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Fox College Sports | NCAA College Sports TV

Fox College Sports is a TV broadcaster based in the US. It’s a sports channel dedicated to college sports. It broadcasts NCAA collegiate sports news, highlights and live games from universities across the country. You can watch the channel online via the Fox College Sports live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Fox College Sports review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Fox College Sports
Location: United States
Genre: Sports > NCAA College Sports
Website: Fox College Sports Homepage

If you want to learn more about Fox College Sports than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Fox College Sports

Review of Fox College Sports


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

Fox College Sports’ rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Fox College Sports live streams its programs as they air. Fox College Sports also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Fox College Sports is owned by 21st Century Fox. It is a member of the Fox College Sports network.

See how Fox College Sports compares to other sports stations in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at Fox College Sports

To see the opportunities available at Fox College Sports, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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9 hours ago


Allen Iverson talks to Ice Cube about his brief rap career.

Full conversation premieres Thursday, June 22 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT
... See MoreSee Less

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What they shooting at you, is not something tha's gonna sink you- King Cube

Clyde James Ry Powell

13 hours ago


Bill Simmons: LeBron James will be a Laker. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

His wife wants to move to Los Angeles. Signing with Los Angeles makes complete sense because he will get the publicity and the branding he wants. Kobe's career won't overshadow Lebron's. Kareem, Magic, Shaq, Wilt, everyone who is a Laker legend, stays a Laker legend. The clippers will lose CP3 or Griffin this offseason, maybe even Jordan too.... then they've basically imploded. PG13 and Lebron to the Lakers 2018.

Bron Bron will never win another ring if he goes to the lakers or the clippers. His best shot is to stay right where he's at.

Who would be the favorite in the East if LeBron goes to the Lakers? The Cleveland Cavaliers would still compete probably but opens the door for other teams to get to the finals. Maybe Boston?

Simmons shutting up that douche with actual basketball knowledge

The arena will be empty again just like it was before LeBron got there and when he left. Plus side I'll actually be able to afford to go to a Cavs game and get decent seats again.

The way the NBA is right now the only way LeBron will win another ring in the near future is in Golden State or San Antonio, and neither is a place he would want to go or a team who would actually want him. When the Lakers get George they are a genuine playoff contender, with Ball, Ingram and Lopez they have the potential to win 50 games. CP3 or Blake will leave the clips, its unnatural for both to remain and continue to fail every year in the post season. Clips have also explored options to trading DeAndre. The Lakers have a far brighter future, and adding LeBron for 2-3 years in 2018 makes them an immediate title contender in the West with GSW and SAS

I don't think it's far fetched. He wants to be on the west coast l. It will be either one of those teams.

Colon I am going to put together a video that makes you look so bad no one will ever listen to you again. You are very articulate but stick to nothing.

All i know is every laker fan is going to embrace whoever we get!.... i say we go after PG-13 and try to get blake griffin.

Bill Simmons: Anthony Bennet is going to be a STUD! Reality: the worst #1 pick ever.

Dementia can start early; Lebron to the lakers. Hell nawl!

How's that possible LeBron Does not like Lonzo and if Lonzo gets drafted to the lakers how will LeBron and Lonzo stay? #LakerWar

He Wont go to the west hes gonna form another superteam in Miami again

Remember 3 years ago when the lakers were getting everybody? Yea............. lmao

I just love how Lebron had his team leak this story to prepare his stans.

Dude should just say he will play for Seattle if any owner moves their team there.

Get The Whiner out of my Cleveland. Take your talents to California!

Paul George and LBJ on same team with a young roster is a contender

Hes not leaving cleveland again. Its just not going to happen

No way

I'm waiting for the reactions of all these Cavs fans lol

Verne Iyatunguk Sr. This is booshit

John Gonzalez lol when do we get our jersey 😂

Jordan Leth , unlikely but would be sweet

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1 day ago


Keep friends close, enemies closer. ... See MoreSee Less

Keep friends close, enemies closer.

Comment on Facebook

I'm so tired of Skip Bayless, Colin Cowturd, they act like they matter! Their opinions mean nothing! They are taking sports for god sakes! Their opinions are no more valid than any sports fan on the street! They are irrelevant

Good GOD, is it possible for FSN to stop being ESPN2.1 and stop telling us when LeBron changes his toilet paper? The College World Series is going on, the MLB trade deadline nears and Pro football is not far off. How about doing some reporting instead of making one man bigger than the sport?!?!?

Maybe he really likes Jimmy's Games and understands he's a lock down wing defender and he needs help guarding top scorers on defense , this makes sense to me its just about making it happen with giving up one or two players for him

The reason LeBron wants Butler and PG is because he knows he's not good enough to beat GS with the 2 All Stars he has now.

LeBron trying to buy himself another team so he can win again.

