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Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 1 is a TV broadcaster based in Los Angeles, CA. It’s a sports channel dedicated to all sports, professional & college. It broadcasts news, highlights and live matches from around the sporting world. You can watch the channel online via the Fox Sports 1 live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Fox Sports 1 review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Fox Sports 1
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Genre: Sports > All Sports, Professional & College
Website: Fox Sports 1 Homepage

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Review of Fox Sports 1

Review of Fox Sports 1


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Fox Sports 1’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Fox Sports 1 live streams its programs as they air. Fox Sports 1 also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Fox Sports 1 is owned by 21st Century Fox. It is a member of the Fox Sports 1 network.

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3 hours ago


Dwyane Wade was in attendance to witness Trilogy end the regular season 8-0.

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esse oakley é locão da cabeça kk Leonardo King

Please who know where can i watch live game on facebook ?

6 hours ago


Rob Ryan explains why all NFL players should stand for the National Anthem.

via The Herd
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right, the problem is players silently protesting. not the POS racist president we currently have, who is defending white nationalist.

Any player sits, they should sit permanently. As an NFL fan, I won't pay to watch non-patriotic over-paid athletes. They are nothing more than actors whose "act" is a sport. Like boycotting a movie or play, people should boycott football for these bad actors.


why dont ppl get that protests are suppose to be uncomfortable to some extent?? It should be something that affects everyone thats the point.

Donald Trump be like: well, the Nazis had a permit so it's not the Nazis fault....maybe the other side should have gotten permits like the Nazis....

I ask this question every time I see a post about this... Do you stand during the anthem while at home watching? Or is it just for public show/viewing?

When has this country stood for EVERYBODY? You're missing the point behind the protest. It has NEVER been this much rhetoric when all the wrongs were being done to minorities. If you can't/ won't stand for what's wrong why does anybody else have to stand for something that's not representative of ALL

Again, someone complaining about the 'method' of peaceful protest, and not the reason BEHIND the protest in the first place. What does that tell you?

So normalizing white supremacist is ok? Murdering black people by some police officers is alright? Gtfoh

Uttering the words "Let's stand behind our president" on Aug. 16th 2017 absolves Rob Ryan from being a sensible human being... therefore the rest of his statement should fall on deaf ears.

America needs a harsh wake up call. Their number one religion is in devotion to their flag/anthem/nation. Yes, be patriotic, but be awake to the fact that your country is entirely fragmented and need change.

Black people served and sacrificed for this country against foreign tyranny just to come home an face domestic tyranny. I personal will always stand for the flag in honor of my father that served in the Army during Vietnam. I do however understand why people use their platform to silently protest by kneeling or sitting during the National Athem.

I understand both views have the right to their opinion and the right to protest but at this point I am on his side. But when I see the kneeling I can just change the channel till after the anthem so don't have to see it

The way I see it , it's everyone's right to stand , sit , or kneel for the national anthem. That's what's so great about our country , we have the RIGHT no matter the color of our skin or where we're from or what we believe in.... But that's exactly why we should stand for the National Anthem and celebrate our country , because even though we're not where we need to be in terms of equality , we have come a long way. The flag isn't a road block to achieving total equality. Its a sign , that in this country it is possible to reach our dreams. The road blocks are in the hearts and minds of certain people whether on the street or in government that are holding people back from achieving true equality. I understand that this isn't going to change alot of your minds but it's how I feel personally about the situation.

We are proud of our country we all have family who served and are still serving we take a knee because seeing the police killing innocent people goes against everything American. When the police becomes judge jury and executioner and the government does nothing then yes we take a knee. This country leadership is in question because instead of uniting everyone their dividing us. I believe the government is behind this because when the nukes drop their going to come after us to finish us off.

