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We live in an exciting time for the integration of traditional TV and Internet technology–live streaming TV, online videos, Internet TV, and new things coming on the scene everyday. Unfortunately, navigating this maze can be quite confusing.

wTVPC is here to help. Our staff covers today’s most important and interesting stories at the intersection of technology and entertainment. That includes TV, sports and news; new digital media technologies and devices; and reviews and advice on integrating traditional television with digital media and personal computing devices.


Our story started in 2008 with ‘The Coffee Desk’–a distraction-free site designed to deliver the latest in tech/entertainment news. wTVPC is a continuation of this mission, but with branding that better reflects our core objectives. We will continue to maintain the highest journalistic standards while providing original news reporting. In contrast to many of today’s news websites which simply repackage stories published by the big news organizations, wTVPC conducts in-depth research and relies on primary information sources to develop original news stories. Our reporters specialize in technology, entertainment&news, and the space where these industries intersect.


Connor Duncan, CEO and Editor In Chief, is wTVPC’s lead visionary. He has advanced degrees in library science and journalism and an insatiable interest in technology, particularly digital media technologies. He brings two decades of experience on the front lines of an evolving journalism era—plus ample time spent “in the stacks,” both real and digital, of the nation’s top libraries. He has been covering the tech industry since before the “dot com” boom, and since then has focused his reporting on Internet-driven technologies and trends. When Connor dons his journalist hat he exemplifies wTVPC’s mission by covering how technology and entertainment interact. Contact him at cduncan(at)wtvpc.com.

Becky Duncan, Executive Editor, brings special knowledge and experience covering trends in digital media technologies and how they influence entertainment and news delivery. She worked for several big names in the media industry before being irresistibly drawn to wTVPC, where she has the freedom to use her skills and expertise. She welcomes your feedback and story tips at bduncan(at)wtvpc.com.

Stephanie Myers, Staff Writer/Reporter, is an award-winning journalist with a wealth of research and writing talents. Stephanie has a Master’s in science and has covered tech and science news for a variety of publications. She has written over 200 widely-read articles. She continues to bring wTVPC readers today’s breaking tech-entertainment news. She can be reached at smyers(at)wtvpc.com or on Google+.

Lyn Atwood, Staff Writer/Reporter, enjoyed a successful 25-year career in business, all the while freelancing as a writer and reporter. She began doing her own research and reporting way back when microfiche was the go-to medium, and has been featured in more than 30 business publications. Today, she knows all the digital ins-and-outs and uses her skills to do original reporting for wTVPC, covering the technology and business angle. Ask her any geeky question at latwood(at)wtvpc.com or on Google+.

Jonathan Sternberg, Staff Writer/Reporter, is a journalistic jack-of-all-trades. After traveling the globe and reporting on entertainment, the arts and pop culture he has finally settled down at wTVPC. Jonathan covers entertainment and culture through the lens of how these segments are impacted, and influenced, by technology. Tell him what interests you at jsternberg(at)wtvpc.com. 

Jessica O’Reilly, Miscellaneous Go-To-Person, is an indispensable asset to wTVPC. She uses her managerial skills to take care of countless important tasks that need to be done. Send advertising inquiries, and any other questions, comments, love notes and gripes (if you must) to her at joreilly(at)wtvpc.com.

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“Neon” Deon Freeman

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To reach a contributor, send an email to info(at)wtvpc.com with their name in the subject line.