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The BBC is the United Kingdom’s most popular TV broadcaster. It’s a national channel that airs a diverse mix of news, sports, documentary programs, educational shows, TV dramas, comedies, live events, and other programming. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s streaming service, covering the range of its channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Sport, etc.). iPlayer streams the BBC’s programs online, both live and on-demand. It is free — no login or subscription required. There are, however, some geographical limitations. See how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. See our BBC One review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

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Review of BBC iPlayer


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17 hours ago


Growing Up with Cancer: Nairn's Story
What a brave young man.

Teenager Nairn finds out he has Hodgkin lymphoma, and his positive attitude is inspiring.
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Seven teenagers across the UK are diagnosed with cancer everyday. Growing Up With Cancer tells heartwarming stories from the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children, where a remarkable group of young people have been forced to grow up fast. Tonight. 7.30pm.

Just to let you know my daughter was diagnosed with the same when she was twenty and at university, she is now fourty five has a daughter age 15 and a son 11 and has a very full and happy life. Hang on in there you'll be fine x

Omg , I took his news worse than him & I don't know him !! What an amazing, strong , brave, positive young man ! You are a true inspiration, stay strong mate . Wishing you all the best ❤️

Amazing young man; likewise I was also diagnosed with the same disease Hodgkins in 1972 and again in 1985 since than in complete remission so he can and must best is he has the right attitude which is a great help god bless him

What an amazing boy. Having had that same diagnosis in our family about 18 months ago it is wonderful to see it taken in the same way as we took it. Sending the strongest wishes that you get the same outcome we did after treatment. Kick its backside!!!!!! Xxx

What an awesome young man. How brave and inspirational is he 💙💟 I really hope his parents can see all these comments and make them feel proud of the young man they have raised. I am 24 with a 3 year old daughter and I would of cried my eyes out and probably of ran out of that room. Breaks my heart to watch at such a young important time in his life, stay strong with your attitude your going to kick cancers butt

This young man is amazing. My daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage4BES when she was 15 and had a fight on her hands. Today I was the proudest Mum in the world as I watched her graduate from Glasgow University with a MA (Hons). So, to all young people who have had or will get a similar diagnosis I would repeat what my daughters doctors told her, "let us (the medical staff) worry about your illness and you concentrate on your life; on keeping up with your friends, your studies and your aspirations".

This absolutely breaks my heart ❤️ it's a parents worse nightmare - having such a brave positive outlook can only bring strength to this amazing young man and his family. Cancer is cruel.

I've just watched this, these kids are amazing, fighting a battle aswell as being teenagers. They're strong individuals and brought a tear to my eye. Good luck to them all 💜

My son was also diagnosed with this when he was fifteen. January of 1996. His attitude was amazing through out his treatment. He was inducted into the National Honor Society the following November. Today he is an economics and American History teacher in a public high school. So proud of him

This just makes me more determined to carry on the TCT fundraising raising in memory of our wonderful Charlotte. What amazing young people who were filmed for the programme, wishing them all, all the very best xx

Hi there, stay positive and you will kick this horrid thing into touch. When I was diagnosed with the same as you I was determined it wasn't going to win and it didn't and I am now in complete remission. Yes you will have some days when you really feel down but please keep your positive thoughts and you too will come out on top. I will hold you in my thoughts wishing you all the best of luck for the future. Much love to you and your family xxxxxx

My heart is breaking. Bless each and every one of the youngsters in the programme. Having gone through cancer treatment twice - I am fully aware of the journey. Cancer doesn't look at age, so it's amazing to see these young souls face things with such strength and courage. I pray you all complete your treatment, recover and live your life to the fullest. You have definitely inspired many by the programme.

Lovely program, it was nice to see how the teenagers react to cancer and the treatment. My daughter was 23 months old. The support from the other parents was wonderful. It is a steep learning curve. Wishing all the teenagers the best.

There is nothing more inspirational than a child having this disease, they have strength we don't have as adults (as my opinion goes) and they are more than able to make choices about their care. You and others are amazing <3

I had it at 22 and had no idea what I was dealing with. When the doctor told me, I asked if I needed an antibiotic. It sucked, I got through it, I'm 32 and ok now. Good on this kid for being educated, positive and wanting to learn. Will help him recover so much faster and in a better way. I was bitter and depressed and it definitely affected the process for the worst.

These kids are amazing ! My grandaughter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia age 6 and it's a 2 years journey I never want to repeat again ! Cancer research needs to put more money into childhood cancer !

My heart goes out to the family and friends. I can remember when they told me that my son would be battling with a medical condition called SICKLE-CELL ANAEMIA. He did GCSE in Biology and Science 🔬. I love his spirit. You are one ☝️ brace young lad.

