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ITV is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s a regional news and entertainment channel that broadcasts news, sports, lifestyle shows, and general entertainment programming. ITV’s online offerings are typically only available to people in the UK or Ireland. You can watch the channel online via the ITV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our ITV UK review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: ITV
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Regional News, Entertainment
Website: Independent Television (ITV) Homepage

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Review of ITV

Review of ITV


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7 minutes ago


Martin you've never seen before! πŸ˜‚
With a little help from Nina Conti of course.
See you at 10pm, when we do it all again in The Nightly Show.
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I wouldn't be reposting about this car crash of a show. I really do not think the British public are demanding the relaunch of the Carry On franchise at 10pm weeknights. Give us back our News At Ten.

It was basically crap

8 hours ago


Comedy gold πŸ… and ALL the action! πŸ†

Brand new Play to the Whistle.
Starts tonight 9pm, ITV.
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I can't believe they have brought this pile of crap back it's s vary poor version of they think it's all over with Holly Willoughby who knows jack all about sports and like she needed a another tv show give somebody else a chance for God's sake

Personally I absolutely love this programme!! Has me in stitches every time I see it!! What is wrong with some people, all these negative comments!! Bradders is the star of the show for me!! πŸ‘Œβ€πŸ˜œX X

Surprised they never stuck Schofield along side her in this one. It would be a good show if the host was changed.

ITV, you're playing very fast and loose with the word comedy. I'm fairly certain I haven't laughed at anything on ITV since I was 8 years old.

I watched the first Nightly Show. It wasn't bad. Although I think Nina Conti should have had a longer slot and Martin Clunes was on for too long. It needed another guest and a house band.

i watched the very 1st episode of the 1st series and thought it was a load of crap but that's just my opinion

1. Question of Sport 2. League of their Own 3. They think it's All Over 4. Brexit 5. Trumps Presidency 6. Oscars and Envelope-gate 7. An apocalypse 8. Play to the Whistle

Comedy Gold?????????? "They think it's all over" used to be good but that was BBC

When are we going to get a rest from this nightmare called Willoughby!!!!

Kerry Manning record this for us? its tonight at 9, not sure if itl be good but wanna see xxxxx

Have we not got any other female presenter every time you put the TV on she's on even in commercials give somebody else a chance. Only watched this once first series and it was crap.

Hannah Densley we like this better record it tonight then I liked it on a Saturday

Love this show very funny lampard such a legend Bradley Walsh is funny but ramash is much funnier

Ahhhh well...It's another programme that I can knock one out to holly I suppose.... So not all bad πŸ–•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It all went down when Holly said Frank Lampard was a Man City Legend

no more crap on the t v all them should get real jobs thay get all that money for doing note distgusting i say

I am looking forward to the new series of Play to the Whistle starting tonight at 9pm on ITV

A crap show...... Never mind get a large breasted blonde to blow on something that will get them to watch.....Jesus wept!

Please can we watch this :) Robert Robert

More crap on the telly.. And oh no not her again..hasn't she got enough jobs on the telly..

Shes like horse muck..everywhere 😣

Definitely be watching it john terry is hot

Crap show!!!πŸ™„

Love this program. Brilliant πŸ‘πŸ‘

Anyone know when league of their own is back on ?

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10 hours ago


You won’t believe this! Chemists have engineered a formula that can make you instantly attractive... 😘 ... See MoreSee Less

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Yeah it's called Jack Daniels

Getting the other person drunk?

Its my Rum and Coke 😁

Would it work on that old proon may day

It's called alcohol! πŸ˜‚

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10 hours ago


Do you think we've already met Trish's attacker..? Broadchurch ... See MoreSee Less

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Hooked already!!! So well written and acted πŸ’• Definitely not him, too obvious so early on, there will be twists and turns yet

I don't think it's the bloke with the condoms in the car coz that's too obvious on the first episode. I think it may be a Gang who were all at the party or maybe Ellie millers son !

So much in 1 episode wow men at party have outnumbered the women at the party jim and kath are into something dark ed at the farm shop and what about mark was he at the party millers son and friend could the friend be kath and jims son and they were at party and he could be the 1 removing the carrier bag at the end could this be an illeagle cult ring am hooked cant wait for next week

Jessica Faber, who is the 1st suspect winding his window up. I was half watching at some bits, as have been writing evening invites! X

I am loving the new series so far ,it's got me hooked I can't wait till next weeks episode . I was thinking that the man sat in his car winding his window up, was he a taxi driver I think that he looked a bit suspicious the way he was looking at Alec Hardy (David Tennant) . Brilliant first episode .

Brilliant opening episode, like seeing old friends again. I do wish the announcer wouldn't talk over the end credits though. I really like Γ“lafur Arnald's brooding soundtrack, which he deservedly won a BAFTA for.

50 men invited to ya wife's 50th & between 10 or 20 woman strange !!!!!

