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CBS | A General Entertainment Channel

CBS is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s an entertainment channel that airs an original lineup of daytime and primetime TV, including dramas, comedies, talk shows, and reality series. You can watch the channel online via the CBS live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our CBS review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: CBS
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: CBS Homepage

If you want to learn more about CBS than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of CBS

Review of CBS


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

CBS’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that CBS live streams its programs as they air. CBS also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

CBS is owned by CBS Corporation.

See how CBS compares to other entertainment stations in the US.

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November 14th, 2:10 pm


From best-selling author James Patterson, starring Alan Cumming, Instinct is a new drama coming soon to CBS. ... See MoreSee Less



Comment on Facebook

I love Alan Cumming! Whoopee Goldberg in the trailer too; freaking fantastic! Now if I get lucky enough this show will show up on Hulu so that I can watch it....fingers crossed.🤗❤️

This looks like such a great show! I love Alan Cumming and I love witty banter mixed with murder! Major Crimes also does that mix beautifully and it would fit in really well on your network! #savemajorcrimes

Oh good Castle is back, this time with actors that hopefully don't hate each other and have huge egos.

You stink cbs!!!!! taking an iconic series like star trek and making it unavailable for everyone!! The people who thought this was a great idea just turned millions of people against your network! #boycottcbs

This got Garry's attention! The trailer is enticing; I am eager to see this! Oh!, and Whoopi is included in the great cast of character's actors! I am counting on the intellectual story, too. (Garry is eagerly anticipating this!)

When not add #MajorCrimes to the list of a shows? It's one of the most watched on cable TV. #savemajorcrimes

Stacy Elizabeth...this looks interesting...

Looks interesting, too bad Whoopi's in it

I LOVE Alan Cumming! I will definitely check this out.

seems more like a remake of Castle which a twist.

ALAN CUMMING, from THE GOOD WIFE, is still with CBS for this new drama.

Love Allen Cumming but probably won't watch if Whoopie is in it.

Is this a somewhat copycat of the show Perception that starred Eric McCormick?

Looks good, but hope it's not replacing Elementary.

I quit reading JP's books......some he has his collaborators, the books are not the same

This sounds like a remake of Castle!

Not for me but only because of Goldfart.

Bring back zoo hell just one more season so it not a cliff hanger

When is it coming? I can't seem to find the listing?

Looks like it would be interesting to watch!!

This looks like it might be a fun show to watch!

Another castle show but I'll still watch it

Jon Moldenhauer have you read this one?

Daniela Wolniak what we were waiting for!!


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November 13th, 3:20 pm


The first 9 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are now streaming on CBS All Access. Catch up before season 1 continues January 7: bit.ly/2jlY9sB ... See MoreSee Less

Star Trek: Discovery | Now Streaming


Comment on Facebook

Considering that you have to pay a network to watch on their “All Access” I’ll save my money! I wonder how the ratings are for this show! Fox did something similar to this several years ago by blocking certain shows for 8 days before enabling viewers from watch online unless you paid extra. It didn’t last long.

I would love to watch this show, however for some reason CBS, a network broadcast outlet, is charging for their All Access program in order to stream. That's a no. CBS's programming lineup outside of this program simply does not justify adding a paid subscription service. There was a time when CBS, ABC, and NBC were able to provide network programming to the public by collecting advertising dollars. I'm not sure what happened to that strategy, nor how on earth Roddenberry's estate authorized its popular property to be encumbered by such a strategy. Long story short, if CBS has a real interest in seeing this new Trek widely distributed, they are going to need to figure out their business model and make it function without the influence of this property. Until then I'll hold tight and see where this goes. As much as I love Star Trek, I can totally live without it.

You stink cbs!!!!! taking an iconic series like star trek and making it unavailable for everyone!! The people who thought this was a great idea just turned millions of people against your network! #boycottcbs

You screwed yourself on opening night. Only showing half a pilot and then wanting people to shell out more money each month to watch the other half.

#savemajorcrimes 10 millions viewers and I think it would a good fit with Star Trek, sci-fiction+fiction+drama+mystery= amazing combination

I’ve actually enjoyed having my all access pass. Sometimes Netflix bogs down and having something to lose to watch is nice. That being said those that won’t pay for it also guessing you won’t be paying for the Disney breakaway right? Cause Marvel & Disney are leaving Netflix.

Best show I watched in a very long time. You have to be open minded and realize its not the 50's or the 90's. Its a new fresh experience. Its not enterprise its not voyager or deep space 9. In other words its not cookie cutter its fresh while keeping with the core trek values. Love it ; its a mini movie each episode

This is awesome, love this program. However, when I joined All Access my discovery was there is not one episode of Elementary, canceled within trial. Very limited on key shows.

