trillions in another week.

If nothing else has impeached him, this will. Awesome investigative reporting, fellas. You're now comparable to BuzzFeed and the once known cesspool Gawker.

Of course it is...he also was the first to use the word fake, has an A in his handling of Puerto Rico, had the biggest inaugural crowd in history, handles everything with such grace and class and is a huge success in everything he has ever done...he is making America so great we cannot even handle it...bahahaha...what a flipping joke...ugh.

This show is so disgusting, anti-American and beyond politically bias and motivated by hate and money. The fake crap that they keep trying to make into news is outrageous. Have they no shame, decency or morals anymore?... every host is hideous and embarrassing to American journalism.

because he is a fake president..... Really I bet this is just a big joke. and we will wake up tomorrow and there will be a new president in office.... No, hell I was hoping

The painting has been determined it is a fake, as there are several other copies in credible places. Name is: "Two Sisters"

Who the hell cares??!! I mean seriously aren't there bigger issues going on in this world to invest your time and energy reporting on? 3 month babies are being sold into sex trafficking in this country and you all are in a tizzy becaue he thinks he has a real painting? Seriously -- "reporting" worthless stories like this makes me wonder how the hell any of them earned a degree in journalism.

The man who thinks everything is FAKE NEWS can't believe that he has FAKE ART

I don't care, shouldn't MSNBC be more worried about the budget and tax cuts that Congress is working on, than the totally unsurprising fact that Trump doesn't know about art !

"president" trump is doing a great job of being a deranged orange moron and destroying the country. trump will only make America greater when he resigns or is impeached.

What is this “news channel” going to do once Trump leaves office and they can’t hate on him anymore ?

You people at MSNBC strive to bring us the most hard hitting and riveting stories to light, our civilization is so much better for it....lol Not!!!!!!!

Trump lives in mystical Voo-Doo Land!!! Wheeeeeeeoooooooooo!! The truth means nothing to him and his Puppets!! And to think they live among us!! YIKES!!

Reminds me of Joe Dirt finding out his beloved meteorite is actually a frozen hunk of waste from an airplane toilet...We call these Boeing Bombs!

Trump ban Chad ,country next to Niger. Chad worked with US troops fighting in Niger,but after trump ban chad troops were taken out and one week later 4 US troops died. Congress must investigate trump why US troops died!!!

You know it must be a slow news day or other accusations are not holding up if they have to resort to criticizing his artwork😂

Another fake story....I believe POTUS, over a museum that doesn't even know what he owns. Message to you leftists who hate Trump ... keep it up, and '18 and '20 will be a Trumpist landslide.

Trump also has a fake presidency, so this just comes with the territory.

Probably spent a lot of money on it and doesn't want to admit he was duped.

Is this really news ? MSNBC you are getting ridiculous.

🤣🤣🤣 Lies, lies and more LIES! That's all Trump ever does, is lie! 🤣

How would he know a Renoir from a velvet picture of Elvis?

Everything about Trump and his FMs is fake

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October 20th, 8:33 pm


WATCH: Today the White House says it's "highly inappropriate" for journalists to question John Kelly because he's a Four-Star general.

Learn more: nbcnews.to/2zq4mqc
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Comment on Facebook

You know, he's a retired general. Now he's a public employee -- and he's clearly not infallible. When he was a general, I'm sure his subordinates didn't question his orders. That's not his job any more.

Mike Flynn is a 3 star General.... doesn't mean he's not a liar. Kelly, is a liar... and I served under him...

how many stars had general Petraeus when pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials.

It’s becoming highly inappropriate to question, to protest, to think, to speak or seek the truth. I don’t see how this makes America great at all

Kelly has sold his soul to the devil, and a low-level stooge to back up #45's dishonest statement; shame on you, Kelly, for not coming forward to say you are wrong and should not have lied/misrepresented this innocent women the Congressman Wilson, who is a family friend of the deceased soldier - We are stunned, frankly, by your actions - You need to man up and face the truth, instead of spreading falsehoods.

