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The BBC is the United Kingdom’s most popular TV broadcaster. It’s a national channel that airs a diverse mix of news, sports, documentary programs, educational shows, TV dramas, comedies, live events, and other programming. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s streaming service, covering the range of its channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Sport, etc.). iPlayer streams the BBC’s programs online, both live and on-demand. It is free — no login or subscription required. There are, however, some geographical limitations. See how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. See our BBC One review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC iPlayer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: News, Entertainment, Sports
Website: BBC iPlayer

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Review of BBC iPlayer

Review of BBC iPlayer


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BBC iPlayer is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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7 hours ago


Need more #LineOfDuty in your life? We sat down with the cast and creators and asked them your questions. Watch in full: bbc.in/2qteutP. ... See MoreSee Less

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Among all the dross on television nowadays this BBC production was first class. And of course the best male lead in the series comes from an Ulster man! All of the cast were excellent; the storyline superbly written,produced and directed in what will surely be an award winning drama for the Beeb.

I've just finished watching episode 6 and it's still as gripping (if not more so) as it was on the first episode of season one! Absolutely top notch in every department. Thanks BBC. I shall be eagerly awaiting season five!

The reason for the ring of corruption explained by Kate Fleming at the end was "and the consistent method has been to exploit vulnerable young women to blackmail officers into fearing they may be incriminated in serious offences". What does this mean?

Waiting for series 5 - can't wait... but happened with Maneet, love Arnott's Scottish accent, if the boss can be Irish let him be Scottish :~)

STAR TREK? Great to see the face/the BRAIN behind this fantastic Series. So happy you will be back. Congratulations to everybody!!!! <3

Think I need to start to watch this from the begining never seen it ? but I think I have missed a great drama 🤔

I definitely need more #LineOfDuty in my life. Absolutely incredible series! Heart in mouth stuff. See you for series 5 👍🏽❤️ ‬

Love this programme best thing on tele - completely unrealistic but still class tele- well done BBC ☝🏻👌🏻😉

What happened to the Asian female police woman from Ac 12 where was she tonite

What happened to Maneet ?

Awesome series my first ever and totally blew me away it is by far best Police Drama ever!

I have been gripped....fantastic series! I've only watched this series were the other 3 as good??

EXELLENT can't wait for next series xxxxxxx

Jed ... You're a genius !

Best police drama ever!

#Lineofduty deserves a BAFTA for this series!

Vikki, Rebecca, listen to arnott 🦄

Fantastic not on long enough great actors and storylines

Jade Hollis still can't believe his accent lol

Here's a question -When is series 4 coming to Hulu?

When is it coming here to the US?

Very much enjoyed the series.

Melissa Adamou steve arnott is so cute

International release by France Presse agency – May 2011 inricristo.org/world/international-release-by-france-presse-agency-may-2011/


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8 hours ago


At least that solves the mystery of who ‘H’ is.


... See MoreSee Less

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Nooo don't say its Hastings, he's like the big daddy of Goodness! Didn't realise about Jamie tho 😱 bring on the next series! Well done everyone involved

that was amazing! edge of seat once again!!! but the look Hastings gave at the end,,, he could be H!!!!!!! soooooo gooood! cant wait for series 5 when is it on???????

Just brilliant! Totally gripping viewing. Well done BBC on yet another great series and for FINALLY putting it on BBC One! Roll on the next series! Love it!

Still want to know what Hilton had on Maneet to make her feed him info.

That was just outstanding, absolutely brilliant well done BBC. I've never seen series 1 or 2 but I presume they are all linked....I so need to see them.

Brilliant final episode. Really delivered and ended another fantastic series on a high! Great shot by Hastings taking out balaclava man but I'm not 100% sure he's not involved! Can't wait until next series 👍👍👍

Loved it! Sad it's finished, please don't make Hastings a bent copper, he's just too good at being an awesome justice seeking gaffer!

I knew Jamie was involved, but what an ending, Sundays will never be the same again until series 5! Please re-run series 1-3 best tv drama by miles 😗

TV drama at it's best! My heart needs some time to recover, but I already can't wait for it to come back! Definitely still question marks hanging over Hastings.

