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BBC News | National News & A World News Channel from London

BBC News is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s a national and world news channel that broadcasts complete coverage of breaking news, business, culture, sports, and weather. You can watch the channel online via the BBC News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our BBC News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC News
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: National News, World News
Website: BBC News Homepage

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Review of BBC News

Review of BBC News


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BBC News is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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10 minutes ago

BBC News

Turning waste plastic into cash for poor communities in Haiti
How one man is trying to save the environment - and help poor communities - by turning plastic waste into clothes.

(via BBC World Hacks)
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Comment on Facebook

It's shocking how irresponsible people are, throwing rubbish like this without regard for the environment. Good on him for making a positive use for the rubbish.

Fantastic - but companies that make plastic products should be made responsible for their recycling. (And batteries and lightbulbs and paint in cans, and so on)

Won't it still end up in the landfill? And, don't get near the woodstove or fire pit or your blow dryer.

Many years ago my father told me that in the 21st century people would wear clothes made of silver thread and some would live on the moon. We are 17% into that century and in May's Britian, some do wear clothes made of silver, given to them by paramedics to help prevent them from hypothermia, not from living on the moon but from living on the streets. Vote for a real future. Vote Labour on June 8th

Its beautifull idea that could change and help our envirmoent thnx from africa

My nan had a plastic mac in the 70's so nothing new.

Some clothes are being worn now made from plastic by employees of several US airlines.

We need more young talented pleople like this to lead the future of mother Earth !

I heard everytime you wash clothing like this it gives off microfibres that enter fish etc, so no solution here

I've got a skirt made from plastic bottles. ...never sure if I really like the feel of it.

How about cutting expenses on weapons and wars and divert those funds to uplift the so called poor communities..??

amazing and the people who think they are educated and citizen of first world country, go to the poor countries for travel purpose to visit sea beach and throw all plastics :|

The only way to save the planet is to reuse your plastic bags. To suffocate your children.

Where can i place an order for a bookbag? In need of a new one

waste management good job


why can't the so called developed world do this?

so, not even trash is a waste anymore...

Sooo clever Lucy Stainthorpe

Jonathan Brusch nice.

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46 minutes ago

BBC News

Computer problems hit British Airways flights
British Airways passengers face long queues and delays as the airline copes with a "major IT system failure".

Get the latest updates: bbc.in/2r8RqV4
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Comment on Facebook

Probably time to upgrade their servers from Windows XP. 😏

British airways is the worst airlines ever. They are the mordern day colonialist. Imagine you have to pay for this slave ship experience. The service is bad. The planes are old, out dated and haggard. This airline needs to go into liquidation as they cannot provide a good service nor increase profits from the way it's being currently handle. Yet I see orders of new aircrafts on loan from bank of china on there company profile at companies house. They can't even afford to upgrade their old planes but you're buying new ones? FAILURE! investors to this airlines be aware!!!!! Worst airline ever.

Major It systems fail on a monotonously regular basis. Many jobs have been lost to 'major IT systems' and the mantra is always that the IT systems are safer, more efficient and, of course, they have fail safes built in. The NHS, the air traffic control systems for the whole of the south east, the London Ambulance Service and many others have been affected by the failure of 'fail safes'. Any one of these failures could lead to loss of life, and it is only a matter of time and luck before the failure of a fire, ambulance, air traffic control or police control room's systems leads to disaster. People are the best fail-safe, and the fewer of them there are in a system the less safe that system is. Major IT systems might represent progress to some, but It is 'progress' with its fingers crossed.

People learn patience when they travel. You either make the best of it or you let it get the best of you... your choice! No different then your car breaking down!

Have they turned it off and on again?

United Airliners assault you first.So stop complaining😂😂

Interesting.....Australia had something similar happen just a few days ago.

Yikes! Oh, please, please, NO, when we go through there this summer! Good luck, everyone!

Should get that kid in that sorted out the NHS fiasco ... he only charged them about ten quid.

I'm sure this has got absolutely nothing at all to do with offshoring their IT to TATA 🤥

Major IT systems failure = Trying to upgrade from Windows 98, to Windows XP ;-)

Ooooh sorry . I can imagine the inconvience to the customer

That's progress for you...remember when you could walk up to the desk..buy a ticket to anywhere..wait an hour and go...!