The media will keep the White House honest. They call them out on their lies. God Bless the heroes of the media that dare to question the power brokers, the spoiled little rich boy and those who he hides behind. They are the watchdogs we need in these turbulent times.

These people think this is a military state. The military is subject to civilian control you moron. Seriously, it's clearly a requirement to be an imbecile to work for this failing administration.

It's "highly inappropriate" for Huckster to say that. What is this, a junta? We will ask whatever we like of the people we pay in government!

Regardless of the title, persons who willingly commit perjury or defamation are still subject to censure. This would include the President of the United States and his flunkies, including Sarah Huckster Wanabee.

It is highly inappropriate for a Four-star Genl to lie to the nation in an attempt to defame a member of congress.

Um, RETIRED General but last I heard he’s now WH Chief of Staff. Or is tRump planning to fire him too?

Seriously he cant be doubted? Trump is a liar, and people around him are brainwashed and have become liars as well. Kelly just crapped on his legacy.

It’s inappropriate to have to a disgusting idiot in the WH but we have one. So when John Kelly lies we have a right to question and call him out for it.

Actually he is no longer a Four Star General he is a retired Four Star General! No man or woman is above questions , unless your a Dictator in that case no one is allowed to question them . Last I checked this was still a free country with , Freedom of the press .

General Kelly is now a Civilian. Respect and thank him for his Service but there is no reason why he shouldn't or can't be questioned.

Her eyes are weirdly made up today, just like her answers! Four stars or not, the General was disrespectful and not truthful as proven by video tape. Sad he is stooping as low as his “boss”.

Humans can't be questioned? I don't care what his title is. God is the ONLY one that you do not question and neither Trump or Kelly is God. FARRRRR from it. More like devils

BS! When you lie, it doesn’t matter how many stars you have on your chest or what position you hold, it’s still a lie. This one has video and audio proof, that General Kelly lied or did not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

He is not a general, he is a private citizen employed by the American people. And this particular American hates being lied to by the people he's paying.

We need to rip those stars off. He had shamed the military by lying to cover up leaving a live man behind to be slaughtered. Also special forces walked into ambush. Is it orange or Kelly leaking intel?

I would love someone to ask that lying sack of horse manure how she does it? HOW can she lie and make ridiculous statements on camera every day and THEN GO HOME to her children. I want to know if they are already in their beds, so she does not have to look them in the eye.

Kelly you have shown you are not anything . For you to think that military people are the greatest heroes . Shows you are just another srtictly motivated by self interest idiot . The peace corp is nothing then . Doctors that died of Aides nothing . Construction workers that died nothing . Police nothing . Red Cross people nothing . Firemen , . Though the thing in the W H and that church scam artist . Yes they are garbage . But F U .

He is the newest member of dotards SWAMP. Welcome to the cesspool Mr Kelly!! Let's compare this statement to if you stay in a four star hotel and get Bedbug's, you shouldn't question it!! How moronic?? Souls are cheap these days!!

Bull crap, he’s a retired four-star general. He is retired now. We are allowed to question and/or criticize those in this administration contrary to what they seem to believe.

The entire Trump administration is "inappropriate."

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October 20th, 8:15 pm


Presidents Bush, Obama and Senator John McCain all spoke at different times this week about the same thing: the lack of morality in American politics and the lack of leadership from the top on down.

Obama, Bush Sound the Alarm. What Will Trump do Next?
Learn more.
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Obama, Bush Sound the Alarm. What Will Trump do Next?


Comment on Facebook

He won't do anything until he is compelled and for all your efforts, MSNBC, you are, quite literally preaching to the choir. The question we should all be asking is how do you break through the authoritarian haze that forms the base of Trumpism?

The alarm will sound eight years ago when Obama was president and mainstream media did not listen. Does Benghazi ring a bell? How about a plane full of money?

