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Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Fire TV vs. Chromecast… So many media-streaming devices, so hard to tell which one is the one for you. By now, either through the Cord Cutters Club ™ or elsewhere, you’ve probably come across the names of the major streaming devices. They all do basically the same thing—let you watch lots streaming content on your nice big flatscreen. But there are some key differences, not to mention price differences. With this handy chart, you can easily compare the most popular devices side-by-side. Compare features, compatibility, content, cost and more for Roku, Amazon, Apple and Google media streaming boxes and sticks.

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Comparison Roundup: Amazon Fire TV 2 vs. Apple TV 4 vs. Roku 4 vs. Chromecast 2

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast all came out with new models in mid-late 2015. Here are a few comparisons worth a look:

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Chromecast 2 vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

With the newest Chromecast coming out swinging, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has even more to contend with. The budding techie in this video gives a great explanation of what each stick has in its corner, where its weaknesses lie, and which comes out on top.

Roku 4 vs Fire TV 2

Both have 4K ultra-high definition streaming. Both are fast and powerful. Both open up a world of great content. But it’s their differences that will drive them apart–in gaming, price, smart search, and more. See who wins in each category, and overall.

Roku Streaming Stick vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Roku wasn’t about to be left out of the streaming stick skirmish. They have their own stick to square off with, and it’s a pretty fair fight. See who wins as the experts from Digital Trends call the action and proclaim a victor.

WATCH: Roku Stick vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video vs. Hulu

They’re the Big Three in streaming services—Netflix, $8/month; Amazon Prime Video, part of a $99/year Amazon Prime subscription; and Hulu, $8/month or $12/month for the ad-free version. Each offers access to a huge library of movies, TV shows, and even some original programming. Choosing between the three can be tough. We watch several comparison videos—here is the best one to help you decide which service to pick.

WATCH: Netflix, Amazon or Hulu? The Throwdown

Older Can Still Be Better

Until makers still updating the software, the prior generation media streaming devices are still great products. If you don’t need fancy 4K high definition or a remote finder function, then the older, cheaper devices may be your best bet. Here’s are some great video comparisons of the previous models of the Big Four media streaming devices, starting with the four-way fight.

WATCH: Amazon Fire TV (1st Gen.), Apple TV (3rd Gen.), Roku 3, Google Chromecast (1st Gen.)—Full Comparison

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Amazon Fire TV (1st Gen.) vs. Roku 3

The Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 3 are both media streaming devices, both small boxes that hook up to a TV, and are around the same price (neighborhood of $100). Both devices set out to achieve the same goal—to make it easy to watch online videos and other streaming content on a TV instead of on a computer or device. See where the devices diverge in this excellent run-though from CNET Senior Editor Brian Tong.

WATCH: Prizefight—Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku 3

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Chromecast 1

These two media streaming devices are natural-born opponents. With similar function and design—the Amazon Fire TV stick and Chromecast are both small sticks or “dongles” that plug directly into an HDTV’s HDMI port—the devices are more alike than different. But some differences do exist—and some users may find them to be very important, even critical. XDA Developers lay out the key features of each so you can make the right decision in this streaming stick showdown.

WATCH: Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Chromecast—Streaming Stick Showdown

Roku Streaming Stick vs. Chromecast 1

Here the Roku Stick goes one-on-one with Chromecast in another streaming stick showdown. See where the media devices are evenly matched, where one bests the other, and which stands out as the stick for you in this video prizefight from CNET.

WATCH: Prizefight—Roku Streaming Stick vs. Google Chromecast