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Disney Channel

Disney Channel is a TV broadcaster based in Burbank, CA. It’s a children’s channel that airs fun and entertaining TV series, movies, animations and more for kids of all ages from The Walt Disney Company. You can watch the channel online via the Disney Channel live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Disney Channel review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Disney Channel
Location: Burbank, California, United States
Genre: Children’s
Website: Disney Channel Homepage

If you want to learn more about Disney Channel than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Disney Channel

Review of Disney Channel


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

Disney Channel’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Disney Channel live streams its programs as they air. Disney Channel also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Disney Channel is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

See how Disney Channel compares to other children’s stations in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at Disney Channel

To see the opportunities available at Disney Channel, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.



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2 days ago

Disney Channel

Can you name that set? ... See MoreSee Less

Can you name that set?

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Gabriellas room from High school musical! LIKE THIS IF YOUR IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Can you name a good Disney Channel show that comes on? Cause I can't. Wizards of Waverly Place was the last GOOD Disney Channel show.

Disney Channel should stop making new shows and bring back the old ones

I want to high school musical reunion movie and have it like The Austin and Ally last episode and they're not famous and they have a class reauion and the last sence of Troy & Gaberella are on New Year's Eve at the same place singing a song and they thank that guy!

Wizards of Waverly place it is my favorite Disney show too

I'm gonna go with Gabriella's room from HSM considering if you zoom in real closely you can vaguely see pictures of her and Troy beside her bed

What's say just at look pretty style it ur bedroom and high School musical"

Tricia Means we just watched it....

Gabriella Montez from High School Musical...?

If you look really closely then you can see troy and Gabriella in the picture frames to the left

Hey DragonBall Super is on right now on Adult Swim.

High school musical

Gabriellas room from high school musical i loved that movie it was awesome i miss high school musical

High school musical. How did Gabriella have a fireplace and her own balcony in her room. Her mom must've have a good job😳😂

Gabriella Montez from high school musical i watched it and just finished it

There is a picture of troy n Gabriella in the room obviously hsm

My favorite Disney shows were Girl Meets World ,and Wizards of Waverly place.

It in girl meet world , High School musical and Wizard of Waverly place

Gabriella's bedroom from High School Musical and more like Mal and Evie's bedroom at Aurudon Prep

Gabriella Montez's bedroom from High School Musical? Did that sound right?

Lizzie McGuire's Room.

Alessia Di Zio la camera di Gabriella

Monique jeg ved du havde den med det samme

It might be high school musical I thought it was andi Mack

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2 days ago

Disney Channel

Mal's Style Switch Unboxing
Mal's switching up her look!
... See MoreSee Less

Mal's Style Switch Unboxing

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Hannah Montana is back !

like this pick's

I want it t.t

Look good


Good Afternoon, Disney Channel USA!!! My Name is Clyde Randall Williams and I Am From Toccoa,GA!!! Starting on Friday, September 1,2017 or on Monday, October 2,2017, I Hope Y'all Can Change and Add on Monday-Fridays on Disney Channel USA: Doc McStuffins (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 6am, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (From Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior Channel) at 6:30am, Mickey and the Roadster Racers (A Spinoff of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 7am, The Lion Guard (A Spinoff of Timon and Pumbaa) (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 7:30am, PJ Masks (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 8am, Puppy Dog Pals (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 8:30am, Vampirina (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 9am, Sofia the First (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 9:30am, Elena of Avalor (A Spinoff of Sofia the First) (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 10am, Fancy Nancy (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 10:30am, Octonauts (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 11am, Kate and Mim-Mim (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 11:30am, P. King Duckling (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 12pm, Little Einsteins (From Playhouse Disney and Disney Channel) at 12:30pm, Jake and the Neverland Pirates (From Disney Channel and Disney Junior Channel) at 1pm, My Friends Tigger and Pooh (From Playhouse Disney and Disney Channel) at 1:30pm, That's So Raven (From Disney Channel) at 2pm, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (From Disney Channel) at 2:30pm, Good Luck Charlie (From Disney Channel) at 3pm, Shake It Up (From Disney Channel) at 3:30pm, Austin and Ally (From Disney Channel) at 4pm, Jessie (From Disney Channel) at 4:30pm, Stuck in the Middle (From Disney Channel) at 5pm, Bizaardvark! (From Disney Channel) at 5:30pm, Girl Meets World (A Spinoff of Boy Meets World) (From Disney Channel) at 6pm, Bunk'D (A Spinoff of Jessie) (From Disney Channel) at 6:30pm, Raven's Home (A Spinoff of That's So Raven) (From Disney Channel) at 7pm, Best Friends Whenever (From Disney Channel) at 7:30pm, Liv and Maddie (From Disney Channel) at 8pm, Andi Mack (From Disney Channel) at 8:30pm, Hotel Transylvania: The Series (From Disney Channel) at 9pm, Jessie (From Disney Channel) at 9:30pm, Tangled: The Series (From Disney Channel) at 10pm, Austin and Ally (From Disney Channel) at 10:30pm, Stuck in the Middle (From Disney Channel) at 11pm, Raven's Home (A Spinoff of That's So Raven) (From Disney Channel) at 11:30pm, Wizards of Waverly Place (From Disney Channel) at 12am, The Suite Life On Deck (A Spinoff of That's So Raven) (From Disney Channel) at 12:30am, Girl Meets World (A Spinoff of Boy Meets World) (From Disney Channel) at 1am, Liv and Maddie (From Disney Channel) at 1:30am, Stuck in the Middle (From Disney Channel) at 2am, Andi Mack (From Disney Channel) at 2:30am, Good Luck Charlie (From Disney Channel) at 3am, Dog With a Blog (From Disney Channel) at 3:30am, Shake It Up (From Disney Channel) at 4am, Lizzie McGuire (From Disney Channel) at 4:30am, That's So Raven (From Disney Channel) at 5am and Phil of the Future (From Disney Channel) at 5:30am!!! OK?!!!

