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BBC World News | A World News Channel from London

BBC World News is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s an international news channel that broadcasts complete coverage of breaking news, sports, and weather. You can watch the channel online via the BBC World News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our BBC World News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC World News
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: World News
Website: BBC World News Homepage

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Review of BBC World News

Review of BBC World News


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November 20th, 5:45 am

BBC News

Members of Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party are preparing to meet to discuss the possible impeachment of President Robert Mugabe.

We chart the recent history of a country in turmoil.
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Why is Zimbabwe in such a bad way?


Comment on Facebook

You forgot to say they slaughtered farmers, and mugabe stole money...having the most luxury hotel in Switzerland....and more.. this was a very incomplete article BBC

Leave Mugabe alone. By the way, Britain is wholly to blame for the economic crisis in Zimbabwe. It was Britain who breached the Lancaster house agreement which ensured the rights of the white farmers in Zimbabwe. Mugabe only responded as anyone will in the case of a breach of contract. You cannot enter into a gentleman’s agreement then later change your mind and expect everything to remain the same. The people of Zimbabwe have been punished because their president stood up to Britain.oh how dare he. He is old now and has to go, but will never be humiliated in the process, nomatter how much the BBC tries. He faught oppression, he won.He faught apartheid, he won.He slept in the bushes and sacrificed 10 years of his life in prison, came out and liberated his people from the scourge of white supremacy and humiliation.He stood up against imperialism and his people were and have been punished dearly for his courage. But although he is an outstandingly extraordinary man, he is still a man. Now his time to rest has come, as will everyone’s. Although he has his flaws, Remember he didn’t create the trade bans which killed the Zimbabwean economy. Tony Blair and George bush did. Am out.

„White minority rule...blah blah.... successful... blah blah.” is that usual prettied up sentence to gloss over a country and people whose land and natural resources were stolen. Colonialism is what it is, and we reaped the benefits. We can be grateful and amazed at the cunning of our ancestors.. But let’s not pretend we weren’t basically thieves and oppressors for our own financial gain. Shame their leaders seem to continue the legacy.

Meanwhile in Britain, people are dying in the streets homeless, people are queuing in food banks to feed themselves and the elderly are freezing to death cos they can’t afford to heat their homes. Funny world we live in.

Isnt it odd how the BBC can make it seem that Zimbabwe is the victim of circustances, instead of a corrupt socialist dictator. Another fine example of African government

"Be careful for what you wish for" was never more true than when Zimbabwe got independence. Always the despots who rob their own countries of billions and send them backwards. Once he is gone investment will come and Zimbabwe will blossom. Unless they get another tyrant

Mugabe has had his day, the people want him gone, he has stolen millions and lives in luxury whilst the nation is in terrible state, what was breadbasket of Africa now is short of essentials! Time for change!

No, I see order not turmoil. I salute the army, they have done what they actually said. It's now up to the legislators to do what the law says

Why is it that the Pope only kisses one hand and that is Robert Mugabe’s. Interesting. What has the Jesuits got to do with this great Zimbabwe experiment? Has Mugabe hit his used by date and now they wish to “rescue” the nation? Why? It’s interesting....

the ruling of the Man and by staying in power for so long may be wrong, but, you don't expect a white man to come and own a large quarter of land in a black man continent or dominante everything in their country that we not happen in a white man land for that MUGABE is right

he should humbly retire to his private home n start playing Elder statesman politics before he share same fate with Faruk of Egypt, Seseseco of Zaire, or recent Jameh of Gambia.

Mugabe's refusing to go. He rules over Zimbabwe as if he were a king. He is si Old and he can't run the country again. I think he should step down.

Big western mouth trying to make way to access those resources by rushing mugabe's resignation...why western countries are so much involved into Zimbabwe internal affairs. The people of zimbabwe dont get that yet...for West its another african country with lot of potential under their control

Well got rid of the white man and then run the country into the ground must have though the white farmers lay sun bathing all day and the croups grew themselves!!!

Suprised mugabe hasn't legged it I mean African politics can get a bit dangerous. Wouldn't suprise me if someone killed him.

Britishers ruled almost every where in the world and looted the resources ignoring native citizens hence all countries who had been the colonies of English men must impeach England first...

BBC says Zimbabwe still has potentials and heavy natural resources! So all these news they are broadcasting...is it because they got their eyes👀👀 on these resources???

So...Zimbabwe has the ability to start again and do really well! Don’t mess it up. Let’s all hope selfishness, corruption and greed are not going to rule now!

IT and ITS WIFE, have scammed away sooooo much money from the AID, for the People.... Get the Bank accounts Raided, Take away his PRIVATE HOUSES.... How the hell do you think he bought them. .

He used the gullible people they allowed and supported him to make their lives a living hell so that a few prosper well they think they are

It is interesting how closely this recent history matches what Fanon describes in the Wretched of the Earth

Doesn't matter about the colonialist British past, the Chinese are here to take things to a new era.

Oh , this weird looking old figure has decided to keep the entire nation to a standstill and it's really time for Zimbabweans to send him into exile by force , no one really know the importance of military take over there , sounds like things aren't still quite clear yet

Great! Also: News update: Dtrump will give Eulogy at Charles Manson's funeral, emphasizing 'mental illness". sarcasm intended.. Happy Monday everyone...scumbag manson departed the earth!

