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ABC News from New York, New York

ABC News is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a news and entertainment station that broadcasts US and world news, politics, and election coverage. You can watch the channel online via the ABC News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our ABC News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: ABC News
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: News, Entertainment
Website: ABC News Homepage

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Review of ABC News

Review of ABC News


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ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is a member of the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) network.

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2 hours ago

ABC News

Arrests after scuffle breaks out at California Trump rally
Three arrested, two slightly injured after fight breaks out at pro-Donald J. Trump rally on Southern California beach:
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Watching Trump supporters still defending Trump's lies is like watching a battered wife who's drunk husband beats her every night but she gets up the next morning and makes him breakfast in bed. It's really sad.

You know trump supporter are so patriotic that they use a trump flag instead of an American flag. 🇺🇸 that's not a real patriot.

Lol don't remember too many fights or any violence at Obama's speeches. This is nothing new. Trump perpetuates violence and violence is what will come from things he's involved with

The thing I love most about ABC News is that they are unashamedly bias, they report with a liberal slant, and do not try to hide it, they are progressive, liberal, and pro democrat and proud to show it. At least any one with half a brain can see this, and understands what they are reporting is NOT news, but entertainment. They are a for profit entertainment company (Disney) and as such play to their audience, for them it is about the profit, not about news.

Shame on everyone for watching the fight and filming it; yes that includes the news cameramen.... We all want to have the best story, the video that goes viral that we all forget to be decent human beings. The media is involved in the decay of decent human values.

1. I cannot stand Trump but being physically aggressive is not ok or the answer to the problem. 2. With everyone standing around taking pics/video while people fight looks just like a episode of Black Mirror.

Whether you agree with Trump or not, he is still the president. Also, people should be able to have their pro-trump rallies without getting assaulted.

Our country is extremely divided regardless who is president if this division continues there will most likely be a second Civil War in our future.

And for their participation trophy 🏆 for being radicalized liberals, they get a nice shiny pair of bracelets and weekend accommodations for them and their friends, and possibly get everything they asked for, for years, free heathcare, free food, free housings, in one of the most secure gated government housing communities in the country..

Really people...violence is not the way to go. Why did the photographers continue to snap the photos? Why didn't they and more of the others stop the beating? Sad to see 😨 we all have the right to voice our is our right! Peaceful demonstrations are the way to exercise our freedom to protest and have the focus on our issues instead of violence!

Stop calling those people democrats you uneducated dinosaurs. They're ANARCHISTS! They don't follow political parties. They're not there for a "liberal agenda" They're there to punch racists in the face.

I may not like Trump, but this is not the way!! If people are supposedly tolerant, then you can't attack demonstrators if they want to support the president. Just can't!!

Not going to defend the Trump supporters, but these little black block wannabes ran into the wrong people. These fools think it's ok to burn and destroy property. Don't condone violence, but this was amusing to see these little idiots get a reality check.

L.A. resident here. No pity for the anti- trumpers. Get these stupid regime signs off my car, yard, and apartment. Everyone is throwing them in the street instead of the trash so it's just all pollution by now. I didn't vote Trump but I'm not joining your regime either.

Typical liberals want to wear black and masks to start a fight and when the peaceful demonstrators get tired of the BS and put them down then it's Trump Supporters fault. Give me a break. Liberal agenda I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

Why the hell do they have a rally anyway? Are they trying to convince themselves they made the right choice while all us sane people know they were so wrong?

Of course, ABC doesn't finish the sentence!! .........after anti-TRUMP supporters arrive and pepper spray the pro-TRUMP supporters. Your reporting is ridiculous!! #fakenews!

Disgusting..... Political parties aside, this is like watching the Jerry Springer Show... tons of cameras rolling. Wtf have we become as a nation????

It's very clear that the little guy dressed head to toe in black (for sun protection) was the one attacking. He took a swipe at two different people and lost on the second one. For anyone saying the Trump supporters are thugs and attacked, you must have a different video than I do.

Why can't both parties get along.I mean really does we really have to hurt each other people of who we voted for .Not right.Just not right what so ever.It wrong.Wake up america.Lets learn to just deal with are problems.And help each other no matter what.

Once again another video that doesn't show everything so who knows what really happened to start that give me a break with some of these comments #MAGA

Why! This kind of third world behavior solves nothing.And yes this country will fall because of the division within the Government and its citizens. Idiots.

Fight breaks out after pos anarchists pepper sprays pro-trimp event organizer. Can't blame the pro-Trump crowd for this one. They were attacked and defending themselves.

As far as I know, the election is over. Why is there still such a thing as a Pro Trump rally? And why is he still campaigning?

Suck it Haters Trump won! Morons leave the United States and start your own country or go to Europe where it's much worse because every country across the pond are hippies and allow bad things to happen. It's not discriminatory for a travel ban when it's not stated that it's singling out specifically a group. It's country's where there is a high presence of bad activities happening. A-hole responses I just go back and start fresh again.

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