Mik thik nhất là bộ phim này


Brenden conner looks Facebook song Dove cameron

yo quiero una

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3 days ago

Disney Channel

Happy #DCFriYAY!
That feeling when it's finally FRIYAY!
... See MoreSee Less

Happy #DCFriYAY!

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I've noticed that on tv shows for pre-teens and teens, that they portray adults as stupid. And they have the kids smart-off/talk back to their parents or other adults and the adults don't say anything. In add, there are no consequences for what the kids say and do. I think this is causing a big problem in our country.

Does anybody else notice at Casey's theme song is different

It's fried egg. Fried egg. Gotta get down on fried egg. Every buddy's looking four word to the weak end. Weak end.

And it doesn't matter because you have to work on Saturday

OH And Now I Get Why Call It FriYAaaaaaaaaaaa It's Means A Child Voice Getting Excited About

How come the only FriYay show theme song that's updated is Kc undercover ????

I've been waiting for the weekend since monday

tem novidades?

Love Raven!

So,Every Friday,Disney Channel Becomes FriYAY!! From 8pm to 10pm???


TGIF indeed!!!

Hannah Vigil

Stacey Sanderson

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3 days ago

Disney Channel

Would you rather watch Descendants or Descendants 2? ... See MoreSee Less

Would you rather watch Descendants or Descendants 2?

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For the people who like these movies obviously needs to get their butt on the couch and watch the good classics like High School Musical, Camp Rock, Cow Belles, Read it and Weep, etc.

I love descendants cause it has a really good plot, and cause of "If Only" i think descendants 2 is also good but more cause of it's soundtrack, i loved WTBW and Whats My Name. Hope the third movie has a ver y cool plot and soundtrack so it gives the saga a good end.

Both!!!! Why don't you add in Netflix please i want to see the movie in Netflix... 😀😀😀

I hate how mal had to give up on her heritage for Ben to accept and love her

Do I have to pick?? lol I love them both so much. Even at 21 you can find me on my couch watching Disney!!

Tatiana Williams before or after Dove Cameron's lip injections? 😉

I love both! Now, I'm sure I sound crazy. Some 20 something year old watching Disney...I have a valid reason, I'm a Nanny and my small humans of course love Disney. I'm a 90s kiddo, so I obviously compare shows and movies to my youth. I wish they would show Zenon, Luck of the Irish, Smart House, Brink and more of those classics rather than some of the newer ones in recent years. But I must say, in my seven years of nannying, Descendants and Descendants 2 are probably the best DCOMs to come out since HSM and Camp Rock. If you love everything Disney, I'm not just talking about the channel, but all of those classic cartoon films, it is super cool to see the children of the famous princes, princesses and villains have their own stories. Sure, these movies may be cheesy...but so were the movies of our youth 😄 Who doesn't love a good cheesy Disney movie to make you forget about reality for two hours? 😊

The only reason I don't like neither is because they made Dove Cameron's character seem like the most important one out of the four of them.

You guys have to watch these. Camille Irayori Ysia

When is the dvd out?