That's easy! He'll have a tantrum, and express his retaliation in early morning tweets!!! And then he'll send out his faithful, loyal minions who continue his lies!

Trump is a shadow president. He wants to be a real president so much but he never will be. Shadow people hide behind others like Trump hides behind Russia. Alt-right, Fox News, Bannon, MAGA follows want to be reputable people also but they are all shadow people hiding behind evil leaders. All they do is tell lies and they work hard to convince you of these lies. Don't be fooled!

If we've learned nothing in the last 9 months, I think we can all agree that telling the truth is mission critical in governing. Without that, democracy doesn't have a chance. This is going to end badly. Let's get it over with.

Everyone who matter's, see's it.... I'm not so sure the current resident of the white house and it's staff and followers will ever get it.....which in return, I don't get..... argh!!!

He does NOT give a rat's butt what these men think. The ONLY way you will ever get to him is by going after his children....not literally but figuratively.......that will make him even crazier.

They are free to talk and have no fear of trump lifting a hand against them. Whatz he gonna do, put them in jail? Of course, he still fantasizes about Obama's accomplishments and tries to malign him but that AIN'T working. We were alive and know the truth of what President Obama did or did not do.

The corrupt people who support globalization in the congress, courts, and presidency are the ones who lack morality and love for our country. They truly should not be talking as they represent that lack of morality they speak of.

There is no leadership. What it is. is trump ship. All this wrongness that go on from day to day but every dog have got their day. . He didn't win the election so why is he in the wh?

“Lack of leadership”. What a joke! People are are sick and tired of so-called “leaders” who lead by talking out of both sides of their mouths- and simultaneously.

You didn’t finish the header: lack of leadership from the top down for the last few decades. Now we finally have the American leadership that wants us to do better for ourselves. Well... that’s what they should have said 😒

NOTHING, Moron will keep destroying US like he has been since he started runing for president. Maybe all his Moronites will be happy when he blows up N Korea, kills MILLIONS.

He’s incapable of any sane or moral discourse...utterly sad we have elected a madman who’s world is completely about him...the world is shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering how could the US get to this...

Bush was attacking the media. MSNBC/Dems (same thing) twist the meaning to suggest Pres. Bush was attacking Pres. Trump. This is their standard operation. Twist the words to fit their narrative. Twist the words to suggest Pres. Trump is a racist. Twist the words to suggest Pres. Trump was disrespectful to a Gold Star Family. Take the words out of context and you can make anyone sound evil. The media believes they are the opinion makers. They are the puppet masters and you are the puppets. They believe they are leading this country.

Hey congresswoman do you want me to attack Donald Trump and John Kelly the two Nazi one is a Secret rapist , one is a professional rapist who raped women and pay the government to get away with it, the hacker who hacked America democracy for Putin dollars I will attack them with their own words.

The media better pay attention when Donald Trump send out a treason a mole to lie to show fake sympathy in lies and betrayal look out for them John Kelly and Donald Trump every one who working for Donald don't believe a word they say it's all fake Putin taught them very well.

Nothing cause he don't understand a word that the said, but he's Smart than all the Generals in the Military including you General Kelly.

I'm sure he will tweet some nonsense about how great he is and how he's been discriminated against and now we should all feel sorry for him.

Well he already produced record unemployment a booming economy and the end of Isis. That surely ruined their legacy of weakness and economic catastrophe, what a monster.

According to White House Sarah said they weren’t talking about trump so he will do prob nothing. Me. I think they were but what do I know. I’m just a citizen

“We’ve got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry, to demonize people who have different ideas, to get the base all riled up because it provides a short-term tactical advantage...” ~Barack Obama That's a description that fits many - too many - on both sides.

Trump will start or try to start a war just to divert inpeachment.... I only hope the military will ignore him

trump and huckabee are liers and now kelly was a 4 star general but after his racist lies is NOW REDUCED TO RUBBLE!!! the public is stunned every day when trump and his staff lie to the public!!!

