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Review of CNN


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1 hour ago


Woman has 140-pound cyst removed
Warning: This video is graphic: A 71-year-old woman lost around 180 pounds after having a large ovarian cyst surgically removed
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Happy she's is good health! Now if we could just get the White House tumor excised ...😏

I had a ruptured cyst a couple of years ago and thought I was going to die. I have had 4 children without epidurals and that was a walk in the park compared to the pain of having a cyst rupture.

Most doctors now don't care about their patients health, they only care about getting paid. While others are concern beyond just being your pcp, they would go the extra if they had to. I am glad she got the help she needed and is doing okay.

Who the heck was her initial doctor is what I want to know? Someone wasn't taking all the steps to ensure everything was fine until it was almost too late. Lawsuit in the making.

Wow. I had a basketball size ovarian cyst removed. I thought that was big. I can't even imagine what she lived with. I am so glad she is relieved of that. Glad she's ok!!!

Is gaining too much weight a natural process for some people or what?. When I started gaining I adjusted my diet and eating habits and I never got fat ever. Being too fat is not a good thing

How great it is that she got the help she needed, I bet if it wasn't for the ACA it would have been a bigger family decision rather than a personal health decision. Too bad we don't have more women's health included in the system.

Imagine how much better she felt after getting that thing removed..

This is almost as bad as fat chicks popping out babies on the toilet. How the hell do you not know something might be wrong?

Omg!! That's so crazy! God Bless her and the doctors who helped her ❤️💕

I had a 5 pound one on my left ovary I thought I had a huge one dayummmm

Did she name it Donald Trump?

Well that first doctor who said it was fat is an imbecile.

I don't know how she was carrying that huge mass around

I'd rather have another baby than another ovarian cyst rupture!

"Have you no sense of decenty, at long last do you have no sense of decency?

Kudos to the doctors and staff at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown PA. Great hospital

Having to live with that massive growth all that time makes me sad... her getting rid of it a blessing!

Similar to when the United States finally got democrats out of controlling the government.

Lobna Uh-nime Stephanie Gutierrez well I guess I'll be visiting my gyno more often

How didn't it kill her she must have been so tired and she must have felt like crap. Poor women.

A Doctor told her to watch what she eats. Yep. This is the "excellent" healthcare we're paying for

It took how long before Dr's actually looked and found it?

Fire your first doc for God sake, was the guy blind??

PCOS is real. It's terrible!

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2 hours ago


Trump: Obama's people possibly behind leaks
President Donald J. Trump says he believes former President Barack Obama has been behind the leaks within his administration and the angry town hall crowds Republicans have faced across the country.
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Lmfao this is probably the most hilarious thing I've heard.

This idiot seriously gets dumber by the day. It's astonishing!

This man is absolutely certifiably nuts. Something has to be done. He cannot continue to be in charge of this country's future!!

What a complete lunatic. People actually still support this hot mess. He needs to be kicked to the curb. He has already caused so much hate in this country since he has been in office. What a disgrace.

Of course blame the black guy instead of your failures. A true conservative tactic.

He is out of his mind and should be removed from office for being mentally unfit.

The sad thing is...his supporters believed him and probably will always be blaming obama

A person who tells the truth and has nothing to hide and doesn't have to worry about leaks. Please spend some time correcting the flint water supply and less time attacking the media and your own staff...

The increasingly hysterical and crazy claims made by Trump mean that he collided with Russia to rig the election. Trump is terrified of being caught

Which orifice do these brain farts come out of.

Paranoid much? He isn't capable of accepting that he sucks, people know he sucks, and are exposing it. Think about it - people are willing to lose their jobs to expose how much of a cluster his administration is.

The problem is there's all these ignorant minded people out there who believe whatever garbage this fool spews out of his mouth

As funny as it is. This is dangerous because he can start accusing other politicians of doing the same and do a witch hunt for his regime.

Wow this man is desperate and pathetic, just when I thought he could not sink any lower. Bravo you moron. Our Country is not safe with this lunatic in charge.

How much more proof do you need that he's not well? This is the insane mutterings of a conspiracy theorist lost in a web of his own lies and deceit

You know what happens when old people don't get their naps? They get delusional Drumpf* doesn't have the stamina for this job

What a buffoon. He skipped intel briefings busy tweeting. Navy SEAL and Yemenis loss their life. This buffoon blame it on Obama.

The man is out of office and they are still trying to blame him!!! This man is delusional and can't accept his administration is a joke with historical low approvals. How that that going repubs??

This guy is in need of serious mental help! My God, he deflects everything and takes responsibility for nothing. Makes me sick!