No mention of them becoming largest producer of lithium in your op-ed, strange that. And Tesla unveils it's new truck shortly after the coup, which we're not allowed to call a coup.

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November 20th, 3:15 am

BBC News

"We need him to resign, we are suffering."

"We're being played."

Zimbabweans react to Robert Mugabe vowing to stay in power: bbc.in/2hN0FIe
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Zimbabweans react to Mugabe


Comment on Facebook

Zim people should remember what happened in Libya, today Libya is war zone the people are suffering. Zimbabwe be wise don't let BBC push you to kill your hero ' if Mugabe is a dictator that means queen Elizabeth is also a dictator.

I don't know why this people did not think about how much Mugabe helped this country, He fought for them, he gave them freedom and allow individual to access what they like. They will remember this man one day. The saint they want will disappoint them soon.

Zimbabwe is going to face a serious crisis regarding governmental legitimacy if this is handled poorly. The military needs to be sure the people are included in the discussion and it doesn't just become another military dictatorship.

Now America needs to follow the same footsteps and impeach trump out of office. Even if they have to use force.

Zim people........dont accept this - you are being played - go back to the streets and stage more protests - both Mugabe and Zanu PF must see that the people will not be fooled by these antics.............

I remember seeing a similar report from the bbc about Ghadafi. Today, Libya is soooooo bad people are selling others as slaves. Leave Zimbabweans alone.its not your business.there are more things on this earth to report. Mugabe will go but he will never be humiliated as the bbc is so desperately trying to do.i want him to go too, because he is old and that’s all.but without Britain’s bad faith with Zimbabwe, their people will not be suffering. Assume your part in their suffering.

The Zimbabwe citizens are just so polite to put up with this dreadful leader who has done so much harm to their beautiful country so sad he must go

Total deluded old fool mugabe , his ego and that of his wife have made Zimbabwe their own personal bank , let’s hope the crowd are unleashed on those ridiculous callous maniacs , they’ve had their warnings to go ...no respect or love for this fool and his dis Grace !

The deposing of a dictator doesn’t automatically result in an end to authoritarian systems of governance. In a world of geopolitics, military industrial complex & economic imperialism, true democratic freedoms aren’t possible - not until we fight for them together.

I worked with a Zimbabwean absolute gentle man explained how respectful their culture is towards their elders I think that’s what Mugabe or his advisers are trying to exploit. Just hope they get an honourable capable replacement.

The Rhodesian War was fought and won by Mugabe`s Forces who had help from the USSR and was meant for people to vote out Ian Smiths party ,but no-one was allowed to vote out Mugabe, this so-called Military take-over is a set up so that he looks weak but then gets to leave on better terms because if he was voted out he would be left with nothing.FAKE NEWS.

Bravo to the soldiers!Aim of speech was not for Mugabe to resign...that speech was deliberately designed to make Mugabe appear he has not been forced to resign by army ...Speech designed to constitutionalise army actions...and to constitutionalise Zanu PF actions...The speech was pre-recorded and edited by the army...in the speech Mugabe acknowledges his failure on the party and economic front...acknowledges lack of democracy...praises soldiers for doing the right thing...next stage is to impeach Mugabe by Tuesday...next stage is to impeach him...the long and short of it is the world has been told that soldiers did the right thing. You Will understand it!

37years in power, 93 year old. Love for Power is a disease to some leaders and will contribute to their eventual downfall irrespective of whatever good they may have done. Africa needs to depose these sit tight leaders for any chance of growth.

The focus on Mugabe would have you think his long stay in power had been entirely a one man show through some personal political genius when the fact of the matter his party and the defence forces had been fully complicit and are only reacting for reasons of self preservation against a background of many of them having seen their vested interests threatened by the new power politics that were emerging in the ruling Party.

Its always been difficult to get rid of senile old Dictators.They are addicted to power and will not let go.

Mugabe is the only legitimately elected President of Zimbabwe incase you've forgotten so there's no need for him to resign.

I think they are absolutely right. Mugabe rules over Zimbabwe as if he were a king. It 's too bad. He's too Old and he can't run the country again. How can They make him understand that ? He must go and someone else will take over. That's it.

Though he may have been in power for long and people are expecting so much from forgetting we are in times that things are not going well in all nations. I think the people of Zimbabwe should be careful how they go about their president. Remember what they did to Gaddafi and and how is Libya today. Is only God that grant us total freedom and peace.

Zimbabwe needs a new path, may Mugabe, Grace go speedily into exile!! Hopefully not with the billions they have stolen from their starved & depleted country.

My favorite was the woman's sence that they are already in a "post-Mugabe era"!!. This reaction for that!.

He be a dead man walking he be last king of Scotland Mugabe in Africa the people will tear him apart.

Mr good will come you will not suffer again don't worry,you will one day search for Mugabe,HE HAS DONE HIS PART THE REST IS HISTORY.

Such smart, eloquent people. ...so hope this is a turning point towards a good future. Such resilience and resourcefulness and humour, when you have all been through so much for so long, is awesome.

The military system should be a temporary solution to achieve the real democracy and prosperity of the country. Military top positions must include the people reps in all the decision making process ongoing....the end state is clear and people must be the centre of gravity ...!!!

People of zimbabwean in this video pointed very vital massage for their country,( freedom) that every nation is thirsty for it.freedom is like water, a plant without water dies, this is freedom that makes a country very strong . It is said: when you have ballet box, you don't need bullets.

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