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MLB Network / MLB.tv

MLB Network is a TV broadcaster based in Secaucus, NJ. It’s a sports channel dedicated to MLB baseball. It broadcasts news, interviews, highlights and live games from all around Major League Baseball. You can watch the channel online via the MLB Network live stream, MLB.tv app, or MLB At Bat app (with a paid subscription), as well as its collection of videos.

Name: MLB Network
Location: Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
Genre: Sports > MLB Baseball
Website: MLB Network Homepage

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Review of MLB Network

Review of MLB Network


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

MLB Network’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that MLB Network live streams its programs as they air. MLB Network also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

MLB Network is owned by Major League Baseball. It is a member of the MLB network.

See how MLB Network compares to more of the top MLB Baseball channels.

Since all the league sites are essentially the same, there will be little–if any–difference in their ratings and streaming options. Nonetheless, for convenience, here are all the other MLB Baseball stations.




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Latest on Facebook

October 20th, 6:45 pm

MLB Network

Hall of Famer John Smoltz breaks down Friday night's Severino vs. Verlander matchup on MLB Tonight. ... See MoreSee Less

Smoltz on Game Six Pitching Matchup - MLB Tonight


Comment on Facebook

Is Joe Buck going to yell and get excited every time a Yankee hits a ball in the air to the outfield?

you guys should try to get unbiased announcers. They are all over the Yankees. I refuse to watch a game anymore on this network

Severino should do good, so will Verlander...but BabyBombers have adjusted to Asstros pitching

Houston will go to the World Series... Write it down... You keep the Yankees hitless..that young Team won' t win any flowerpot... A Rod keep your Yankess stuff away from David Ortiz


I could listen to Smoltzy talk about pitching for hours on end.

Almira Louisa nan a bin ku verlander

He's also currently medicating himself to make it through the game with Buck! The man's a saint!

the MVP for the Yankees has been AJ hinch that is the worst manager I've ever seen in my life

Zone already looks big for severino

Tigers pick up Gardenhire as manager... Awesome

John Grogan the yank me go home and not to the world series

I'd have issues keeping my emotions in check sitting next to that dipwad.

Go Yankees !!!

Slaaaaaaa pa verlander


good post

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October 20th, 2:48 pm

MLB Network

Our very own Sean Casey left a lasting impression on Justin Verlander during the Detroit Tigers' 2006 World Series run. ... See MoreSee Less

Sean Casey's Impact on Verlander - The Rundown


Comment on Facebook

Verlander needs to be tested.....all amped up, breathing heavy, cotton mouth.....hmmmm....

Still hard to believe the Astros bats went this cold!

Yankees VS Dodgers with the Dodgers winning is what I see.

Casey is a class-act! Signed everything I sent him when I was a kid...

Yankee fans feeling it all slip away

Let's go Yankees 👊🏻

Is the fix in?

I’ll be at the game!!

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October 20th, 12:02 pm

MLB Network

"There is no better feeling. Words can't describe."

Our own John Smoltz remembers pitching the Braves into the 1991 World Series. #WeKnowPostseason
... See MoreSee Less

#WeKnowPostseason: Smoltz's 1991 NLCS Gem


Comment on Facebook

I can't listen to Smoltz or Joe Buck anymore two well known Yankee haters. Every borderline pitch that goes in the Yankees favor Smoltz makes a comment about how it was outside or up Etc! But every time the Astros don't get a call on a borderline pitch he has some sort of Defense for the Astros and blames the Umpire! John Smoltz may as well go to The Dugout and blow Justin Verlander already it's ridiculous. It literally sounds like I'm listening to the Houston Astros announce team

let's go YANKEES....... The slayers of 100 win play off team's Indian's 101.....next Houston 102, and finally the Dodger's 104......Win or lose... The baby bombers have already won our hearts💗 an broken other's.....lol

John was a great big game pitcher I still remember that epic duel with Morris in the 1991 World Series.

Wish he didn't have to partner with Joe Buck! Have to turn of the sound anytime Buck is broadcasting any game for any sport.

Was the stadium half empty for the game? Also, talk about the Bad Old Days when even the closest seats were REALLY far from the players.

Andrew Reed Ben Tweedie Now that gentleman, is the definition of an ace! Give me the ball, get out of my way, I’ll win the game.

Smoltz should talk about the 96 World Series

Does Smoltz remember the 1996 and 1999 World Series?

Braves could never win the big dance, only 95

When starters use to pitch more than 5 innings.

