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Disney Channel is a TV broadcaster based in Burbank, CA. It’s a children’s channel that airs fun and entertaining TV series, movies, animations and more for kids of all ages from The Walt Disney Company. You can watch the channel online via the Disney Channel live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Disney Channel review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Disney Channel
Location: Burbank, California, United States
Genre: Children’s
Website: Disney Channel Homepage

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Review of Disney Channel

Review of Disney Channel


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1 day ago

Disney Channel

A message for the Liv and Maddie fans. ... See MoreSee Less

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So ya'll cancel liv and Maddie, and you cancel girl meets world, because you want to make new shows like bizardvark? Look, I'm not saying all shows are bad, and no disrespect to the actors in that show, but don't start asking why ratings go down and why people don't watch the channel anymore.

My 9 year old is crushed. We just can't believe Disney didn't pick it up for a 5th season. Was so hoping season 5 would have brought everyone back to Wisconsin and carried on with the old crew.

I loved watching this show with my kids.I wish it would last another year or two.I hope to see more shows like this and girl meets world.these were to great great shows.

Whenever I think of disney. I think of dream and hope for the future, now, they continue shatter our hope and dream. U have rue the day u have decided cancel the show. Thanks a lot disneychannel. I hope your ideal will run out. There won't be a good show to watch at all.

Sad this show ended girls loved it..but most disney shows only get a 4 year run...but am very happy Girl Meets world is gone ...that show was awful! ..

I gonna miss you so much liv and maddie i will remember you all time im very sad right now ☹️☹️ im really really your show you are my favorite show on disney channel

I really can see a Spinoff with Parker about him going to school at Booms and him makeing friends and doing invention! It should all be call Booms!

You guys will always be in my heart 💖 i will miss you guys so so much we are not just friends but we are best friends forever until the end 😘

Best of luck to all of. You have been an awesome group and I'm glad my daughter was able to grow up with all of u and learn about good things.

That's one reason why I do not watch Disney Channel anymore after I found out Liv and Maddie was going bye bye I decided no more Disney Channel pretty pretty sad because I used to love it

I'm crying. Thank you to the cast & crew for an amazing 4 years. I still remember watching the pilot after Teen Beach Movie, and finding out the show took place in my state of Wisconsin. I love this show so much. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for making me believe I can be anything I want. That anything is possible. ❤

I truly enjoyed watching Liv and Maddy. I'm 63 years old and enjoy many of the Disney Channel shows. Not with my kids or grandkids but for me. Liv and Maddie took me back to a show from my young years called the Patty Duke Show. Also the original Parent Trap movie. Both of these were done with one actress playing the role of twins and all the shenanigans they got into. I'm sorry to see it go but at least it will be on Netflix and perhaps in reruns on the Disney Channel. Thank you Disney Channel for enjoyable shows that teach and have good clean fun too!

and so i loved watching every episodes of liv and maddie i watch every one for the past 5 years i did not miss not one of your show at all and so yeah if i had a chance i would love to meet you guys in person some day i just love you guys hope you do will

Everytime I would hear the theme song, I would run to my living room or my room and close my door so no one would come in. Now I can't do it anymore. I loved watching the show with my siblings. I hope to see more shows like this come back. #GoodbyeLAM <3

I love this show!!!! I have a twin brother and we would always watch this and laugh our hearts out... Were both 14 and have been watching the show since we were 10... and this was the one show that we would enjoy watching because the other "new" shows are garbage. Thanks for all the great times you guys have given us and we will always have special memories of watching this show :/

i love you guys and i love watching liv and maddie i will miss watching your show and so you know i will all ways keep on watching the reruns of liv and maddie i love you and hope you guys to must more show that i would love to watch

You'll forever be in my hearts of "Liv And Maddie." Can't wait for the new movie "Descendants 2" with China Anne McClain (A.N.T. Farm 2011-2014) & Cameron Boyce (JESSIE 2011-2015, BUNK'D 2016 (2 episodes) & Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything 2015-2017) China & Cameron appeared in "Grown Ups 1 & 2 movies.

To the cast of Liv and Maddie, even though I don't watch the show, you had a lot of precious memories ever since the show premiered on Disney Channel.

to the cast of Liv and Maddie and Liv and Maddie Cali style you guys wore amazing and i loved watching you guys grow up and and i love your Show i am such a big fan of yours i love you guys and one last thing Dove you are so pretty

Joey says, "Keep tweeting us and it'll be a Netflix series (wink)." What about a Disney Channel Original Movie?!? Please?!?!

My sis and I love that show goodbye dove Cameron we will miss you but can't wait to see defendants 2 though . You guys made the best show

I like all the parts on the shelves that you guys are played in specially all the people whom what are the kitty cat t-shirts and Linda and Heather and I like to everything else and by the way chicken noodle soup

Disney has a habit of doing this with good shows on the 4 yr mark only to make way for new shows which never turn out as good as the ones that got cancelled or ended

Hopefully they will have a reunion episode in the future!!!!