I'm thinking it was a subs/doms party (kinda like Christian Grey but with like minded friends) that's why Kath and Jim were a bit cagey, not everyone knows about the lifestyle they choose and they are embarrassed about it becoming public, maybe Trish went along naive as to what it was, she got there, decided it's not for her when she arrived and realised her mistake turned around and left, someone followed her who refused to take "no" for an answer. I could be way off but well that's my theory anyway.

Just waiting for Lenny henry to be wearing a red nose through an episode and having David Tennant as a useful puppet putting on the tears and telling us to donate to comic relief πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brilliant, can't wait until next week. David and Olivia are just fantastic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Brilliant I think him but I'm never right but I also think it maybe too obvious right at the start like that maybe he is seeing someone else tho?

I was hooked before the first ad break. Fantastic opening episode.

Again another brilliant series Olivia David and Julie such fantastic actors .Story line was done with such sensitivity .

Gripping stuff tonight ; Can't wait for next episode x

Joe Miller will have been at the party - full circle - why else would Broadchurch be back!

Gripped already, can't wait for next week, I'm not sure yet.

Congratulation,... you have made Broadchurch an ordinary itv drama

No, that's too obvious.. Could it be the estranged husband???

Trish's friend attacked her after catching her husband and Trish using the condom

Brilliant can't wait for the next episode x

Yeah we wouldnt know if it is or? But can't wait for next week's one tho πŸ‘

I have to watch on catch up ...........fell asleep in the ads 😈😈😈😈😈

Hooked again as I have the last ones .I think leny Henry in the show . !

Something is odd about her story. Anyone else feel that?

Brilliant already!

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10 hours ago


It's the first #NightlySelfie! Join this week's host David Walliams with Martin Clunes, Nina Conti and a lot more!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸŽ‰

The Nightly Show. Coming up after Broadchurch at 10pm, ITV.
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Its the first #NightlySelfie! Join this weeks host David Walliams with Martin Clunes, Nina Conti and a lot more!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸŽ‰ 

The Nightly Show. Coming up after Broadchurch at 10pm, ITV.

Comment on Facebook

What a load of rubbish, so we have to wait until after 11pm for local news and weather for this absolute drivvle...obviously the majority of your viewers don't have to get up in the morning and go to very short sighted, always been an ITV viewer...BBC it is then.

Was looking at the clock at 10.10pm thinking can I stick this out for the half hour just to see. Managed to but was soo bewildered .. I mean what the hell was the point of it. Shift it to 10.30pm if you must but get the news back on at 10.00pm!

Seriously , bring all the guests out and get them interacting, it was as if the autocue had cancer, sorry, even David Walliums, couldn't cope with rescuing this mistaken format

I thought it was only me thought it was a load of rubbish, disappointing as I like David Walliams won't be rushing to watch anymore.

Disaster! If I wanted depressing, I'd have tuned into BBC1 and their patronising news stories. Drop Tom Bradby too. We Want Trev! (or Charlene White, she's cool)

Feeble script and Walliams was wooden. I knew he would be a disaster. Show needs a permanent host with a great personality. (Anyone remember the Eamonn Andrews Show - "the show on which anything can happen" but never did. This is a worthy successor

What a load of rubbish, who the hell thought this was a good idea? Bring back News at Ten. Switching over

#TheNightlyShow begins. @davidwalliams pretends to be gay. I switch off. Hopeless, @ITV

Switched off!! Sorry David... Graham Norton has nothing to fear!!

The Carry On franchise got relaunched by ITV tonight then I see. I want my News At Ten please.#pathetic.

Just Awful program & why did Mr Clunes lower himself - its off for me 😑😞

It was awful...I'm sure David Walliams is a nice man in real life..But I never seen worse... Sorry but it was complete rubbish

Lady in the audience from Kelly's pie shop and they didn't bother to use the right sort of pies! Pathetic.

CRAP, WASTE OF TIME, TURNED OVER TO The 2,000,000 Calorie Buffet!! 😁

This is as bad a show from when they made that godawfull stars in their eyes remake with Harry hill

Trash TV. Changed channel and will continue to do so til this finishes.

What a load of rubbish, it's time ITV has a serious think about their output

Bring back news at 10 stick this on after if you must

What a heap of Crap - and I didn't even watch it !!! David W at 10pm ? No thank you. As usual most of what ITV does is complete Rubbish. Stitch with the Beeb I say ...

Nina & a monkey. WTF. Top drawer. Surely this stuff can get Saturday prime time. Or the Sunday half asleep 7 slot. Pish pish pish

Unbelievable these comments for s thirty minute show i thought it was brilliant.

Cant stand David Walliams too silly

Hope it's pulled before week's up........utter rubbish. Looks like trashy US garbage.

Where the Hell is News at 10 seriously what your showing now should be one at teatime on Saturday 😀

Should not have expected it to be good.I was never going to watch it anywayπŸ˜΄πŸ›Œ

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