British people are so proud of their powers of queuing

It's the weather it cannot cope with all this hot weather it has over heated

Wouldn't want to be the IT boss at BA right now...

Gotta be either dinald trumps fault or the russians hacking again or its in memory of Manchester

It's affecting both outbound and inbound. Not that Gatwick have updated their live times to say that for Inbound.

I love it when my flight is delayed or concealed, that means more money in the bank. #compensation 😂😂😂😂

They will probably blame it on Brexit - everyone else does !

বাংলাদেশ বনাম পাকিস্তান ১ম প্ৰস্তুতি ম্যাচের বল বাই বল স্কোর আপডেট দিচ্ছি এই পেইজে . Live Score BD . লাইক দিন

Lee Hutchinson I'd still arrive early for your flight !

So, people in first world still face chaos and mismanagement..eh? Its far safer to travel in developing countries..

For this reason told you Think how make human fly without machine

Have they tried turning it off then back on again?

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1 hour ago

BBC News

The place with a million people and no bookshop
Since last year, the Bronx has been the only borough in New York without a bookshop ... until now.

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Comment on Facebook

I think it's wonderful -- bookstores serve a need and satisfy those who love to read. Please remember, too, that the Bronx is a part of the NYPL system. This is one branch -- are there more? www.nypl.org/locations/bronx-library-center

Born in the Bronx but transplanted to California as a toddler, I am astounded to find out that the Bronx has had no bookstore. So happy to hear that one is being opened at last.

One may not have the same experience from Amazon or any other website as physically visiting a book store. Same as reading a book from it's hard copy would be a different experience from reading it on tablets. Our brain may function differently and level of comprehension would be different as well

Is this really an issue? Amazon put alot of book stores out of business and we're in the age of e-books for tablets and phones.I grew up in Woodside [Queens,NY] and their bookstores are gone [there used to be a couple of bookstores in the Queens Center Mall] I think there's a Barnes and Nobles in Forest Hills,but that's about it.

I use to own the largest book store South East... books don't sell anymore. People want everything as cheap as Walmart. Walmart has to buy the books same price as a book store but they will sell that Harry Potter book at cost to get you into the store. Then you have your shoplifting and the people who never buy a book but sit and read them all day. No money in it anymore. Trust me I had a store like no other.

When people are against you" stay strong because God is with you no demon in hell can stop you when God before you" I pray this bookstore will be the biggest bookstore in the hole New York New York in Jesus name I pray amen!!!

Just what black communities need, black supremacy in literature. Good to know that most of the best authors in history would be unavailable.

Can people in the bronx read ? Maybe that's why there wasn't a book store there

Books are the gateway to a new world. Education changes lives

Books are outdated. I'm willing to bet each one of them have internet access.

Its not books they need its education , You can have a library full of books , But if you cant read they are useless..

Cant believe all the negative comments about something so positive.

I think how you can fix this problem is sing a song and hug it out :P

We don't have a bookshop either. They're going out of business because everything's digital.

unbelievable. never that i would see a place that has over 1 million inhabitants and until this bookstore was opened, had no bookstores

Good on you!!! Well done!

Guns everywhere but not a bookstore?

Can anyone even read there?


She's making a mistake making it a wine bar.

Well done! 💓👏✌


Juliana Barreto Tavares Guilherme Augusto #bronx

Kelley Carmita

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2 hours ago

BBC News

UK terror threat level reduced
"The country should remain vigilant," says Prime Minister Theresa May after the UK's terror threat level is reduced from 'critical' to 'severe'.
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Comment on Facebook

Here's a thought experiment for people who are sympathetic to the Tory party. Say Jeremy Corbyn had been the Home Secretary for six years, during which time he slashed some 20,000 police jobs taking us back to 1970s levels of per capita policing. Let's say he also slashed the UK Border Agency budget so that over a million people per month were coming and going through UK airports without being properly checked. Let's say by virtue of an extremely self-serving EU referendum non-campaign he managed to sneak into 10 Downing Street, where he kept up his agenda of cutting the UK security services and border agency. Then there's a home-grown terrorist attack by a known Islamist fanatic in a city where Corbyn had cut the police budget by £157 million. What would you have to say about Jeremy Corbyn under these circumstances? And why are you not saying those things about Theresa May right now?

It was never critical. That was just the propaganda needed to excuse the deployment of soldiers on the streets to cover up the fact there wasn't enough police because of her cuts, something she said was ludicrous two years ago stating that the police were scaremongering and that the cuts would never lead to a paramilitary policing .... but it has.