Smoltz needs to go back to school and take an English grammar class (please).

Only to lose to the Twins and Jack Morris.

And lose the world series to the Yankees

The American League win the World Series

Does he remember losing the the Yankees in 96?

And lose the World Series. They should be talking about one he actually won...

Watching from Atlanta Georgia love you Yankees let's go again my Birthday today

And lose to the mighty Blue Jays in 92!!

Ashley and then losing to the Twins!

Jack buck "And we'll see you tomorrow night".BOOM.

The good old days when the braves were good! 😕

i like listening to you but joe jack buck gotta go!

... and then lost to the Twins.

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October 20th, 10:21 am

MLB Network

... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Yeah, nice. Hey... could you guys please show MLB quick pitch a little later in the mornings for those of us here on the West Coast? I hate tuning into that stupid MLB Central show, where the idiots, I guess their ex ball players? Are talking about s*** they know nothing about and just blah blah blah I don't care I don't want to see Talking Heads. That's why we all stopped watching sports center and ESPN. All these stupid stories about s*** we don't care about. Just show the highlights all morning long people will watch them. We watch sports shows for the highlights. Not your lame introspectives. Just saying. Thank you.

When you do your Live Look-ins? Show ALL the teams! I watched for more than two hours 5:35pm (AZ) till 7:42 before you showed the Yankee v. Baltimore game and it was with 2 outs and it lasted about a minute! You kept showing the other 9 games and spend at least 3 minutes for each of those games and showing replays of replays and after showing a couple of teams it was rehashing the brawl from the Giants v. Wash game! And please when it comes to Harold Reynolds? He can be just as annoying as Joe Buck and Rick Sutcliffe, constantly pointing out the obvious!

MLB Network, you have the worst director, camera people and instant replays in all of baseball coverage. Very frustration watching an exciting Indians/Yankees game. The coverage is taking the fun out of watching the game.

Saw the article on Ichiro - and you had a list of players born outside the U.S. Rod Carew is a "native born American" Just like Senator John McCain - Carew was born in the Panama Canal Zone - I know this is before your time, but the Canal Zone was technically part of the U.S. when Carew was born. Up until 1979. So, technically - Zonians were born in the U.S. (I guess)...

They just changed the name of MLB Network to the Yankees Network. They will show all 162 Yankees games and will ignore all the other teams around the league.

Anybody that doesn't believe there is an east coast bias lives in the east. Last time I looked most of the country is still west of Jersey!⚾⚾😎

If I hear one more worn out contrived play on Aaron Judge's name I may vomit in my man cave...

Brewers have 3 Playoffs in 48 years worst playoff % in all sports. Yet Brewers Fans are Top 10 in Attendance!

Where did Wee Mattie get that hideous suit? Buy your clothes at a man's store and lose the short coat, peacock look. You look like a sissy


a little Eric Burns is tooooo much, a lot will drive me to ESPN

Wasn't there Tigers in the outfield that would "Go Off" whenever a player would Hit A Homerun ? Why don't we see that Anymore?

Why are you letting ESPN show Intentional Talk an hour before MLB NETWORK?

Will you guys start talking about how The Rays are absolutely murdering the baseball?!This team has a killer lineup.

Why is MLB Network not available in germany for mlb tv Premium subscribers?

love the show but Best nicknames today and CHAMP Summers forgotten


Surprised it's not a Cubs, Nats or Dodgers logo

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!

Can you come to Sling TV please?

Saludos ésos cronistas son mis caballos un fuerte abrasó

Awesome post. We post similar things on our page.

What TWC Channel??

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October 20th, 10:10 am

MLB Network

Rewatch the Los Angeles Dodgers win the National League Pennant on MLB Network at 11am ET! ... See MoreSee Less

Harold and Al Break Down Game Five


Comment on Facebook

There was more drama and excitement over in the Bronx during that 3-game stretch than those 'yawners' in Chicag⚾️👎🏼👎🏽👎🏻😂

Can't believe we're finally going back to the WORLD SERIES! WOOO HOOOOO

I'm not a dodgers fan but this year the song goes. Go Dodgers go. Go Dodgers go

We going all the way #ThisTeam #GoDodgers

Oscar Pasillas mic drop kershaw...game set blouses

Bring back Vin!! It's only fitting.

Sounds like a plan

No thank you!

Fix partially completed!

No thanks

No thanks 😣😭😭😭😭

Awesome game





I like this one! Katrina Labuguen Marisa Ibarra Adriana Ibarra

Maria Lopez lol


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