I don’t mind spending a little bit of money to watch the season. But the problem I have is we can’t to the conclusion and so we wait two more months of paying that’s kind of holding us for ransom

Please fix the live All Access app on Apple TV it keeps crashing and turning white it's really annoying. I'm paying for something that I can't even freaking watch!

........... the only place you boldly went good sir is finding a way to piss off fans... then you created the spore drive?.... no no no.... that is the dumbest thing since voyager getting stuck in the delta quadrant

I already pay for DISH so that is enough TV for me I am not going to pay for something else. no thanks CBS

well, there is some no sense about Startrek DISC, but I have enjoyed all the episodes, mainly the last one.

I so love this show! And I also love #MajorCrimes. Both shows have diverse cast and characters. #savemajorcrimes

This is not your father's Star Trek. "F-bombs", openly gay and lesbian PDA, questionable characters...

Cpt. Incoming communication from Borg Kitties.. Tara Clark kitty say "You catshit will be assimilated.. resistance is futile.." Savannah Peterson kitty report on far far away team. Humanoid recieving Borg Kitty Kittylepathy.. intercept ananana on U.S.S. SSS please stand by by standing. Humunoid has superior technology doesn't operate without batteries.. The Vice President was a Dick.

What a stupid episode, full of plot holes and stupid twists, which did not make any sense at all. Not to mention stupid people... OK, so Discovery's crew is needed to finish a way of penetrating the cloak and what no dedicated team of engineers and scientists can do, they do in a matter of hours. Lorca orders the ship to go to SB 46 at Warp 5 in 3 hours, this is important. Midway they come up with their plan and then suddenly the crewman reports "we are detecting the energy signature of a cloaked ship entering orbit of Phavo." - wait, what? So, they actually can detect cloaked ships? If they can then the whole episode has no point. Ok, but lets go further: Burnham convinces Lorca that it is illogical to leave her behind on Discovery and he agrees. On the ship they place the first blinking sensor (why do they have to flash like this???) and then realize there is a prisoner. The logical thing would have been to place the second sensor (working towards ultimal defeat of the Klingons should outweigh the fate of a single prisoner) and use the time Kol is distracted by Discovery's attacks to find the prisoner and free her. But no, instead of making good on starting the war, Burnham decides she has to rescue the single prisoner, risking the mission to end the war. This is completely inconsistent and illogical. She risks many more deaths to free one prisoner, which she has more time to do so later. Well, when all that happend, Tyler gets a flashback - again bad writing. This is not how PTSD works. flashbacks are not triggered like this, but by unrelated effects. Battle shocked soldiers get flashback when a child's balloon bangs up and not on the shooting range. Well, the crew gets safe and is rescued, great. We learn that the Admiral got a shuttle to Starbase 88 and is already in surgery. But DISC is still at the planet when Starfleet informs them of a large fleet of cloaked vessels (although Lorca just before noted that STarfleet does not have the algorithm yet, so how does Starfleet know of the cloaked ships - surely they just detected their energy signature...). So DISC is in danger. Why she cannot just go to Warp 9 to Starbase 46, this would take them not even an hour. Instead they jump again. But how did Cornwall reach a Starbase in what time and going into Surgery. And if there is a fleet of Klingons coming, what was the point of all this? Even if DISC escapes they can still destroy Pahvo. Lorca seems not to have a problem with that. Who cares, right? This episode marks the finale of several which showed increasing inconsistencies within their stories. The best part was "detecting a cloaked ships energy signature" while attempting to find a way of detecting a cloaked ship. Quite apparently the writers are not very intelligent. What a mass.

I think I'd rather pretend the whole thing never happened. Really? The whole ship spins before going into warp? That's stupid, and makes no sense.

Want to see a great Space show. Watch Orville on Fox... Seth MacFarlane is great and it's FREE!!!!!!!

please #savemajorcrimes #10millionstrong

Shame on you, CBS. Make Star Trek available to all!#boycottcbs

Dear CBS.com, All Access SUCKS!!! Since you are making everyone pay to watch your newest iteration of Star Trek, fix your app so it doesn't skip content, or glitch at commercials. You money grubbing dorks need better geeks. Thanks. A pissed consumer. Dear CBS.com, All Access SUCKS!!! Since you are making everyone pay to watch your newest iteration of Star Trek, fix your app so it doesn't skip content, or glitch at commercials. You money grubbing dorks need better geeks. Thanks. A pissed consumer. Dear CBS.com, All Access SUCKS!!! Since you are making everyone pay to watch your newest iteration of Star Trek, fix your app so it doesn't skip content, or glitch at commercials. You money grubbing dorks need better geeks. Thanks. A pissed consumer. VERY PISSED. Dora Morrison-Stewart and Leslie Stewart

please CBS #savemajorcrimes #10millionstrong

CBS destroys The Star Trek franchise!#boycottcbs

Why don't you put this on network broadcast in place of some of the crap that's there now.

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