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Review of BBC News


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53 minutes ago

BBC News

Singapore PM on Brexit
#Brexit has weakened the EU and the UK may not have strengthened its influence in the world. That’s the view of Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong.

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If you're in Singapore and want to catch HARDtalk's full interview with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, tune in to our channel tomorrow at the following times listed below. #BBCPMLee

It's pretty clear that a tiny country on the fringes of Europe that does not produce anything is not going to have much influence on its own. He is merely stating the obvious.

"Pah, Singapore, what do they know about world trade, they are only number 3 in the world financial index trade, how dare they lecture UK on BREXIT and its destabilisation of UK in world market, we are the UK, we know what we're doing!", Don't we Donald? "

"so do you think the EU will still exist in 2 years?" Why does no BBC journalist ever ask that question? Because the EU, like the Soviet Union, will last forever?

He may well be making some valid points, merely educated guesses but this is about change. The change is starting now. It hasn't suddenly happened, as we haven't left yet. People don't like change. The ignorant masses will fight it, and some will escape it by jumping from the frying pan into the EU fire. But change there will be! Necessity is the mother of invention!!

BBC news reporting. I wouldn't trust anything this shyster peado hoarding government bought company has to say ever! Whether they are debating something good or not, one thing is for sure, it will be for the benefit of someone bad in one way or another.

Oh I'm not worried. Nigel Farage said it would be better. It is so obvious, that, to ignore it, is of imbecile proportions.

It's not as if Singapore hasn't gone it alone. This country was kicked out of Malaysia & managed to build a major economic powerhouse through strategic planning & alliances, including ASEAN. The UK is no longer the British Empire, we need to listen, Brexit is not in ours or anybody's interests.

Simple common sense usually makes the most sense. Seriously, you think the Americans are going to let you handle all of their financial services? What are you gonna make for the Americans that Asia and mexico do for far cheaper. Ready to undercut the peso?

The EU is weak full stop, the UK are just the first to leave.

Completely inflammatory sensationalist journalism !!! Now do what your supposed too and balance it by interviewing someone who suggests this strengthens the UK and stop being judge and jury - BBC the ultimate insult to Great Britain today !

pm lee, with the tiny wee wee, prosecuted amos yee, the 13 year old with a condition for making fun of his dadd-ie, talking about the clucking obvious, with a stranger hair-do than that donald trumpee

At the end of the day, the UK is, and has been, an empire in decline for the past 70 years. It's nothing more than a small island with very little products for export. It will eventually be seen as what it is, a resource poor country swamped by immigrants.

UK would be weakened by the thud which Brexit has dealt it. Already we have started sensing the terrible blow and they are thinking of ways and new means of reconsidering Brexit.

Someone who may be overly influenced by the ASEAN organisation perhaps? :/

I mean, did anyone think that would be the case?

Says the same guy who defended Singapore's criminalization of homosexuality.

Boring Getting really pathetic BBC Pull everyone you can in to try and hold onto the millions in EU funding !

We are currently still in the EU under EU auspices, what is he on about?

Words of a wise man.

His questions are soft. This is SOFTTalk.

Can somebody ask him who will win the 3.30 at Cheltenham next week????

So many meaningful and very powerful well thought word is a short clip.

I hope that Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II will stop this madness withholding royal assent like Queen Anne did before with the Scotch Militia Bill. filled with foreign millionaries calls other countries weak....gtfo.

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2 hours ago

BBC News

The people behind India's first sign language dictionary
India is going to publish its first sign language dictionary.
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Being an Indian I would prefer following BBC because this news till now hasn't been seen on other news websites, BBC is mostly about India I guess, an average Indian would yawn and BBC would cover it WOW 😹

The American signs are hard to understand. The Indian ones are easily interpretable. I have grown up using sign language with 3 beautiful people in my life.

There are 1690 languages in India. What a country with so much diversity. Going into another state feels like entering in New world.

Sry but sign language should be one language... As an hearing person surely it makes sense for a deaf person to have one universal language especially the fact it's only a minority of folk that understands it... I'm not trying to belittle anyone's culture but just cannot see why they should be different....