Whoa.. fs1 finally figured out that their "Goat" isn't the goat they believe him to be. Lol

Butler ain't leaving lebron ain't offereing his all stars I guarantee it

LeBron would just take him out. Skip is just a hater

Kinda like what GS did with Durant?

Whatever happened to practicing and improving as a team?

Skip acts like the all mighty who knows all an everything .

I'm sick the bulls are gonna let him go :-(


Its to beat GS period

I'm sure with D Wade's help LaBron will try his best

Smart man james is


Marvell McKinney Facts?

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2 days ago


Where will Paul George land? Ahead of Thursday's NBA draft, Chris Broussard and Jason McIntyre break down who is on the move. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Klay for Pg13 stops bron from getting a defender to guard Kd, pg13 is a hour flight from his home town, and Klay gives Pacers a 2 time champ prolific 3 point shooter and 2 way player.

Cleveland is the best team in the league, Paul George will just make them better. I like the move. They should get Jimmy Butler too.

When the Pacers trade PG they know they aren't going to be in the playoffs for a few years... love won't land in Indiana .. it would have to be a 3 team deal.

With 4 Lottery picks at his disposal, do you think Danny Ainge has many other trade targets in mind other than PG13, or Jimmy Butler?

Broussard makes the most sense of any FS1 guy on the NBA stuff..these other guys just goin for laughs and shock value.

I can't stand either one of these guys. Ive forgotten more basketball than they know but Broussard is right about k love. If he never went to cleveland he would be an all star every year

Should the Lakers give up players and/or draft picks to get George one year earlier without giving anything next year?? Is it a risk to let him go to another team and possibly staying there (Cleveland, Boston)?

Lakers should swap their second pick for Butler! if Bulls are willing to give Butler away for a 3 pick then i would for sure get Jimmy Buckets in LA instead of some other young prospects, prospects enough in LA....

Rumor Has It Jimmy Butler is going to the Boston Celtics in exchange for the third overall pick & a player to be named later

I would trade the #3, crowder and zeller for butler. Yabusele is going to be a beast, and zizic is promising as well, all this as well as Hayward and we win the East

Why would the pacers trade Kevin love to the cavs. You are just helping your eastern conference rival get better. You trade a star out of conference so you don't have to face him in the playoffs for years to come.

Cleveland for one year & then he's coming home here to Los Angeles to play for the LAKERS. Everybody already realizes that now.

Chris Broussard is the best this other guy knows nothing!!!!!!

Man I can't stand Jason McIntyre. Love Broussard schooling him

The Knicks need Jesus Christ

Lakers will trade randle mozgov and a future 1st rounder for PG13 shortly.

Chances of Paul George and Lebron going to either of the LA teams next year?

Being as Cleveland is the best team in the league, once Paul George is holding Mr. Larry O'Brian in his hands he'll stay to do it again.

Could PG13 end up in MIAMI with a trade the involves TJ and Winslow

Can we get a stud in OKC to play with the MVP so we can see Durant go down. Now that's a rivalry I would like to see

Blake Griffin, or DeMarcus Cousins to Cleveland. Possibly Jimmy Butler.

Will Lakers show Lonzo and Lavar who's boss and trade them to Toronto?

Bulls need to take lumps for 2 years and rebuild. Need to make a run at AD

Melo already informed Knicks to buy out his contract cause he refuses to play for Phil Jackson.

I think Paul George will end in LA. KP and Melo to the Cavs

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2 days ago


This is how Paul George and LeBron James can wind up with the LA Lakers.

via The Herd
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Lebron will be the First billion dollar athlete? Mann check the forbes list at the top youll see Christiano Ronaldo.

Colin Cowherd: "LeBron and Paul could end up on the Lakers together, then along with Lonzo Ball and the 2nd GOAT behind my man LeBron, LaVar...my new team The Lakers will be UNSTOPPABLE!!"

The Worst Idea. This is only for the contradicting argument with Fans. It's Miami and Cleveland "I Told U Sooo.." "Leave Your Talents Elsewhere Please" -MCC

Haven't we heard enough about LeBron to last a lifetime? He freakin lost. Move on!

Seriously stop giving this Jason moron air time. He knows less my mother about basketball and she doesn't even watch... He sounds like the idiot Laker fan boys who every season claim every free agent is going to the Lakers 100%

Lakers don't want that loser in LeBron he is a cry baby

That is possible the odd players could make the next bug thing

Sounds like this video is rated PG-13 for stupidity!😂😂

Baseball season

Wish the 6ers would form a super team 😒

Guess they forgot the Lakers suck

Bring KOBE back


No. Too old, youth movement already in-place.

FS1 has become the LeBron/Comedy Channel now lol

Everything on fs1 is hypothetical

Stop guys....just stop.

Brandon Emmitt... Lol crazy

Macey 🤔

Neil Bigcitystl Houston

Stuart Mactier

William Kailimai lol

Darcy Kyte

Hawk Beezy

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