Someone should rein in the NRA... their ads are getting out of control. The fiery rhetoric is inflammatory and immoral... Here's the latest attack: shareblue.com/nra-breaks-silence-post-vegas-trumps-critics-should-perish-in-the-political-flames/

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October 20th, 7:30 pm


"Almost everything I thought I knew was wrong." - Ken Burns on what he knew about the Vietnam War growing up.

Ken Burns: Divisions in U.S. today go back to Vietnam War
Watch now.
... See MoreSee Less

Ken Burns: Divisions in U.S. today go back to Vietnam War


Comment on Facebook

I saw this whole thing earlier. I particularly liked Ken Burns answer about the issue of Confederate monuments. It was utterly well informed and it's going to piss a LOT of people in the South off, but he's right.

I agree. If there is a modern root to right/left divide, the Vietnam War was the fuse. It spawned the "culture war" that we are still fighting today. Anyone remember Jane Fonda in N Vietnam? I still hear older conservatives pissed off about that. It's not the only reason, but it was gasoline on the fire.

Divisions go back to the founding of this country, because, broadly speaking it contains two incompatible elements, one that is bound to freedom, free-thinking, protest, anti-authoritarianism, and deductive reasoning, and another that is entirely top-down, feudal, is based in authoritarianism and inductive reasoning, and actively militates against freedom and free-thinking often by coercion, duress and murder,

Unbelieveable series. I will always salute the boots on the ground. Marines and Army grunts did the job they were asked and much more. Anyone there whether a draftee or volunteer were and are heroes. So sad to remember how bad the pols and generals were.

It doesn't take much to trigger cult45 trolls does it? Man are they ready and eager to jump on any MSNBC story and try to drown out reason - but it is always an epic fail because they never make any sense, just regurgitated propaganda from questionable right wing sources...

Sure Rick, wouldn't want a scholarly and well researched discussion get in the way of your prejudices...

Lynch testified today! This is just a deflection from the real news. New investigations into Hillary Comey Lynch and Bill thats the real news. But as usual msnbc and the rest of the msm will never report the truth! They Never have and they never will. They would rather see America fail than see Trump succeed! That's treason and they should be charged for it.

No. The division started when the Democrats wanted to preserve slavery and have been butt hurt ever since they lose the civil war and their slaves. Period.

THINK ABOUT IT! The National Democratic Party has become a party of degenerates. There are only a few gentlemen left and many of them are trying to bailout as quickly as possible. This decadent party is responsible for America’s holocaust of unborn children and the nearly complete destruction of our Christian character and heritage: • They caused the murder of 53 million unborn children in the womb by American mothers, • They caused the murder of 53 million children of American fathers destroying their posterity forever, • They caused the murder of nearly 50% of all black babies in the womb every year, • They caused 212 million grandparents to suffer the loss of their grandchildren in the womb, • They caused the permanent loss of hundreds of millions of Americans who should be born in future generations by protecting the lie that abortion is only a choice to be exercised by mothers, • They caused the loss of God’s heritage both on earth and in heaven forever, • They caused the loss of at least $20+ trillion in tax revenues for federal and State governments, • They prevented exponential growth in the economy over the last 44 years by protecting and promoting elective abortions. • They caused the precipitous pullout of American troops in Vietnam which resulted in 8 nations falling to communism resulting in two million Southeast Asians being murdered, • They caused anarchy in Iraq, that we are still trying to stabilize, when they rashly pulled our troops out after we won the war, • They embrace white male hating feminist, • They incite racial divisions and riots, • They work tirelessly to destroy America’s history, • They brainwash minorities to hate white men, • They cause the feminization of American men, • They cause and/or encourage the destruction of the traditional American families, • They undermine the Constitution of the United States, • Et al The National Democratic Party is an enemy of our Christian heritage and Constitutional Republic. WE MUST ABOLISH IT BEFORE IT ABOLISHES US! CK

Very true. Look into the Frankfurt School. Look into the Supreme Court shutting down FDR and his Fascist policies supporting Woodrow Wilsons KKK laws.

