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BBC iPlayer | Watch BBC TV, Sports, & News Online

The BBC is the United Kingdom’s most popular TV broadcaster. It’s a national channel that airs a diverse mix of news, sports, documentary programs, educational shows, TV dramas, comedies, live events, and other programming. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s streaming service, covering the range of its channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Sport, etc.). iPlayer streams the BBC’s programs online, both live and on-demand. It is free — no login or subscription required. There are, however, some geographical limitations. See how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. See our BBC One review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC iPlayer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: News, Entertainment, Sports
Website: BBC iPlayer

If you want to learn more about BBC iPlayer than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of BBC iPlayer

Review of BBC iPlayer


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BBC iPlayer’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that the BBC live streams its programs as they air. BBC iPlayer also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

BBC iPlayer is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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17 hours ago


Isle of Man shark spotting
Three huge sharks spotted off the Isle of Man coast. 😱 (Via BBC North West)
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Isle of Man shark spotting

Comment on Facebook

And they're completely harmless filter feeders.... would be good to mention rather than increasing the stereotype that all sharks are scary!! 🦈🦈 ☺️☺️

Amazing creatures. Never gonna eat a human though. How long is a bus? Odd unit of measurement to use..

Corey Frate I'd be less bamboozled if it weren't for the music

They are Basking Sharks and completely harmless, you should think yourself extremely lucky to come into contact with them. I was in Looe in the mid sixty's and encountered some there whilst snorkeling.

Sam Logan these are in English waters!!!

Thats me staying out the water

Big suckies..... As dangerous as a gummy granny.... Basking sharks, aptly named as they just bask in the water like they've smashed their way through 2 gallons of methadone..... Take it easy

Sue Bridges I won't be swimming in the Isle of Man thanks

Matheus Fiorelli puta susto que eu levaria!

Seriously?! The BBC One falling in the sensationalism? Those are sharks which are harmless! That would be good to mention it!

What's WI the music and trying to fear people. This is what s wrong with the world !! U were all so upset when the video went viral with the guys dragging a shark at back of boat till it died. THIS IS Y !!!

I have seen hundreds off Isle of Whithorn south west Scotland,its an awesome sight,especially when you see sixty or so just meandering across the water.all at once heading in the same direction,amazing to think the second biggest fish inb the world,just a few yards offshore

What's with the suspenseful music BBC One? Lol. It may give some people unwarranted fear of these gentle giants. I'm sure you guys don't mean to scare people but the music might send off the wrong vibe. You know, like making them think "oh there's another shark to be afraid of"

Not going to lie, if I saw a shark in the water while kayaking or swimming, I'd be over the moon to realise it was a basking shark! Fewer teeth incase I inadvertently went in their space or distressed them. :)

amazing creatures, although admittedly worryingly big. I just had to keep reminding myself when we got close to them on the boatride to St Michaels Mount Cornwall that they dont eat humans :D x

Matti Kermeen size of those things🙈

Michael Hall nope. Never again. Wanna buy our Kayak Gary White lol !!

Much like the whale shark, they look more intimidating than they actually are. Basking sharks eat krill and plankton (they keep they're mouth open like that to catch the food, and often skim the ocean floor for it) and are quite gentle when it comes to human contact.

I'd jump right in and try Pinocchio that situation. Pinocchio, the resurrection of the real boy .coming to theatres this summer. William Lockheart

Why the dramatic music? As others have pointed out, they are gentle and harmless (unless you're a plankton). I expect better from the beeb.

I know their harmless but if i was in the water with me rubber ring and one of them swam past id sh myself ! So as i said i'm out of the water !

Maggie Albert Jenee Add this to the list of reasons I probably won't go kyaking again.

I know they are gentle and beautiful but I would have been terrified. But I wouldn't have been out there in a kayak to begin with. 😊

Braxton Turner I don't care to ever go kayaking in the ocean..

Marie Louise Maylor somewhere else we not going 😣😣

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19 hours ago


Harry criticises paparazzi for not helping Diana
"Those people that caused the accident... were taking photographs of her dying."

Prince Harry has some harsh words for the paparazzi, 20 years on from his mother's death.

(Via BBC News)
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Harry criticises paparazzi for not helping Diana

Comment on Facebook

Well said Harry......I do not believe for one minute that your family had anything whatsoever do do with her death ..but I'm afraid I cannot say the same about the government of the time....xx

It's sick that they took photos of her dying 😞 just because your famous doesn't mean your not human... she deserved more respect

You never really think that someone in his position would have a problem in life. And then you hear something like this and you wonder how a child can cope with such horrible knowledge. I think his mother would be proud of him. I really do.

The " ESTABLISHMENT " failed to protect Diana. They did not care ..... for the boy's mother . End of story.

I will never forget the sight of those boys walking behind their mother's casket and the little note that said "Mummy". And then the poise and grace they both showed when they greeted the mourners outside the gates. Princess Diana was a beautiful person, and her two boys were the bright spot in her life, cut way too short.

Can't the press leave it alone. Those boys have been through enough. That was their mummy and they are probably still hurting and grieving over it. God bless them.

I agree completely. A human life and your beautiful mother was photographed in her dying moments for profit. How barbaric. I am so sorry.

those poor boys had to grow up with these memorys but they now that many people in this country feel there pain dianawas the best mother oo them and the best queen we never had thanks to people like the paparazzi hunding her our hearts go out to them they have growed up to be good human beans just like there mother god rest her sole this country luvs you boys be brave

Doesn't matter the cause of the crash, what matters is human decency. They took photographs instead of helping. It wasn't just her in that crash. It wasn't just her who died. They could of helped. Stopped the bleeding. Put them in recovery. Comforted them. But instead they decided a couple of pictures was worth more. Okay it's their living but when did a few quid overule life?

