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Adult Swim | A General Entertainment Channel

Adult Swim is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s an entertainment channel that airs animated TV shows, cartoons, anime and more for an adult audience, aired during in the evening and late-night slots on Cartoon Network. You can watch the channel online via the Adult Swim live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Adult Swim review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Adult Swim
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: Adult Swim Homepage

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Review of Adult Swim

Review of Adult Swim


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Adult Swim’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Adult Swim live streams its programs as they air. Adult Swim also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Adult Swim is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. It is a member of the TBS network.

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9 hours ago

Adult Swim

#asLostCommandments ... See MoreSee Less

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The end of the 2nd season (camping trip) and the 3rd season is some of the best television I've ever seen. This show got the send off it deserved.

The mom was the most evil character of that whole show, the dad coming in second.

I've been watching the show on Vimeo...I'm only like 8 episodes in so far but it's pretty great

Considering the amount of posts we're seeing, can this be a sign of a possible reboot?

Tim and Eric made sense. But this show, I still don't understand.

Jajaja recuerdas cuando lo estábamos viendo en la tele todo debrayado !! Michel RC

Alejandra Trelles they keep bringing back the feels :(

Is this how Republicans talk? Asking for a

Why is everybody at Orel like it's his fault? What happened to the kid who shot him in the eye?

Is this back on I was just talking about this show the other day

And I started watching detective conan at age 12 and now I'm 23 and still watch it ha how childish am I

Thou shalt not masturbate. Lol.

Bring back Moral Orel

What show is this?

This show...

More Moral Orel. Please.

I loved this show so much

Season 4 when? Come on Lazzo!

Best cartoon dad ever.

Trench, member this?

One of the greatest animated shows of all time 😭

Oh my god I loved this show

Morel Orel

Oscar Escalante remember we used to watch this

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18 hours ago

Adult Swim

New episodes start April 2. ... See MoreSee Less

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Ohhhh, he murdered the ENTIRE "Cook" family. Eric Charles

To bad this show is garbage. Maybe if ur a crackhead it would be marginally funny. But it's just trash

I not sure where the guy with the glasses been but he is the funniest person

The best programme I have ever watched. Don't you agree Shannon Rose Shirley

Please keep this show going on the air. It's way to good.

This is just rubbish. Put some uplifting bible stories on tv not this satanic mind controlling garbage.

Best live-action AS show on now.. love it

Too Many Cooks killer... I still won't watch this stupid show. Give us more animated stuff instead.

the shows that they show these days just shows you the intelligent lvl of the mindless sheep

Hilarious show.

looks like gary could use a break

Duane Eues, i think you need a break...

Can hardly wait!

Tim have u seen this show


Claude is back

hmmmm i miss ugly americans

So Claud's back now? Where did Dana go?

Too Many Cooks crossover?



Where are Rick and Morty?


Alec Klimson Kelin Malcolm Nathan Reier

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20 hours ago

Adult Swim

Tomorrow at 11pm. ... See MoreSee Less

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Greatest thing in the world that Adult Swim saved Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network is shitting everything, and Adult Swim saved one of the greatest from back in the day, thank you Adult Swim!!

How much blood does that man even have?

And here we have the ever elusive creature, Jack, awakening from its long 13 year dormancy. Such grace...

Hope Ashi would be spared in this episode. She seem to have some development unlike her brainwashed sisters.

So NOT a thing about race or anything, I swear to you, but I do think it's an interesting choice that they changed Jack's cartoonish color of yellowish white to a more appropriate skin tone. Wonder who thought of that character design change.

Just a general FYI: He's not immortal. Idk why people are making this mistake. The creators never said he was immortal. Just that he no longer ages. He can still die, just not of old age

Gah so suspenseful! Hope jack sets a clever trap for the daughters of Aku. Papa bless adultswim for bringing such a great show back #JackisBack

Wonder how jack will get his sword back, cant have an ending if he can't beat aku....unless he dies

All the hilarious comments aside, I just want to praise how fluidly (pun intended) this scene is animated, particularly the perspective shots to add a sense of dynamic action. Can't wait for Sunday! (Yeah, I know, Saturday, but in my timezone...)

I like these moments in Samurai Jack where jack gets beat up or sick and some character(s) help him out. Atleast that's what I hope happens.


So far, I'm in love with the new season and I think this is better than the previous season. One of the best animated shows of all time!

Christ imagery aside, why tf is Jack floating so damn high in that water? Is he made of cork, or is that river some sort of transparent blue mercury?

Let's not forget that you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and you may be entitled to financial compensation.

He got jacked up.

Thats mercury aint his blood didnt get diluted with water

Diego Farias Paulo César ei ma deve tá legal demais, vou vê hj ctz

Alright Adult Swim, real talk. How can we support another season?

Yeah working 12 hours then to sit down for some samurai jack = Good day

I'm excited that AS got this. Maybe the show can explore some darker territory now

I might be the only one worried obout the diapason sword

Thank you adult swim for bringing back Genndy Tartovsky and team to bring us samurai jack

Zac Alexopoulos this series is the best thing that's happened to my 2017 so far

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1 day ago

Adult Swim

#asLostCommandments ... See MoreSee Less

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#asLostCommandments: #69: Thou Shalt bring back Moral Orel as it was intended.

Is it possible to do a Morel Orel / Man Men mashup? Does that make sense to anyone else. The drinking the vintage style, i dunno.

They were going to wife swap until they realized what filthy heathens they were.

This was the Twin Peaks of adult swim. Both ended prematurely.

I want more of this show. More like Season 3 though, really dark and depressing.

Love this show, The later episodes were like a soap opera.

This show is a masterpiece.

Destiny Satathite Our school in a nutshell but it needs more confederate flags

Why couldn't the Puppingtons and Posabules just agree to be glad they didn't have to be circumcised?

I think about this episode ever time I do the Lords Prayer. Lord forgive me

forget Davey & Goliath... Moral Orel walked with God 😂

I miss Moral Orel ...lost # 70 not only thou shalt bring it back, but also make many episodes..

This show was like deep infiltration woke asf.

That's not Shapey lol Love how that goes on for like 2-3 episodes lol



You own me a bottle of wine !!!!!

i miss this show

Scary but true ....

Wish there was a new season

Kind of stops being funny when it's true.

I'm not religious but I loved the show lol

Mest up

What show is this?


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Comment on Facebook

Just pre-ordered this yesterday, I've been wondering when AS would try their hands at a grimdark dystopian puzzle platformer. <3

Brian throwback to when we did a playtest, and this game gave me anxiety

Ve Mar Howe dude this looks so pretty, and the creatures look like bunnies!!

This gives me Ori and the Blind Forest vibes <3 which is not a bad thing.

So post apocalyptic ori and the blind forest?

Kyle Hernandez ????? Have u heard of this???

poor little slug cats


No xbox?

4 dias :u

Amanda Thompson thoughts?

Andrew Tucker Russo Randy Butternubs Zach Gold oooo: peep this on steam

Cara Williams


Shungo Flow

Javier Diaz

Vicente Antezana

Eilla Eam

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