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MLB Network / MLB.tv

MLB Network is a TV broadcaster based in Secaucus, NJ. It’s a sports channel dedicated to MLB baseball. It broadcasts news, interviews, highlights and live games from all around Major League Baseball. You can watch the channel online via the MLB Network live stream, MLB.tv app, or MLB At Bat app (with a paid subscription), as well as its collection of videos.

Name: MLB Network
Location: Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
Genre: Sports > MLB Baseball
Website: MLB Network Homepage

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Review of MLB Network

Review of MLB Network


  • Live Stream
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MLB Network’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that MLB Network live streams its programs as they air. MLB Network also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

MLB Network is owned by Major League Baseball. It is a member of the MLB network.

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Since all the league sites are essentially the same, there will be little–if any–difference in their ratings and streaming options. Nonetheless, for convenience, here are all the other MLB Baseball stations.




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17 minutes ago

MLB Network

MLB Now Extra: AL All-Star 1B Ballot
Do you think Eric Hosmer should be leading the All-Star voting at 1B?

MLB Now Extra discusses a stacked 1B ballot.
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Who do you think should be leading the All-Star vote for AL 1B and why?

What do you think of the Nationals' signing of K-Rod?

Hosmer&SALVY should start in the all star game. Moose,Cain,and Merrifield should be on the roster. Moose should be in the HR derby, Vargas should be 2nd or 3rd pitcher in rotation for the AL

I think it is a good signing for Nationals might as well give this guy another chance in another locale ... Detroit is just not an easy place to relieve period

No how in the world could he be a better all star than Miguel Cabrera

Who else is skipping the all star game after watching the Homerun derby?

No.. Yonder Alonso should be the leading vote getter

You need to be more creative to make this show worth listening to.

Smoak plays in a Baby ballpark those hr numbers are skewed a bit

Yonder and Smoak are definitely having All-Star seasons.

I think it starts out like a popularity contest, but then it eventually works itself out.

Who's the best closer option for the Nationals to go after before the trade deadline?

Smoak! Great bounce back season, and is repaying the Blue Jays faith in him!

Matt Adams should get some love, has killed it since coming to ATL

Yonder .292 avg, 17 hr. Miggy .263 avg, 8hr. Obviously Miggy should be the starter

Do you guys think the Nationals could trade for multiple relieve pitchers before the deadline?

I think each Position for the All-Star Game should be determined by the Players Statistics, Averages. In other words the best player (leading the league in that position) should go to the All-Star Game. Let the Fans determine the rest of the team, but starting Lineup should be the best at that position!

Brewers should trade Braun in the off-season for a starting pitcher

I don't vote anymore because of these results. People will get in who they want anyway.

That game is a popularity contest not worth watching in most years. It may get boring fast.

Nahhh...More DH then anything. Don't get me wrong. LOVE ALBERT. However he doesn't play the field anymore

Hosmer is batting .302, 9HRs, 32rbis. On a Royals team that will he 38-37 after they beat Det Tigers tonight. Hosmer has helped Royals win 2 AL Pennants, 1 WS Title. Hosmer has 1 ASG MVP Hosmer lead team USA to a WBC title.

Smoak because he is .304 avg 20hr 48 rbi's

Albert Pujols is NO LONGER a 1st baseman. DH.

Luis Torres then how would you make it watchable

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19 minutes ago

MLB Network

Cubs vs. Nationals - Tuesday at 7pm ET
The last two NL Cy Young winners go toe-to-toe in Tuesday's Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals MLB Network Showcase at 7pm ET!
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You showed them last night too...

Nice video my good friends

3 hours ago

MLB Network

Arrieta vs. Scherzer: MLB The Show style
Arrieta vs. Scherzer tonight on MLB Network Showcase!

Watch how @MLBTheShow sees tonight's duel playing out.
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Comment on Facebook

This will either be a blow out on one side or the other or a pitchers duel! Go Cubs! I despise the Nats!

I wouldn't be too concerned with a 4.36 ERA. Cubs are trash

Justin Martens we should have played his matchup last night

I was there

Wrong last night... Wrong tonight? We'll see...


Come on Max,wax these has-been Cubs!

Have a wonderful day my good friends

Strop even loses the game in video games

Dave Zirnhelt

Hassam Cervantes

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3 hours ago

MLB Network

Off the Wire - Episode Four
Comment your Fantasy Baseball questions below for Robert Flores, Mike Petriello and Joe Magrane!
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Comment on Facebook

Got a fantasy baseball question for the guys or need fantasy advice? Comment below!

