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Manchester United FC TV | Barclays Premier League Football / Soccer

Manchester United FC TV is a TV broadcaster based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. It’s a sports channel dedicated to Manchester United FC Premier League Football. It broadcasts Manchester United football news, highlights and analysis. Additionally, this station has a subscriber section that offers live streaming of Manchester United contests– including all Premier League games, live reserve, academy games and “classic” matches. Not only that, but it also provides Man U fans with access to exclusive interviews with players and coaches. You can watch the channel online via the Manchester United FC TV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Manchester United FC review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Manchester United FC TV
Location: Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Genre: Sports > Premier League, Manchester United FC
Website: Manchester United FC Television Homepage

If you want to learn more about Manchester United FC Television than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Manchester United FC TV

Review of Manchester United FC TV


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

Manchester United FC’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Manchester United FC TV live streams its programs as they air. Manchester United FC also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Manchester United FC Television is owned by Manchester United Plc. It is a member of the Premier League network.

Check out how Manchester United FC TV compares to other local stations in the Old Trafford, Greater Manchester area.

See how Manchester United FC TV compares to more of the top Barclays Premier League channels.




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Latest on Facebook

5 hours ago

Manchester United

#ILOVEUNITED Beijing wrap
A frustrating result but still a great trip to Beijing for #ILOVEUNITED - thanks for having us, China.
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Comment on Facebook

Manchester United must always win in the rest of the game, whatever the way Man United must win to qualify for champions league. I am very sad if to see Man Utd do not go into champions league. Keep the spirit of Man Utd, your supporters are always behind you

Today you missed chance to hit the top 4. You have embarrassed me

MU players should learn the fighting spirit from Tottenham Hotspur. If anyone of u watch the match TOT VS ARS u know what im saying.

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How about stop wasting our time with these photo ops and actually win!!!!!!

I am a fan of Manchester United I have faith that we will be able to classify the league of champions

United's marketing team is better than the actual football team

we sud stop posting videos and pic of old games.. -we are turning into new liverpool - So much talks about history but no present products

No excuse..d multi million player vs swansea..this is united..there is no excuse when sir fergie era

Zlatan would never allow this

Don't worry guys we going to win against celta vigo believe in Manchester United 😍😘😘😘

A few pound in the pocket for Irwin and may 😂😂

Fantastic! Good connections between East and West through by sport specially football Bridges!...😃🎈🌏🙌🌍🎈😃

David May, Superstar!

David May needs to go on a diet.

Congratulations Beijing

in the fergie days united were good they are shite now

Costly result. More draws than a furniture store.

☺،🌸 ... 💛`))


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11 hours ago

Manchester United

Great to catch up with members of the Beijing supporters' club branch during our trip to China for #ILOVEUNITED! ... See MoreSee Less

Great to catch up with members of the Beijing supporters club branch during our trip to China for #ILOVEUNITED!

Comment on Facebook

Manchester United must always win in the rest of the game, whatever the way Man United must win to qualify for champions league. I am very sad if to see Man Utd do not go into champions league. Keep the spirit of Man Utd, your supporters are always behind you. #GGMU

Like if u think till now Mutd out of Big 4 so they have try to win Europe league.

am tired of waching man united mach again because we win one we draw 5. I dont think i will wach man u mach till the end if the season

Mesut Özil = £42m Dele Alli + Christian Eriksen + Victor Wanyama + Mousa Dembélé = £42m

What will happen if you make it to ucl...and draw real madrid....I guess José would join chris smalling and phil jones

I would like to watch a match manutd but i cannot buy a ticket or plane ticket to come to england


My Team Manutd The Injured Ni Mob That Why Tume Draw Bt Am Sure Manutd U Will Bring Europa Cup At Old Trafford

Love united

Good fans up Chana

&lt;3 &lt;3

I luv it

At the end of the season 1.Chelsea 2.Tottenham 3.Man Utd 4.Man city 5.Arsenal 6.The club that hasn't won the league in the past 3 decades !

Keep *Drawing* we like it 😉

Wenger in !!


Drawchester United...

Embarrassing effort today against Swansea!!

Kudos to you all

We support guys keep it up.


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17 hours ago

Manchester United

#MUTV: Ashley Young
Ashley Young talks to #MUTV about his frustration at not killing off today's game...
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Comment on Facebook

Every time we have it in our hands, the players choke. Mourinho needs winners not just players so I expect many to leave and a few arrivals. Smalling, Jones, Young, Fellaini, Darmian, Carrick, Rooney need to go. Shaw, Blind, Lingard, Martial need to up their game or they can go. We need some hard defenders who play through pain barriers like Stam, Pallister, Bruce etc. I would like Griezmann & whatever defenders out there that put their bodies on the line. Not too much to ask for :)

Plastic fans will say what they want as they do every time but Manchester United is the only England club in this moment of the season who have won 2 trophies (Manchester city, Liverpool and Tottenham will surely not won any of them); we are the only England club already involved in a European competition with a chance to win it and we are the only England club who keep being unbeaten even with only one true centre back, many injuries and suspended players so keep saying what you want but this United season is better than many other England best club season. Only Chelsea have a chance to win two trophies like us and if we win the Europa league, we'll be the best of the best in England as Manchester United deserve to be...

Mourinho does not like to lose but he does not know how to win. No point beating Chelsea and drawing to Swansea not good enough. Rooney pathetic giving away a stupid free kick . a man with so much experience should know better. He needs to play with Cole/Yorke style Martial/Rashford is the answer. Need good wingers . I would discard Fellini Rooney Young Smalling . Mourinho style not effective anymore.