Ken Burns is so well-spoken and explains things so clearly. Interesting stuff!

Turns out that Trump isn't the first Republican Presidential candidate who conspired with a foreign power to manipulate the election in his favour. He's a traitor in the same way Nixon was.

Love his work watched all his documentaries excellent. Watched Vietnam someone very special to me served in Vietnam retired from the Air Force served 31 years. He is my hero. Trump has a problem with the NFL taking a knee. Well I have a problem with him taking the knee five times during Vietnam finally getting his well deserved 4F. Didn't serve under that Grand Old Flag. Disgraceful!

People. Do your self a favor. Watch Ken Burns Vietnam on PBS. Fabulous documentary

I knew Nixon was sneaky did not know how bad and yes a lot of lies where told

The broken troll machine JM is posting more of it’s verbal diarrhea.

It started with the Civil War and been carried out century after century.

What a worthless left wing propaganda indoctrination rag the piece of crap msnbc is!

Yep, America is stuck in 1968. And no sign of breaking out 😢

Trying the make a sell..

If you believe msnbc we should have embraced communism.

oic......thats why all the democrats ideas come from the middle of the last century

Robert Reich 2 hrs · President Obama returned to the campaign trail yesterday for the first time since leaving office. At a rally in Virginia, he delivered a powerful call to action. Here are a few excepts: "We need you to take this seriously, because our democracy is at stake...And if you believe in that better vision not just of our politics, but of our common life, of our democracy, of who we are; if you want that reflected in our government, if you want our kids to see our government and feel good about it, and feel like they’re represented and if you want those values that you are teaching your children reinforced … then you’ve got to go out there.” "Folks don't feel good right now about what they see. They don't feel as if our public life reflects our best. Instead of our politics reflecting our values, we've got politics infecting our communities. Instead of looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way, we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry, to demonize folks who have different ideas to get the base all riled up because it provides a short-term tactical advantage..." "We saw what happened in Charlottesville but we also saw what happened after Charlottesville when the biggest gatherings of all rejected fear and rejected hate and the decency and goodwill of the American people came out. That’s how we rise. We don’t rise up by repeating the past. We rise up by learning from the past and listening to each other." "We can acknowledge that Thomas Jefferson, one of Virginia’s most famous sons, owned and sold slaves — that’s not disputable. And we can also acknowledge that he also wrote those words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And we can recognize that even if our past is not perfect we can honor the constitutional ideals that have allowed us to come this far and to keep moving toward a more perfect union. That’s what America is. That’s who we are." These are the words of a real president.

The media. ...going back to their glory days. It was a glorious defeat

The news is the great divider lately because you exploit everything for ratings and profit. Its opinionated and biased news. And everyone knows it

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October 20th, 6:43 pm


“I was stunned that John Kelly would so callously echo the worst part of the culture that he and I grew up in,” —Lawrence O’Donnell on Gen. Kelly’s lack of empathy for Rep. Frederica Wilson.

O’Donnell slammed Kelly for “deliberately [dehumanizing]” Rep. Wilson and “refusing to give her the dignity of a name.”

Watch O'Donnell's complete analysis: on.msnbc.com/2yDoDvd
... See MoreSee Less

O'Donnell on John Kelly 'dehumanizing' Rep. Wilson


Comment on Facebook

I love Lawrence O'Donnell. So refreshing to see a REAL man with intellect, passion, and integrity. Wish he was our president.

John Kelly, YOU can now join ranks with Deferment Donnie as the biggest "empty barrel" in this country.