If people did it, just to do it! Coach Ryan would make sense but since we now know the U.S government paid the NFL (& other sports leagues) to have players do it, to get fans to do it, to push more "patriotism", it loose its meaning .... F.Y.I blindly following doesn't make you a Patriot

That's great but the only problem is that white supremacist groups carry the American flag with them too and to them the American Flag represents something else. So yeah, protesting the anthem makes sense to some groups of people. If you're white and from Texas I don't expect you to understand that mr. Ryan

Okay I was just listening to him can we do it in another form you know what's real crazy we're still talking about this s*** so why nobody's not talking about the real issue though black lives matter that's why I Kyle Kaepernick kneel down right nobody still not talking about that why

Exactly. Start every press conference speaking about the issues in protest. People will still complain of course, but the conversation will be about the issues, rather than wether or not you are sitting for the anthem. Not the place. Whether it's his right or not, it remains disrespectful

Here's an idea don't start the anthem until everyone in the stadium is standing. Put on a clock if your sideline still has someone sitting after 15 minutes then your team forfeits. It's a win win you get to protest for 14 minutes but you still get to stand for the anthem. Problem solved, You're welcome

Obviously you don't understand the black lives matter or whatever as you say! If the national anthem is so important to you. Why is the NFL paid to play it before games? Just answer that question!

The national Anthem should be banned from Sports entertainment period!!! Let's take hockey for starters. The only gotdamn sport where ur pumped up off the National Anthem and in 20 mins your slugging it out with your opponent. The only sport where u can leave your opponet bloody and recieve no type of fine whatsoever...I mean let's keep it all the way real now white Amerikkka the gloves are off...is it that that Anthem is so important to sing before the begining of a game a reminder to the blacks who dominate the sport??? I well aware of your foolery!

Somebody tell Colonel Sanders to worry about his 11 erbs and spices and not what protesters are doing. Didn't you get fired last season? Stfu

If you think players sitting down during the anthem is offending veterans how about people waving the Nazi flag. A lot of people died fighting people that think that way.

Never understood why the national anthems are connected to sporting events. Why don't we stand for the national anthem before a movie or concert? In the end people don't fight wars for anthems or flags, they fight them to protect people.

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21 hours ago


"Roger Goodell again looks foolish…He's handed down a 6-game suspension to Ezekiel Elliott without even interviewing him or the accuser." — Skip Bayless

via Undisputed On FS1
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How is this show still on air?

holy crap....if skip ever leaves undisputed, ill watch it again. such a waste of air time. get this guy off the air.

The suspension was fair and skip would have been all for it had it been any other teams star rb

Patrick Popiolek I mean from what I read Goodell stayed out of the investigation so he could stay impartial. The investigative group made a decision, and he handed out the suspension in accordance with the rule book. Skip just really needs to go. Also think it's hilarious he took another opportunity to bring Brady into it. If Brady played for the cowboys I think you'd be able to see his hard on from space....

Goodell didnt investigate to stay impartial morons. The last time with Brady everyone was pissed saying he was attacking Brady and blah blah blah now he stays out of the investigation to be impartial and allow others to complete the investigation and he should resign because he didnt investigate? I swear ppl dont know there a$$es from a whole in the ground now a days. The guy wont be able to do his job if he listens to all this crap...go here no no no go here wait thats not right go here.

Not really... we are all sick of it. NFL going down drain. People are to blind to see it. If people did not like drinking, eating wings, wearing hoodies and getting fat, it would be hurting! I am huge fan of Football and 40 yr Cowboy fan but tired of it all...

See, now, THIS is what we need more of on Undisputed! SPORTS TALK! I wish that loudmouth racist Sharpe would figure that out! And, being that Goodell didn't even do any investigation, not only should Zeke's suspension be overturned, Goodell should be removed IMMEDIATELY! The guy already pissed off Kraft with the Deflategate mess, now, he's pissed off Jerry! This keeps up, Goodell will be lucky if the Jaguars' owner still likes him!

I think this is the case that causes Goodel to resign. This has been botched from the start. I think not only does Elliott get this waived but a major lawsuit against the NFL is coming.