Best wishes to all of you. It was a great show. And yes Netflix pick it up hint hint 😁

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2 days ago

Disney Channel

Goodbye Liv and Maddie. 😢 ... See MoreSee Less

Goodbye Liv and Maddie. 😢

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Bad decision. So was getting rid of Girl Meets World. The only good one left is KC Undercover. All the others are terrible and we don't even watch Disney much anymore because of it. We have moved on to Nick, and only turn on for KC. Bad decisions Disney! You need to come up with some good shows.... QUICK!

Yeahhhhh I miss when they actually had good shows like thats so raven, hannah Montana, kim possible, ect..... ya know the shows that actually taught you stuff and were entertaining

Now we have to wait until the summer to see Dove Cameron reprise her role as Mal when Descendants 2 comes out. But at least Liv and Maddie got to finish all four seasons whereas Girl Meets World came to an end after only three seasons

Disney channel why are you guys getting rid of all the good shows?

My daughter and I just watched this and we cried so much. Why Disney Channel are you getting rid of this great show?!? You've made my 7 year old cry!! 😭😭😭

I just wish they would make liv&maddie the movie just as they did with the Suite life zack & cody, wizards of waverly place, lizzie mcgurie,even steven etc then we would know how the story continue where the show would have left off Don't you think?

It is soooo sad that Liv and Maddie is over. I love Liv and Maddie soo super much. The show had sooo many amazing episodes it always made you laugh. And first Austin and Ally and now Liv and Maddie. These twos shows were super amazingly awesome. Liv and Maddie forever!!!!

So sad Liv and Maddie has ended I'm 24 and I thought I outgrew Disney Channel. This show and the Disney Descendants movie showed me I was wrong. I've learned so many lessons from watching this show. My favorite episode is Space Werewolf A Roooney because it teaches that you shouldn't give up. My favorite quote from the show is " Fear is just a reason to try harder" Also I like the song What A Girl is because it teaches that inner beauty is what counts. I'll miss watching this.\

I am 62 years old and love these shows. The fact that Disney is taking the good shows off really makes me wonder what there thinking. If I knew how to get in touch Disney I would be voicing my disappointment.

Best episode ending ever. Liv is going to Broadway for Double Duchess, Maddie is going to build tiny houses with Diggy in New Orleans, Joey is going to go on a comedy tour with his idol and Parker and Val are going to a biodome in Bolivia. Not only that but Dump Truck came back! And to find out that Liv and Maddie was a show within a show, Bits and Pieces, just put the icing on the cake. This show will be greatly missed!

I cant believe why this program came to an end. But Kali Rocha will fill us in on how sad we are when the show Liv & Maddie is replaced by more twins after the final episode. How could you do this?

Just watched the finale & it was good. Was pretty funny when Joey said the whole thing where they talk to viewers about what's happening was all part of a reality show. Its sad that this series is over, but it was a great last episode

Don't know who makes the decisions for the Disney channel of what shows to cancel or to continue , but they have made some terrible choices . This was an amazing show , the characters were soo well written and story was always sooo interesting and more importantly fun . Bye liv and maddie , we cried tonight when we had to say good bye , my daughter was devastated. 😢thank you to all the characters for their amazing work ❤😘

Sad to see liv and Maddie ending because liv and Maddie Cali style was really good love liv an Maddie cant wait to see the new show coming up andi Mack i miss the old shows and movies i will miss liv and Maddie Cali style the only shows i love to watch is liv and Maddie Cali style, stuck in the middle, bunk'd, mc undercover, girl meets world

So sad this show is ending. I first started watching LiV and Maddie after Descendants came out and have love it ever since! While I wish it could go on and on and on every show no matter how spectacular has to end sometime unfortunately whether it is at 2,4,6,8 or even 10 seasons.Disney shows tend to end once they get to the 4th season if not before. Not every Disney ChanMel show gets to 4 seasons; even though it is just about heartbreaking the show is ending. :( I'm glad Liv and Maddie made it all the way to season 4. I wish the show could go on longer but this is the way Disney Channels hopefully new shows will come out that will be good as well because I will really miss this show 😥

Disney channel really only give shows about 4 or 5 seasons if they are lucky..... they also had a 65 episode rule that they got rid was that all shows would end after its 65th episode but now they really just got more off the fan base

Making way for what?? Isn't it bad enough you trashed Girl meets world? Please tell me that you'll put both of these shows out on DVD. I think it's important that future generations grow up with the lessons learned from these two shows.