Descendents never seen Descendents 2

so am i and i know every of them and every moves that we ever watch and is the first movie disney channel original movie descendents and i got some bestest villians on that movie classic mal evie Carlos jay and maybe ben and that's the awsome songs and that we could imagine jammin every songs two rotten to the core and is our fav song with wizards style and forevermore and there's more evil like me and i know one person who loves all the villians songs and is my slytherin bestest villian stepbrother tom felton and he always be like all greatest villians every classic movies and there's whole lot more did i mention if only if only (reprise) be our guest set it off and there's one last song and it was music video with sofia carson rotten to the core ( descendents wicked world extended version) rather be with you good to be bad so good to be evil so many series and that show and right after it was the sequel on disney channel original movie descendents 2 the newest one every channel it has greatest new stars in that show starting with china anne McClain and she is other villian two and you don't have to mess with that meanest worse villian mother two usuala the sea witch and she is two scarest ever and even me and they terrified me and i mean it and there's some newest music that we ever sing ways to be wicked and that's our fav song other wizards style and forevermore and more what,s my name and that was mine song gonna love that move rather be with you with dove cameron with sofia carson or just poor unforneted soul i hate it that song and so a little more space between goin,t down you and me and it was the best villians movies that we ever watch for all of us altogether will sing it together lets get our hogwarts style that we ever watch of our wizards life that changed forever generations long live wizards and forevermore that we could watch it again always the beatest rockest and i hope somehow that we could seen the third movie of descendents and do more of them and we're so ready to wish us luck villians and wizards and we're love all the descendents movies we can't wait to see more camp rock cow belles read it and weep Wendy wu homeing warrior stuck in the suburbs

Well, I'd like there to be a Camp Rock 3 because at the end of Camp Rock 2 there were people signing up for the camp. Don't get me wrong, the two Descendant's movies were pretty good. The thing is all that Disney plays is the new D-Com's, bring back the old ones, or even have a D-Com marathon starting from the first ever D-Com aired on Disney Channel. I want my little sister to experience what I had watched when I was little when it came to these movies. I don't want her just watching Descendant's 1&2 and Teen beach 1&2.

They're both really good. I liked both of them but the second one seemed better like it had a better story however what I didn't like about the second one was it felt too much like a musical or this big production so what I liked about the first one was that it was more of a movie with just singing in it that helps the story. It's kind of hard to decide but I guess I'd have to say the second one has a better story

Descendants 2 was better. Better songs too. But I love the song if only. If they only they had put that on there again and not a deleted scene haha. The girl who plays uma was terrific

Both. They are both wonderful. "Rotten to the Core", "Chillin' Like a Villain", "Did I Mention", "Ways to Be Wicked", "Set It Off", "You and Me"

Either because Kenny Ortega has done such an awesome job. The storyline in the first is better, but the outfits, and the new hairstyles for the second one are awesome! But I gotta stay true to the original DCOMs

I loved them both. Just watched the second one again today for probably the 10th time now. I like the first one better. Don't get me wrong I love the singing in the second one but it was a bit much... seems like every 10 minutes they were singing a different song... my daughter likes the second one better because she loves to dance to the music. Can't wait for the third :)

I have the first movie of descendants 1 but I rather watch the second movie of descendants 2 because I found my favorite character on the second movie and that is Evie,The daughter of the evil queen and she knows everything about fashion and she is the best of everything

The first one was way better because the second one felt to rushed like they didn't put enough thought into the plot of the movie and when it got to the end I was like wait that's it the movie is already over! If Disney really wanted to they could go all out with a descendants 3 and have it be closer to 3 hours long and make it just as good as high school musical 3!!

I am a mom and I enjoyed both but have a preference to two. The dancing and soundtrack "chillin like a villain" is so fun. These kids are so gifted in dance, acting and singing. Love all of you. Daughter an i can't wait for #3

Well I guess, I'd really love all Disney movies since childhood till now. Their musical play in every movie makes me feel like a little kid as always. And I guess that would stay, like forever. Love you Disney! Forever in my heart! ❤😍😘

I like both because the first one was all about them going to the school and looking at the school and at first you guys didn't like it but you guys did at the end. the second one was when there was a party and they had to all get ready for it and the descendent kids had to go back to the island and fight off some people and I really like the end because I love when Eve asked about more people come to the school.

They're both good but I would watch the second based on how the plot loosens and hardens throughout the movie, I love how they put China Anne McClain as a new character who brings such a relatable sequence to so many kids who struggle to fit in. A kid who grows up in the shadow of older friends then left behind seeking revenge by regathering a group and showing the world how she will succeed and showing old friends that the world will know her name and nothing will stop her. The relation can be powerful if you really pay attention, all in a Disney's kids movie, it's surprising.

Descendants. I was excited for the second movie, but the music and choreography was not even close to the quality of the first. There was also very little character development, both with the original characters and those newly introduced.

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3 days ago

Disney Channel

Project Runway Season 16
China and Dove are going to be guest judges for a WICKED challenge this season on Project Runway! Make sure to catch new episodes Thursdays at 8p on Lifetime!
... See MoreSee Less

Project Runway Season 16

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China and Dove are going to be great guest judges

MaryLynn Haggard

china feel like not happy on the show

Awesome they are going to be good guest judges

OMG DEMI!!!!!!!!


When is this

Brenden Conner and Dove cameron

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