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ABC News from New York, New York

ABC News is a TV broadcaster based in New York, NY. It’s a news and entertainment station that broadcasts US and world news, politics, and election coverage. You can watch the channel online via the ABC News live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our ABC News review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: ABC News
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: News, Entertainment
Website: ABC News Homepage

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Review of ABC News

Review of ABC News


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ABC News’ rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that ABC News live streams its programs as they air. ABC News also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is a member of the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) network.

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1 hour ago

ABC News

Heavy Snowfall Blankets Garden City, Kansas
Late-season blizzard covers western Kansas in fresh blanket of snow. "There is a golf course somewhere out there." abcn.ws/2pyTuoh
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Comment on Facebook

Wet heavy snow on trees tears them all apart ,especially when the leaves are coming out . I hope it warms back up for you people so it doesn,t kill off everything . Every time it does that here in NY where I live ,it always burns off most of the flowers on my lilac bush.

I know what you mean. Here in AZ we were covered with sunshine. Tonight it got down to the lovely position of 69 degrees ☺️

I thought the world was melting? Oh yeah, climate change, been going on millions of years, can't disprove it. We can say that while we rape the nations resources.

You just need to get an orange ball with a transmitter in it.

I'm so jealous! We didn't get much snow here in Ohio this past winter. I'd much rather have the snow over the heat.

We need some of that snow and rain over here in SoCal...with all the wild fires 😩

This was Santa Fe NM yesterday. Back to spring temperatures snow melted today.

It's 90 degrees where I'm at thankfully. Forget this crap.

Im sure the beverage cart girl is hoping its closed for the next few days. Lol im looking out for you all!!!

😂😂 sucks for you guys!! It was sunny and mid 80's here in East Tennessee today.

Snow in Kansas and Floods in Missouri.

Omg Eiram Aliehs Acevedo y para allá pienso ir 😣 meybe si se tardan será por esto 😭

I'm just shivering just looking at it lol. I haven't been in the snow in years.

Flooding in Eastern KS, Blizzard in Western KS

Kim Wright Meyers so. You're loving it right? Or is this too far west?

I'm glad I'm not there, I hate snow

They could keep that " snow it's flooding in Chicago"


Better them than me

Snow don't no more Done

Sarah Claxton is that your house?

Crazy !

Climate change is real!

Wtf is may

The kids here in Ky would love this right about now.

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3 hours ago

ABC News

South Korean residents scuffle with police as THAAD oil tank t...
South Korean residents scuffle with police as U.S. Army oil tank trucks enter deployment site of controversial Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system. abcn.ws/2qn00fK
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Comment on Facebook

South Koreans be like "We didn't vote for either of these nuke-loving madmen, gtfo"

I understand their angst and fear. They are in the same position that Ukraine was in before the outbreak of ww2. Being caught in the middle of 2 opposing ideologies is always scary and most unfortunate when hell breaks loose and the state becomes nonexistent. Perilous times.

LOL. These people are clearly begging to be invaded. The only reason they are not part of north Korea right now living under that dictator is because of US. If we pulled out. The north would march in within the year. Honestly. Talk about ungrateful. Its the younger generation. All the ones that remember are old,dead and dying.

Do you think, maybe, they feel like we're using their country to start a war? I wouldn't be surprised if South Korea told the US to get out.

They think they are doing the right thing but they are just selfish and ungrateful, these type of people are in every country and if war breaks they are the first to blame the government for not protecting them.

I was stationed in So. Korea and found Koreans to be tough, hard working and resourceful. They were also grateful to the US for saving their country. They will not, however, tolerate someone acting like they own the country. Unless you live there, Robby Hendrickson, STFU. It's still their country.

The S Koreans don't need missile defence installation to protect them. It is useless. A nuke can be delivered by various methods in an attack by the North on the South. The installation is for the protection of the US and is aimed at stopping missiles headed our way. The South is just the ones caught in the middle.

Fine pull out and let the killing begin. Why do our troops have to be there? North Korea can't destroy us. Only Nuke China and south Korea maybe Japan. But it's not like any of them care about us. They won't come to our aid. Just let them all die and be done. Just sad.

I did 5 tours in South Korea between 1999-2015 in the Army they protest no matter what we do over there we just need to pull all the way out and let their own Army handle North Korea it's a waste of our time and money

US has been prepping War with North Korea for two years now. This has nothing to do with Obama or Trump administration. Only now Media is shuffling card of intensity, fear, persuasion, to stimulate and aggravate general population for the approval of this war. This is how System works. ;)

So the new world order approaches before your eyes and you refuse to believe, get out of the matrix or you will be a doll of the system

Realistically NK has been purposely threatening Japan, SK, and the US (not sure about others) for quite some time. They haven't been effective so it is easy to just say ignore them, but the truth is if NK is successful just once it can be very bad. Trump isn't to blame for what is coming since NK has been a problem long before Trump took office. NK needs to be dealt with but how it is handled is the great question and to be honest not sure if Trump is the one to be at the helm when we do it seems he would just make things worse.

America will leave when North and South Korea comes to terms that they can and will live in peace with each other. We all know that's not going to happen. So until then we shall remain. Plain and simple.

Congratulations, Deplorable Donnie! This is on you! Not your predecessor! These people are freaked out by your words...and, reacting...

Many still have family in North Korea. They have lived with this for 60yr. The younger people do not remember the war, but their parents do. It was a very dark time for all.

How little a lot of people know, just like we used to have many bases in Europe and after the Cold War ended, we did not need so many bases anymore . We have bases in Korea and Japan for our own interests . Maybe some of you don't know ,we rent the bases from the countries they are in, we do not own them, we are quests in their country .

Why don't we let them defend themselves and watch them be burned? We always help those people in those countries that would never feel an ounce of gratitude.

US must respect will of the people.South Koreans are against deployment of Thaad in their country.Have they tested Thaad in combat to proof it's effectiveness?

I say pullout and bring our Men and women home and start protecting our own here. Bring our troops home and our equipment. Nothing should be left behind. #fucktrump

South Korea dislikes the idea of being the country in between two bullies. No one should like war.

So I guess they like the thought of nuclear warheads dropping on their cities? Okay. Good....leave them. Pull all US troops out and leave them to fend for themselves.

OK, how about the US pulls out all military forces so that Kim Unfit can roll over South Korea in a few hours? If the 2nd ID was not there and the USMC, the entire Korean peninsula would be starving to death and worshiping Unfit.

The Koreans always been hostile to US military .. we should just throw these idiots to North Korea and leave ... let them defend themselves from North Korea..

Using this not only south Korea offend N korea but also China....America can't care less as usual...u think they would sent their soldiers in????

This must be those not aware of the threat they are facing or being misguided and use as a weapon by others

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