Any chance the Astros make a trade for either Yu Darvish or Justin Verlander.? The Astros will light up Gray again in this series

What's the possibility of having Bryce Harper, mike trout and Manny machado play for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the near future?

Julian Berrios has been a steal for me. Would you consider him the most underrated pitcher that all fantasy owners should pick up from the free agency in their leagues?

Robert, perhaps I missed it, but has MLB offered any financial assistance for Tim Lalla of Biking for Baseball? --Troy Casa. Reno, NV.

Should the Brewers pursue trades to improve or should they continue to build that farm system to compete with the Cubs for more than just a year or two?

Will MLB ever consider looking into first base collisions , by adding a safety base in foul territory?. Not only will it prevent injuries, it will also define the batters running lane to first.

Is Jonathan Schoop for real? I'm using him at utility because I have Dozier too, but am thinking of trying to deal one for an upgrade elsewhere.

Yankees obviously need starting pitching and front end of the bullpen help. Who do you think might become available and at what cost. They have built an awesome farm system and would hate to see them get raped

Should I be more patient for guys like Kyle Freeland and Sean Manea to remain on my roster? They always have mediocre type starts.

I traded Julio Teheran for Sonny Gray. Think it was a good move?

When will the Phillies start bringing there kids up and who's first to arrive

Do you see the Dodgers going to the World Series this ⚾️💙⚾️ year 💙💙💙⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️💙

Who on the Giants will be the first to go? The consensus from the fan base is Brandon Belt. Your thoughts?

U think new york yankees should go after Bryce Harper in the off season n should they tray for pichers.

Do you think the angels have a shot at the playoffs with how they are doing and Mike trout coming back?

Mark Trumbo led the majors in homers last year. Why, in this year of the homer, is he number 101 on the leaderboard?

Who comes back sooner. Mike trout or Freddie Freeman? I have both.

Thoughts on Machado to Houston the D-ro mentioned this morning?

MLB network loves the mets Yankees and Red Sox. Are any of you aware that there are 27 other teams ?

Is judge a top-tier caliber player. A la Harper, Trout, Kershaw?

You need to let Nathan Kearns alone he may be good for the royals

are the cards buying with at 5 games out of the central race? who are the cards going after

I have Rosario stashed. How long do the mets wait til he is called?

Will the Cardinals make a deal for an impact bat by the trade deadline?

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8 hours ago

MLB Network

Thome on Bellinger - MLB Tonight
"His hands are absolutely electric." - Jim Thome on Los Angeles Dodgers sensation Cody Bellinger
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I love Thome but dude get outta the dark ages! U can not hit a baseball effectively with a downward swing! Impossible! Especially when all of his swings are up when he played.

Good drill! Too many guys trying to teach young ( JV/ HS) kids to start the hands low and elevate the ball. 150 lb kids can't hit the ball out. Preach down through, not elevate. Line drives. You aren't teaching big leaguers.

Dom Worth Ben Rowland My good god. I'm more attracted to Cody than the majority of girls I've been with. That swing <3

Nothing better than taking in some hitting advice from a 600+ homerun hitter. Love the MLB network

That drill is certain to shatter a lot of glass beyond the plate.

Another example of a great hitter not aware of how he actually hit the ball.

Michael "Best hitter in baseball"

MirandaAguilar Ole Limestone Alumni talking bout your boy

Joe Biocchi check out this drill

Chris Vargas, this is how you hit homers like Cody


Really good stuff.

Good video, good hitting lesson

Thanks for making me dumber watching this

Gian Paul hoy otra vez lactando con el Beauty Swing. 😁

Craig. Amber show chris, please. Good stuff here.

Anthony Hillery u ever see that mound drill?

Duffy Sharnik you might like this video


Alon Leichman איזה אוסף של שטויות במיץ שלא קשורות לכלום.

GREAT analysis ... practice these young guys!

Rafael Melendez, Casey Aguilar, Mike Furutani, Javier Victor Lopez Javier Vasquez, Donovan Brown, Matthew Dingess, Matthew Antopia, Matt Derbyshire, Daniel Gonzales, Jesus Najera, Jimmy Celaya, Pete De La Rosa!!!!

Preaching gospel right here Edward Fournier Mike Chavez

Marko Ristic amazing

Jon Melvin Lloyd Brian William This is good stuff.

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