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Fox News from New York, New York

Fox News is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a national news station that broadcasts US and world news, politics, and election coverage. You can watch the channel online via the Fox News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Fox News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Fox News
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: National News
Website: Fox News Homepage

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Review of Fox News

Review of Fox News


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2 hours ago

Fox News

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said President Donald J. Trump would be ready for a Friday vote on #AHCA, which would replace #ObamaCare. ... See MoreSee Less

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said President Donald J. Trump would be ready for a Friday vote on #AHCA, which would replace #ObamaCare.

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These idiots have control of all three branches of government and still can't repeal and replace Obama Care. They only had eight years to come up with a good plan. PATHETIC

This whole thing is about throwing Ryan under the bus, because Trump doesn't want to take responsibility for the mess, so he needs a victim. Trump desperately tries to not have his name attached to this. #Trumpcare is a disaster. It's happening under his watch. Fail!

This whole thing seems rushed.. Most of us don't really know or understand what is really in it or if we can live with it... Will we be fined if we can't afford it? I wish they'd slow down and do this right.. Trump has so much on his plate at once, he's probably only doing a mediocre job on things when I know that's not the way he likes his business to be done...

What Trump supporters need to realize is that the Republic is greater than Donald Trump and will stand long after he has gone. The Constitution will prevail and those that transgress its liberties will be swept from the right side of history by it's strength and freedom for all people. Not just the fortunate few..

Freedom Caucus members and all Republicans. You are either with President Trump or Obama. We The People are with Trump and will not forget who isn't come next election.

why can't you repeal obamacare in full?, and mandate private insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and keeping kids on parents policies until they are like 19 and work with them to open the markets nationwide, driving down prices and copayments and deductables and let people get what they want and need.

You weren't voted in to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Ryan/Trump care. You were voted in to repeal Obamacare, period.

In true businessman fashion, a businessman goes for a deal. If it is not there, he moves on to another project. Nothing personal, it's just business. This is not politics for the President. It's the way he is.

Get ready folks..... it will become clear that the political and union elite have destroyed and bankrupt the Nation morally and financially. Forward. To the next revolution.

Those who listened to their voters at Republican Town Halls and saw the damage the current bill will do, will now face threats by members of their own party. We're hearing from everyone but Trump on any specifics about the bill. Today, "Coercion" is the name of the game. Trump has said, vote Yes or face consequences for reelection.

, 2018 is coming. fix it or else, Do I remember someone saying,"anything would be better then obama care" A starting place is better then what we had forced on us while we were sleeping,

7 whole years, they hate President Obamas healthcare plan and they don't have one original idea between all of them? Pathetic.

Let Obama care fail and repeat every day on every post the lies we were told,keep you Doctor,keep your health care plane , its going to be cheaper then throw it in the face of Pelosi and the rest of them every day ,give yourself a year come up a plan that is front loaded financially for the American Citizen and not the insurance companies and that should end the democratic Ponzi scheme 2018

Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂

Trumps fighting hard but he does not have the final word ,so its on Ryan and the dug in establishment ! but were watching and know what too do when the time comes

do you really know what obamacare is?-- its the largest tax increase in the world,- estimates figure it ADDS 1.75 TRILLION dollars to our debt,-- again,-- trump is 100% right in trying to abolish this wolf in sheep's clothing any bill that has to be passed at a midnight vote on christmas eve is worthy of complete repeal..

Take your time, why the rush. Get it right this time even if the public has to wait longer. Stop playing politics. Screw this up and Libs will have a platform to steam roll you out of office. Also, watch carefully how you screw seniors even more than has already been done. We are a large voting block and will remember.

It's a shame the behavior of the House republicans!!! Sometimes I'm tempted to think they are all against the President and his agenda. This obstruction should have come from the Dems.

I'm with our POTUS choice. Pass it or forget it. Fails? Ask ur rep why. Hell. Ur rep has a caddy health care. U don't. They should care?

I remember when ACA came out. Republicans wanted government out of healthcare. Now they have Obamacare lite. Republican party is washed up. Libertarian party is gaining. Not hard to imagine when you have people like Paul Ryan writing up crap like this. Government getting involved in healthcare is good now because it's Republican. Lmao.

It's pathetic the democrats weren't smart enough to fix their healthcare in 8 long years. They started planning before that I'm sure

No lets not vote, as bad as Obamacare is, we need to make sure the new law is what the people need and not what congress wants. This time we need to make sure no one is exempt, not congress, the Supreme Court, no one. We are all in this together period.

This plan is garbage. They all lied, including Trump. Sorry but he never fought for what he said. He just dumped it in Ryans lap. I like Trump, but this plan is bad

All of these ESTABLISHMENT REPRESENTATIVES live in their own perfect worlds, and it is ALLOR NOTHING. So therefore it is nothing for AMERICA as a society.

It seems the #1 problem right wingers have with any sort of healthcare reform is that they hate the idea that the poor get healthcare 'for free' - so why don't the Republicans just have a policy to cull the sickest, poorest 25% of the population? Think how great America would be if we could just dispose of those people. Let them die naturally - as god intended. I mean - these Liberal scum think everyone is 'entitled' to healthcare, and that goes against the 'natural order' of things.