The reality is that there is no player who is playing between both midfield and attack. Nothing wrong with our makeshift defence, and I'm sure if our attacking players got the service from midfield there would be more goals. A front 3 of Martial, Rashford and Mkhitaryan, and a midfield 3 of Carrick, Herrera and Mata. Any more injuries to the defence and I'll bring my boots. You might get a good 5 minutes from me 🤣🤣

The best keeper in the world ballwatching.really? Not even an attempt.look at the past.he always does this from a set piece.romero would have saved that or at least tried

Disappointment? Yep to be paid millions to play like that is a very big disappointment and a total embarrassment. You should all be ashamed.

Bit fed up of hearing these interviews to be honest. Fact is United have had plenty of chances this season and they have bottled them all. Some players need to ask themselves if they want to be at the club. If so play like it. Have a bit of pride in the shirt because there was no fight today.

Oh here come the fake fans.. having ago because we didn't beat Swansea. . The same fans that said city would hammer us and chelsea would also. You guys are not supporters because you don't support. . You should stick to your fifa 17 game where there are no suprise results. . I think you forget this is the premier league and every team can take points from any team there is no " expected " result. It was a draw yes utd could/should have won. But given 2 injuries to yet more defenders did you expect the defence to be totally solid ? I find it laughable that you think you know the man utd team better than the manager from miles and miles away. Armchair fans that have never seen a game in their life. You you claim to be a fan/supporter of man utd then support don't criticise because you are not a professional footballer or a manager.

I think Mohrinio is playing a risky game and put our chances on Europa league. If he manage I think we have a great manager. On the other hand I understand his thinking due to the difficult run in we have and all the injuries . Another thing is that he still have not the 1st eleven team let alone the reserves. So Europa league and next season will be champs. GGMU

I want rashford martial and linegard as a front 3 for every remaining league game...may not win them but it would be fun to watch the energy and youth develop

Just in case...It's better we prioritize the uefa Europa rather than dropping points unnecessarily in the EPL and contributing to our injury casualties... all the best to Mourinho

I've said the same thing slightly differently expressed and more than anyone Mourinho is well aware of that. If it was up to him, he would keep: Herrera, Rashford, Baily, Micky, perhaps Martial and Mata (for the experience and creativity). He knows De Gea is a goner, the rest all very mediocre players can bloody go, the Championship would have them!

Another draw that has nothing to do with luck,playing 90+ mins without real preassure,players are clueless and four or five doesn't deserve a red shirt,I just hope that Mou sees it as most of us here,but then again he is playing Lingard to often so I'm not sure for our future!

4-4-2 tried tested and successful. Protect the unbeaten run?? Afraid to lose!!! Even more scared to win. Midfield is stagnant no creativity, no threat!! A major overhaul required. Too many draws at home not good enough for this club and the supporters.

We had it really good under fergie but let's not forget it took him over 5 year's to build a winning team, Give Jose a chance, we obviously need atleast 4 world class additions and our current player's will need to up there game too otherwise we'll need alot more, yes it's frustrating but be patient and support ur team

This guy played with all his soul into the game..gave in more than 100%. It's just is limited skill set and age that stopped him scoring or creating more chances. Same goes with Valencia. Amazing player with excellent speed and physic but lacks tricks. But I am happy today that he had 1 shoot straight at Swans goal, should do that more often...GGMU

Hoping this was just a one off bad performance today, we will need to lift our game against Celta Vigo, and the 2 north London sides

What a joke...how many chances does this team need to either score a goal..win a game.. An finally gate crash the top four..what a joke.. Then the players come out an say they are gutted not to win the game..we had the better chances...then put the ball in the net u clowns ...never seen so many players get a chance to stake a claim for a firstteam place...not good enough

they killed off themselves and not the opposition, it was a must win and by more than a goal and they could not even beat a relegation placed team at OT. so many players have to go and the first out the door is Jones, he has been injured more in his career than he has played, a total waste of money. CL football is a big question mark now as top 4 is highly doubtful with who they still have to play and all the injuries leave Europa in question.

The problem with United is there is no consistent in the team and there for you can blame the manager to many rotations every week with players , one week you play then your two weeks on the bench or not even in the starting eleven what do you think that does do to the mind set of a player , when they need to play they are not 100 % ready for the game , you need consistent playing time to let a team function in the right way so if you have injuries you have players who are ready to play to come in the team because they know there spot every single week , but if you as manager try to adjust your team to the opponents team brings you no where , as manager you need to go by the strength of your team and play in on the weaknesses of the other team and then you win games and create consistency an example was last year Leicester city

They were paid hundred thousand of dollars every week and they played with NO convictions. I can see players like Rashford and Lingard not improving as a better player sooner.Frankly that surprises me as Mourinho was or used to be good in turning young players into a prolific player.... Has the 'special One' lost his touch??????

Kill the game off? We never had a chance to kill the game off,he's talking like we've missed a ton of chances. We didn't,it was a putrid performance. Maybe Wayne's shot,that hit Martial,that was our only chance,but nothing after. At least we can thank Boro for drawing against city.

Mourinho said in a recent interview "every player on the pitch will give their very best" well, if that was 'their best' I'm afraid it's simply not good enough. Too much money in football now has spoiled the game as a spectator sport. In the past, players would play for the love of the club not the money. Pride and passion are sadly missing from the game these days because it's now big business.

He's frustrated about not finishing the game I've heard that the whole season the fact is they not good enough we have to get rid of a lot of players like blind, darmain, smalling, rojo, shaw, Jones, Rooney, carrick these are players that's worth nothing for us anymore put some youngsters from the academy in that's not earning a lot of money like fergie did and he got the results..

Honestly sick of fans slating the players and Jose we are missing half our normal squad, pretty confident they are trying their best playing Europa and epl it's not easy..

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