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Investigation Discovery | A Knowledge & Documentary Channel

Investigation Discovery is a TV broadcaster located in Silver Spring, MD. It’s an entertainment channel that airs documentary-type programs focused on true crime that is usually violent and this can shock some viewers. Additionally, this channel has interesting shows that highlight fascinating criminal court cases from jury selection all the way to conviction or acquittal. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our Investigation Discovery review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Investigation Discovery
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Knowledge & Documentary
Website: Investigation Discovery Homepage

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Review of Investigation Discovery

Review of Investigation Discovery


  • Video On Demand

Investigation Discovery’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no Investigation Discovery live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

Investigation Discovery is owned by Discovery Communications. It is a member of the Investigation network.

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Shameless people don't have Shame


Who's Missing Now: Murder Comes To Town
Eddie wanted to appear cooperative - but there was something suspicious about these two.
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What episode is this from?

I love ID


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What more do we need to know? Everyone in the country except the 12 people that said she's innocent knows she killed that girl. We don't need to give her more air time.

Quit asking that! We all know what happened to her. It's a sad shame that the prosecutors couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt and put that monster behind bars.

These articles are the media getting you ready for a casey show...I'd ban the network that would pay that sank one penny ...casey killed caylee and is slowly killing her parents

Casey Anthony's behavior and dozens of lies to law enforcement without a doubt should have gotten her convicted ! No reasonable person would wait 31 days to report their child missing ,also !

Everyone knows who killed her, what we don't know is was it an accident or intentional and chances are we will never know that. She can't be tried for it again so I don't know why it keeps being brought up.

This woman lied and lied and lied..proven lies. And yet, she never gave a plausible explanation about how or when Caylee died. Oh yea, she did but I guess it was just another lie.......Unbelievable.

The psycho killed her and got away with it...says she sleeps good....hmmm...most people who get away with killing probably do!!!!!!!

Everyone knows. She overdosed on cough syrup and she accidentally suffocated on the blankets in her bed. The mom came home after partying and found her dead in the hotel room which she left her to party. Duh

She killed her! Could have been accidental, but no good mother gives her child chloroform. My kids drive me nuts at times, but comes with being a parent.

Her mom knocked her out to go party left her in the trunk forgot about her and she was dead when she finally checked on her

Sonya Johnson, here we go. Since we read the prosecutors and defendants side, maybe this will bring it more together 🤔 or reveal more than the books. The Anthony family is full of insecurities, sickening.

NOTHING but Lies will come out of her and her family. THE ENTIRE FAMILY let Caylee down. SHAME ON THEM ALL. That beautiful little girl didn't stand a chance.

Sick and twisted. She is pure evil. To kill her baby and try to grasp at any ridiculous excuse..beyond human. I hope she is living in a special tormented hell.

she lied & her father lied. her own mother called the cops. your daughter is gone for so many days & you don't call & report it? first a nanny has her, then she drowns , then dead down the road, parent says car smelled, not one tear in jail when her parents went to visit her. really how many lies. yea ok sicko .

Her mother knows exactly what happened to her. You will never get the truth from her though, so why bother asking her. She loves the attention she's getting.

I have to say that I am disgusted that you are doing this show AND that there is talk about her having a deal for a reality show? Completely disgusting and I hope NO ONE watches this show or supports a reality show with her in it. SHE IS A CHILD MURDERER, her own child, it is a tragedy that she got away with the murder of her own innocent child, because she was an inconvenience to her. She does not deserve a days rest, any degree of a normal life. She needs to live each day in her own living hell, and deal with everyone in everyday life looking upon her with disgust and disdain, and live with it when people yell things like "child murderer". She is a vile, despicable waste of human life and the media needs to STOP GIVING HER A SPOT LIGHT. Society in general doesn't want to see her, we won't feel sorry for her, we wish for her only to suffer everyday for the rest of her sorry life. Stop telling us we are interested in her, we are not, we are done with her. Stop making us have to relive the fact that the legal system failed us in her case, and most of all it failed her poor innocent child. So wrong, so sad for that adorable innocent child......

Who in their right mind waits to report their child missing 31 days. That obviously means she was trying to come up with something, a lie, to tell authorities when it's so obvious she killed Caylee. And what's more disgusting and disturbing is the jury found the evil monster not guilty.....

I'm reading these comments and I have to wonder how many of you woman are pro choice? IMO there is no difference between being a pussy hat wearing twat waffle who would abort a child and one that would cloraform their child to run off to a party. Main difference is I would think Caseys was an accident and her guilt doesn't want her to take the blame. Both are murder I'm not defending Casey but if your pro choice I think you need to shut up and if you've aborted then you are no better

Don't blame the jury, they worked within certain perimeters. Blame the prosecutors who couldn't provide solid evidence or argument.

In a way I'm glad this is being brought to attention again because I don't ever want what happened to this child forgotten! I don't want Casey Anthony to think that with time everything will be forgotten and she can come out of hiding!

We know what happened to Caylee! Her monster of a mother killed that beautiful little girl and deserves the death penalty not more media attention!

Her own mother killed her and yet manages to sleep quite well at night. A woman with NO conscience. She should be serving a life term in prison.

That poor baby. Her rotten mother should meet the same fate and be found dead in a swamp with duct tape covering her mouth and head.

Again..I can't for the life of me understand (ever ) how that jury came to a not guilty verdict. JUST HOW!!

She is a vile woman. I lost a kid, and to see people just throw that away kills me. And she gets to just carry on? Usually karma grabs them, but not with her yet.

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