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Get Started Cutting The Cable Cord

Cut cable cord

Cut the cord and save money without missing any of your favorite shows

Making the transition and actually cutting that cable cord isn’t easy. Alternatives to pay-TV are out there—and expanding every week—but information is scattered and can be confusing to sort out.

From Internet TV, to live streaming TV, to premium on-demand services and more there are a lot of options and all of them come with their own set of specifications.

We cut through all the madness with simple, step-by-step help. This is the most current and complete guide to canceling your cable or satellite subscription, saving money, and enjoying TV. Check it out.

Always-Up-To-Date Guide To Watching Live Sports Online

Sports News, wTVPC

Live sports has broken out of the cable box

Many sites promising “live streaming sports” are sleazy. (To see the non-sleazy ones, check out our sports streams.) But thankfully there are some good, reliable ways to stream live sports without cable.

See all the options in our Ultimate Guide To Stream Live Sports In 2016.

UNBLOCK Geo-Restricted Content

You can easily get access to Netflix, Hulu, and popular streaming websites that block content based on your location. This will exponentially expand your TV and movie choices. Netflix, for example, makes tons of great content available in other regions of the world that US users don't have access to. 


Find Free, Legal TV Online

Comedy Central

Watch full episodes for free online without risking the Feds one day busting down your door or getting a nasty virus 

Ways to “watch free TV online” are touted everywhere these days, but typically disappoint. Since you’re here on wTVPC, you're ahead of the game.

You already know where to find a lot of free, legal, live and on-demand TV online. Just use the search box above, browse channels, or find the best TV to stream in any genre or from any country.

If you use other sources to find free TV (ahem, bootlegged content), be careful. Lots of sites are unsafe, and visiting them to watch live shows or the latest TV episodes could expose you to identity thieves or computer viruses.

Watch Full Episodes Free Online

As a general rule, if you’re looking for a hit TV show in current production you’re not likely to find it for free. But, if you're interested in programming slightly outside the 'most popular' list, you have some options.

Several networks (see below) will let you watch full episodes of shows for free. Just search our collection of entertainment TV streams to see what's available. YouTube is another good place to check for previously-aired TV episodes and clips.

Here are the networks that offer some free TV online, and the media streaming devices they work with if you want to watch on the big screen instead of on a device:

+ Comedy Central (but lots of good stuff is behind a pay wall) — Works on Chromecast, Roku and Xbox One

+ Nick — Chromecast, Roku

+ PBS — Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

+ PBS Kids — Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku

+ A&E — Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

+ History — Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

+ Lifetime — Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV

+ Food Network — Android TV

+ Smithsonian Channel — Roku, Amazon Fire TV​

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Other free TV options:

+ YouTube—and its custom “networks” like AwesomenessTV; Here's an excellent resource to find free TV shows on YouTube

+ Yahoo! Screen

+ Crackle​

Find Free Movies Online


Watch full movies online for free from these (legal) sources 

Finding free movies online can also be a bit like chasing a mirage. There are plenty of promises and lots of disappointments.

But if you're willing to wait to watch new releases after they've aged a bit, or if your taste take you to films outside the mainstream, there are some great options to watch free, full-length movies online (or on your TV—see below).

To find free movies, check out:

+ Our movie channels from around the world, from Bollywood to artsy French films

+ YouTube (search within the YouTube Movies section)

+ Crackle

+ Roku (try channels SnagFilms and PopcornFlix

If you find the search process overwhelming, Emily School has done some digging and presents her take on the 30 best full-length movies available on YouTube (free and paid): The Best Movies on YouTube

Get Low-Cost TV & Movies

Netflix abroad

Great for penny-pinchers, ramen-eaters, and anyone willing to sacrifice channel quantity to save some quality coin

There are several low-cost paid services you can use to watch TV shows.

Streaming services:

+ Hulu ($8/month)

+ Netflix ($8/month)

+ Amazon Prime Video (comes as part of an Amazon Prime subscription, $99/year)

Internet TV Providers:

+ Sling TV offers a growing channel lineup, plus access to a Video-On-Demand library, for $20/month.

+ Sony's PlayStation Vue is another well regarded source


+ HBO ($15/month), Showtime ($11/month) and CBS ($6/month) all offer standalone streaming services to get access to their content, no cable/satellite subscription needed.

Combining a couple of services can give you a nice TV lineup and still be cheaper than cable.

Choosing A Media Streaming Device

Roku 4 screen

Watch everything on your devices on the comfort of the big screen, and get access to tons of TV shows and movies.

Watching 2-minute YouTube clips on a phone or tablet is fine. But to enjoy your favorite TV show or a movie, that small screen isn’t going to cut it. What good is cutting the cable cord if you’re chained to your laptop? You want to stretch out on the couch in front of your flat screen—and so do we, even—and especially—as cord cutters.

There are several options to get whatever you have access to online—either free stuff or through a paid subscription like Netflix—onto your TV. First, many TVs, DVDs and BluRay players on store shelves today come with built-in Internet connectivity and apps installed to access Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, etc.

If you don't have a "smart TV", don't worry. Whether it’s a live TV channel you found here on wTVPC, a YouTube video, or a movie from Hulu, here are some media streaming devices that'll let you comfortably watch on your big-screen:

+ Amazon Fire TV ($99) and Fire TV Stick ($40)

+ Chromecast ($35)

+ Roku Players (1, 2, 3, or 4; prices vary) and Roku Streaming Stick ($50); device purchase also gives you access to Roku's library of movies and shows

+ Apple TV ($149 and $199 varieties)

To see the features and compatibility of each, check out this Media Streaming Device Comparison Chart.