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BBC World News is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s an international news channel that broadcasts complete coverage of breaking news, sports, and weather. You can watch the channel online via the BBC World News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our BBC World News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC World News
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: World News
Website: BBC World News Homepage

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Review of BBC World News

Review of BBC World News


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4 hours ago

BBC News

Always championing the truth
The London attack is remembered in Westminster, one week on, with an "atmosphere of solidarity":
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"the london attack"? isnt that a little out of proportion? when the germans bombed london, that was a london attack. this was just some dickhead with a knife** (corrected)

You should have had solidarity when it came to stopping the UK and US governments from killing half a million kids in Iraq via embargoes over a period of ten years prior to 9/11, amongst other such atrocities. Failing which, this solidarity is nothing more than the ossification of the arrogance it took to bring this dismal state of affairs about.

5 British civilians die... international uproar. Hundreds of middle eastern people die in Mosul ... well people get caught in the crossfire during a war don't they? While you nagging over 5 civilians all the time , maybe if we were white, and blue eyed people, thing would be different.

Obvious false flag. Curb our freedoms and liberties, despicable. See it for what it is, a gift for th current ridiculous narrative courtesy of the spooks.

What these people trying to show tht their care about those people who have got killed.. what about the people getting killed in syria and palestine everyday aint they human being.. bbc is a bloody hypocrite and we are paying them for it ..

Thousands of Muslims gathered in Trafalgar Square today to protest against the violence and mass murder committed in the name of their religion all over the world. Nah...not really. Just kidding.

We are all humans, and i get sad every time there is a killing somewhere in the world, but i wonder how can we humans remember a 3 people killed in London and forget about 300 000 civilians killed in Syria?

Great how there is always solidarity after an attack..! What a shame that these days there's little of that in between.. :-( Bring on Brexit and Bring on the changes PLEASE!

It makes me sad to read some of these comments. Here are a group of people who were able to come out and pay their respects to complete strangers for the pain and suffering caused by this incident. I would bet that the vast majority of them also care about every other atrocity that is occurring around the world, man made or natural disaster. People who care about humanity don't discriminate by religion or colour or race or location. They care about their fellow human beings. Why do some of you feel you have to determine what it is they care about? You don't know them. For all you know they may be giving financial aid or have friends and relatives in dangerous places around the world. Can we just stop the hate for a while and just be grateful that people care enough to pay their respects.

thats good they r doing it but cant they do for the people of muslims NATIONS to who are also suffering from this or they will always call them terrorists not the victims like they call west people victims whenever something like that happens not terrorists and i am not being a hate person now or the person that after this comment u should say bad to me but thats true what i have analyzed or notice that whenever attacks happen in muslim countries u call them terrorists not suffers and say bad about Islam or muslims but in west happens their u just say they r sufferers muslim did it just one tag is not their thats they r terrorist or murderers

BBC News i have been waiting for years and years to see on your page something about palastine people who were innocent and died due to airstrike and shelling of israeli army. You are showing one face of the world ,bbc news a Biased news and we all know that .

When attackers name came out Cristian converted to Islam suddenly blaming the Muslims vanished, anyway Condolences who got caught in the attack

and as usual it is the ahamdis (persecuted by the vast majority of muslims the world over who consider them a sect) that are at the forefront of the march and as usual non ahmadis muslim are gonna use them to show that islam is peacefull

I wonder how many more lives people have wasted talking/thinking/"Standing together" than were actually lost from the attacks

Don't they realise how much of a soft target there making themselves what if another terrorist attack would have occurred then running around like headless chickens panicking these people need to be self aware the last place i would want to be is in the middle of that crowd just a few weeks after a terror attack in the exact same location

As much as it shows we are still here, but standing on a road or lighting candles or bringing a rose isn't going to make these attacks stop!!!, far far far to soft

I wana tell u a short story of my life in baghdad ... we lived with Explosion every day ،and we lived with Militias kill civilians for their identity or their names..I really grew up on screeming wars and fear we lost our friends and citys and every thing .. just for what ?? And You know the rest of the story..But with all those years gone We never done what London did in the last attack .. by th way The attack was a man with a knife not with tank ..and god save london and save my home 💐💐🌹🌺

Scotland ll leave the UK Stupidity , insanity, infamous day , the EU was created to improve capitalism in Europe , the UK ll become a miserable country and France and Germany worlds superpowers, Brexit ' ll ruin the British economy .. Theresa May Day ' ll not save this Titanic, the Parliament already voted for EU , many many times , this is a big shame

I feel like Britian and the Muslim communities are more united than ever which is brilliant! Together we stand! No one will bring our country down.

It's the 'Dianna' effect, public outpouring, but at the end of the day we just carry on, that's the way to defeat so-called terrorists.

Sign "true -" I thought the true representative of Islam was Muhammad. And he was a bad bad man

Imagine if the same amount of attention was spent on the thousands of civilians who lost their lives in Mosul.

A message to all islamo fascists. Every non-muslim, and modern muslim, should vote for a new government, which promises to keep islamo fascists out of England and rest of Europe. Stop smoking and stop islamo fascists.

ISRAEL IS ATTACKING PALESTINIANS EVERY SINGLE DAY.KILLING CHILDREN. SHOOTING WOMEN.AND TEENAGE GIRLS.. WHERE IS OUR CONDEMNATION FOR ISRAEL'S ACTION & MASS MURDER OF INNOCENT.this one man flipped out and yes it was bad and wrong.people lost their lives and it was wrong on so many levels.but how can we sit back and have been doing since 1948 watching ISRAEL committing such horrible terrorists action on the people of Gaza and the Palestinians. How many people have the Israelies killed...No once the British Government has ever condemned their actions.or call ISRAEL for what it really is....A racist terrorist state.

this don´t solve anything.....ban mass immigration movement.

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