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2 hours ago

Fox News

Fox News interviewed Henry Sanchez-Milian's attorney, Andrew Jezic, who says the sex at the center of the case was "consensual." ... See MoreSee Less

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My question is, since this attorney is one of the top 10 defense attorneys in MD, which filthy rich Democrat/Socialist is paying him?

This is sickening. A man, an attorney, a member of the bar, goes on the public airways and declares a 14 year old girl gave consent to 2 males, an 18 year old & 17 year old, while in the bathroom of a public school. This is beyond outrageous!

This is a case of an attorney who is willing to slander a 14yr old girl for a little bit of fame. There were witness' that stated they heard her screaming for help.

Since when is pedophilia considered consensual. And the very offensive offenders were able to get legal representation? How is that possible? Praying for the young girl and her family.

Beside the fact that she is a minor, I doubt she consented to any of it, especially broadcasting it online...send them to prison, I'd like to see a broadcast of what happens to them there.

Consensual? So this guy needed his illegal alien buddy to help hold her down for Consensual sex with a 14 y/o? These people shouldnt be facing deportation they should be facing the electric chair. The attorneys as well. They shouldnt be afforded the right to an attorney or a "fair trial" as they arent American citizens and arent entitled to those rights.

Okay hypothetical even if it was concetual it's still statutory rape because one is 18 the other 17 . But we all know these predators think it's okay to "RAPE" a 14 yr old because they thought they could do it . This is what you get when you have sanctuary cities that put ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS above the safety and law of it's CITIZENS . And when you have bleeding heart liberals who think illegals should be put before the law and enforce the mentality that it's okay to Break ​the laws so they think every law that they break they can get away with it. Better be lucky it wasn't my daughter or relative, they would be dead

Because every 14yo female child wants to be brutalized in a school bathroom, right? It's the kind of romantic dream of every young girl. Any feminist who attended the women's march but not protesting at this school for the safety of young girls should be ashamed. I am ashamed of them for sure.

A 14 year old girl wanted sex in the bathroom with two illegal Aliens. And then became hysterical because? The smuck on Tuckers show, the other attorney really thinks the public is that stupid?

This, right here, is the face of liberalism. They're of the mindset that no one is responsible for their actions and that criminal behavior is not illegal but human nature, thus, not governable by the laws of man. Liberalism is the biggest threat to America and the world in general, even more of a threat than militant Islam.

Typical defense lawyer- when all else fails , blame the VICTIM! Shame on him and shame on the state of Maryland for condoning this EVIL!

Now if two legal American citizens had raped a 14 year old illegal girl, it would have been a hate crime and the American citizens would have been guilty before they even had a day in court. That kids is what liberal agendas are doing to our country. They can keep the smoke and mirrors going to try and distract us all, but the reality is far left liberals are what is bringing our nation down.

A 14 year old cannot legally consent to see with an 18 year old. Maybe if his client wasn't already prone to breaking the law he wouldn't have raped this girl.

A fourteen year old is considered "old enough" to "consent" to something like that in Maryland? And people live there willingly? Really?

Illegal aliens. Sex with a minor. In a school!? How does this even come to be? People who allow illegals to be here need to be held responsible for the crimes they commit, including coming here illegally! Common sense, I sure miss seeing it!

How sad our News Media is when with the Exception of FOX no one reported on this Tragedy. Reason, it doesn't fit their agenda

we think you need to start killing them if they won't go back and they know they are illegals Mexico and other countries do it why not us

This is getting people really pissed off!!! Y'all better start protecting Americans and quit given in to somebody that is here illegal!!! People are getting tired of it!!!!!

The smear campaign by the repugnant Progressive Leftist is well underway. Scorched Earth come Hell or High water to push ILLEGAL Immigration and "sanctuary" status down our throats! I pray for the young lady and her family! And God help us all.

16 is the age of consent, with no more than a two year difference. Neither work. Hang them! And send their bodies back to their home land.

I hope blacks take notice that Democrats are throwing this girl under the bus and backing the illegal. Wonder how much Sharpton was paid to keep his mouth shut on this one.

Henry your a disgrace ! You are sickening to let that come out of your mouth ! She is underage ! Consensual doesn't come into play at all in this case ! Your a vile human !

If i put a knife, gun to his head or threatened extreme violence he would let me do as I like without fighting back or screaming. Wasn't the child 14 so how could she give consent? More liberal clap trap.

Here is the bigger question. How does an ILLEGAL have the financial resources to hire a real attorney when 99% are being represented by a public defender? People should be questioning WHO is paying the lawyer bill. My bet is that some non-profit supporting illegal immigration is paying the attorney bill to insure this doesn't influence future laws.

When i heard that "lawyer" say it was "consensual" I was disgusted - I had to turn Tucker off - no offense to Tucker . That is the typical argument from the Left - blame everyone but the criminal illegal alien.

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