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ITV | A Regional News & Entertainment Channel from London

ITV is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s a regional news and entertainment channel that broadcasts news, sports, lifestyle shows, and general entertainment programming. ITV’s online offerings are typically only available to people in the UK or Ireland. You can watch the channel online via the ITV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our ITV UK review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: ITV
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Regional News, Entertainment
Website: Independent Television (ITV) Homepage

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Review of ITV

Review of ITV


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Independent Television (ITV) is owned by ITV plc. It is a member of the ITV network.

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Latest on Facebook

16 hours ago


The most important thing to remember on stage? Never lose your head. 😜

Tonight at the London Palladium. 8pm, ITV.
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Comment on Facebook

One good ditched the greasy idiot peter Andre !!!...

PUT THE ENGLISH SUBTITLE ON ITV HUB!!!!!!!!!!! For Deaf people for God sake!

Please couple this heartless monster Nick Howard on Hannah trigwell becous nobody Care wat really happen here !!!!

Love this programme

My heart belongs to Louis gevaert β™₯

Lucy Pack


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22 hours ago


True love can truly hurt. β€πŸ€•

Benidorm. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Comment on Facebook

Great Series!!πŸ˜‰

Awww I loved this series

The only thing that hurts is the insult to people's intelligence. This is an end of the pier from the 70s show that is just NOT. funny in the slightest

I think this is one of best so far I didn't watch much of the early series with the other family but I like the family. The grandad makes me laugh dressed as a child's duvet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hope last episode is funny,as not many laughs in this series!

"I need something rock solid at my age".....Hehehe

omg wow xxx

I love Benidorm lol

Got to watch this tonight could do with a good laugh

Haha Shanks Whitehouse can't wait for it

Adam Pants Wilson xx

Catherine Robinson

Samuel Woolcock

Laura Jayne

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2 days ago


On his first ever trip to India, Paul O'Grady gets up close and personal with the country's incredible wild animals... 🐡🌴🐘

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Animals - India. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Comment on Facebook

Thank you SO much for bringing the plight of the Asian elephant (and other wildlife) to the UK public Paul. Love from a vet nurse, elephant advocate and volunteer elephant vet nurse ❀🐘

A joy to watch even though it was sad at times...

What an amazing experience love Paul o Grady xxx

Looking forward to this.

He's another wonderful person bless him

good video

Yes I'm sure he would love it! I'll record this for him, did you mean the program or the actual trip to see the elephants in India?.xxxxxxx

Love Paul and I adore animals !!! But I can't watch anything that shows any kind of animal cruelty ,even though I know people are trying to stop it.

Vicky Delavari.... Would Amir Delavari like this?!!! I heard Paul o'grady talking about the elephants on the radio the other day xxx

And they say we're nuts in the UK. The treatment of poor elephants is brutal, cruel and vile - where is their humanity??!!!

Paul , you're emotions when you were with that poor elephant mirror so many of us. God bless you for showing us, and ,declaring your determination to help these noble creatures. We need more 'celebrity' people to help fight for those that can't fight for themselves. The animals NEED you and we LOVE you for it x

Loved it .you are such a loving and caring person .love you Paul o'grady x

As always wonderful program, by a wonderful caring man. Well done Paul O'Grady

That was a most fantastic watchable programme, loved every second 😘😘

What a lovely programme from Paul O'Grady and how he truly loves the animals love it thank you πŸ˜€πŸ‘

He is such an animal lover. It was a brilliant programme and looking forward to next week.

Love paul. He's just such a humane person. Has deep love for all animals. Compassionate and genuine soul. X

So sad to know how these animals have been treated, it was a great program Paul, my heart goes out to you and them xxxxx

heart warming programme to watch good on ya Paul O'Grady

I really enjoyed this even with the sad bits Paul OGrady is a sincere animal lover ❀

I love u Paul & I love your shows am so jealous of u when u got close to the elephants 1 day I will meet 1 as well as a dolphin xx

He is such a lovely man when he cried over that poor elephant I cried as well

What a wonderful programme and I can't believe how cruel humanity can be

I do hope he doesn't have to face what goes on behind the scenes. I can see someone getting punched....

Its Pauls love of animals that makes this programme so good,

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3 days ago


β€œI’ll do my utmost to get whoever did this... I promise you that.”

Little Boy Blue. New drama based on a true story. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Comment on Facebook

Think ITV need to employ someone more apt, and literate....''UTMOST'' is not a word, and the programme is called ''little boy blue'' NOT little boy boy!!!

Stephen Graham is quite possibly the most underrated actor today. Anything he has appeared in, Boardwalk Empire, Taboo etc has benefited from his appearance. How long before he gets a part to earn him a BAFTA and an Oscar?

