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Review of BBC iPlayer


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1 day ago


Amazing Humans: The man leaving £10 notes in secret locations
This amazing human is leaving £10 notes in secret locations. Here's why.
(Via BBC Three.)
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Undoubtedly a nice gesture...but I'm wondering why all the self-promotion? Why all the online interviews and news channel appearances? Why all the fanfare about leaving a tenner for someone to find, can't Matt do that without all the self-publicity? Isn't it a fantastic thing to do without telling everyone you're doing it at every opportunity? If I were a cynic, I might suggest that it was the greatest bit of publicity his film company (Callapro Films...apparently) could achieve without spending a penny on advertising. My gut feeling is that there's something else to this story, that's currently evading me.

I did find money on the street! £300 x £20 bank notes rolled up and lying in the wet gutter near to the famous cheese shop in Jermyn St one Christmas. I picked it up and after looking around, walked into the local church opposite with the intention of handing it to them but no-one was I came back out of the church I spotted a young man, a window cleaner, looking frantically around ...I approached him and asked him if he was alright...he said he'd lost some money...his Christmas bonus! I asked him how much and when he matched what I'd found I gave him the money...he was so relieved...the queue at the cheese shop applauded. Happy day!

We found a lot of money on the floor at a shopping mall. Right before Christmas, it broke my heart to think some grandparent,parent or child was not able to buy gifts. So I spent the money on foodbank food so it went to those who needed Christmas food. Plus I doubled it with my own money. Sometimes a nice surprise of money on the floor goes to you because you will do the right thing and give it to who really needs it.

One person does make a difference! Every day we should try to make the life's of others better, happier, even if it is as a simple gesture of a smile and a "hello". ❤️

Yeah I did! This guy knows a lady who goes to my gym (Emma Louise Sorano😊), such a good idea. Tomorrow I'm stopping by the shops on the way to work to buy clean socks and a blanket for a homeless guy I see every day

Why all the negativity?! It's a great idea. Well done for trying to do something nice and helping someone. You can't help everyone, but every little helps.

If I found a £10.00 I would buy some food or something warm for a homeless person. Well done to him what a lovely idea to do, in order to help others. His dad would be so proud of him. There should be people like him, to show kindness to others who are less fortunate than others.

If I found money with no trace of who it belongs to, I'd keep it. If there was a withdrawal receipt with the money and the name of the person who withdrew it, I'd turn it in to the bank, police or the person themselves.

Nice gesture but please don't tell me you bought a homeless man a microwaveable meal :S something tells me he's going to be ill

I love this man, what a generous selfless and kind hearted thing to do.

The world needs more kind hearts. What a fantastic and generous man! x

I'd simply put it into a charity collection box, such as air ambulance or a hospice.

If presented like this in the form of a gift id take it with a smile on my face but a tenner on the floor id hand in somewhere

ah,,, i wonder how charities managed pre facebook days when people just gave for the sake of giving without seeking attention,

I just hope the people that found it needed it ❤ lovely gesture x

would be nicer if there wasn't a self-aggrandizing video of it lol

if you don't film it, it never happened. i give money and cigs to homeless people but I don't go on teli for it

I'd buy some wool and knit things for the Newborn Appeal to sell.

I'd buy lots of toys for the cats and dogs in the shelter 🐱🐶

The Big issue is now controlled by Romanian gangsters and proceeds go towards drugs and crime !

Siwan Jones ti di gweld hyn o gwmpas?

Wtf welcome refugees hahaha my answer to that is "HELL NO!!!"

Hayley Edwards idea for next year???

Amazing young man well done

Anna Zweers zelfs in die gekke muur met al die foto's van zo'n serie

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1 day ago


W1A Fundraising Ideas: Comic Relief
The top team at W1A are planning Red Nose Day this year. Fundraising ideas are... interesting.

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day. (Hopefully) coming soon to BBC One.
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Comment on Facebook

Anybody else fed up with this and Band Aid, Children in Need, First Aid (I Know) etc? The good British people continue to dig deep into their nearly empty pockets to massage the egos of "celebritys", not knowing if the money they contribute actually gets to those who need it?

Hilary Hornbrook This was the other one I was talking about!

Bring this program back. I laughed for hours.

Hilarious 😂 let's get laughing for charity

Omg Pang I love Sara pascoe

Watch out for my secret selfie! 😉

Yes Pauline Fairclough, when is W1A coming back on? 😂😂😂😂

Ann-Marie Morgan, Laura Spurrier we forgot Red Nose Day on 24th March!

Victoria Barker Catherine Barker She's back!

Olivia Young Charlie Marie Austin

Morven Ross

Kimmie Lucas BRILL.

Emma Darke YAS

Hannah Dove 🤣

Jonathan J-Dawg Beilby yah

Nicole Michelle!

