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Review of BBC iPlayer


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7 hours ago


#LineOfDuty. Sunday. 9pm. BBC One. ... See MoreSee Less

#LineOfDuty. Sunday. 9pm. BBC One.

Comment on Facebook

Brilliant show. I'm hoping that the depth of drama hasn't been watered down because it's not moved to BBC One.

Brilliant Drama. Not sure it's Sunday night fare, though...

Only started watching 1st series on Netflix. Thanks for recommendation Tom Livingstone

watched all 3 series from day 1 and cant wait to be on the edge on my seat again watching series 4 !!

Pete Hutchings you have to watch this, it's by far the best drama on TV.

Josh Skinner you should really give this show another go! It's good

I've never watched this, will I understand the story enough to watch tomorrow?

One day. And breathe. *no panic*

Conor 😳!!!! This could be good xxx

Tom Redpath Paige McHenry Frances Mason Lisa Newman Ann-Marie Savva Philippe Bell can't cope

Really looking forward to this

I cannot wait!!!

1 hour and 35 minutes to go 😃

Yes, very excited


Can't wait

Whoop whoop can't wait !! 😍😍

Can't wait !!

Rachaelle this what u were on about

Amanda Bennie is the one you were talking about ? Xx

So can't wait xx

Can't wait !

Stop teasing!!!! I'm watching season 3 again now on iPlayer 😉

Going to record it

Hatty Walker it is coming back

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8 hours ago


Mel & Sue - Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief
It just wouldn't be #LetsSingAndDance without Mel and Sue. 👯
Don't miss the final at 6.55pm tonight on BBC One.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Why are these two on this now aswell, surely new talent should be given a chance, same faces on everything, phil & holly, susanna reid, eamon holmes, ruth langsford, lorraine kelly once they have their claws into a career in television they hold on for dear life and we are continually brain washed by the same people!!

Why would I give money to a little girl who's dad cannot afford food when she has gold earring's in. Sorry but let them fend for themselves and concentrate on the homeless in our country. Get a grip uk it's us first!!!!!

What a happy and entertaining show and an exciting final! I couldn't pick a winner. Just want to say what a fantastic and talented group of dancers too - very professional.

another load of shite luvvies,,,wonder what the drinks bill came to last night,,no wonder the licence is so dear

Good God. So many haters, it's an entertainment show, and raises some money for charity, some people need to get a grip.

Sorry but find these two really annoying, just not natural,!!

Attempts to vote online just result in a message that your page cannot be reached !! 😡

this pair again eeuggh

Each to their own! I loved it x

What a load of rubbish those two are 👍🏻

Oh dear Missed it

Just love Mel and Sue


three votes for the chasers but loved casualty

they are fab.



Alyssa Pennington

Can you watch this video?plz~

This is not entertainment

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13 hours ago


Here’s a little preview of the first episode of #LineOfDuty. Talk about awkward first day on the job... ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Such good news that this series starts again tomorrow (Sunday 26th) - brilliant drama with great actors. Can't wait.

Andrew Broome - Isn't this what you're watching currently?

I've never watched this programme before. Will I be able to get into it straight away?

Emma Lodge ... look, she's back in a different guise!!! :O

I have watched series 1&2 have I missed any if i have how can watch this them.

Clare....this is the show Michael and I were talking about !

There has to be a way to get this channel in the states! Miss out on so many great shows!

Can't wait until it comes to Australia have seen the first two episodes

Gemma Elkin tomorrow night !!!

Leigha Blair, don't forget!!! 😂 x

Whoa! I can't wait either!!!

can't watch it, i want it all to be a surprise and i can't wait :)

Anthony one for us to look out for !

Can't wait! Love #LineOfDuty !

Seat all ready for tonight. Xxx

Emily looks good!!

Why? What is the awkward part?

I can't wait!

Such a great Series.

Can't wait. Too much naff on tv 📺 recently

Really looking forward too the series

Maddi Smith eeekkkkk excited!!

Can't wait ....Every series so far has been 😯😯😯😯😯

It's the best thing on television x

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15 hours ago


All Round To Mrs Brown's: Tonight
Mammy's back and she's got her very own entertainment show!

Joining her tonight are special guests Pamela Anderson, Judy Murray, Louis Walsh and James Blunt. What could possibly go wrong?!

All Round To Mrs Brown’s. 9.15pm. BBC One.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I dont even know how a single season was commissioned for this pile of crap.

I used to like this series but its lost its sparkle and I find Him/Her quite vulgar when been interviewed a few times and big headed, didn't think what he did last night on Red nose day was appropriate so early when children would be watching, rubbing boob/nipple, trying tongue kiss it was meant to be a fun thing not sexual at that time.

Mrs Brown was not appropriate for the time it went out. The whole show was embarrassingly dreadful. The video clips were moving and Love Actually was ok, but I turned off the TV !

