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New Roku player only $25, streams HBO NOW, Netflix, others

By Lyn Atwood / November 12, 2015 / Tags: , ,

When the new Roku SE hits shelves for Black Friday, it will be the most affordable streaming device on the market, which also makes it the cheapest way to get HBO and other popular channels.

roku se

Just weeks after debuting the new Roku 4 player, Roku has another device hitting shelves, the Roku SE.

Roku SE is the company’s lower-cost option. Priced at only $25 for Black Friday sales, and $50 after that, the set-top player rivals Roku’s Streaming Stick and Roku 1 player (also $50). For a limited time, it will undercut Chromecast, $35, which has long held its status as offering the best value among devices.

What are Roku SE’s features? Even with its lower price tag the player has a lot of the functionality most users deem most important.

It won’t offer 4K support like its higher-priced sibling Roku 4 ($129), but it will stream in 1080p. It will also come with the new Roku operating system, OS 7, meaning the user interface will be the same as on the Roku 4.

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Other features include a remote, universal search and access to over 3,000 channels. That includes the option to watch HBO NOW. HBO NOW arrived on Roku for the first time last month. For $15/month, HBO NOW gives subscribers access to all of HBO’s hit programming, from shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective to its premium sports coverage. The service is popular with cord-cutters and cord-nevers, who, without a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription, would otherwise be cut off from HBO.

Roku was relatively late in getting HBO NOW, behind competitors Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. At last, the Roku 4 launched with the HBO logo proudly displayed on the box.

Now, customers looking for a less expensive way to get a Roku player and HBO access have just such an option with Roku SE. The company has not, however, said how long the product will be available.

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