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CNN from Atlanta, Georgia

CNN is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s a national news station that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, election coverage, business, finance, and more from the world’s first 24 hour news channel. You can watch the channel online via the CNN live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our CNN review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: CNN
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: National News
Website: CNN Homepage

If you want to learn more about CNN than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of CNN

Review of CNN


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

CNN’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that CNN live streams its programs as they air. CNN also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner). It is a member of the CNN International network.

See how CNN compares to other news stations in the US.

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34 minutes ago


The Kim dynasty and North Korea
Kim Jong Un, his father and grandfather have ruled North Korea since 1948. Here's how they have shaped the country
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Not sure about shaping his country, but certainly Kim Jong Un has shaped his hair consistently.

I'm glad that two countries only two countries are standing against US . For their own proud ,Iran and North Korea stay strong and god bless 🙏🏽these Americans are just bunch of mosquitos !

I'm organizing a party this Saturday. There will be a lot of food and drinks. If you are free on that day, you can organize your own party. Thanks

Good job Hilary didn't win , she would of started bombing Syria , Afghanistan have a feud with Russia and threatening the world with " world policing " , 🤔

Don't drop bombs on north Korea the way to defeat them is to drop tons of cannabis, duritos, sweet snacks,movies, books & playboys. Drop millions of pounds of western culture all over the place so much the Kims can't get rid of it. Then the people will get empowered to overturn their dictator.

Well another Russian foreign policy success there, actually going back North Korea is the main reasons for the schism between USSR and PRC

Does NASA have weapons??? I can't imagine that they would create things to go into space without some type of defense mechanisms

I'm convinced that the top comment will be in favor of the dictator even as he violates the treaty of the Korean War. I've seen so many comments about America being a big bully but not one mention of the Korean War. Baaaahhhh

They shaped the Country by starving and killing their own citizens while the Government stays rich as hell in Communist utopia. CNN followers dream world.

And fat kimmy is thinkin real hard with his pea i want the double chesseburger with bacon or the double whoper with chesse today? And that i should order after that next failed missile test.. Being a dictator is so hard...

So, a few facts. Regardless of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, they have enough heavy artillery within range of Seoul, South Korea to raze the city to the ground and kill thousands. North Korea would only need to land one or two low yield nuclear warheads on Seoul to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. While North Korea would most certainly lose any military confrontation with the United States, they could inflict heavy damage to South Korea and Japan and kill millions. There is one problem with all of this however. China is not going to sit back and allow a preemptive strike against North Korea by the United States. If Trump thinks for a minute he can bully China, he is in for one hell of a shock. Neither will Russia allow it for that matter. If you don’t think China and/or Russia can stop us, think again. Yes, we have the most advanced and power military in the world, no doubt. With China and/or Russia, it would not be a conventional conflict. It would go nuclear almost immediately. If you think our Missile Defense System will protect us, think again. It was never designed to defend against a massive nuclear strike. Russia alone has enough nuclear firepower to turn the United States into an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland and China is no slouch either. China has the Dong Feng-5 ICBM, it carries 3 to 5 warheads of 5 megatons each. You drop one of those warheads on a city like Los Angeles and 2 million people reach 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a second. Another 4 million would be severely burned and dying or dead. Peak overpressures of 20psi would spread out over 28 square miles. Overpressures of 20psi are instantly fatal to humans and will severely damage if not destroy reinforced concrete buildings. Overpressures of 5psi would spread out over 170 square miles. Overpressures of 5psi will destroy most residential structures and the fatality rate is almost 90%. I haven’t even talked about the heat blast, or the air blast, or the radiation. Keep in mind, this is just one warhead, just one. This is not a game folks, this is as real as it gets. Iraq and Afghanistan were nothing. If we launch a preemptive strike against North Korea and China responds, which they most certainly will. You can also bet Putin would respond to back up China. We will be looking at a global nuclear exchange. The exchange would kill, by most estimates, 2/3rds of the worlds human population. The after math of the exchange would destroy the base of the photosynthetic food chain, sending a wave of extinction across the Tree of Life. It is likely, by most estimate, humanity would end at the current generation. So, if you think Trump has a good idea, I invite you to look at the big picture and reconsider. He would lead the world to that which is has tried to avoid for over 60 years, nuclear Armageddon. Why else do you think President's Clinton, Bush, and Obama have avoided a military confrontation with North Korea? They understood the consequences, it is clear Trump either doesn't understand, or simply doesn't care.

And what the hell United States have to be inside their business...???

Leave these people alone......And let their nation be at peace. Avoid War!!!

"..While it is important to stop the nuclear project, it is even more important to ask why North Korea wants nuclear weapons. It wants them only because it feels insecure. It is not beyond diplomacy’s ability to find a solution that guarantees security to the regime in North Korea and combine it with a move for a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons"

Why hating him when much countries have nukes and strong armies and use it to distroy others

has any1 noticed that asians seem to like pathriarcal types of government?

Whipping a dead horse cnn Pretty sure you guys are the one wanting ww3

Pham Thanh Thanh Vi nhìn anh Ủn giống thằng Bean nhà chị vãi chưởng hahahaa

Pussy leftists allow this monster to fester. Let Daddy fix that too. Move aside again, Demtards.

The dream of nations was/is to get out of colonization's forced sick scale/means/progression. This had no right for bombs. Tell them will admit that, too, yet led by our colonizer's books/fact treatment natures. Math is fool. The nature first was let not voice. Be cool. Call nations fool. And force response. They need to lie. No nation needs a bomb to fix/free the positive. We have a forced criminal, but uncharged relationship to nature forced, and free speech not let, and that not let demosntrated. We have ill courts that need their mouths shut, too, with media, and with the military, yet, fool breaching roles with original/stayed inter-nation medical/prision corruption tied courts. They need we lose the potentials to ever free free speech here. They need it blamed on other, common enemy, and through/as the nature of all sides, and for how with/through sciences/fact treatment natures/evidence sequence shifting nations, all, stand from your guise.

One tyrant family or one every four years??? Who knows which is worse?

Sometimes we don't this European how many years did England Queen ruling

Lets just hope they Nuke the whole world....

Kim Jong-un is cute

So sad for North Korea to have the crazy leaders

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1 hour ago


Cassini's biggest moments and discoveries
NASA launched Cassini in 1997 to explore Saturn and its moons. Here's what we've learned so far:
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Comment on Facebook

Lord Beerus the Destroyer isn't going to be happy with us. If we find his home he will blow up our planet. Unless we have tasty food of course

You learned nothing. But for the same amt of investment in money and time, NASA could have explored the ocean and found new ways to harvest it for food, resources and energy.

I was born a few centuries too early for my liking. I really envy those who'll get to explore the galaxy

It's Trump's first big success! Tremendous success! (Irony - but his followers will believe that :) 🤡🤡🤥🤥)

No politicians in space, so its already better than here. No taxes either.

What is so fun when Cassini getting disintegrated, we can't keep on sending Cassini's

While they're reaching other planets and stuff, I'm still trying to figure out what to eat tomorrow.

Well, give me Cassini with extra cheese and onion. Sounds like some Italian sub.

It's truly remarkable this robot has been in space for almost 20 years. I hope they can bring it home to see up close!

We have learnt that walt disney is still making films to fool the public

Haha liberals are the only ones who'll believe this rubbish

NASA should relocate Trump and his Minions to mars

the saturn explore learned CNN is fake news

I don't need you to fix me...I just need you to love me while I fix myself.

Can I go there yet? Please?


good buy cassini, thenks

Θα στερέψαν οι αγελάδες στο 3εθνές, φαίνεται._

Bene Mallillin


Katrina Thompson

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