Well I love him and the series Mrs browns boys was one of the top comedies it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same stuff it makes me laugh,we all have different senses of humour thank goodness

Loved tonights show . That's my Saturday nights taken care of. Can All Come Round to Mrs Browns have a second series . Loved the first episode so much . Love this new show xx Can't wait for next week

Is James Blunt trying to flog a new album by any chance?

Why does this show still exist its like the end of old British humer that should of died about 10 years ago its terrible

Can't believe that this vile tripe is made with our licence fee.

Susan Connell - this is what I can watch tonight

Won't condemn it out of hand, but I don't have high expectations.😞

chubby brown would have beenhung out to dry if had said some of the filthy comments last night,,,,unfunny luvvies

Like the series. Didn't like the movie. I hope this is good as I need cheering up.

This will be nothing compared to a show called "Redwater", which begins in May. It is about Kat and Alfie Moon in Ireland.

Think we'll be looking for a good film to watch around that time....

Can't stand Mrs Brown's Boys so won't be watching total rubbish but each to their own I can switch over!

It's same old crap.

Crude. Bawdy. Slapstick. I love it.

judy murray - bottom of barrel well and truly scraped

Does the BBC ever read these comments?

James Oldfield why don't this surprise me

cannot stand this daftness and foul language and stupilty

Thanks for the warning....

Laughed from start to finish, brilliant loved it 😂

Now, this should be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 day ago


Hugh Grant - Red Nose Day Actually
Yes, Hugh! Thank you. 😃 #RedNoseDayActually
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Loved this. BBC should have just shown videos of people and communities that this charity helps and this film....The rest of the evening was amateurish and embarrassing and not comedic in any way.

Loved every minute of it actually. Hugh's speech at the end reduced me to tears. Wonderful words especially poignant this week.

Brilliant! Wish they could have got everyone back (with one notable exception obviously 😢). Martin Freeman, Emma Thompson etc.

Apart from the RedNoseDayActually and James Corden with Take that, Red Nose Day on BBC has been awfully dull and boring.

This was probably the only good thing about last night, this was brilliant well done to all the stars to make what was turning out to be a very shameful night. What was with the cock before 9pm! So glad my kids didn't come down in the end to watch....I though they could learn to understand how lucky they are and how it's important to help others, not the OTT explicitly of some of last nights acts.

Didn't see this mini-movie but I've never seen 'Love, actually' so I'm not bothered. I dipped in and out of Comic Relief throughout last night and every little 'comedy' bit I saw was appallingly bad...

With the exception of the Love Actually guys, it was a very unfunny show this year. We gave up and turned over to watch The Late Show..... if that doesn't tell you how much of an epic fail the BBC had made then nothing will. Wont watch it at all next year.

Hugh's dancemoves actually reminded me of Christopher Walkens dancing in the video for Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. Loved it. Thought the closing speech was very on point, not only with what happened in London in the past week, but the world in general. Well done!

Very clever BBC and comic relief you had the worst show ever but so as to keep us watching the utter unfunny rubbish you put it on right at the end. It will take some time to recover from last night. Love actually was fantastic !!

Best bit of the whole programme - Richard Curtis should get writing a sequel 🎥

I loved "Red Nose Day, Actually", but I just miss Alan Rickman already! Alan Rickman was an amazing talented person, and he will be missed.

Common BBC! Guys get abused too!!!this is such a blinkered view to assume it's just women who are victims of domestic violence 😡

Beautiful and Hugh was top notch as always lol for Prime Minister, please? 😁

What a shame, the whole programme was amateurish, new producer maybe? Only best bits car karaoke with Take That plus the Love Actually mini film. If you want more donations, get a better writer/producer

Loved this sequence! Come on Richard we need a sequel now!! Apart from that and Take That the show was badly produced, the quality of guests, sound and general humour was way off. It seemed like the budget for this show had been drastically cut and it really showed .

Brilliant, funny & Hugh Grants dancing was the best 💗 😊😄

Well worth all the hype, loved it, now we need a full length Love Actually sequel...................Please, :)

got to admit I switched off when they let Russell Brand out of his cage - thought the BBC was never going to use him again after the Radio Two disaster, so why let this idiot out on a live TV show? Not impressed. Please tell me you're not going to offer this unpleasant smug cretin any more work?

Such an incredibly poignant speech especially In the light of this weeks horrendous events. ❤

Bill Night hasn't aged at all! Liam Neeson dyed hair, why?

His speech so poignant after the events in London this week.. love is actually all around.. #thanku xx

now can we have it on DVD and a follow up on the rest of the stories?

Only thing I've found funny tonight :\

Safia Saeed- just for the Dad dancing 🕺🏼you have to watch it! X

Brilliant. So funny and thanks for doing this for a good cause

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