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MLB Network / MLB.tv

MLB Network is a TV broadcaster based in Secaucus, NJ. It’s a sports channel dedicated to MLB baseball. It broadcasts news, interviews, highlights and live games from all around Major League Baseball. You can watch the channel online via the MLB Network live stream, MLB.tv app, or MLB At Bat app (with a paid subscription), as well as its collection of videos.

Name: MLB Network
Location: Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
Genre: Sports > MLB Baseball
Website: MLB Network Homepage

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Review of MLB Network

Review of MLB Network


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

MLB Network’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that MLB Network live streams its programs as they air. MLB Network also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

MLB Network is owned by Major League Baseball. It is a member of the MLB network.

See how MLB Network compares to more of the top MLB Baseball channels.

Since all the league sites are essentially the same, there will be little–if any–difference in their ratings and streaming options. Nonetheless, for convenience, here are all the other MLB Baseball stations.




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9 hours ago

MLB Network

Plays of the Week: Greatest Clips
The return of Chad Bettis? Judge's blast? The walk-offs? What was your favorite moment of the week?

Great Clips recaps them all right here!
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Plays of the Week: Greatest Clips

Comment on Facebook

How about Judge continuing to set the record for most consecutive games with a K???

Manny is hot with bat and glove.

13 hours ago

MLB Network

In honor of the MLB Little League Classic, can you guess these MLB Network Little Leaguers? ... See MoreSee Less

In honor of the MLB Little League Classic, can you guess these MLB Network Little Leaguers?

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Was Leiter Tom"s River? Or Frazier? Neither, or both?

LEITER, NASH, DE-RO and MILLAR (pre 1-5 days)

So many "fans" saying Trout and Judge. They know one name in baseball and think that everything that happens everywhere is them.

Can't be trout and judge. They said MLB network little leaguers. Meaning, they work for the network. Derosa and Leiter for sure. Not sure of other 2

Al Leiter and Mark DeRosa are 2 of them. Not sure of the other 2.

Burns on the Braves and I think that's Dero with the GT hat

Leiter in Braves uni for sure. Dero with the GT hat? Other 2, no idea.

Byrnes in blue?..

I thought Todd Frazier was the only guy to ever play in the LLWS

Can't be Millar. It's not in black-and-white

Kevin Nash?

Al Leiter, Kelly Nash, DeRo and KM 15

Pete Rose

Chipper jones

Al leiter

So Leiter in the Braves jersey?


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14 hours ago

MLB Network

Rookie of the Year, Tonight at 8pm ET!
Watch Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo’s favorite baseball movie, Sunday night at 8pm ET!
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Rookie of the Year, Tonight at 8pm ET!

Comment on Facebook

This just tells me that Rizzo is an idiot. This movie is lame

He seems like a guy who would like that Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

One of the few baseball movies i have no desire to see again

My son met "Henry" last weekend when his band was in town for a performance! Got a great picture!

Angels in the outfield is my favorite!

When the Cubs don't make the playoffs this year !

Horrible movie


This is such a great film.

love that movie! #GoCubs

I just got done watching this movie 😁

Yawn. again. Show MLB Tonight. Screw ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.


Not Sandlot?

Favorite ? Not even close

movie sucked



Watch Live - Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago Cubs (Free Full HD Live Streaming Link)>>>http://bit.ly/2v9j8PK

Jillian Roy

Ian Rubin

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17 hours ago

MLB Network

“At the end of the day, baseball is, first and foremost, a game.” ... See MoreSee Less

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Comment on Facebook

So, as I got home last night from dropping off our oldest son at college. I had been doing well, keeping position and happy about his future. I had coached him all the way from t-ball to his sophomore year of high school. I went in his room and was doing a little straighten up and finding a couple things he had forgot and asked us to send to him. Then I opened his closet and laying out in the front of his closet was the first glove I got him to play baseball as a t-baller at the age of 4. All of memories came back and so did the flood gates. I sat there on the end of his bed just staring at his little glove just crying my eyes out. So glad both my son's have the love for the game like I do. And have learned so many life lessons from their years of playing baseball. So proud of the young men they have become.