Chill your panties Bayless! Everyone knows it will be reduced. I'm hate th Cowboys and know it will. Its for show. Jones will make sure it gets reduced. $$$! Bling Bling $$$ checks in the mail

You just can't assault people. You can't, can't, can't, can't, can't. Don't tempt fate! sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/08/14/everything-need-know-nfls-investigatio...

What do you think of this Dustin Hamilton

Ok he's running a business, they prolly didn't want to be interviewed

I don't know what sucks more. Skip Bayless or Liberty mutual commercial

It was more probable than not..

Jerry jones funds this show. only reason why its still on.....

Elliott refused to cooperate with the investigation...

Dan Treleaven things starting to look up!

Finally, at long last, the NFL is standing tall against abusing women.

Skip Bayless just talks to hear himself talk.

For once Skip Bayless is 100% right

He's black he must have done something....SMDH

Skip obviously believes everything he reads 🙄

Dippy Skippy, stifle!!!

Skip is king of stupid.

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21 hours ago


If you support Colin Kaepernick, you'll love the NFL's newest channel... Anthem Zone!

via Speak For Yourself
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can't stand this fat loser he has no right speaking on sports being obese and his a piece of shxt with no morals

I love all the black people insulting him because he doesn't agree with their narrative, yall can't preach equality, then bash people with a different viewpoint than yours

He has got to be the "biggest" sellout...smh don't know who's worse him or Barkley. Give a black man some money and he think he on the other team. He would've been the African helping to capture slaves. Little does he know he still a N too..

Jason Whitlock is just trying to be hated for ratings and shock factor. The more negative stuff he says, the more comments he gets, the higher ratings for FS1, the more Jason gets paid. If you ignore him long enough, he'll fade away like Lebron's hairline.

Sorry I don't. Kapernick is a POS.

It's time to shut his show down! Put the word out straight boycott Jason Whitlock you clown people are dying out here, people are hurting this is not a joke too keep your job

Jason Whitlock is the definition of a house nigga. House niggas would tell Massa about any plans the field slaves had of escaping or revolting because they thought they would get treated better because of their "loyalty". I have never seen one video of Jason Whitlock supporting the black community ever. He constantly argues the other side and as seen by this video he consistently pokes fun of the super conscious black athlete.

Take that Cowboys Jersey off clown!! We don't rock with you!! Disgrace!

I can't stand that 2-liter Pepsi Cola, drinking, fat gelatinous no pride having, swollen Stay-Puff looking, extra cheese triple whopper ordering, disloyal Clayton Bigsby, house $&@@&!!!

It bothers how one year after they hail Muhammad Ali a hero, they now try and condemn other athletes for doing the same as he!🤔 I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER it's just that simple right in the first book of the Bible God himself condone Collin Kaepernick and all the rest who give a voice to us who have no other!✊🏾

Kaepernick was being benched before he started kneeling for the anthem. It was just a stunt to draw attention for himself. His glory days are over. 3rd string at best

Probably not a good idea to question Kaepernick and his supporters (normal people) right after a deathly Nazi activist tragedy....... Jason Whitlock you're one hell of a troll my guy.

I won't lie, I did get a light laugh out of this video but watching it you can clearly see that they're quite literally making fun of a whole movement against racism. That's also the point that so many people miss about these protests, you've got people who understand what it's for and you have people that for some reason want to be difficult and make stories up claiming he was going broke or wanted media attention. Lets get it straight, Colin Kaepernick was 3-4 years into a 100 million dollar contract if you think he's worried about money then you're delusional. He's already given away all of his jersey proceeds from 2016 and over a million more out of his own pocket to charities everywhere. Secondly I'd say you're correct about him wanting media attention...you're just probably correct for the wrong reason, he wanted media attention get the PUBLIC involved to help him fight RACISM, he doesn't wanna take your jobs, he doesn't wanna take your guns, he doesn't hate our flag and he doesn't hate our military. He hates racism.. as every human should.

