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First glimpse of Roku 4 leaked online

By Lyn Atwood / September 29, 2015 / Tags: , , ,

The elusive Roku 4 release appears to be drawing nearer as the latest sign of its emergence has surfaced online.

Roku 4

A photo of the new Roku 4 has been discovered on Roku’s website, igniting excitement that the new media streaming device will soon be making its debut.

AFTVnews associate Elias Saba first found and posted the Roku 4 picture. Saba said he was using a photo-finding script to scour Roku’s website when he made the discovery.

Rumors about the next-generation player have been flying for months. Experts have estimated the Roku 4 release will come in the fall.

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The leaked photo of Roku 4 is the latest evidence that the device will launch shortly.

It also reveals some potential new Roku 4 features.

The remote control is redesigned and features a YouTube button, and perhaps a WatchESPN button. The Google Play button also looks like it has been dropped and replaced with a Hulu button.

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Though Saba claims the photo’s origin was the Roku website, it has also now reportedly been taken down, making it impossible to corroborate. Nonetheless, this is only the most recent in a string of leaks about Roku 4.

Only a couple weeks ago Cinema Now leaked information about Roku’s newest device. The streaming service kicked off a campaign promoting free HD rentals with every new Roku 4 purchase.

The promotion claimed a start date of October 1 — which would put the Roku 4 release date only a week away at most.

A fresh leak also sprung from the company itself, when Roku posted a 4K Showcase offering in their channel store. Take home message: Roku 4 will have 4K support.

This Roku 4 feature doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It’s been widely expected Roku would embrace 4K UHD (ultra-high definition) in their next device.

The prediction became almost a necessity after Amazon announced the new Amazon Fire TV will have 4K UHD capability. The new Apple TV, however, will not support 4K when it hits shelves next month.

That leaves an opportunity for Roku 4 to best the Apple TV 2015 — though it will still have to compete with Amazon Fire TV 2015 in the UHD department.

Only an official unveiling will answer the myriad of questions that continue to swirl around Roku 4. We’ll be reporting on all the details as they emerge in the coming weeks and months.

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Lyn Atwood

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