Again with India. BBC's obsession with India continues. I see at least 5 posts a day about India. There's stuff happening in the EU that needs to be reported

Invent something for the innocent and unarmed youth of kashmir as well who are blinded because of the brutal use of pellet guns by your army ......To all keyboard warriors: YES i am Muslim , a Pakistani and NO Kashmir issue has got nothing to do with instability and chaos in Pakistan......ANSWER objectively even if you have visited my fb page ...have a good day !

BBC posting stuffs about India 5 times a day They didn't post that today Indian government banned them from coverage of any of the tiger Reserve for 5 Years 😂😂😂😂

I don't understand sign language, I am illiterate when it comes to sign language, but to those people who communicate in this way, good for them.

Surely the BBC should be showing how it differs from British sign language?

India is really pulling its apps togather .its important not to leave behind those who can hear.

Obviously it will help for others, who are diff.. and old person.. who travels across the world... It's easy to be interact each other...

India is going in right direction and creating things for better future while America is busy in making wall and spoiling other small country

Here comes the hate comments like poverty rape etc....etc....we don't mind it.we are developing in a right way.

Almeno ai muti potevate risparmiare di imparare 40mila lingue dei segni diverse, creando un unico linguaggio universale.

Look like BBC is Indian TV because too much news just for India

BBC- why compare the signs to American and not British sign language?

When i saw US word for boy... all I could think of is that makes sense

Jonathan Michael how cool, we just had a conversation about sign in other languages

Peony Wong i think u should save this video and keep watching at home ALONE

10% of India are supposed to be visually impaired. this does not suit for those one.

Malvika Periwal interesting to see your homeland sign language!!!! Xmwahx

Anna Berberyan jan lav mitq a kareli a nuyny anel nayev hayerenov:)

What is the sign for scamming?

that's better language for them,, I have a broken ear, after hearing their english accent....

I know sign language India and sign language America. Beacuse I'm deaf

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3 hours ago

BBC News

Singapore PM on 377A homosexuality law
Sex between mutually consenting adult men is illegal in Singapore.

HARDtalk asked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about his personal view. #BBCPMLee
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You can catch Singapore leader Lee Hsien Loong's full interview on BBC HARDtalk airing 1 March: #BBCPMLee

Probably somebody is thinking about exporting democracy to Singapore as well and devastating the country, because we are morally superior !! Leave Singapore and other country alone from imperialism and your ideas .

Duncan Laurence; I'm loving his logic, we'll only change the law until it becomes universally acceptable in society without the slightest bit of opposition, irrespective of the legality of it.

Can this respected journalist ask the same question to the heads of some middle east countries??he won't even think about it & that's the difference in freedom of expression

Wanna change laws after it has changed socially? Your people follow the laws of the land, why would they be inclined to change their views if the government sees it criminalised? What a fool.

Social attitudes will change when the law does. There will always be some neandethal brained right wing conservative minded folks who will deny reality.

Where was The BBC when Jimmy Saville abusing children ?... Where was the BBC when 1400 girls in Rotherham were abused?

Singapore — a conservative developed countries still criminalising sex between mutually consenting adult men. Even China decriminalised it back in 1998. What a joke! Mr. Lee, no one is asking Singapore to jump into same-sex marriage straight away. So, why do u even bother to use it as an excuse to block the most basic progress. Just like a extremely poor person starts to worry about getting fat while he is still struggling to put meals on the table. Is that even logical? Society ain't gonna change itself without pushing. Yours are not logic, but excuse. Given your Chinese ancestry, the old Chinese idiom "因噎废食" is my gift to u.

Denise Heng yeah because giving minority groups equal rights as others will deeply affect the majority of society. sheesh.