Ah yes while on vacation with Richard Branson, Obama was secretly setting up leaks to make Trump look bad. You wouldn't even have this accepted as a movie script at this point because they'd say it's all to far fetched.

Lol, yeah, Obama is staying up all night trying to think of new ways to spoil your days Mr. President. Lord are you delusional... ½ of us don't approve of you and your poor with it.

45 in case you don't know yet... PRESIDENT OBAMA is enjoying his life, his family and his vacation... you are the biggest idiot in history.... You cracked finally..... Phsyco

Can you be any dumber? Don't have anything better to say, keep your mouth shut. Geez. For Christ sake (and ours) someone take this guy down.

If by Obama's people you're talking about proud, patriotic Americans, then yes, we are all behind whatever it takes to take you down, orange clown.

Really? President Obama is no longer in office, it's probably Kellyanne Conway that's behind the leaks, he should fire her!

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2 hours ago


Sanders mocks Trump on health care
"When you provide health care in a nation of 320 million people, yeah, it is very, very complicated," says U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.
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I love it when Bernie Sanders laughs! He looks so joyful! After being treated so poorly by the DNC, I am glad that he can still laugh and keep up the good fight.

Its even more complicated when the president doesn't know what the hell he's doing. All he knows is "removing everything Obama left", with no slightest idea of what to do next

It doesn't have to be complicated. Just let all American citizens sign up for the same healthcare our elected leaders in congress have.

C'mon man! He has probably never had health insurance in his life. I doubt he's ever had to pay premiums, deductibles or copays. No one has ever forced him to get coverage. He's always had the money to get the care needed for himself, his children, or his aging patents. He never had to worry about whether or not his provider was in-network or not or whether the drug his dr. said he needed to treat a cancer met the clinical criteria for coverage, he has always had the means to pay whatever bill was presented to him. He likely never had medical claims that were denied due to a pre-existing condition. I suspect that he's never had to call an insurance company to ask why little Ivanka wasn't showing on his plan as an eligible dependent or why his latest wife's claim was pended for accident details and that she can't receive her follow-up care until that claim is paid. Has he ever had to explain to a healthy 20 year old why they need to spend money health insurance? Has he ever had to help an elderly person understand Medicare and how it works? Has he ever offered health insurance to his employee's? If he truly represented the people of the United States of America, he would have had some idea of how complex and complicated the system has been for many decades. The majority of us already knew this though, we've been living it most of our lives.

What a collection of A-holes are out trolling tonight, all of them mad that Senator Sanders got a great laugh out of the buffoonery of the President. Lame

Tomorrow night, Trump will discuss his plans to build-up the military and fix infrastructure. We know cuts to several beloved programs like the EPA and the Arts, etc., will fund his military ambitions. As for infrastructure - look for a lot of sell-offs of Public Lands, Highways, Bridges, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, etc. to private billionaires like himself and billionaire corporacrats/banks (Goldman Sachs, Chase, etc., the same folks who stole your pensions in 2008, the same ones whom 45 swore he'd protect you from, with now Secretary of State "Foreclosure King" Steve Mnuchin, who as CEO of OneWest foreclosed on the homes of U.S. Soldiers on active duty in the Middle East who therefore missed mtg payments, foreclosures which led to 1000s of suicides of U.S. Soldiers and for which OneWest but NOT Steve Mnuchin received criminal charges and penalties) at the helm, etc.,this is how he'll fund his infrastructure projects. He will drain the public purse to fund private schools, prisons, private drilling deals, as in Keystone XL and DAPL, etc. He will profit from selling-off that which is for us all, public. He fancies himself a maverick real estate agent and was just handed a real estate agent's wet dream. Meanwhile, we can't even get an investigation of legitimate vote tampering and treasonous communications with a murderous dictator. Why do his supporters not see this? Are they so blinded by their fear of "terrorists" that they don't see who the real terrorists are? "A lot of people ... still don’t get it - that these guys are playing for keeps, that they are going after you, that they are not going to leave any little bit for you. "There’s only one thing that the ruling circles throughout history have ever wanted - all the wealth, the treasures, and the profitable returns; all the choice lands and forests and game and herds and harvests and mineral deposits and precious metals of the earth; all the productive facilities and gainful inventiveness and technologies; all the control positions of the state and other major institutions; all public supports and subsidies, privileges and immunities; all the protections of the law and none of its constraints; all of the services and comforts and luxuries and advantages of civil society with none of the taxes and none of the costs. "Every ruling class in history has wanted only this - all the rewards and none of the burdens." ---Michael Parenti THINK "TRUMP'S GOLD ROOM." I get this gaudy display of wealth in Saudi Arabia, but in America, while an increasing majority of US citizens struggle to feed and house their families? Google Republican Jason Chaffetz public land selloff...these guys want it all...