I had a similar experience to Princess Diana and the two Princes... I was in a car accident with two friends who both died in the car... we weren't famous... but the media was there very quickly taking photos of us still in the car... Their first priority is the story... tragedy sells... there is no humanity left in these individuals... they are completely desensitised, consciously making the decision not to help in order to get the shot... they are criminals only motivated by financial greed. I'm so glad you've spoken up Prince Harry... it has incensed me for twenty years that these people were so cruel and they still get away with this ghoulish behaviour.

I think everyone that's saying it was the apps fault need to watch the videos on YouTube the closets pap was 30 seconds behind he after the crash it was a going on looker and doctor who happend to be in tunnel at the time of the crash that was there first and helped her then the paps came these two people will confirm that in the documentary . The princess car collided with a white car which caused the crash watch the videos and make up your own minds not what yas have been brain washed to believe

Her security was the responsibility of Dodi El Fayed, who failed completely, his Dad has never accepted that letting drunk drivers work for him as chauffeurs, the boy guards failed, this is what happens when you let idiots do responsible jobs. Why the hell she was not wearing a seat belt at that speed is beyond stupid.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour towards Princess Diana 😰 they should've helped there I'm sure I heard on the radio earlier that they were also shouting at her calling her names and even spitting on her to get a response 😡. Hope not! Poor Harry and William

Sorry but I've always thought the paparazzi should be banned and it made illegal to chase people in cars and on bikes. Everyone deserves privacy. To stop people going to help Diana or any injured person is disgraceful.

And the media are still running sensationalist stories on her past. Have some bloody respect for her family! You didn't when she was alive, so at least do it now!

I love Lady Diana with all of my heart... all of her passions and kindness towards those in need... so sad that's in that moment of the end of her life, they did not helping her, they did not see that's her is hurting and she's dying.... the Angle took her instead, so that she no longer suffer and she's in much better place now...😔 I miss her kindness and smile always...xx😔

I have my own opinion and i dont think it was accident or that driver was drunk!!Would they really have gone in car and would her body guard have let her?i dont think so... god bless her...she really was the peoples princess and truly loved and missed 😢

Your Mom deserved better, had they put done their cameras and tried to help she may have had a better chance of being here today.

those people who did that need to find another way in life. HOw sad that all they want to do is to broadcast unnecessary images. Good for Harry talking about this. Well done Harry. Very brave

That was the first time I remember feeling utter disgust at the press (now, it happens a lot). I remember watching the news coverage and hearing one prominent broadcaster say when she tried to hail a cab in London (at the time of Diana's funeral), and they saw her press badge, they wouldn't let her get in the vehicle. She was bemoaning it. I thought it was brilliant. PS. It was Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw commiserating about it.

Unfortunately it was a mixture of things. The papparazi beung the main one. But Diana unfortunately wasnt also wearing a belt. Its a heartbreaking state of affairs.

Please tell me they were arrested I don't really know much of what happened to that amazing lady but hearing what Harry has said literally made me cry that's someone's mother how could you be so cruel 😞

It's sad that we live in a world where money over powers the human brain so much, that our natural instinct to help someone is blocked out.

Was a big discussion in Finnish media the other day, after the Turku terrorism attack and a car accident in Espoo - that people just stood by and took photos instead of helping. Something to think about...

Does it mean those photographer chase the car that where daina that proberly they kill her. Not the govement or the royals didnt kill her. It is photograph people did it. Shame on them!!

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2 days ago


Trust Me: How did the cast prepare for their roles?
"He let me put a cannula in..." 😳

Now that's one way to prepare for a role, Jodie Whittaker!
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Trust Me: How did the cast prepare for their roles?

Comment on Facebook

Trust Me. Continues tonight. 9pm. Find out more: bbc.in/2wkqJQ5

Let it be for a while.. We're already tired of her... Why do you keep pushing her in front of us. Don't you like her either are you unsure of the success of her replacing the male line of doctors and crushing a 50+ year tradition???. Are you trying to cultivate fans??? Its not going to work now STOP IT!!!

I honestly thought the first episode was weak and silly but the second definitely didn't disappoint- looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Im actually really enjoying this and I have a real downer on recent BBC dramas which are ludicrous and fail by mid episode. Finding the characters very believable and continually flows nicely. Only thing I watch all week and best Ive seen in a while.

Lens flare right across the screen in various scenes, when lights are behind people on set you have it going all over the front of people's faces. Any jobs going on your video editing team? I could do better

She's so lovely, it's rare at my age that anything makes my old chap stand to attention these days but Jodie always does the trick.

Sarah Lucy they make it sound sooo easy #bettheywerentgreycannulas #thosemofosarehard

What's with the lights? Giving me headache, pity nobody watched this before you showed it.

She is going to kill Doctor Who, such a shame.

She's getting prepared to be The Doctor. :)

Sort them lighting FX out look ridiculous

Brilliant actress I watch this great show

Can't wait till next week to see what happens.

Amanda White, next episode on tonight! X

I love this series it's really gripping

She's goig to be a great doctor (who)

brilliant x

Been good but think you are in big trouble

Tracy Absalom have you been watching this yet! X

A Superb series KILLED by background noise

Jack Robert Young method acting or what 😂

Caitriona Cunningham

Nick Davis Hannah Lidbetter how come she can and we can't

Lauren Merryman Alice Duffy

Stephanie Johnston

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