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Got opinion overload? Instead of just giving our opinion, wTVPC analyzes many different reviews from trusted names in tech and consumer products, plus buyers themselves. This gives an unbiased, accurate picture of a product’s pros and cons.
Cord Cutters Club Reviews

Chromecast 2 Review

ChromecastGoogle’s new Chromecast 2 device is faster and more powerful than the original, and comes with a sleek new look. We looked at Chromecast 2 reviews from top techies and users to see if the changes make it worth an upgrade, or a first-time purchase for new buyers. See the features people like the most, dislike, and the final verdict. Read the review

Roku 4 Review

Roku 4Roku’s newest media player, launched in late 2015, has added 4K ultra-high definition and gotten a bit faster and more powerful. Is it enough to compel users to upgrade? Has it taken Roku 3’s place as the best device on the market? See what top techies and users are saying. Read the review

Amazon Fire TV Review 2015 (Newest Model)

Amazon Fire TVThe 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV, released in 2015, comes with 4K ultra-high definition support, a smarter, faster operating system, and voice-controlled search. We looked at what tech experts and customers have to say about the set-top box, and share the good, the bad and the ugly. Read the review

Apple TV 2015 Review (Newest Model)

New Apple TV 2015The 4th generation Apple TV, released in the fall of 2015, comes with a new touchpad remote, the brainpower of Siri, and universal search by voice control. Tech experts and users have some major likes, and some major dislikes, though. Is it worth the money, either as an upgrade or a first-time buy? Read the review

Roku Streaming Stick Review 2015

Roku Streaming StickRoku’s streaming stick plugs directly into a TV’s HDMI port to deliver a huge array of entertainment options. We scoured the tech industry’s top reviews to compile our meta-review of Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI), complete with likes, dislikes and how to tell if it’s the right device for you. Read the review

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review 2015

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon’s Fire TV Stick is the dongle version of the Fire TV box. The thumb-drive sized media streaming device plugs into a TV’s HDMI portal and does the majority of what the Fire TV box does. We gathered Fire TV Stick reviews from 10 tech and consumer research sources and give the good, the bad and the deciding factor for whether to buy one of these. Read the review

Sling TV Review

Sling TVSee the Internet TV provider’s features, included channels and cost—plus wTVPC’s analysis of 10 different Sling TV reviews from the biggest names in tech. Read the review

Roku 3 Review 2015

Roku 3The Roku 3 is Roku’s fastest, most powerful media streaming device. With lots of improvements since Roku 2, the small player offers massive content options and some unique features. We looked at Roku 3 reviews from several tech experts—see what’s most liked, most disliked and the overall rating. Read the review

Apple TV Review (Older, 3rd Gen. Model)

Apple TVApple’s streaming media box, Apple TV, will let you watch TV and movies, play music, and stream anything available in the iTunes store to an HDTV.  We analyzed Apple TV, 3rd generation reviews from around the web to come up with the single biggest reason to get—or not to get—Apple TV. Read the review

Amazon Fire TV Review (Older, 1st Gen. Model)

Amazon Fire TVAmazon’s box-style media streaming device, Amazon Fire TV, can be used to watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, look at photos, and play games. It has some stiff competition from other devices, however. wTVPC looked at 10 different reviews of Fire TV from industry experts, and give the biggest pros, cons, and bottom line. Read the review

Chromecast Review (Older, 1st Gen. Model)

Chromecast 1Chromecast’s original model has added several popular services since its debut in 2013. See how it stacks up to other media streaming devices in wTVPC’s meta-review of critiques from top tech sources, and its current compatibility and features. Read the review