No one in the universe cares more about Colin Kaepernicks kneeling than Jason Whitlock. He built an entire career around it. He can't go one day without mentioning Colin Kaepernick. It's only right that he would come up with this idea.

America has a long history of divide. The Government has been dividing people by race for hundreds and hundreds of years. People play right into the systems hands. The system tells one group of people that another group of people are coming in to take their jobs or something away from them. Then they tell you that you have to fight against this change. And while your fighting and killing each-other. The 1% and the government sits back and laughs at us. Don't believe what you see on the news. The system loves people like trump. He's just a puppet of hate. They keep him around just long enough to make people angry at each-other. The government always needs an enemy. Whether it's Trump, black folks, Mexican, Muslims or white folks, etc. The system plays us against each other. Stop feeding into this nonsense. A lot of people that work for the system are getting played also. They want you to think that all white cops are beating and killing black folks. They want trump to keep saying that he's going to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America. They want you to believe that all Muslims are terrorist. Either we stand together or we will fall together. Keep your eyes open.

Who watches his show?????

Some people use the word "racist", but are clueless on what that word actually means. For those that don't know, go do a bit of research. This idiot isn't black. He isn't white. He's both. Are you gonna hate half of him?

Funny FS1 making fun of somebody for doing exactly what they do. You'd think after ESSpN lost all their viewers for being too political FS1 would have gone with a sports channel about actual sports but I guess that made too much sense for the Colin Kaperneak network.

the kaepernick thing aside. idk why this guy still has a job. he sucks at his job. ya'll should go watch some episodes just to see for yourselves.

Said Ait H c'est lui que je parle

Seems they turn on eachother real quick. He has a right to have his opinion. If you cant respect his why should anyone respect your

This was suppose to be funny??? Skits Like this aren't funny and if anything they are making things worse. once again way to go Fox. Whitlock will be the end of you trust me.

FATLOCK probably jerks off to a nazis flag, confederate flag, a pic of David duke , George Wallace, while eating a bag of doritos of his chest.

Eric Eric S Sortor, bruh, you know me...I love to give everyone a better look. But this guy here; is there a donkey of the year!?

The only reason this negro is on TV because he spit's this venom out. It's sad to watch someone sell their soul for money and attention.

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22 hours ago


"Hue Jackson…being a coach in the NFL doesn't insulate you from what's going on in the world." — Shannon Sharpe responds to Jackson's protest comments

via Undisputed On FS1
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He is focused on his job. That's a crime now? This is getting stupid. Stick to talking about sports no one cares about your political views or personal opinions on America.

If it's so bad go back to Africa. Seriously you know there are more people in slavery in Africa right now than at the point when slave where here. You want to mad at someone be mad at your ancestors because they are the ones who sold you as slaves. Oh and one last thing their where blacks who bought and had slaves then too. Stop ignoring the facts already and stop with this liberal nonsense on sports shows. We watch these shows to hear about sports and not your opinion on politics.

Shannon Sharpe has ruined this show with his daily racists rants.

Ok I'm done. Sick of seeing politics and sports. FS1 I use to love watching because you guys kicked ESPNs a**. But now I can't watch neither, and that's a shame.

Why all most of yall(white people) get so up tight when a black man talks about race, but if I white athlete talks about the military non sports related y'all say he such a patriot he's a great guy, lol . The hate is so real, ✊🏾

Please tell me Shannon Sharpe how you have been oppressed? Please tell me if members of your family tree were enslaved? Please tell me how bad cops would come to your neighborhood and beat you up because you were black. Wait, I'm not black and I can do that. My ancestors had all of the above when came to America. Do you see me standing here being prejudiced against the Italians? No, I can think for myself and make my own judgements. I don't agree with anyone not standing for the National Anthem but I do stand for our Constitution. If someone wants to do something like this, have at it but last time I checked, NFL players were employees of the teams and the coach is their boss. You made a living, a good one, by playing for the same organizations you are putting down. Definition of a hypocrite. Please stop talking about this and making yourself look bad. You had a great career, don't ruin it.