So glad to see another programme featuring Stephen Graham...... been a massive fan since This Is England. He seems to be everywhere at the moment and such diverse characters and accents too. πŸ–’

The amount of people saying ' oh good one to watch now broadchurch has finished ' shameful !!!! This is based on a true story of a young boy who lost his life , I feel so sad at how insensitive some people actually are 😞😞

The story needs to be told......The family went through so much but what is really bad is the so called families of those that did it actually hid all the evidence I just can't understand how any mother could hide evidence knowing that their child had murdered an innocent child I would have had to hand my child in I wouldn't be able to live with it on my conscience the parents were as bad as the murderers!

Will be watching this. Look really good. RIP Reece xx they should make all prisoners (especially the ones who did this ) watch this as well. Let everyone see exactly what they did and how much pain they have caused xx

As the mum and dad are on board I will watch it means the victims of these crimes are not forgotten. On a lighter note Stephen Graham is such a good actor nice to see him in a lead part.

I was in the Labour/Delivery suite waiting to give birth to my son when this happened. I remember watching and thinking how cruel the world is,and how surreal things were. I was about to be given the gift of my beautiful boy whilst somebody had lost their's. Rest peacefully Reece.x

Total respect for young Rhys 's parents and brother who wanted this true story to be told in honour of their boy & younger brother ... a very brave and honourable thing to do in his memory... a mark of respect which am sure people will understand πŸ’™

I hope that all schools make the pupils watch this and they get the message it's intending to send out, it's a must watch I think RIP Reece 😞

I was sat in my car a few metres away when the ambulance with Rhys came into Alder Hey hospital - i knew something horrific had happened - the amount of blue lights there - i was home within 5 minutes and my husband had Sky news on - it was awful - my 2 year old daughter was fast asleep upstairs and i stood watching her sleep for ages, praying for the little unnamed boy who lived just minutes away from me. His Mum worked in a shop by mine and when i saw her face on the telly a few days later, it was unbelievable. Rhys would have grown up to be a good guy, no doubt about it.

If this isn't painful enough what Jones family went through..go a make a drama !!! Why the people who done wrong making them on TV. .they'll love this..think this is very insensitive :( RIP Reese xx

Sadly this is a true story about a 12 yr old boy returning from football practice being shot in the back and killed. I dont think the evil lowlife was ever brought to justice. I dont think I can watch it.

I done so much work behind the scenes and it really is heartbreaking. Beautiful Rhys and his family deserve his story to be told x

Thank you to the family of Rhys for sharing their very harrowing story. It was painful and upsetting to watch, so can only begin to understand how difficult this must have been for you all as a family. I think the acting has portrayed the story well and hopefully shame those responsible for this horrific act. I hope you all get some comfort from sharing this story and well done ITV. Sleep tight Rhys πŸ’™πŸŒˆ

F.....g sick of hearing about broad church ....oh well we haven't got broad church so this will fill the gap, like it's an entertainment programme, it's real life for this family and harrowing to watch but some people are just concerned they have something to watch like its an exciting thriller or something, gods sake, how do u think the parents would feel hearing u saying that

From Manchester but working across the road from this when it happened, was so sad and tragic, such a waste of a young life!! Guns,gangs and knives, nothing's changed much since!! Sorry times we live inπŸ™

When this happened it shocked me and my heart went out to Rhys family I wrote to the prime minister at the time Gordon Brown about gun crime but sadly nothing has changed God bless Rhys this will be hard to watch

Omg!!!!! Sooooo 😭!!! In tears throughout. Love to the family! My heart goes out to them.... very devastated by it. It's an unthinkable thing to deal with having two children myself! Everybody in this Tv program deserve an Oscar.

Can't believe it's been 10 years since Reece's murder. Was in absolute bits watching this drama. As a mother I cannot begin to understand what this family went through. R.I.P to a little boy who was totally innocent.

There is no need to start an argument over whether a word is a word or not , and I have only seen the title as little boy blue , you need to see the programme for it is and not be so petty over whether utmost is a word or not , it is showing the devastation caused by idiots who carry guns and do not know how deadly they really are , so wind your neck in and spare a thought for that little boys family, and utmost is in the dictionary so therefore it is a word

ii remember when this happened so sad.It will be hard to watch but i will be watching,tissues at the ready.An innocent young boy losing his life because of the gang culture.ruining families lives.

Never ever have I cried so much at a tv drama! My heart and soul goes out to Rhys's parents, brother , family and all who knew him...such a powerful drama..brilliant by all involved..God Bless little Rhys...may you forever RiP ❀️xx

We watched it tonight, my heart goes out to the young boys family. A young lads life snuffed out like a candle by idiots. And the horrible so called parents who hid the truth and put the lads parents through hell.

