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ABC News from New York, New York

ABC News is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a news and entertainment station that broadcasts US and world news, politics, and election coverage. You can watch the channel online via the ABC News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our ABC News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: ABC News
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: News, Entertainment
Website: ABC News Homepage

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Review of ABC News

Review of ABC News


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ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is a member of the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) network.

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9 minutes ago

ABC News

Cow on the Loose in New York City
Police are trying to capture a runaway cow on the loose in Jamaica, Queens, NY.
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Comment on Facebook

The cow just wants to leave America... You can't even blame him...

They are making that job so much harder than what it should be. Get a handy person on horse out there rope her and drag her back home 👌🏼

Bring her to Trump Tower and let her make a deposit right in the front steps.

Poor baby. I hope he finds freedom and sanctuary. So sad.

In Texas or Oklahoma that cow would have already been lassoed! Love how she's resting. 😂 Waiting for the police to catch up with her!

Cows are very gentle creatures people. Chill! Hug it, roll an excercise ball by her, she will play. Play classical music, they love it. This animal is terrified. Save it.

Listen lol the car is literally making the cow walk away from it . You need a rope feed and the vehicle you are putting him in. Geez

Richard Henriquez Jared David you both better take cover! lol literally think I have seen your place at least 10 times lol

NYPDs are Professionals, so they should be able to handle such matter.

Frano Budimlić da nije ovo nasa krava "zekulja" pobigla :)

Those are ICE agents. That cow came across the Mexican Boarder illegally.

Why did the cow cross the road? So he wouldn't get slaughtered that's why! RUN COW RUN!

The bull will not be slaughtered a farm said they will take the bull

José Victor Justino olha como o trampo da polícia daq é difícil

Would someone tell the police to stop and let that guy get to the cow?

There is a booth on someones car. Thats jamaica ny for sure lol

Lol, any cowboys in New York? Oh wait, I had to leave that state to find mine.

Poor thing prob scared to death. Lights flashing, vehicles literally on it's butt.

That cow is in danger, avoiding the police while black is never good for your health.

Rosie O'Donnell is just trying to make it to Canada. Let her.

You can expect Trump to reference this in his next speech: "Look at what happened in Queens yesterday. Yes, Queens."

That cow will be listed as a terrorist at the next White House briefing

RUN ROSIE RUN!!!!!!Canada is just around the corner

Let the cow live. Give him a break.

Do they really think driving up his heels is going to make him stop? Morons.

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15 minutes ago

ABC News

Good Morning America
HOLY COW! WATCH LIVE as a cow is on the loose in Queens, NY.
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Comment on Facebook

People getting scared of a cow is funny thing. We ride and drive with cows daily on our roads. I would be shocked if i don't find a cow on the road someday.

The cow was yelling as he ran down the street... "Eat Mor Chikin!!!!"

This kinda thing always makes me sad. Poor thing is scared and running for its life. 😢

This also happened in January of 2016! They let the cow live last time, fingers crossed for this guy !!

This is a horrible story. That poor animal must've been so scared. So it was tortured before the slaughterhouse kills it. Just awful!

You r not used to see cows, right? It's funny to see it like news... that happens All the time in small cities with open ranch. They always will eat your flowers.! Lol.

Catching a cow is hard. Had to rope two in my neighborhood. I got the calf and a Cop was able to get the other. It took nearly an hour. Sketchy critters.

Cows are very gentle creatures people. Chill! Hug it, roll an excercise ball by her, she will play. Play classical music, they love it. This animal is terrified. Save it.

Lukas Terry they called the police for a loose cow 😂😂 I know they aren't used to cows roaming around, but I thought this was hilarious lol.

Police chasing a bull 😂 call animals control so they can shot a sedative and sleep the poor animal. This bull could run for hours

City folks, this is a "steer"....a yngr male. Cows are female.

Tired of people thinking it is funny to see an animal for its life fight not to be slaughtered. Stop showing or save it!