Superb! I hope that Hastings is straight.... I love his casual irreverence for all things politically correct...the World needs its good guys...let Hastings be one of them please.

Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant!! Well done writers & cast for another fab series! I'd like to think that 'H' was actually Hilton and he did actually commit suicide after the tip off from Jamie but who knows!! Roll on series 5! Kate and Steve romance please!!

Certainly going to rest uneasy for the next year that Hastings is actually H 😩. Fantastic last episode though, Huntley nailing the solicitor and Hilton was pure👌although shame we didn't get to see that wet blanket bent cop Hilton squirm in front of AC-12

Brilliant! There is nothing that comes close to this, so many plots and twists....just superb all round! I can't wait for the next series, Sunday nights won't be the same! :(

Best show ever! I'm so glad I haven't watched series 1,2 and 3 yet. I can watch them while I wait for series 5😀

After the office scene with hastings and hilton in episode 5, if hastings was H, I would have expected Hilton to know that and have discussed it, rathet than just imply it for his own gains. They all seem to use burner phones and Hastings voice is very recognisable, surely Hilton had to know if Hastings was involved.

That was absolutely brilliant on the edge of your seat drama well done BBC and all the actor's can't wait for the next one hope it's soon .

Fantastic ending to a gripping series. Can't wait for series 5 and well done to all the actors for an outstanding execution of a brilliant script! Can't come up with enough superlatives!

Did it again #LineofDuty - another completely brilliant series👏👏👏. Easily one of the best police dramas ever. And 'give me strength' Ted just can't be H, he just can't!!🤔🤔

Absolutely amazing from start to finish .. Jed Mercurio what an excellent drama , you and your team certainly know how to keep the suspense and intrigue going from the second the series kicks off and until the dying seconds when you know it's going to finish when the music gets louder ,fantastic script, just love the twists , can't wait for the loose ends to be tied up 😀

Great telly great drama well written, I didn't want it to end, hubby said Hastings is the ring leader I never even thought of it, brilliant acting and I have to say that now you've come to mention it he really sus can't wait till the next series well done BBC 👏🏻👏🏻

Fantastic series! Haven't seen the previous ones but will make sure I watch them now. Will be watching tonight's episode again as there was that much going on I think I need a double doze!! Also my dog was sitting on my chest for the last 20 mins trying to calm me down which didn't help haha😂

Ooh don't know, does it indeed!!! Lot to work with in next series but at least Steve and Kate survived, do we suspect Hastings or not. Good writing had got us torn over it.

I loved this series of Line of duty. However, after 5 GREAT episodes. I must say I was disappointed with the Final episode :-/ You could read/ know what was going to happen. On a different note. I think Hastings is 'H'. He'd well & truly would know how to cover his track's! :-/

I woke up this morning and thought 'Great it's Line of Duty finale tonight' Don't think telly has ever got me like that. Thandie Newton was exceptional in this.

Fantastic ending. Loved it! Definitely suspicious about Hastings though! Very clever man and if he is involved with the masons then they're are almost above the law. Time will tell😉

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8 hours ago


Yesterday it was Joshua vs Klitschko, tonight it’s all about Hastings vs Hilton! #LineOfDuty ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

H = Hastings, didn't have to shoot to kill could have winged him? Or was he shutting him up? A life's work.. plenty of clues to suggest he's as guilty as sin!

Loved it so brilliant but there are more baddies to be found infiltrating the police at the top

Think Hastings may be involved and under orders got rid of Hastings, will have to wait for the next series

omg what an awesome ending to series 4, going to feel weird again not seeying line if duty on tv for like another year, roll on series 5 I say :)

Hargrieves must be H. Plus he's on murder squad who they've conveniently brought back into the storyline.

Still don't trust Hastings......🤔

What a brilliant ending best tv drama by far 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Kept me gasping right to the end. Fab.


Always keeps you guessing ??

What happened to the pregnant Asia police women ?????

What happened to the Asian pol

Brilliant! Another incredible series x

Hastings I think believes in the greater good.

Absolutely brilliant !