Stephen Graham in an amazing actor....few of us met him years ago in Manchester n ended up with him all night cause he was learning the accent & dialect for a manchester based drama 😊😊

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3 days ago


"Accept nothing.
Believe nobody.
Challenge everything."

Little Boy Blue. New drama based on a true story. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Comment on Facebook

People saying it looks like a good drama or might be like broadchurch wtf this is real life about a boy who lost his life through stupid so called plastic gangster's a life was lost rip Rhys x

Can we try and separate this tragedy from the convenient category of tv "entertainment" It is not something to be "enjoyed" with a cuppa and a bag of popcorn. Please consider the REAL life that was snuffed out and the knock-on effect of all the misery endured by the grieving loved ones.

Stephen Graham is a local lad ( for me) and his versatility is amazing! I like his bad boy characters, but looks like he will be playing a policeman in this one. Will definitely watch it.

I hope all the people that watch this look at this at wake up and realise the consequences of there actions that we are scared of letting our children play out on the street because of the violence of these people innocent people getting killed RIP Rhys πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

You can still enjoy watching something that is horrifying and true. It's a nod to how well it's researched and how well it's produced, directed and acted out. It needs to be hard hitting and true to life as possible but sensitive so that it portrays exactly what that poor child and his family went through. And I have read that the family are extremely proud and 100% happy with this dramatisation.

Respect to this little boys family .... He was just a baby x

God I remember this, I lived a street away from his family, bless him the little lad, so so son was a similar age and I wouldn't let him play out after that...there was a huge problem with gangs and gang members trying to prove themselves to their gangs by doing disgusting, terrible stuff like this. God bless little Rhys and his family. Xxx

Stephen Graham...he's been in so many movies and shows. I loved him playing Al Capone twice! Wonderful actor.

I will definitely watching this programme. I could not believe that adults were hiding the facts that they knew who was responsible for this poor boy's death but kept quiet.

Was at Anfield the night his mother pleaded for witnesses to come forward it was so moving and the reception she got was fantastic,R.I.P little man Y.N.W.A.

It brings to us all true depictation of what happened to a child walking home from football practice and the devastating impact of someone else actions on him losing his life it's 10yrs Since awareness will be brought to many viewing this thankfully never forget Rhys πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Havnt watched this yet but I've been reading all the comments so sad people are arguing about the programme and some people just trying to score points please remember a little boy died needlessly think of what his family have gone through since this happened and what there still going through a little respect for Rhys family please

I will be watching this in the knowledge it is real life and this beautiful little boy was taken from his real family . I have the upmost respect for his family who in my opinion as a mum are so dignified and brave facing each morning ,opening their eyes to know Rhys is not where he should be . How do you take a breath and carry on with the loss of your child . I know watching this i will cry. These are just the veiws of a mum .

Stephen graham is a very underated actor, he is awesome in everything he does. I don't normally watch ITV so called dramas but I will be watching this defo.

People need to remember that when true life events are made in to a drama that there designed to put a message out there which is normally for people to think about there actions and the consequence's it has on innocent family's who have to suffer after tragic events such as what happened to young rhys R I P X

I bawled my eyes out. I've experienced standing there while Drs trying to Save your child then calling it. Based on reality but brilliant acting.

I have an eleven year old boy who is also football crazy. Just watched in horror as the drama unfolded - didn't even notice the tears falling down my cheeks. My son said ' mum, are you crying? Don't worry, I won't get shot' How would you begin to come to terms with such a tragedy?

I'm trying to watch this on the itv player but there seems to be a problem, screen is crackly and green, no issues with other programmes on itv player Anything you can do ITV????

Worked with Stephen Graham on a programme ages ago, called "Top Buzzer", brilliant actor. If I was a copper in those circumstances, every time they said "No comment", I'd smack their heads into the table... Good job I'm not a copper.

I will be watching, I remember so vividly when this happened and worked with people who knew the family. It was horrendous, so I hope they do them and Rhys justice. I will be thinking of them God bless. X

Scenes of the pub car park were shot at The canal Duke Astley. I was walking to the co op for a loaf while they were filming! X

Samantha Fleming Shannon Fleming about that little boy Rhys who killed in the cross fire of some plastic gangster beef. Should be interesting.

Paula-Jane Robinson Cerys Robinson Bethan-Ceri Robinson This is on tonight & it's based on a true story.Need to get some tissues ready,I'll probably end up crying😭X

I remember when this happened I was so so shocked my youngest child is now what was Rhys age poor family massive respect to them all & all involved in the case & making of this programme I will be watching & sobbing RIP RHYS JONES little evertonian πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜’

Jodie Leigh Robinson this is what i was on about tonight stephen graham is a great actor I think it will be hard to watch tho as its a very sad true story xx

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