Eliot Gallienne

George Bamford

Elin Moore

Joe Ryan

Charlotte Porter

Alana Kemp Wylie

Eleanor Nicholson

Dan Silver

Vicki Atkinson

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1 day ago


Daniel Radcliffe's former life as an old lady.
👀 SPOTTED 👀 Daniel Radcliffe. Time traveller extraordinaire. #TheGNShow
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The evidence is mounting up. If you have spotted Daniel Radcliffe in a former life, please alert us on 0800-D4N13L-R4DCLI77E. 🕵

i thought at the end it was going to be like a police appeal "if you think you have seen daniel radcliffe in a former life, please call this number."

Spencer Warner they play the same game with Daniel Radcliffe that we play with you... Jack Weaver

hahahaha OMG :D :D :D :D :D :D :D i needed those laughs :D :D (Y)

Oh my! They do look like him😂

I love those! But what I love even more is how Daniel enjoys it along with the rest of us. Nicholas Cage bristled when they showed him his Civil War picture.

I saw a guy on the tube yesterday who looked like a redhead, thirty- something Daniel. It wasn't a girl but he did look slightly depressed

Martina se vuoi distrarti vedendo una cagata divertente eccoti servita

Abigail Cordova I don't know why I found this so funny! LOL

Nathalia Cornejo JAJAJJAJA alguien uso el giratiempo😂

Choose a Chinese, you will find plenty of time traveller.... ;)

Shona Camm..... this is so funny... again.... i think You would like this show ... ♡


How about making him doctor who

He's a good sport

추소정 졸라웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kendall, Harry's been using the time turner 😂

Matt Vosper. Made me lol

Janina time Turner 😱😀

Kusha haaaaaave you met dan?

Please, please guest Tom Hardy, Mr. Norton. Pleeeaassseee!!!

Brilliant :D

looks like moaning mrytle too

Nora 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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1 day ago


Blue Planet 2: Coming Soon
Just announced: #BluePlanet2, presented by David Attenborough. 💙

Coming to BBC One in Autumn 2017.
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Comment on Facebook

Alex Thumwood

Please let this have the same soundtrack as planet earth 2!!!!! 🙏 Or at least leave the composition to hans zimmer again

Look through the reaction button lists and there's not a single angry or sad one to be found. This is how god tier David Attenborough is, everyone's happy to see what he does next :)

Gaurav Razak Luke Sebastien I was gonna say we'll have something to watch on Sunday evenings again but then I realised we won't be at uni anymore 😶

Monique Shailer this is what i initially thought you were talking about, before you started describing the plot of a scientist putting a human brain into a shark and then proceding to be murdered by said shark in an oven. I thought it seemed abit wild for Attenborough. 😂😂😂

Needless to say, I can't wait for this. Probably will be one of the best TV shows of 2017, like Planet Earth II was last year. Meghan McCormack Mark Collins Olivia Logan Keith Mc Groder

The BBC to me have always been the best at Wildlife!!!by along way!!As for Sir David Attenborough the only person for the job!!i've grown up with him and can say my greatest hero I look up to!!would love to meet him and talk wildlife!!

John, Camilla and Tom, I couldn't find your comments individually because too many people tagged me in this, but I want you to know that I've seen it and that I love you all and that I love the fact that there are too many comments to find all of them. So thank you <3

Steph Dawson Hollie-Mae Janes Zoe Cook Asa Cann I knew there was a reason they didn't do sea life , buzzzzzzing 💕

Beth Adams we are watching this together ok fab thanks fam don't watch it without me, I understand that's asking a lot of u

Rachel Williams Alisabeth Collings this is why there wasn't an ocean ep on planet earth 2 .... this is the best news a whole series just about the sea my fave ❤️❤️❤️

Curtis Derrick there's no reason why you should remember this but I definitely predicted this with you on one of our many hazy retreat evenings!

Josh Crossley something we can watch to temporalily bring us closer and distract ourselves from the slow death of our relationship

This might be the best news since Planet Earth II! 🐳🐠🦀🦐🐙🐬🐟💧FYI Blue Planet is free on Netflix, it's been a big part of our weekend programming recently.

Aidon Lee Bale Jessica Thompson this will no doubt be amazing but even this advert made me feel on edge hahah, there better be turtles 💙

Ye Laura Maynard Nadine Fox I remember when you guys used to laugh at me and think I was a geek for loving these now look at you 😏🤓 x

Detta hade Niklas Bergman och Rikard Nilsson älskat. Det är synd att dem inte får denna informationen nu.. ellerhur Jonas Engström Daniel Hagstedt

Just can't wait! Pure quality viewing. Someone has mentioned 'this old man past his best'. He is one of, if not the best presenters.....ever!

Good news , one of the only programs left on BBC worth watching and paying license fee for , does anyone have time to catch BBC news these days as it is pathetic, like kids in a playground playing out a fantasy, ,

One of the best programs on BBC the last series was amazing but would be nothing without our favourite commentator David Attenborough,long may it continue .

Sir David is the voice of these programmes - wouldn't be the same without him. He could read the phone book and it would sound memorising.

Complete with the same over the top fake sound effects, too? Ruined Planet Earth 2 so you may as well whack them in this as well.

Daniel Tennant Tom Stanley Adam Clarke ... remember when this was what we'd watch instead of going to the pub??

