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CNN from Atlanta, Georgia

CNN is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s a national news station that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, election coverage, business, finance, and more from the world’s first 24 hour news channel. You can watch the channel online via the CNN live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our CNN review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: CNN
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: National News
Website: CNN Homepage

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Review of CNN

Review of CNN


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CNN’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that CNN live streams its programs as they air. CNN also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner). It is a member of the CNN International network.

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2 hours ago


Airlines mock laptop ban on social media
Who needs tablets and laptops anyway? These airlines released videos that have a little fun with the recent ban.
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Wow........ cnn you guys still have a face book page just looked at you main page boy hate to tell you this but a lot of made up news there is one hung on your main page about trump be monitored by former president that is so weire because Drudge Report and fox have it ......hummmmmm sounds like you are you don't want to talk about that . That makes you a fake news station , unreliable on current events. And yes I make sure to tell as many people a day about your BS and show them as well's only a matter of of time

It's because American Airlines are being given a run for their money by Middle Eastern airlines hence making them loose money. You can't deny the fact that etihad, Qatar and Emirates airlines have got the best services! Even without our tablets and laptops, flying becomes more enjoyable lol! Boo to trump and his cronies hahahaha

Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂

Americans with Disabilities should be permitted to make more money while receiving Medicaid health care so that they can pay their taxes for it and pay a PPO version on top of their Medicaid, which is a better quality of health care above the HMO, through low premium and low co-payments based on low full-time income and the costs for the PPO can rise as the Medicaid recipients can keep their doctors in network plus their medical supplies shipped to them and make more income through college and university education... Amen

Add to that list... Consider gravity. Think about the metal fatigue of the bolts holding the wings on the plane. Is that engine properly maintained? What was that odd sound? Why did the pilot turn just now? Am I having a panic attack?

yeah cnn theres nothing "fun" about blowing up a plane with a lithium ion battery.....but i bet the CNN ratings will get a boost with a plane crash and them firing up the simulator

i find it sad that people can't figure out what to do with themselves without electronics... Play cards/ have a conversation/ also most those flights have movies to watch or if you are allowed a smartphone you can watch youtube or movies etc from a phone

What's gonna happen if the GOP votes "No" today? I bet the Democrats are working really hard in the backrooms to push this thru....or the true viability of this plan will be unmasked....they own it!

I'm going to trust my electronics to thieving baggage handlers. I think not.

You are reading CNN, a division of the Democratic National Party. We give debate questions in advance to show our loyalty.

This was just a tactic to take away business from Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways which offer better services at cheaper prices than those failing miserable British Airways and other American airlines -_- Most Indians and Asians use these 3 flights to journey to the West and they make a huge chunk of the passenger traffic and the US airlines want to cash in on that :/

There was a shoe bomber, but thy didnt banned shoes

The UK is banning electronics too. Guess its not such a crazy idea.

CNN is brainwashing propaganda used to manipulate viewers perceptions.

It's a good opportunity for renting controlled and safe laptops in flight.

The last is the Best "Think of reasons why you don't have a laptop or tablet with you"

Emirates is the most followed airline on Instagram. #justsaying #flyemirates #hellotomorrow

"Muslims are nice" video lol lol lol :joy: :joy: :joy: CNN, after every terror attack you seem to dig up such sick stories.

Is it really necessary to drag Jennifer Aniston into all this?

Muslims slaughtering people in broad daylight . Illegal aliens raping little girls in the United States. CNN's top story? - "We hate Donald Trump" CNN = disgusting

Why isnt CNN covering the Maryland rape case?? Disgraceful journalism..

Didn't see mile high club on that list. This must be fake.

I think CNN is a terrorist

Why aren't you all reporting on the 10 missing young black girls in 10 days in DC?

These imbeciles, these jews/christians/whites/blacks/hispanics/orientals (no difference between any of them since each of them thinks they are the MASTER RACE and people who don't fit in to these groups are human excrement) want to keep us in permanent third world status. This is what this ban does. Let them go back to reading their books or sitting there like the Luddites they are, stuck as they are in their medieval opinions and beliefs about women and society and the world at large, if they want to stay medieval, then we the first worlders will enable them to do so. It's all for the good of the sacred six, right? All of society has been engineered to make sure the TERRIFIED are okay and safe and warm and educated, while the TERRORISTS should not be so. SCREW ALL OF YOU IMBECILES

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