When you are able to share the game you love with someone you love and watching them develop into young men on a baseball field,priceless

This weekend I've tried keeping it together. Tomorrow my brother would have turned 52yrs old on April 5th he went to the big baseball field in Heaven. Dan "Meat" Cardenas dedicated over 30 years to baseball from playing to being batboy for the El Paso Diablos(80s) to working for the Dodgers(San Antonio Missions), Mariners, Padres(El Paso Chihuahuas), El Paso Diablos(Independent '05-'13) organizations to being a little league coach for his 4 sons and princess. This year has been hard to watch baseball without him whether it being MLB to watching my nephews and niece play with heavy hearts. Watching my nephew pitch 7th grade baseball without the guidance of his dad was the hardest thing but he did it and I know my brother was watching him. Just seeing the Dodgers in their jackets brought tears to my eyes...it's gotten a little better. This season I've actually watched other teams than my Rangers and Dodgers because baseball is one of two things that keep me close to Danny. The other is being there for my nephews and niece and supporting them in continuing to play baseball and other sports. So Happy Birthday in Heaven Danny!!! I love and missing you so much 💙⚾️

The nonsense that I heard today by Eric Byrnes and Dave Valle about hitting was fairly hilarious. Just a heads up, "Hitting down on the ball" doesn't mean that you are hitting the ball into the ground at a downward angle. Hitting down on the ball actually helps to create the necessary launch angle upwards. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. an upwards launch angle and "hitting down on the ball" are not mutually exclusive. Hitting is all about where and when you are catching the ball on the bat. Your hands on the bat are almost exclusively above the level of the ball at the time the pitch ia at the area of the Plate. That being so, it is impossible to not start your swing down at the ball. "Down and through" is actually the phrase. The through part is key because it is where you find your launch angles. Head staying down on the ball at the time of contact is key and helps create the bio-mechanics that start the upward 12 degree launch angle everyone is looking for. Just do it in the mirror. Hitting down at an angle ("throwing your hands at the ball") will create that similar angle upwards upon contact with the ball and follow through.

No. It's THE game.

Barry Wood, Deb Smithmier, thought you might like this.


love it - will watch any team - talented- a gift

love it - will watch any team - talented- a gift WHAT 3TIMES - what happened -see it is the truth

It's life

Vin's voice gave me chills down my spine. Good god.

Job big crazy money


Ryan Swartz

Caleb Farris Madison Albertson

Jose Gerry

Carmen Planadeball

Ben Showler

Steph Boman this is awesome

Jennifer:) ⚾️

love it - will watch any team - talented- a gift

Laura Pelayo for ray to hear

Maiya Muñoz

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19 hours ago

MLB Network

Have a hitter/pitcher matchup you’re excited for today? Comment below who you want to see and we could go live for their at-bat on MLB Tonight from 1-5pm ET! ... See MoreSee Less

Have a hitter/pitcher matchup you’re excited for today? Comment below who you want to see and we could go live for their at-bat on MLB Tonight from 1-5pm ET!

Comment on Facebook

I'm a Mets fan. I don't look forward to anything on Sundays, except for it to be over. They can't win on Sunday.

Kudos for MLB....awesome idea to have 2 MLB teams at the Little league world series!!!

Twins going for the Sweep! Let's go Big Sexy. Happy to have you on our team!

Hope big sexy can achieve one more victory!

Bartolo Vs Goldschmidt

DeGrom vs Stanton

Canseco vs Clemens

Gary Sanchez v Craig Kimbrel

Mike Moustakas v Danny Salazar

Gray Vs Devers

Diego Segui vs Mario Mendoza

Nimmo vs addams.

Altuve vs Scherzer

Indians VS anyone!

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