The least positive message brings out all the socialist goons! What would Corbin have done in these circumstance, invited the terrorists round for a cup of tea and a cake? Get real!!

U-Turn after U-Turn after U-Turn. How anyone thinks she is the person to take us out of EU is beyond me. She changes her mind more times than Boris looks like a bumbling fool.

Now for some thinking about longer term measures to combat this problem. Three possible measures which might start to reduce the threat: Stop any further immigration into the UK from Muslim countries. No more Libyans, Sudanese, Somalis, Syrians etc. No more students, family members, refugees etc. Judicial review in secret of all on security service watch list with a view to deciding on possible internment or deportation. Much stricter control of international travel for all Muslim residents of UK. Must submit reasons for travel and travel plans before leaving and provide evidence that these plans were adhered to on return. No more creeping into Syria for training from Turkey. All of these measures will require resources and, of course, would be an anathema to the liberals. But, if good Muslims are serious about dealing with this cancer in their religion, they will accept and support these measures.

Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace. Corbyn - a terrorist sympathiser and somewhat supporter - taking advantage of the Manchester attack. Corbyn blaming Britain for these type of terrible acts of murder. Corbyn's Labour should not be voted to govern the UK under any circumstances.

I am from a country in a permanent state of war, but for the first time I saw men with guns in Vienna airport some six years ago. I just cannot trace back if there were any (or serious) terrorist attacks in Austria. May God keep them in peace. So, what's the fuss? They are protecting you.

Yeah vigilant against grey haired evil hags bent on stealing from the poor,the elderly and the sick to give to the rich

She needs to be seen to be doing something about it..words mean nothing action is needed only get on with it Mrs may. Lighting of candles and having minutes silence doesn't do anything.

This is nothing more than Theresa May trying to use a tragedy to try to gain some credibility that she does not deserve. How low can one possibly go.

The country should remain vigilant no matter what they call the terror threat level. People are trying to kill us in our own neighborhoods and they don't exactly announce it.

Remain vigiliant of former Home Secs who slashed policing budgets.

I've got a great idea. Lets raise taxes to eye watering levels. Police/NHS/Local Government can all have the massive pay rises they say they need and deserve, and at a stroke, all the country's troubles will be over. Everybody happy with that? Especially all you people who work outside of the government comfort blanket and who have also had to endure pay cuts, as opposed to 1% pay rises?

People should always be vigilant. You should always be aware of your surroundings. A lot of people, those who buy the Sun, Mirror, Mail, Sport, Express and Star for example, have no idea of what goes on in the world. In fact, their version of events will differ drastically from reality.

The threat of a Tory majority and Labour wipeout was 'severe'. It seems to have been downgraded to 'mild' now, though, which should also reduce our terrorism threat in time

Hannah Read Good Speech on behalf of " Hug a Jihadi " Jeremy .Meanwhile back in the real world where hard choices have to be made , I think I'll stick to Theresa. She's not perfect , but the alternative makes me shudder with fear.

ever wonder why politicians have never got it wrong? they have but they are experts at spin and the headlines are typical "the country should remain vigilant", not you, I or they just the country if they had done their job the country would not have to be vigilant as the enemy would not be within our borders.

Foxhunting muppet May just invited the Saudis here and sold the half country for them. Vote Lib Dems or Greens.

It's simple - Corbyn makes promises he and Labour will not be able to keep. He has already lied about tax. Corbyn just trying to shamefully buy votes.

Public needs to remain vigilant because the conservatives are not protecting us. Is there people in the country on watch lists that we suspect may have been or will be linked to terrorism? YES. Have we locked them all up or deported them? NO WTAF?

A necessary reaction after what happened in Manchester , But i'm sure Jeremy Corbyn's reaction would have been much different , Most probably do nothing and pretend it didn't happen..

It's about time may said something if the tories hadn't slashed the budget in the first place maybe we wouldn't be in this state of emergency Maybe the tories and may should read what Hannah read has said

But the soldiers remain? They were introduced when the threat level increased- common sense would say they are now not needed?

Maybe if we had more police on the streets the vigilant public could relax a bit!! We will all do our best but lack of police doesn't help!!

so many years of worthless words from her, she needs to show something actually getting done before she becomes one of the shortest reigned PM's of modern times.

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