No all the good shows are ending what do you expect us to watch!! Well although we still have shows like KC undercover and Bunkd and there are hardly any other shows to watch! I honestly don't like to watch nick and so you can't get rid of all the good shows!!😭😭

We will always Love Liv and Maddie. The Rooneys will always be a Delightful Disney family. Liv and Maddie will forever be in the Disney Legacy. Sing It Loud!

I cannot believe my favorite show Liv and Maddie is going goodbye I'm going to miss it was my favorite show just happened so many times on the Disney Channel to have to get rid of it it's ridiculous

Disney regulates their shows to 4 seasons each... so all shows will end eventually. But this show should have ended after the first season 😔

Liv & Maddie was my favorite show on Disney Channel. I loved it! Going to miss it! I hope the new show, Andi Mack will be good

I loved 💙Liv and Maddie💜 so much. It was sad when I watched the end. Seeing them all leave. Disney you should make a Liv and Maddie: College Style I would love to see that. I would even watch it

My girls love Liv and Maddie! Another one bites the dust. Why does Disney Channel keep canceling all these shows? Too much longer and they won't have any left.

I stopped watching this show on a regular basis a while ago, but I just finished the finale and it wasn't too bad for a final episode. To be honest, it was the only episode I watched from the 4th season and I dislike the fact that they changed the name to "Cali Style" like how Hannah Montana had "Forever" for its 4th season. I was reading about a possible spin off, but I mean that seems way too obvious. It would be that girl, the blonde woman and the Rooney mother back in Wisconsin. For those people who think it could have gone longer... when was the last time a Disney Channel series went 5 seasons? I don't think that's ever happened.

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2 days ago

Disney Channel

Has Mother Gothel returned?! #TangledTheSeries ... See MoreSee Less

Has Mother Gothel returned?! #TangledTheSeries

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I watched her fall out of the tower i thought she died too she turned into dust i thought she was dead after she fell out of the tower i cant believe she returned after she fell out of the tower

How is that possible I though she was dead after Eugene cut rapunzel hair and then die when she falls over the tower then turning into dust!

How is that even possible? She fell out like...a 3-4 (maybe higher) story window and turned to ash as she hit the ground, the wind carrying ashes off to wherever. I don't think even restoring Rapunzel's magical hair could somehow reconstitute someone, let alone when their ashes are scattered across (more or less). Does not compute.

I watched the episode already no she hasn't returned just watch the episode and you will see

That is not a true return for Gothel , that is only in rapunzel nightmare .

Or she did die, but when the hair came back so did she

Does anyone know if there is an online site I can watch this series? It looks amazing!

After the magic was gone she was so old she turned to cant come back from dust.

Nooo, no, no! She fell out of the tower and died

Oh my god no way

She turned into dust I thought she was dead

Shes gone probably a dream of rapunzels or something

Is it coming back on tonight?


It was just a nightmare.

Gigi Montalvo la serie empezó hoy

Who cares


Impossible she's dead

I watched her die

2nd part was not amazing :/ ever after

She turned into dust... So probably.

Que bueno q venga otra peli2 de rapuncell

Beth Rosenbalm you repeted yourself


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3 days ago

Disney Channel

Our FAVORITE day. ... See MoreSee Less


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Love dog with the blog miss the old shows love the puppies i really miss the old shows and disney channel original movies love the puppies and puppies are really awesome and cute and cool

Dog with a blog was a really good show. The episode when Stan had puppies was sooo good and cute to

Maybe this is why Autumn was saying "puppy" so much today! Audrey Wilson Laura Strossner Pharis

Liv Elmquist vidste du virkelig ikke det Cecilie Secher¿¿ det skulle vi have fejret

Dog With A Blog 2012-2015 5th Anniversary Missed that show. Great memories.

This one eludes me.. I'll go back to some BAM , WHAT!

Please bring back dog with a blog

I like the picture of the puppies.

And you guys all have a fantastic day

Oooohhhh yyyyyeeeaaaa I forgot about that show

I loved that show ❤️😍

I miss this show

I miss that show

Dog with a blog

Mine too I'm celebrating with my Beagle Dawson. :)

I remember Freddy & Gracie

Happy Puppy Day

I loved that show ❤

Disney Channel Our FAVORITE day . ? NATIONAL PUPPY DAY ! ?

Gizmo and macie it's ur day

national puppy day



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3 days ago

Disney Channel

You guys...PUPPIES! #PuppyDogPals #NationalPuppyDay

Disney Junior
HAPPY NATIONAL PUPPY DAY! 🐶 To celebrate, check out our Live Puppy Cam with these little guys and get a sneak peek of our brand-new series Puppy Dog Pals premiering Friday, April 14 @ 10:30a on Disney Channel!
... See MoreSee Less

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Cute i love the puppies

Jorge Ramirez, it's National Puppy Day!

I love puppies!!!!

live puppy cam Mikayla Macdonald

Stephano Santacruz

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