This 4 Star General, must have lost his ever loving mind!!! How can ANYONE be stunned, when the phone call was on SPEAKER!?! 😡 Everyone within close proximity could hear ANY phone call on SPEAKER!!!!!!! 😡 Imbecile!!!

Kelly lost a lot of people's respect after yesterday......Mike Speake Wilson has been in that young man's life when he was young! She knew the family!! Typical Trump supporter doesn't know the facts!!!

"Birds of a feather flock together." The press conference confirms that Kelly has the same beliefs as his boss. Worst administration in history. Thank you for a brilliant analysis Mr. O'DONNELL 👍

👍. Just because someone has served in the military does not automatically get them respect. And General Kelly has not earned my respect. 😔

THANK YOU FOR THIS The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell. MSNBC Please keep this man's show on air. His integrity and intelligence are greatly needed at this time in history.

So Mr Kelly you wanted the Congress woman to jump out of the moving car to avoid "listening in?" Would you echo the same comments if she were a white congresswoman?

You know, nothing from this administration stuns me anymore... get those people out of our White House all ready!

He has brought dishonor to my marine corps by telling a lie on national television, that is unbecoming of a marine.

This was Lawrence O'Donnell at his best ... I only wish there was a way for every single American to see that program. It took courage to do it - and right now, at this time and place in American history - the United States NEEDS SOME COURAGE. Thank You MSNBC and Lawrence O'Donnell!

The information Kelly gave about Rep. Wilson was wrong. He accused Wilson of taking credit for raising funds for a memorial building for 2 slain FBI agents. Video showed his info was wrong. He’s so stunned about Rep. Wilson listening in on a call which was on speaker phone but not stunned by a man who says he can grab women by their privates, has made fun of a handicapped man, threw paper towels at Puerto Rican’s in crisis and the list goes on and on. Who made him God, my Heart goes out to him for his loss but he had no right to come out so strongly against her. Being a person of color, people wonder why we are so angry.

Kelly has always been a bigot!!! He fits right in with the orange clown in the Whitehouse. Now he is a disgrace to that uniform! Lier Lier Lier

Stunned? She was a friend of the family & was there for support....the call was on speaker.....Sorry General....but your response has been no better than your boss’s......so disappointing......keep the politics out of the deaths of our soldiers.....😡

He also said women were sacred in the 50's. Hmmmm I didn't know that being thought of as property meant "sacred".

If it was such a sacred phone call that should of been between the orange guy and Mrs Johnson than why was John Kelly listening. Just wondering.

What the hell does this have to do with anything? Where they grew up blah, blah, blah...the lady clearly whipped out her race card the moment she had nothing else to say about the matter.

Kelly really disappointed me yesterday. He lost his credibility and is no longer the moral code in the WH. Maybe he never was. What baffels me is that his lie was quickly debunked yet he still stands by his statement today. Trump demands loyalty and Kelky pledged. This will no doubt ruin his career. Pathetic.

Sadly it looks as though John Kelly has fallen victim to the sickness known as the trump virus and here I was foolish enough to believe that his integrity and ethical behavior would influence trump, not the other way around.

When you sleep with dogs, expect to get fleas. Kelly works with trump all day long. I'd say Kelly definitely has fleas!

I give up. I absolutely do not know where to find an honest person in his cabinet. As of today I lost all hope for the remaining 3 plus years.

Great show last night! Real News and said it straight from the heart! General Kelly, big disappointment America stunned!

I'm STUNNED the Moron in the WH had Dad go out to try to clean up his mess, what kind of leader does this or man does this? Only a COWARD.

Oh General Kelly, you sold your soul to this Devil. I am profoundly saddened by your actions Sir. You are better than this. Walk away..it can't be fixed...he can't be fixed. He will only drag you down to a depth where your brave, kind heart should never venture.

I so hoped that Kelly could bring some sense of sanity and humanity to The Liar in Chief but sadly he like everyone in Trump’s orbit bears the Trump taint.

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