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BBC News | National News & A World News Channel from London

BBC News is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s a national and world news channel that broadcasts complete coverage of breaking news, business, culture, sports, and weather. You can watch the channel online via the BBC News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our BBC News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC News
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: National News, World News
Website: BBC News Homepage

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Review of BBC News

Review of BBC News


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BBC News’ rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that BBC News live streams its programs as they air. BBC News also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

BBC News is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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BBC News

Watch LIVE: French and US astronauts carry out a spacewalk on the International Space Station.
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This is awesome

Hello from Singapore!

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রশি দিয়ে দেই বান দেন


U on

Watch out for the aliens!


Go further!


Hello from Egypt !


Hello from the UAE!

Hello from Wisconsin, United States.

Hello from uganda


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2 hours ago

BBC News

The trail of destruction left by IS militants in Syria's Palmyra.
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You can rest assured that when a foreign country decides to move away from the American debt note-aka-the dollar, we will be there within the same year dropping as much democracy on that country as our taxes can pay for!

Thanks to USA and western countries for their democracy on Iraq. Thanks for the American people who supported the democracy on Iraq. Thanks to the all UAE and Saudis to support Americans for their dream. Thanks to the media like CNN and BBC for spreading democracy in Iraq and Syria. Thanks to the jihadist to spread democracy in Syria. Thanks to united nations to allow such democracy to Syrian and Iraqi people. God bless you all. Muaah

Why are we breeding? They will kill our children without compassion! Why are we building, why are we constructing? Why are we preserving our ancestors architecture? They will destroy it without thinking twice! Are those people hoping it will end eventually and they will rebuild it? Some things can never be restored - such as historical antic places but most of all, faith in humanity and compassion! 😔

Could they be destroying history, ancient cities and artefacts for a reason. Do certain people want no knowledge of what has happened in history?. These groups and war always seem to be destroying ancient sites of culture and history.

How is that we are all born innocent babies and yet some can end up being these evil destructive cretins with no feelings and just absolute hatred in their veins!

Dear people I'm sorry for those loss their lives in London my prayer and thoughts are are with them BUT 30 people being killed yesterday in Syria and the world is fucusing on the death of just 6 people! Is this you call a civilised world ? A live is a live no matter the color, religion or whatever. #RESPECT Syria you're not alone

Ruins further ruined. Who cares! How about the human beings, the people dying b 4 the ruins. The west should stop sending arms & ammunitions in the Middle East.

So Sad 😭 human kind can be so ugly to one another , Destroying our historic civilisations is like destroying yesterday's news !! Our history is who we are & HOW we've become who we are as Humans today ! It's called progress , when you destroy the evidence of the past , you are destroying the possibilities of growth for the future 😔

You know what's funny , is they show all these war torn city shots with active fighting . Yet we are to believe this asshats can just drive willy Nilly like they are going to the Grocery store.. Fake News...

The dash was formed by the American and their allies to distrub the whole of Iraq and divid the nation into Shia and Sunni furthermore the American who were paying huge interest on the Saudis money of oil etc decided to catch hold of the whole Arabs oilfields is now no more a hidden fact as some of his retired officer of military and CIA have already accepted this fact otherwise no chemicals weapons have been found on which basis they invaded Iraq directly and Libya, Syria , Yemen indirectly through their puppet governments. As a Muslim I stand with the grieved family who lost their love oncs but a real fact cannot be denied. In all this great game they were after Pakistan Atomic power installation but handle very carefully by the then general Raheel Sharif and government they fail in this plan however still keep supporting the Talibans financially and with arms & ammunition through our enemy state India whose agents have admitted the fact.

and they said: ISIS are MUSLIM!!!!. how can the true believer kill his brother for nothing after his book teaching him peace and love. pls to judge us bs on what our holy book teaching us. Don't judge islam bs on what his follower Done. HOWEVER, Terrorist are are not muslim. they are only saint of shaitan.

This is what happens when the us and its allies trying to invade a country Million deaths more than million displaced and yet still people paying the price!!!!! Who cares no one ☝️

Again, kill the minority, but why ? Is this a sample of what a secular country ? Is this improvement in law and order ? Who will give us right answer ? College teacher Samiron Majumder have been killed inside the house. This brutal incident occurred in the Nazirpur upozila of Pirujpur District in Bangladesh. Some communal terrorist was stabbed him to entered the house on 22th march, then he died thursday early morning on the way of Khulna medical college hospital. His wife Swapna Majumder severe injured to this incident, Swapna Majumdar were admitted to Khulna Medical College Hospital, her condition is not well. Minority Hindu people are being killed one after another planned - but the administration did not care.

After Israeli forces costumed as ISIS..... brought to you thanks to USA tax payers, Nato, and sponsored well paid mercenaries.....

No need to fret, leftists. Your efforts to turn this into a reality here in Europe are progressing well. Congratulations.

Isis are just stupid and animals. I bet half of them watch pornography. They are sick thugs who kill children, women, old people and don't hesitate to use people as human shields.

Che sia chiaro !I terroristi islamici non sono un branco di psicopatici e nemmeno un gruppo di disperati che sbagliano!Viviamo in un'epoca in cui il terrorismo è diventato una tabe a diffusione mondiale.I terroristi islamisti perfezionano le loro tecniche,acquisiscono negli anni sempre maggiore esperienza,soprattutto possono contare su un nuovo concetto,inesistente fino a qualche anno fa,per cui con un coltello da cucina,vedi il sacerdote in Francia,un'auto da lanciare addosso vedi camion che ha Nizza massacra innocenti,una pistola rimediata, dell'acido in bottiglia si diventa partecipi,e protagonisti,di un mondiale movimento di assassini-shahid ,gli eroi del nascente sedicente stato islamico.E alquanto falso dire che sono dei cosiddetti lupi solitari questi rispondono all'insegnamento fondamentalista islamista.Adesso si ripete a londraMa i politici che fanno ? Non è il linguaggio che è violento o istica alla violenza di questi vigliacchi terroristi islamici ma è proprio nella loro natura ideologica che diventano violenti .Questa falsa accoglienza porterà ancora violenza.Londra ne è un esempio!

That's a shame to destroy people's homelands. Shame on humanity. Why would any human do that to other fellow. I can't wait for the resurrection day. 🤦🏽‍♂️ why why why

BBC are a bit late reporting this! If the west and Israel stopped funding these camel bangers then we wouldn't be in this situation!

ISIS-US they are like brothers. Only thing they do is Killing killing and killing. Without them world is beautiful.

It's not ISIS its Islam. A death cult , one day Mecca is going to be boned into Stone Age.

And we want to bring more of these people into Europe? Why?

wait for what they will do to Europe and the Vatican, open borders and mass migration what a beautiful thing

This is BBC news.....And your government let's these people in.

And the US is still supporting IS and other radical groups vs Assad...

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