Posted this comment yesterday - Let's see if the issue of the government's pro-chinese racist and fascist policies since 1987 to the present is brought up. My bet is it isn't, especially since the BBC didn't breath a word about it since then. Just a few examples - his father, late ex-pm stated that singapore must always have a chinese majority as the Chinese were practical and didn't bother about politics. He also said that educated people shouldn't marry the lesser educated as it would produce unintelligent children. He set up the Social Development Unit to bring together educated people. The government forbade, for a long while, the minorities from learning mandarin in favour of their respective 'mother toungues' whilst promoting the use of mandarin at the workplace and society in general. Recently, some MPs stated that the rights of the minorities were a gift of the majority and were a privilege. LKY at one time offered money for people to sterile themselves knowing full well that the poor at that time were significantly Malay. Not too long ago, the government said that singapore Chinese population was decreasing to below 70% or something like that, and began importing Chinese from China to 'keep up the racial balance'. Right now, and for the past number of years, young police officers, in their late teens to early 20s are sent out to patrol tube stations. Whilst their spot checks on people could be random some of the time, anyone who stood out, in style, demeanour, etc, are stopped and checked, especially Indians. Classic fascism. If anyone brought up racism issues, they had to fear being arrested for 'inciting racial hatred', though all they were trying to do was to get rid of the racism that caused such hatred. This was especially the case when the government pursued the 'chinesification' of Singapore in the 90s. Well, that's just a few cases. Let's see if Hardtalk talks about that. But I'm not holding my breath. *** Well, from what's featured on the video thumbnail, it seems that the right for men to shag men takes precedence over the problem of racism and fascism. Seems to be a case of Hardtalk thinking with their dicks.

Who the hell are the BBC to impose their stupid morals on a country way ahead of them on education, business and much more. BBC mind your own business and look at the not so good history the UK had when spreading its power throughout the world. BBC shut up and listen.

Having to please a wildly varied population from different race, culture and religion... As well as having asian values as our roots... I think its acceptable in Singapore to have such policies...

Nishit Kansara listen to this thing till the end. You'll observe he says something about s. 377A. In India too the section is 377! Irony? Nope. Its a standing proof of the deep rooted British colonialism! In all countries which they made colonies, they have enacted laws and they are strikingly similar. This is their biggest contribution. They have made legislations on which 21st century countries still function smoothly!

Let's all take a moment to remember that the entire Singaporean law code was adopted from the British colonial government. So the so-called "cultural values" being defended by the prime minister are those of nineteenth century Britain. It's not like it's some culturally authentic reaction to imperialism. If Singapore wants to define themselves as a nation with outdated Western values from the Victorian era, that is their choice. But they better be ready to publicly thank the British for colonialism, too. But God forbid we see any consistency.

Why does the predominantly left feel that attitudes have to change over night? It takes many many years for social attitudes to change. Once again the expectation of the left is to railroad people, nations etc into their way of thinking. It's utter nonsense!

The PM has a point. The laws of any free nation follows the will of the masses. In Nigeria a law was passed a couple years ago that criminalizes homosexuality and makes it punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Very few people opposed it and they were easily overlooked. Many people applauded it, so the law stands. This PM is being honest when he says the law reflects the majority.

Fool. Leaders are supposed to lead, are they not? it's all in the name Sir. With this train of thought the brave and true leaders throughout history who fought against slavery, racism, civil rights, apartheid, social injustice and a host of other issues would've never come to light. Isn't it easy to lead where true leadership is not required or truly encouraged!

Its called human rights folks, two adult males who wish to indulge in bedroom athletics or indeed stay in a loving relationship, harm no one. And if they offend you get over it.

Copout! That's not the reason - it doesn't even make sense. There's opposition right now. There's going to be opposition either way whenever a big change is made, but as leaders you still have to make the decisions. Total coward.

He didn't address the specific question which was put to him, which is a shame. It would be interesting to see if his attitude changed were it the case that a child or grandchild of his turned out to be gay.

Basically saying..I will support and enforce discrimination until it isn't in my best interests to do so. Political scum like this are everything that is wrong in the world today.

Well fact is' this is part of the reason why the Greeks failed and ceased to exist... maybe a sad fact for some but it still is fact...

My feeling is that he has no problem with how two consenting adults choose to live their lives together, but "social attitudes" make having a favorable opinion on the subject controversial. Sad, really. If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married.

Lots of Far Eastern Countries still find this a shameful thing so I doubt if they will get universally acceptable in their country. However countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China people are getting bolder and braver, where they will openly be gay. How does Singapore think they will stop this with law, unless they have their army go raiding into peoples houses. Out dated way of thinking!

you don't force your unbelief and ideas on people who disagree with you. i will only change my thinking and orientation about gays the day someone can show me where two males or two females animals,mate or have sex together but that wont stop me from respecting these gay people as humans created by Almighty God,who loves us regardless of who we are and His ready to forgive us provided we are ready to change and turn away from our sins. period.

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