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Cord Cutters Help & How-To: Tricks To Dominate Cable-Free Living

How To Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

Unblock world TV channels

Here's how to access geo-blocked content in countries around the world, while making sure your personal information stays safe and private.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Chromecast

Chromecast 2

Google's Chromecast packs a lot of power into a tiny package

Chromecast is a great option if you’re looking for a media-streaming device. Chromecast makes it super easy to cast online video or TV content (free or through a paid subscription) onto your television screen.

It’s also pretty cheap—only $35—and works well with other services like Android TV. It’s also fully Mac compatible. Tech expert Janko Roettgers has come up with some useful tips and tricks to get the most out of Chromecast. READ: 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your new Chromecast.

​Here's a complete, step-by-step guide to set up Chromecast and start enjoying streaming videos on your TV.

​WATCH: How To Use Google Chromecast

How To Stream Safely & Privately

Worried about online security and privacy? Want to keep prying eyes from spying on your streaming activities? Then you need a VPN.

Online spying
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Set Up A Roku Streaming Stick In A Few Simple Steps

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku's streaming stick easy to use and offers thousands of channels

The Roku Streaming Stick is one of the best media-streaming devices out there. It lets you transmit video content from your devices to your TV so that you can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more in comfort on the big screen.

Plus, at only $49, it provides a lot of power for not much money. Here is how to start using a Roku Streaming Stick HDMI (3500R), from taking it out of the box to taking advantage of all the TV, movies and videos you can watch with it.

WATCH: Roku Streaming Stick Unboxing, Review, Set Up

How To Stream (WAY) More Stuff From Popular Sites & Services

You're probably missing out on loads of great content, without even knowing it. Here's how to get instant access to thousands more TV shows and movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC, and more.

Unblock content

How To Add Apps to Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick


Expand your viewing options beyond Amazon's featured content

Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick come loaded with tons of apps and content, making them both very popular media streaming devices.

However, one of the biggest dislikes about the Fire duo is that Amazon's curated content choices are strongly highlighted while others take a backseat. And what if you want apps that aren't available in the Amazon app store?

Well, there is a fairly simple way to add apps to Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. You'll need an Android phone or computer so you can sideload (like uploading or downloading, sideloading means transferring data or software from one device to another) the apps. The $2 'Remote Mouse for Fire TV' app will also come in handy.

Which apps can be added? Here's an impressive, up-to-date spreadsheet from Reddit users: Fire TV Sideloaded Apps

If using an Android phone, READ: How to sideload apps onto Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

If using a Windows computer, WATCH: Sideload Apps to Amazon Fire TV or Stick with a Windows Computer

If using a Mac, WATCH: Sideload Apps to Amazon Fire TV or Stick with a Mac OS X

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How To Jailbreak (Get More Stuff On) Apple TV

Apple TV

Free Apple TV from its chains and access a new world of TV and movies

Jailbreaking a device means freeing it from the system it came out of the box with. By jailbreaking an Apple TV 2, you can add a lot of useful applications to it, and get access to hundreds more content sources.

For example, a jailbroken Apple TV can run Kodi (formerly XBMC) and that fact alone unlocks a whole world of possibility. Apple got smart with the 3rd generation Apple TV, which can't be jailbroken. But the Apple TV 2 can.

The experts at Gizmag explain how to pull it off in easy-to-follow steps, or watch the video for a visual walk-through. READ: How to jailbreak an Apple TV 2.

WATCH: How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2