When Obama care is repealed and replaced, will the Republicans call it Your Great American Policy? Will it also look like a toilet bowl? What bothers me is why do American doctors make so much money? Is it because they consider themselves God like or do they feel entitled to charge an arm and a leg for an arm and a leg? I think this insurance thing should be capped at a low rate then doctors won't have to pay such huge premiums for malpractice insurance. Limit the amount they can charge and if they refuse the see patients then fine them substantially. There are too many tests conducted and too many unnecessary surgeries being performed. The rest of the world has medical coverage covered so why don't the Republicans just upset the gravy train.They might just be taken seriously in this matter.

Just like Dems didn't have any Republican support for ObamaCare, Reps don't expect any from Dems for repeal and replace. What goes around comes around. Keep laughing... We shall keep winning.

When he said it I almost fell out of my chair. I was paralyzed by his stupidity. I know it's funny hearing the idiot say it but considering what he plans to do we should be extremely horrified. People are going to die because of his foolishness.

Thank god for Bernie Sanders. The DNC rigged the primaries, and because of that they lost. It's exactly why I'm registered as undeclared. I don't believe in the party system. Whoever is the best fit for the job gets my vote, and Sanders will get my vote every time.

320 million people and 20 million have it !! This is not an affordable healthcare. Also have to pay a penalty if you dont have healthcare is just another way to cover and pay for people who abuse the welfare system. Get rid of the penalty and give Americans the choice of who their health care provider is. Stop socialism !!!

Party politics is the issue here. When the government operates solely on the mindset of the party rather than the needs of citizens, you just get this craziness. It isn't globalization that is hindering, but it's this you are either red or blue administration that happens every four years, creating division, and back and forth administrative perambulation. Donald Trump wouldn't have happened if there had been more than two major parties. If you really want to fix America, don't vote democrat or republican next election. Instead, ensure to see that the branches of government are throughly mixed with members of various parties. Only then will you begin to see the government making efficient compromises to benefit all citizens.

Trump is very very ignorant along with many other things we all know. Pathological liar, pervert, DRAFT DODGER, hates veterans and military personnel that get captured, thief, involved with Russia and spying, the list goes on and on.

Who's providing health care to 320 million people exactly? I used to have Healthcare. It was affordable, 30 dollar Co pay could see the doctor every day if I wanted to... Now I have an expensive tithe to pay that doesn't cover jack, so the government doesn't steal my tax return.

Mostly what the Republicans want is to repeal it and allow the states to decide and fund their own healthcare programs, which is a good idea, trump seems more likely to amend it. But if you really think the aca is great, you are being foolish, its not great. It has some great protections but its really just a way for insurance companies to line their pockets. With costs going up, middle class families are being able to afford it. So the very rich and the very poor will have insurance. The only way to provide everyone healthcare is to go to a single payer, but that is problematic too because when you do that you put politics into healthcare and we have since what that has done for woman's health care rights and even our schools

Get this: same insurance policy, my meds (3) cost $280 for a 30 day supply in the US and a doctors visit cost $95. My deductible is $3500 for the family. I travel out of the country and use the same insurance: $70 for a 90 day supply and a doctors visit is $0 out of pocket $0 deductible.

Yeah... duh Donald body knew, but your political knew it all,,,you told your followers it was going to be BIGGER and BETTER, we are WAITING... yeah the working class still needs the affordable heath care you promised them.

Crazy but How about government get out of every aspect of our lives but Bernie wants more government. Either way the two party system should be destroyed

All of the Trumpettes have no idea how much Kool aid you have ingested. You have not even listened your leader! Your not only supposed to think CNN is fake news but many other sources too! But that's so typical with your narrow minds. You can't argue ever or debate in a social forum. Just call people names and old and weak. Just like your elustrious leader Don Trumpf. It's really a shame you don't see how the entire world See's how pathetic you all look right now. Enjoy your slow and painful decline.

Bernie, tell that to your constituents in Vermont. The farmers and business owners whom can't afford to pay those high prices for the ACA

I wish the democrats knew how difficult health care was when they forced feed the ACA down Americas throat.

"Horror grips us as we watch you die All we can do is echo your anguished cries Stare as all human feelings die We are leaving you don't need us."

If healthcare is a right that the government should pay for, then since guns are a right the government should pay for them too. Dems mind be blown.

Hmm can someone tell me again why I should pay triple for less insurance coverage than I had so that some can get theirs for less.

LBJ said the biggest regret of his presidency was not passing universal healthcare. That was over 50 years ago. Think how much further along we would be if we had enacted a single payer system in 1968.

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