The biggest nightmare of any person or parents in the word, it makes me feel sick to the bone knowing what people going through when they are diagnosed, is a shame that our scientists have not found a cure yet we spend trillions to find life on other planets when we can `find` life on earth. Pharmaceutical lobby is too powerful and has many benefits to loose to allow a cure to come out!! 😤

Hi! I've had it twice, once in my spleen then in my blood, I've conquered it and been in remission for quite a while,it's so very treatable! Keep your amazing attitude, stay positive, it goes a long way to fighting it! Good luck young man!

What a courageous young man with an amazing attitude. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment...and your biology 😉

Brave, positive lad who wants to know what's going on with his treatment and how it will affect him, his body and his life. God Bless him and his family...he has an awesome support system...that's the best blessing you can have.

Bless this young man keep positive 💙 you have inspired my husband to smash the velathon he's completing next month in aid of blood cancers xxx

Oh wow how amazing is this boy. To think of school and exams after a diagnosis like this. I hope the treatment works for him and he manages to do the exams he wants to do. What a guy!

This made me cry, he's such a gorgeous brave positive young man, mum and dad must be sooooo proud. All the very best to you Nairn xx

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21 hours ago


One man's 3D-printed limbs are changing lives
How one man's incredible generosity is giving a helping hand to others.

Via BBC Wales News.
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What an amazing man and fabulous idea, the future looks brilliant for our little boy 😊 looks like the technology will be there for him when he is ready x

Brilliant....what a wonderful.thing to do for children xxxx

He's a hero, to all children. There very own superhero.

What an unselfish man. What this world could be like if everyone thought of otherw

The NHS one was a joke. Blame the government for underfunding it.

Give that man a lottery grant.

Awesome guy 👏👌👍

Wonderful and very generous

What a hero

What an amazing guy x

You are a super star. ⭐️

What an amazing and generous gift. You are truly inspiring x

Amazing guy ❤

Great man.xxx

What a guy..


Thanks Ann xx

Go on son! Top bloke!

An amazing man!


Roberto Lucchesi guarda che stampante usa.

Amazing man!! X


Uomo meraviglioso

Well done Steve

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1 day ago


Sean Gilder interview
He’s the troublemaker with the wandering eye and the terrible teeth.
#Poldark newbie Sean Gilder on what it's like to play Tholly Tregirls.
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Comment on Facebook

His french is better than his english

I remember him years ago in the Hornblower dramas.

Great character actor

And he's just #shameless

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2 days ago


The Glastonbury crowd sing 'Don't Look Back In Anger'
The Glastonbury crowd singing Don't Look Back In Anger. Amazing. ❤️🐝

(Via BBC Music.)
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Comment on Facebook

Watch more from Glastonbury 2017: bbc.in/2sQjj2F.

Dont look back in anger just accept terrorists, is this going to be the norm what a sorry state our young are. God help us if we ever have to defend our country against invaders the young would be waving the white flags led by corbyn.

I have just been listening to Barry Gibb at Glastonbury very good he was on for about 1 and half hours i watched it all great music

Barry Gibb was terrific...over an hour of back to back hits! Must have been a bit sad for him to be without his brothers.

Cass Malhi you, sal and Kayleigh are the cover on the BBC 1!!! Your virtually famous!! 😂

But they will look back in anger, oh yes they will, but it will be to late by then.

Good set from Liam, nice surprise. The boy did good. Loved the opening track.

Ugh the dying bee symbol for a culture that is letting itself die too. So irritating.

i wanna go to glastonbury someday, looks amazing

Christine Petrovic show our Eva this...her mommy is famous 😂

It was an amazing moment 💚

I want my 20s back!😣

Lisa du solltest krank werden ☺️

It's Noel's and his only come on...

Only thing ruined it was Corbyn

It was amazing!

Niles Rodgers also great all those disco nights

Nicolò for you, my baby

Filipe Vieira pode ateh nao ter Sol...

Rob Glover i think i can hear you 😆😆


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3 days ago


Corbyn at Glastonbury 2017
When Jeremy Corbyn appears at Glastonbury - and the crowd sings "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn" back at him.

Via BBC News.
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Comment on Facebook

I used to watch Glastonbury every year. I will not watch this s..t again. This is a music festival not a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

I'm loving how many older people (don't like to generalise but there's so many comments about "babies" I had to). Crying wolf that everything is political. Well it is. We are being well and truly screwed by those who apparently know best. Well we've had enough of being belittled and Corbyn is a man of integrity and values 1 million times more than the Tory brexiteers and gobshites such as Maybot, Boris and Gove. We need a new kind of politics and that time is now. Sorry to all those with the wool over their eyes/too busy reading the Sun or Mail to see for themselves

Free sweeties for everyone, no more tax, no more poverty or sexism or any of those horrible things. Jeremy assures the crowd of youngsters that to vote for him would be lovely, and to vote Tory would be just awful. Thank you, Jeremy, now **** off.