The cow better have papers before he's declared an illegal immigrant and deported.

According to the news this bull is going to a sanctuary- good. I don't eat meat - the way we slaughter and treat them is horrific.

It is not a cow the one running around is male so it is a bull and from its color I would say it is an Angus bull

It probably escaped the slaughter house. It will eventually find it's way to someones plate by the end of this week.

This is an independent cow who don't need no man Julia McCready

These city people haven't a single clue what they're doing. This is bs.

Bring it to a sanctuary. He was smart enough to escape he deserves to live.

So should I watch until the cows come home? Lol (sorry lol)

Oh that's just... mooverlous 😐 See what I did there?

Who let the cows out.. moo moo moo.. I'll be here all week folks.. don't forget to tip your waiters. 😐🐮

Down here in Texas.. we call that, food delivery.. *Spits tobacco in spittoon*

Hahahahahaha, those poor city folk don't seem very confident with livestock.

COW?????? Been watching it live via ABC and it is a BULL! Which they reported!!!!!! SMDH!

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ABC News Politics
LIVE: Newly-confirmed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt addresses agency employees.

Pruitt’s nomination was hotly contested by Democrats, and he has been accused of siding with oil and energy companies in exchange for campaign donations, which he denied at his hearing.
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Comment on Facebook

Our environment is not for sale. Debt in reference to our environment should not be even coming out of your mouth!Why is it that when someone is going to try has shove something down your throat they always reference their listening skills?

Nooooo! What the actual feck, people? You couldn't write a fiction story with self interest this flagrant; nobody would buy it! And yet here we are... unbelievable stupidity, with an incalculable price for generations!

Climate change denier, let coal companies dump their sludge in rivers, start fracking and mining in our national parks, oil exploration. It's no longer Environmental protection agency it's exploit our earth and country agency. EECA

I thought they said we didn't need the EPA, the environment doesn't need protection, global warming is a liberal hoax, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile more coal, coal, coal!!🤔

I couldn't stand to even listen to this hypocritical, lying, greedy sycofant of the So Called President Cheeto. It's not about Democrats or Republicans - it's about having a habitable planet to live.

oh great, a man who has sued the EPA over and over again. Great pick T. Let's just destroy the environment.

The new mantra of the GOP " I didn't do it, I heard about it, it's the dishonest media with fake news".....we are now understanding why Cheeto Puff put the gag order on the EPA... 🤔

This fool is in bed with the Koch Brothers ... they don't give a sh*t about the environment!

Remember Trump do not believe on the environment ...Hell he probably doesn't know how to plant a flower ...So please there is nothing to see here ..Come on now he knows what is he doing !!!$$$$$$$

we are gonna be paying for years for all of these criminals in these positions i need to look into wearing a haz mat suit all the time

This is like the twilight zone. You have an oil & coal supporter in charge of the EPA. That's like having a vegetarian in charge KFC.

Can someone tell me if the swamp has been drained yet? It seems like its getting fuller by the day.

Of course deny and distract is what a teenager year old does!

Welcome to Trumps America where the water and air will be as toxic as his Presidency

if he does not agree with the regulations or the rules how is that supposed to enforce regulations

how can he be civil when he completely disagrees with the agency / he is not talking about crap

how do you put someone as the leader who disagrees and hates the department who has sued the epa in his own state thats like putting someone in the drivers seat who thinks drinking and driving is ok

The Greedy Republicans are the Real enemy of the American People !

Absolutely nothing wrong with placing a man who is against the very agency in charge of it.

So please explain to me how you think other presidential candidates got their campaign money?

This bozo is partially responsible for the fracking-related earthquakes that have occurred in Oklahoma over the last few years.

Why so many angry faces? You don't even know this man.

LOL LOL open and transparent OMG ok i bet he wont release all of his emails

what the hell is he talking about and how does this relate to any way the job of the epa and protecting the environment

LOL avoid litigation and he has sued the epa in his home state multiple times he loves litigation

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