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FX | Premium TV & Movies

FX is a TV broadcaster based in Los Angeles, CA. It’s a premium entertainment channel that airs original comedies and dramas which are often highly regarded along with reruns of popular movies and sitcoms. You can watch the channel online via the FX live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our FX review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: FX
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Premium TV & Movies
Website: FX Homepage

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Review of FX

Review of FX


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

FX’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that FX live streams its programs as they air. FX also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

FX is owned by Fox Entertainment Group.

See how FX stacks up against other premium entertainment channels in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at FX

To see the opportunities available at FX, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.



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1 day ago

FX Networks

Noah Hawley knows you can't be fearless without taking risks. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed the inspiration behind his FX shows Fargo and Legion.Noah talks about the many shows he has written, taking risks in the writing process and the possibility of UFO's in Fargo's 3rd season. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mason Swierenga

1 day ago

FX Networks

The picture is locked. But the rivalry is just getting started. PREVIEW Sunday's all new episode of FEUD: Bette and Joan. ... See MoreSee Less

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Will they fight about who will get an emmy nod.Love the show.

TMC just aired the original "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Talk about a thriller!

Anxiously waiting this weeks episode😊

LOVE this show.

SAVE CATS! S AVE PARMADALE! SAVE THE WORLD RETURN PARMADALE TO ITS FORMER GLORY. “Nicole Curtis Rehab Addict Season 9 Preview Live From Parmadale Tuesday March 28th noon Eastern Standard Time.” Folllowing the scheduled morning marathon on DIY with crawlers on the screen. If that doesn’t happen then there really is no value in being a Rehab Fanaddict, for a community of 16 cottages and other buildings that provided life saving care for tens of thousands of orphans, drug addicts, etc will. be torn down and replaced with more deer killing range space and places to bury dead bodies, instead of a place where an army of cats and dogs provide pet therapy to a thousand sufferers of all sorts of problems dramatized on a series of TV shows called Parmadale’s Resurrection: AIDS, PR: Homelesness etc. That would inevitably lead to what I call social cause TV where 100% of advertising profits go towards the show’s dramatized causes. Her recent seasons’ selections have shown to say the least superficiality over actual community improvement. Two mansions, her grandparents’ home and of course the Hillsdale disaster. She needs to get back to her core values. It’s totally obscene that Catholic Charities has had relatively livable facilities that could have housed and saved maybe 10,000 homeless people and cats from probably dying since the closings 10 to 28 years ago sit empty. But, now it would be harder to determine who would be more pathetic. Catholic Charities, West Creek Conservancy and The Cleveland Metroparks from spending $3.1 million to destroy the buildings and destroy a future of leading to something that would save hundreds of millions of cat,dog and human lives. Or Nicole Curtis who is the first and maybe only TV show dedicated to saving old buildings and doing good things for the world having her next season being about saving some old house overt the course of a year everyone wants demolished instead of saving Parmadale. People can google images of Parmadale and see how beautiful it is and then ask how could Curtis want some run down 2nd Avenue North saved. Yet, do nothing to save Parmadale. No amount of scorn would be too little if her apathy results in this majestic center of the world for goodness for 80 years is torn down. Anything else airing on DIY and HGTV and any other networks Tuesday at noon that want to join a simulcast starting off with CC,WCC and CM tearing up their purchase agreement and formerly transferring the deed and an Ohio document called a DTE1000 over to Nicole Curtis or Detroit Renovations would be the most obscene broadcast ever. Of course with a deed restriction that CC is to use their resources to handle the daily social programs that would be needed. The deed would be signed and notarized right by the statue of Father Leon who in 1921 (?) first thought that orphans should live in home like housing not big institutions. The rest of the broadcast could be walk throughs with some alumni describing all the tens of thousands of orphans whose lives were saved that will now be used for pet therapy to save their lives. Not killing deer or hiding dead bodies. Curtis portrays herself to be the almighty goddess of the everything good in the world. Yet, this Parmadale’s Resurrection is like the “Curtis Beliefs’ Super Bowl/Olympics/Presidential Election/World Series and Olympics all in one. If she is anyplace else but Parmadale Tuesday or whenever TV scheduling would have to be arranged, like online bashing seemingly everyone from Blong Yong, Lisa Bender, Betsy Hodges, her sons’ two fathers and her mother’s protection orders and for that matter pretty much the entire population, then the scorn she wraths on everyone else should be inflicted on her. And there is no way she can possibly ever go back to the facebook title Historic Preservationist when she disregarded not just the histories of tens of thousands of saved orphan’s lives, the lost opportunity to save tens of thousands of homeless cats and people’s lives and the inevitable future of saving hundreds of millions of cat, dog and human lives by signing the first document ever to incarnate social cause TV on live TV high noon. I facebooked IM to her brother, son and two of her sons’ fathers. Her adult age son and costar represented their show as not at all interested and followed up with threats and expletives towards me. He responded that she would have no interest in doing something that could save hundreds of millions of human,cat and dog lives. She herself has never responded to 4 years of lobbying to help with other Parma related projects. WE’LL FIND TOMORROW……

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2 days ago

FX Networks

A lil' robbin'. A big ol' tragedy. Watch the TRAILER for Fargo's all new story, premiering April 19 only on FX. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for playing simpsons every night it's became a ritual at the house

Alejandro Nieto Morales nueva temporada de Fargo locoooooo

What happened to the original cast who weren't killed????

Steve Mc Queen!!!!! Das wird ein harter Frühling xD

Bring back "unsupervised"

i am so excited to see carrie coon!!

Jack Minster

Neil Eddington

Lefkios Van Rooy !!!!


Kipling Holland

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3 days ago

FX Networks

Drop into the Dreamland. Archer's all new season premieres in 2 weeks. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cynthia E. Pawlicki yay i cant wait