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Discovery Channel | A Knowledge & Documentary Channel

Discovery Channel is a TV broadcaster based in Silver Spring, MD. It’s an entertainment channel that airs a mix of reality shows, documentaries and other entertaining and educational programming from the most widely distributed cable network in the US. You can watch the channel online via the Discovery Channel live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Discovery Channel review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Discovery Channel
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Knowledge & Documentary
Website: Discovery Channel Homepage

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Review of Discovery Channel

Review of Discovery Channel


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

Discovery Channel’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Discovery Channel live streams its programs as they air. Discovery Channel also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Discovery Channel is owned by Discovery Communications. It is a member of the Discovery network.

See how Discovery Channel stacks up against other documentary channels in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at Discovery Channel

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7 hours ago


Male and Female Symbols - Secrets of the Underground
Where did the male and female symbols come from?
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I heard somewhere a long time ago that the arrow in the male symbol is supposed to be Mars's spear and the cross under the circle for Venus is supposed to be a mirror.

Because there are only 2 Gender's (Joke and reallity)

La grandeza del ser humano audaz y valiente, se proyecta en sus acciones, cuanto más grande es el reto, cuando el dolor de la injusticia esta presente. MIS RESPETOS MÁS PROFUNDO.⚘

My gay co-worker said the other day that Gay men come from Uranus lol that was funny joke

Square peg in a round hole? Lol, scientific geniuses didn't really think that through!

Didn't we asked ourselves about this once? Jaja Sophi, Nicky, Michelle

why replace symbols with other symbols? We could start changing the numbers because reasons. So instead of 2 we now use §

The youtube channel "Today I Found Out" did a really good video on this.

You censored bare breasts in classical art for your video? For shame.

so, in other words, some dudes were using it then some other dudes copied that. sounds legit

Roman mythology. Male symbol is Mars's shield and spear, Female symbol is Venus's mirror and comb.

wait what ? i thought the male symbole refers to a full boner

Sarah Beauchemin-Roy, pour toi qui les aimes tant dans les présentations Power Point ! hahaha

Shield and spear for (warrior/manly) men and mirror for (beauty/femininity) women.

And now people think they can just change their sign....

And a triangle if you'er not sure or a transgender.

One is a spear and shield the other is hand mirror. How do people not know things like this?

Offf. I'm happy you represent only men and women . No gays . Thanks.

Anna Boyd they just assumed I'm either a male or female, how rude lol

Wait, so now we are literally putting the square peg, in the round hole....

Thank God I thought I was going to see a symbol for Transformers..

La cruz ANJ en Egipto era símbolo de la vida, por lo tanto de la mujer y el simbolo de marte se tomó para representar al sexo masculino.Pero tiene otro trasfondo más mistico y oculto a la cultura popular, muy largo de explicar.

So how do you denote XXY?

I never cared so I never wondered.

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10 hours ago


Polar bear fur is actually transparent! ... See MoreSee Less

Polar bear fur is actually transparent!

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Their hair folics are hollow, it acts as insulation and it also explains why you might have seen green polar bears in the zoo, because algae can grow in their hollow hairs.

And their skin is black. What a magical world we live in

I DO NOT want to see this when I am in water! I won't even be an appetizer portion size...

It seems to be white ...because of the reflection of snow..... Saw that on discovery😁😀😀😁

i was watching them on national geographic channel..... wow ! #AmazingSpeciesIndeed

So are my father's attempts at futility...

I love them...their cubs are soo cute..

Valsi Almeida Camilla Celeste Douglas Pereira Gabriel Valentim Sabir o urso tira foto debaixo d'agua 10 vezes melhor que a gente! hahahahhahah

My favourite animal 💚

Snapple fact #?

It's actually gold

Human beings scare the death Allah god arranged them ..good luck



So are the souls of some people I know.

It's black actually

Naked and afraid what bad attempt at science.

Old news, heard that on QI ages ago

Really ! I can't believe it.

Polar bears are actually black ❤

my friend

... and has black skin underneath.

Fake news

Oh, I see..

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12 hours ago


Tonight on Diesel Brothers
We're headed to Hell('s Revenge Trail)!
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can these guys ever build something without having to put 10 extra doors on it?

I need help with my m715 and i would like to convert it to 4 banger diesel. Any tips

Discovery How is this culture?



Alex Cushing


Kenneth Carson

Clitus Frendecker

Brandan Sykes

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14 hours ago


Fast N' Loud All New Episode
Things are getting shaken up at the shop.
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$$$$$ ..., the more that comes the more greed and selfishness get amplified . When one values himself more than the other when they started as equals ,you handle this part I'll handle this one agreement turns into ,my part is more important than your part I deserve more ,things break down . Or could just be for ratings what do I know .

I'm guessing Aaron has been getting screwed financially, without his incredible site for the builds the show doesn't stand a chance I like watching Richard too but I feel for Aaron.

Not sure richard or aaron can make a show without each other. KC leaving was already a bad deal. One of my fav shows (if not my favorite) and im not sure ill be able to keep watching

This is just a Swindle for the Show, to get viewers to have sympathy for I Love me Love, Richard Rawlings. As if he doesn't get enough of the benefits. Is my hair O.K.?

Perhaps he's tired of the fishbowl and spotlight and would like more creative license in his creations. He's super talented, and could easily have his own success.

Aaron's building did not work on a business front. Repeatedly given hard deadlines and would still dilly dally around working on his "concept" screwing the rest of the guys in the shop. His "visions" are far from revolutionary, and came be found being done in any fly-by-night shop out there. Sick of crate engine mechanics. As far as the money, it was Richard continually shoving the brand out there to make it while you can as the fame will be short lived.

That's cause they're loosing viewer's! Too much fake drama!

Porque en país lo quitaro el programa de l dúo mecánica

When is discovery go going to be available for dish on the Roku

We're going to miss AK...

Discovery will deadliest catch return soon.

One too many insults from Richard ?

Monkey. 🙈

Hope it's not a health issue. 707

Aaron's striking while the iron hot make some cash for himself

Dakota Tucker tonight is the night


Remember when chip Foose left Boyd Coddington

My newle show

awevo gas monkys tan perrones


🍺 🌞🌱 💛 вoт💑 powered🐠 вy🐠 SaNi⚡ Sk ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ ♡[●<~|| SELF-NEWBOT.ML ||~>●]♡ ♥♡o. Cɾεαtεɾ 💢 SOHAIL KHAN .o♡ ♥

Fernando Abad Juan Mendoza 🙄🙄🙄

Amanda Martin

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