That's because they are all too young to remember the Harold Wilson government when the country was run by the a Trade Unions ...........

People ranting on about Corbyn doing a speech at Glasto. "Why is he allowed to brainwash people from that stage".....blah blah. Actually, its Eavis's farm and festival and he can invite who he darn well pleases. If you dont like it, dont go. His house, his rules.....simples!

He has to go for the young voters cos he can't fool the older ones 😁

And the BBC with a hidden agenda (or not so hidden thesedays) let this happen...surprise surprise...disgusted license fee payer!!!!!

I feel sorry for all the young people that voted for his false promises....in a way I wanted labour to win because I wanted them to prove me wrong for once. Us oldies have lived through a labour government before and they brought the country to its knees...😔 I really can't see JC being any different 😐

Was it not national armed forces day today ? Was he there as well ? No ! If Teresa May was at Glasto instead of elsewhere she would have been crucified im sure. We live in a world now where popular = suitable !

This man scares me - promoting anarchy, inciting chaos and disorder. If you don't like the result then throw all your toys out the pram and have a tantrum until mummy & daddy give you what you want.

I love how the majority of people who are moaning about this are those who no doubt own their own property etc etc and have no idea how hard it is for younger people to survive and thrive in modern Britain.

Glad to see he was there whilst the rest of the political leaders were marking Armed Forces Day with our forces thanking them for their service to our Country.

Did he thank the many that voted more than once for his party. Let the babies have their way and in 10 years live with the conqeunces. Many have done it seen it and have the T shirt.

There was a peaceful march organised by football fans ,,but the B.B.C..or any media reported on them,,but the B.B.C drool and slabber over this PLEB,,,gob shite of a politician.

There are some really politically uneducated people on here which makes me think the BBC has some work to do. We can't know how a Corbyn government will run a country; maybe it would be crap, but we can look at him and his past and make educated guesses. We can also look at the record of the conservatives, who by nature haven't really changed all that much. This was a festival organised by an individual, not the BBC. We were growing out of the recession until people elected the conservatives. Labour have been in power less frequently and have left less debt, less inequality and a lower deficit than the conservatives. Hope is all we have. It may be blind it may be illogical, but hope can do great things. Hope may usually be carried by the young but Jeremy is again showing that it doesn't have to be. If we all hope, and work on making that hope a reality, we really could leave a friendly, more inclusive and better world for future generations.

Let's have a Labour government and watch them destroy our country then we can say told you so to these bunch of morons who really think Corbyn is going to deliver this country is ruined.

They must be thick and stupid to believe a man like that if you want a Job,house,school for your kids and the NHS don't support a man like that even his so called crones don't like him so that alone speaks for itself.

Makes me laugh. Saying the rich get incredibly richer, trying tell me this idiot is poor, and he wants one of the top jobs in the country that pays an extorinate amount of pay. Oh please.

All for Corbyn putting himself out to spread his message, but politics and festivals shouldn't mix really... Festivals are about coming together as a diverse group of people and appreciating the music, not having politics thrown in your face...

If they had paired this with TM at Armed Forces day for balance we could compare the credentials of both leaders

The majority of responses to this speech are positive, and yet most of these comments are negative, cynical and unbelievably patronising and jaded. It's true that the negative types always seem to shout loudest. I see many of you seem to think your age entitles you to know better, whereas I feel that you're simply voting in a government that acts in line with your personal interest, because your generation once suffered under a Labour government. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's happening right now under the Tory government many of you voted for. I'm assuming a lot of you have children, and I imagine you'd like them to have a modicum of financial independence rather than relying on your bank balance and your property, which is extremely difficult with current salaries and inflation. I also reckon you'd probably like them to have access to an NHS if they become injured or fall very ill, let alone if that were to happen to you. But for goodness sake, stop being so condescending. There is a saying, 'All old people have experience, and all old people love to talk about it.' Your age doesn't make you wiser - just more likely to be isolated in long-held views that no longer apply, and too stubborn to change. If the prospect of change frightens you, then tough. It will happen with or without you, eventually.

All because of undeliverable promises ..... and false promises ..... thank god he did not get there ...... surely he doesn't still think he won the election or does he .... did Luscious D Abbott count the seats ????? 56 short Di lol

This isn't news !! But a form of brain washing for the sheep of our once great nation, not no more. Corbyn you are really scraping the barrel now and all spoon fed idiots.

This is the "Theatre of the Absurd". A man who walked hand in hand with terrorists all his life, voted constantly against his own party and has never had to make and actually deliver on a significant political decision in his life etc is setting himself up as some kind of saviour! The UK is in a terrible mess but JC is not the answer.

Free uni fees will do that...but unfortunately that is a promise that will never be delivered...not in this lifetime!

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