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Discovery Channel is a TV broadcaster based in Silver Spring, MD. It’s an entertainment channel that airs a mix of reality shows, documentaries and other entertaining and educational programming from the most widely distributed cable network in the US. You can watch the channel online via the Discovery Channel live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Discovery Channel review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Discovery Channel
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Knowledge & Documentary
Website: Discovery Channel Homepage

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Review of Discovery Channel

Review of Discovery Channel


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Discovery Channel’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Discovery Channel live streams its programs as they air. Discovery Channel also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Discovery Channel is owned by Discovery Communications. It is a member of the Discovery network.

See how Discovery Channel stacks up against other documentary channels in the US.

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13 hours ago


Money Symbolism - Secrets of the Underground
What symbols are on American dollars?
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I asked few americans what does the pyramid represent on dollar bill - no one could tell me.... they just say "'s some masonic stuff"

Plus most all the captial is set up as the illumanti and most presidents are masons which worship the beast..really people they need to wake up.

Means that in our time it will be the banks, I define the government as being privatized, since politicians allow banks to finance their external debts that never existed, causing politicians fear not to have money in a capitalist country created by Bankers for a long time and ingrained in almost all humanity and who pays this false debt is the poor class.

In addition to what's already been stated it is believed that the top stone with the eye is floating to represent that the plan for this new nation (at the time) is not yet finished. Basically the last piece of the grand scheme, whatever that may be, was or is not in place.

You can trust the government, said no one ever. This can all be summed up as residual insanity from the forefathers and their european forefathers. All these symbols and the attitudes and snootiness behind them, only leads one to conclude, racism and narcissism are the real culprits behind such silliness. Look at their leader now, the Donald, the epitome and culmination of all that so called superiority...has it all come full circle? We shall see...

A buck is a buck is a buck. If it looks like a rose, and smells like a rose and feels like a rose...then it must be a flower. Thought I was going to type 'rose'? Really could you tell me; please. I really want to know.

Since I've studied money for over 36 years... any "Medium of Exchange" has value to its holders... it represents the agreed exchange value of the makers of goods and services for people to work for each other. the symbolism is just that... does Not mean value or agreed value. don't read into the stories of what the symbols mean. IMHO.

Yes i recognize some, if not imagination. I gone symbol interpetation history in culture line collage 6 years. I thought the pyramid eye was some sort of cult group they call the order. I do not remember the name. Light. All seeing. They do rituals to join & you are not allowed to leave ect. It exist in swe too with the symbol. Its american group.

The eye represent the light, the knowledge, the action, that the mind is on the corpse and some can see god or the great architect of the universe. In fact, it s wisdom.

1. Annuit Coeptis - God favors our enterprise 2. Novus ordo seclorum can be translated as "A new order of the ages." or "New World Order". American's defense of the petro-dollar proves this. 3. The "All Seeing Eye" - A parody of the Eye of Horus 4. MDCCLXXVI - Roman numerals of the date 1776 5. The Great Seal - The eagle is a symbol of victory 6.E Pluribus Unum - Out of many, one. 7. THIS IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. It used to say - Silver Certificate ONE DOLLAR in silver payable to the bearer upon demand. Our dollar is now a fiat currency. Future earnings of citizens is the only thing that gives it value now. 8. Department of Treasury Seal - The balancing scales on the seal don't represent a balanced budget, but are actually a symbol of justice. 9. Federal Reserve District Number - A one or two number appears four times on the bill. This number refers to the Federal Reserve Bank that printed the bill. 10. Federal Reserve - A private organization completely independent of the US government. A central bank of the United States and the most powerful financial institution in the world. The Federal Reserve Bank was founded in secret on Jekyll Island in 1913 to provide the nation with a "safe, flexible and stable monetary and financial system" lol. The "Great Depression" came shortly after bankers were allowed to rig the system. After a hundred years do you think the Federal Reserve has been a success and a benefit to the American people?

The pyramid is not pyramid it is the sign of DAJAL (the person who came before the Doomsday I mean before the day of justice) it is not the pyramid of Egypt it is the eye of DAJAL caz DAJAL has only one eye

One in the top right-hand corner has a an owl with One Wing in the top left-hand corner of that number one on the front it might be some kind of a bird but I was told it was an owl

Have you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill, on weed?

All wrong...all these symbols represent the illumanti and the NWO...wake up people. Ive studied this alot and i do know that im right.

that little owl.

The all seeing eye Iluminati

Why this video don't mention the Illuminati Eye on top of the pyramid? Everyone knows that one at this point.

You forgot about the " all seeing eye" and the Freemasons

Do you see the man standing on the back of the 1 dollar bill?

Some people said that the pyramid and one eye triangle sign for 'illuminati'

I said money your the root of evil how they print in god we trust knowing what you do to people - styles p

Like it! Awesomely done. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

Money can be your best friend or worse enemy!!!! It's on the individual

The spider

The federal reserve note logo, representing the fact that americans are slaves of their own money

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17 hours ago


Photo of the Day: Happy #NationalPuppyDay™! ... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: Happy #NationalPuppyDay™!

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Cute how your bday is the same day as national puppy day 😂😭❤️ PaPaola Torres

Loay Badawi....on the national puppy day... Nice coincidence... 👍

He looks like he's about to say something really exciting ♡

Bruna, você faz aniversário no melhor dia do ano ❤

You are a monster if your heart doesn't warm up to baby animals.

ohhh all dear puppy love u :-* :-* :-* n my_ kittu or brauni uuummhhaa :-* :-* :-* happyday.....

Juan Guevara Mira este cachorro 😍😘😘y so agaramos el chocalatudo mejor 🤔

Incase you didnt realise how big of a day today was Eleanor Butterworth

Freddie Lea national puppy day

অহেতুক আলিঙ্গন Jan,, dakh tui koto famous...tok niye national day celebrate kora hoccha....

Esa sonrisa enamora 😍 por eso los perros son catalogados como el fiel y mejor amigo del hombre 😄

Come here.come here.come happy im happy.come here come here in marikina malanday.would you like to come here..

Stefan Fischer, Teufelchen wird uns nie so anschauen.

या कुत्र्यानी आणि मांजरानि वैताग आणलाय .अन्न आणि पाण्या द्वारे यांचे केस कधि पोटात जातात ,हे कळत नाही .

Tia Schultz national puppy day

Vero Fouin il est trop beau avoue

Mikaela Pintos, por obvias razones me acordé

Mike Stanke happy national puppy day, in spirit 😔🐶 you deserve a puppy


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18 hours ago


Swamp Things
Get up close and personal with a gator in this 360-degree experience! Join our hosts as they tour the Everglades.
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Where are our favorite programs? "Alaska, The Last Frontier, LIFE below Zero". Haven't heard a thing about them. Bring them back, Please.

We had a great time there have fun!

GREAT <3 <3

I look down. don't want to look around

🌞 вØт ₱Ø₩ɆⱤɆĐ вɎ Umair Zikria




🎁 🌞🐦 🐫 вoт🍃 powered😍 вy📱 Naveed🌀 Pathaan 😉 ❤ AHAAN NAVEED PATHAAN KE FAN HO PHR TO AP KI POST ACHI HE HO GIII 😍 ║🌹║🔰 POWERED BY ║ Naveed Pathaan ║🌹║

পোষ্টটা ভালো :) BanglaBot.Top


Rafael Cruz ouve o audio...

Mi Amor te amo Juana Guevara

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19 hours ago


Cooper's Treasure
The greatest treasure hunt on Earth began in space.
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