Bit of a cop out Hilton killing himself, not happy about that.


its roz

Ian Allen Clare Buchanan Gemma Gribbon 😂 lol

Paula Armstrong Debbie McKay Cara O'hagan

Deb Weigh Dan Weigh

Sean Beaton 😂

Graeme Clark

Rob Gasking

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9 hours ago


Puzzling over who ‘H’ is?
Let our ‘H generator’ do the guess work for you! Tap to play. 👇 #LineOfDuty
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Blooming eck my first series ever in and what a finale! Now will we get to the bottom of Cotton's demise of how his linked to it all I wonder :)

But why was the female officer giving evidence to Hilton?

The best programme on telly! Sunday nites will not be the same!!

Hastings! If you watch again 21 mins in - Hilton said to Hastings "I will see you at the Hearing H"!

Wow! That was edge of the seat viewing! So good. And it's coming back!! Well done BBC.

Not a great graphic if you are Epileptic! Great drama nevertheless.

I don't like the bespectacled guy from previous series , left door open for Maneet to return also

Can't wait for the next series only just got into this brilliant prog BBC keep them coming

Hargreaves.... amazing finale. Can't wait for the next showdown with AC12

Can't believe it's over! This is my Sunday night guilty pleasure ☹️☹️

If it is Hastings, we will riot lol He's too loved by the fans for it to be him. I won't accept it!

Loose ends fella, loose ends....

Hargrieves must be H. Bringing back murder squad seems very convenient.

omg what an awesome ending to series 4, going to feel weird again not seeying line of duty on tv for like another year, roll on series 5 I say :)

What about the Asian female cop from ac 12 where was she tonite ?

From steps?

No epilepsy warning 😬

Get a seizure watching that

'H'? Wasn't he in Steps?

I'm enjoying line of duty brilliant


What will we all do next Sunday?

We need the new series before 2019 as being reported 🙄

Hargreaves looks a bit of a sort????

So confused

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18 hours ago


There’s brown-nosing and then there’s DC Jodie Taylor…
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Hope Hastings 'accidentally' runs her over tonight.

Not very observant police, are they? No-one noticed that their boss had stopped using one hand. No-one asked her what she'd done. The only weak link in this otherwise compelling drama!

This actress was in 'Doctors' playing the part of a schoolgirl pretending to be a university student. I think she is actually in her twenties but looks so young. Very good actress, totally believable in the part.

I think Jodie is an undercover officer ( for a different police dept ). ACC Derek Hilton is the bad guy at the top of it all. He promoted Matthew 'Dot' Cottan. No idea who Balaclava Man us but don't think it's Jimmy Lakewell. His eyes are brown and BCM seems to have blue eyes. But I'm probably completely wrong about all of this.

Has this girl actually left school yet, she is sooooo naive.👀

Really, she's almost too dumb to be a police officer....your boss's hand is amputated and you don't seem to notice, or at least ask about it?

I really like the show I hope this one goes to Hulu like the other seasons soon I can't get BBC One in the states only have BBC America 😔

Can't wait for tonight's episode. Best thing to TV by miles

Great character to induce such a reaction! Young, female, enthusiastic and motivated to learn .. how awful.

I don't think it's brown nosing. I think it is misplaced loyalty.

Would love to pull her by the ponytail and tell her to open her eyes ma'am

Surely as a Police Officer you are taught to look at all perspectives. She is too gullible and idolises her boss.

Can't stand her 😡 hope she goes down with the Huntleys!!!

Hoping someone slaps her 'brown nose' out of joint tonight!

I read an interesting theory that Jodie is in cahoots with Ros Vicky 👀

Emma Toyne she annoys me so much! Daves away until tomorrow so not allowed to watch it 🙈😬

Sandra, I always thought she was a brown noser lol xx

Jess Rutter I'd love for her to balaclava man. Pity she probably doesn't have size 10 feet!

Alex Smith Sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda just like Gordo

Jodie Taylor ! didn't know you're famous! They stole your name !😱😜 EmEmma Holmes

Miss goody two shoe's! Gets on my nerves the way she runs around like a lapdog

She has more contacts than a telephone directory. Is she just a humble DC or head of MI5?

Disappointed she didn't get stuck on in the closing credits for unlawfully accessing information for Ros.

How is she even in this? She looks like she's still at school...

Tattle tale, who the hell tells their boss this much! Dam Jodie keep your nose out

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