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History | A Knowledge & Learning Channel

History is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a knowledge and entertainment channel that airs a mix of reality series and documentaries, especially about historical figures and events. You can watch the channel online via the History live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our History review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: History
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Knowledge & Documentary
Website: History Homepage

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Review of History

Review of History


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History’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that History live streams its programs as they air. History also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

History is owned by A+E Networks. It is a member of the A+E network.

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15 hours ago


We are saddened by the tragic loss of Bill Paxton, a beloved member of the HISTORY family. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. ... See MoreSee Less

We are saddened by the tragic loss of Bill Paxton, a beloved member of the HISTORY family. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

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He was a great actor was in my favorite movie tombstone and a lot more always made a movie better like the Hatfields and McCoy's he will be missed.

Rest in peace so sudden just last week we were watching bill Paxton on TV. I'll never forget one of my favorites, twister With Helen Hunt. "HE KNOWS WHAT THE STORM IS THINKING" RIP BILL

If you ever had the opportunity to have met or worked with Bill Paxton it was a moment or experience you would always remember. He was that kind of guy. He will be so very missed in life and the film industry.

RIP Bill, a man lost to soon with a great career and gifted talent still growing to GRANDNESS! Prayers to his family and fans. I know my heart broke upon the news that you passed, you are a legend! 😭🙏

He played my 3x great grandfather Randall McCoy. Loved him in so many roles...Terminator, Wierd Science, Aliens, Predator, Apollo 13, Tombstone, Mighty Joe Young remake, Twister, True Lies, just to name a few. He also had a brush with history as a young boy, photographed at JFKs speech in Ft Worth the morning of his assassination prior to flying over to Dallas.

He was an amazing actor!!! I can't think of one movie or series he was in that I didn't like!! I can only imagine what a wonderful father and family member he must've been!!! He was certainly lost way to early and very unexpectedly!!! My thoughts, prayers, and love go out to his family!!! He will be greatly missed by an enormous amount of people, what a wonderful talent he was!!! Can't say enough good things about him! ;)

Will always remember is line in the Titanic when referring to finding the diamond holder..."'re my new best friend." Classic!

The new Training Day TV series that was just launched is, in my opinion, the best character he has played to date, So sad that it ends now.

Rest in peace Bill. You're talents will truly be missed by all your fans. I constantly rewatch a lot of your films but the two most often: Twister and Hatfields & McCoys.

Loved me every single one of his films and TV. I was so looking forward to watch his new show . I will miss Morgan Earp from my favorite movie of all time and Hudson from my second favorite movie .. I had just bought his action figure. 😢

"Remember what I said about seeing a light when you die, that's not true because I can't see a thing" Tombstone, a great actor rest in peace!

Weird science , "you're stewed butt wad, time to pay the fiddler" , " how about a nice greasy pork sandwich , served in a dirty ashtray?"

Thoughts hold no value outside of ourselves whereas prayers can offer everything available from God, including peace and comfort. Huge difference... :)

He made so many good movies a little better. Hard to pick a favorite, but he was hilarious in True Lies as Simon, the used car salesman, pretending to be a secret agent.

Had to immediately watch TOMBSTONE. &. TWISTER........he's a year younger than myself......glad he lived a good life , seemed he lead a very full one to the end. Breaks my heart , nearly the same as AL. JARREAU, he announced retirement and 2 days later we lost him Bless You Both & REST IN PEACE💔

"Do not let our paths be diverted, trust in the Lord and do good and He will give thee the desires of thine heart". RIP "Ol' Ran'll". Truly one of my all time favorite actors. He will be missed.

Any further information on the cause ? Death related to a surgery he had, OK but what kind of surgery and for what ? Accident ? Mistake ? Act of God ? ..... The lack of information is curious. ......

Rest in peace Bill, you brought so much Beauty to our lives in your career, you will be missed ,but your in a way better place now😊

He was an awsome actor... always made movies he was an even greater person as himself... i will def miss seeing this man... Rip mr paxton...

RIP Bill paxton my condolences to your family. My favorite role as a kid that he played was in Tombstone. My most recen t as an adult Hatfield's & McCoy's.

My heart was so sadden to hear this ,I like bill Paxton he was the type of actor you could say he could play just about any character, I will miss seeing him in movies but I will always remember him in weird science, R.I.P

it's hard to wrap your head around it when someone who's been around a good portion of your life...granted, in the movies...but circling around in the background of a persons really hits home. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

My favorite movie of his was A Simple Plan,which I watched a few weeks back.He was in a lot of good ones,he will be missed!

I have been enjoying his recent series, Training Day. Such a sudden and sad loss to his family and everyone who has watched him in movies and on TV. He will be missed.

He and Costner were great in Hatfields and McCoys mini series

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