In case we wanted to learn anything else about whales and dolphins 😂 KKatie MarieHHannah JSTTasha WatsonLLauren Percival

I wish someone like this legend would make a programme showing the obvious harsh realties of what we are doing to our beautiful planet. Everyone listens to him.

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2 days ago


SS-GB: Archer
“The law is all we have. And quite frankly, I’m it.” #SSGB
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Not feeling it 😬 I LOVE 40's dramas, but I'm not liking this / there's not much oomph going on 😬 and he sounds like he needs to cough ! I'm not a moaner about anything, but I love a good drama, and not loving this

We were looking forward to watching this but turned it off after 40 minutes... could not understand what the main character was saying, such a shame 😕

Not what I was expecting, I kept thinking, had I missed a few episodes? Feels like I'd joined the series half way through. I'll give it till the next episode to decide whether I'll bother carrying on. Shame the main actor has issues with his throat 😕

Can't understand the majority of the dialogue. BBC please refund my licence fee because this programme is absolutely shite. And it's not the first time, remember Jamaica Inn?

Everyone moaning about the sound bet the majority have flat screen TVs stuck on the wall there lies part of the problem most modern TVs are thin and so are the internal speakers on them they also point downwards and having them on the wall causes sounds to be distorted somewhat older TVs had them facing outwards. Also spend a bit of time adjusting the volume and audio settings menus to a sound you like don't just leave it on the preset ones they are supposed to be the optimal settings they aren't unless your in a certain viewing position etc a few minutes fiddling with tone bass sound settings makes a big difference. Maybe invest in a sound bar or speaker base system to plug into the tv the improvement you get from them is immense even from the cheapest ones

Could be a good series if we can hear what the actors are mumbling about!

I watched it all the way through, but I could not get into it. All the hype made it sound and appear really exciting. I know it's the first episode, and may end up fantastic, but a series needs to grab you from the outset and leave you wanting more. Reading these other comments, I'm glad I am not the only one thinking this way.

Great 1st episode. Sam Riley is excellent, such a great actor - been a fan since his portrayal of Ian Curtis in Anton Corbijn's 'Control'. Huge fan of Maeve Dermody too - she was excellent in the BBCs recent adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. This was a great hours TV. Unfolded slowly like a classic 1940's Film Noir. Almost as though were seeing a new genre; the alternative history crime noir - I'm sure this is an already recognized sub genre! Can't wait for ep 2.

This is the scariest "what if" scenario. Brings it home what would have actually happened if we'd suffered the same invasion fate on home soil as the rest of Europe did, and how grateful we should always remain to all those who gave their lives to prevent this terrible possibility happening.

I'd been looking forward to this since last year, but it wasn't as good as I expected. Really slow going. I'll give it one more go next week, but if it doesn't grab me then that's it 😞

This is the first Sunday night 9pm slot I've been bored by! Will give it another go but so far is not living up to the hype ...

Basically Inspector Morse in German Britain...Sunday night drivel. Maybe I've been spoilt after Man in the High Castle. And the main actors voice irritated me. Gave up after 15 mins

We could understand all of them except the main actor (whose hair kept trying to do an impression of Hitler). It wasn't the sound level which were wrong, Mr Riley was speaking in a low breathy voice and all on the same monotone. The director should have told him to snap out of it. Conversations do not have one person whispering and one speaking normally ...

I was so looking forward to this, but I'm very disappointed so far. The lighting is too dark, can hardly understand what they're saying and most importantly the story line is too erratic.

We were looking forward to watching this but once it had started we couldn't understand what was going on. We could hear the dialogue but it didn't help. We gave up. We won't be giving it a second go next week.

To be clear I adjusted the sound several times but still couldn't understand and wasn't going to blast my neighbours out of it by turning sound up too much! Shouldn't need too on sunday night when kids are in school on Monday!

Oh dear people are deaf or their TVs are set for reality tv with loud noises. It was slow but definitely building up, just like the book. Fairly faithful so far...

BBC please sort your sound levels out. Sick of having to constantly change levels to hear the dialogue

Watching SS-GB on Iplayer and can't wait to see if the props department will be put up against the wall for using 1950's and 1960's Herbert Terry 1227 lamps in the Police Station :)

Isn't it time the BBC moved on from its fixation with WWII and the nazis - real or 'reimagined' like this puerile rubbish. Disrespectful to the memory of so many.

Which clown at the BBC thinks not having the main character understandable is a good thing. It's not like you have not been told about this before. Will not be making the effort to try and understand him next week

I really loved this,great acting, great photography and great rhythm. Quite unsettling to see nazis walking around so freely. I will definitely keep watching it.

I'm with the mumbling brigade on this one , and I agree it's mostly the main character. It could build to be a good series but if I'm unable to follow the plot due to not being to catch what he's saying I'll switching off.

Bonnie SalihLizi Smith this is the scenes filmed at ORNC back in October :) first episode already has views of the colonnades etc! :)

I gave up after 10mins Turned my stomach each time I saw the swastika flag, I couldn't even understand what was being said....

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