Players get paid to play not protest. Go play the game leave racial crap off the field. A coach has every right to tell his players this is not the place to protest. This is work.

How da fuk you tell me I can't protest peacefully hue Jackson I'm gone need my one on one with you can't even coach the gadamn 1 an 15

Shannon is living on the edge of a melt down. He is so borderline out of control he's scary. People turn on Undisputed On FS1 to watch sports analysis. A good many days they get nothing but Skip hating LeBron and Shannon on his race rant. I watched it awhile, I wrote FS1 and asked them to correct it...they didn't, so I haven't watched the show in months. I also believe there is unnecessary violent force being used on many blacks and it is dead wrong. I don't have a problem with anyone protesting in a quiet manner, I just wish the media would focus on the ones giving attention to honoring the flag and not the protesters....maybe they wouldn't feel the need so much.

Does Shannon Sharpe cover this subject every single day? It's getting really, really old. Focus on your job. Do social issues or protests on your own time, not on the football field.

And that's the Coaches right, Football is a privilege, not a right, Buddy Ryan of the Eagles used to cut any player who didn't stand inline for the pledge of Allegiance.

Best thing people can do that will affect the show watch the commercials and call the companies and let them know that you're no longer going to watch the show it's the only way to change hit them where the money is 🤷🏻‍♂️

This boys a fool!!! Starting to dislike Undisputed!!!

Know Hue Jackson a sell out for having his own opinion. You see how they do you? Not right. That man doesn't have to conform to any ideology based off the color of his skin. Do these guys hear themselves speak?

This is the problem with Sharpe and other LIBERAL MISINFORMED BLACKS, its all about them and there race!!! The truth is they don't give ONE FLYING ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE and wish we were there slaves, there I said it...TRUTH HURTS!!!

Let players protest on their own time. Not on the field. That is a pro players workplace. I think most employers would have a problem with workers staging protests during work time.

It's sadly the norm anymore. You can have an opinion and voice it as long as you're not disagreeing with the lefts point of view. If you do they bad mouth you, threaten you and shame you in public. Funny how they all preach freedom of speech and people's rights until it goes against their beliefs. #boycottitall

Sounds like he's trying to tell someone else how to live their life and do their job...isn't that what a slave owner does? 🤔🤔🤔

What you guys don't understand is Skip Bayless gave him the green light to talk about this. It's white man leading this charge.

ummm...here's a thought. Maybe Hue Jackson has a different viewpoint than you. Does that make him wrong? No! Not everyone sees the world thru the same lens!!

Shannon Sharpe has to be one of the most raciest people in this world. All he does is speak hate and he is instigating people to make a stand and pretest. I bet he would not have taken a knee when he played. He is the typical do as I say not as I do person. We need people on the radio/tv/internet preaching love and respect not hatred and division. I am not sure when FS1 is going to realize he is not good for the show. I am about done and ready to block FS1.

Omg !!how is he getting away with this day after day.. on the air... Like STOP running your mouth... and he is getting paid to do this... I just turn it off when he is on... and I'm a big fan of Tom Brady and Patriots ... and he doesn't seem to like that... never saids nothing nice or that Brady is the best... I wonder why...( jealousy ) lol

Hue Jackson has a job, to win football games. He knows that players protesting will have their minds on that instead of their jobs. So Shannon Sharpe, do you rather have a black coach to succeed in the NFL, or have his players protest, lose their focus, and causing him to fail?

You'd think that other sports networks would realize how fast ESPN is goin in the toilet because of this kind of stuff and try to stray away from it and actually talk about sports. I thought FS1 was looking promising but it's turning into more of the same left wing political crap.

I just think the point was lost because of the rant but Shannon Sharpe is upset at the fact that Hue Jackson told the players not to protest, also with Hue Jackson's background and how long he had to wait to be an NFL head coach Shannon figured he would be more understanding of the situation especially after Charlottesville

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