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Best Kodi Add-Ons 2017 — The Always-Up-To-Date List

By Steph Myers / May 21, 2017 / Tags:

Here’s a run-down of the best TV add-ons for Kodi and where to find them — so you can stream TV shows, live sports, movies, live TV, and a whole lot more.

Best Kodi TV Add-ons

Kodi add-ons are easy to come by, but not so easy to vet. Since Kodi is an open-source platform, developers of all kinds can create add-ons. This can either be a great feature or a real drawback.

What’s always great about Kodi (formerly XBMC) is that it’s free, and a very powerful and versatile streaming system once you learn how to harness it. A big part of making the most of Kodi is choosing the right add-ons to install.

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Note that many of the most popular add-ons and content sources on Kodi are blocked based on the country you’re in. Sources like HBO, Netflix, BBC, ITV, ESPN, Sky Sports, and a lot more are geo-restricted. See how to unblock Kodi so you can watch content on every source and add-on.

If you’re wondering whether Kodi and its add-ons are legal, the short answer is ‘it depends.’ See the longer answer in our article “Is Kodi legal?

Some of the add-ons below fall in the legally sketchy category. The quick litmus test is that if you know the copyright holder of the content you’re watching charges for access, and you’re getting it free on Kodi, then you’re in iffy territory. (More about Kodi’s security issues.)

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Internet Service Providers have taken to sending alarming letters to customers who look like they’re engaged in sketchy streaming activities. (ISP tracking is common all around these days, though can be prevented by hiding your IP address, which all of the good VPNs do.)

So it is highly recommended you use Kodi with a VPN. A VPN will keep your identity private, secure your connection against hackers and spies, and unblock new content sources on Kodi add-ons. (I personally use NordVPN, which works great. It’s a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice two years running, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Right now, you can get their spring deal: $3.29/mo for two years.) Just follow these simple steps to stay secure on Kodi — plus unblock all Kodi add-ons in only about 5 minutes.

Best VPNs for Kodi — Unblock Content, Stay Safe & Private

⊕ See the full comparison


Best Kodi Add-ons To Stream TV, Movies, & Sports

With that, here are the best Kodi add-ons for watching TV, movies, sports and more. Note that first you’ll want to get the Fusion Add-on Installer if you don’t have it already. To see how to install Fusion, and for more general help getting started, see our how to use Kodi guide.

Exodus Kodi Add-onExodus — Probably the best add-on for TV shows and movies. Exodus searches multiple sources to deliver the best streams. Especially if you’re new to Kodi, start here. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

1channel1Channel Primewire — Combined with Exodus, you might not need any other add-ons. 1Channel is a great source for new TV shows and movies. It’s constantly updated and makes it easy to browse available content. If 1Channel Primewire is blocked where you are, you can unblock it and all Kodi TV add-ons. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

Phoenix Kodi add-onPhoenix — Phoenix has a massive selection of high-quality content. It is especially good for live TV and live sports — but also has a great selection of on-demand TV shows, and movies. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

Specto add-on for KodiSpecto — Another great add-on for TV and movies. If Exodus or 1Channel don’t have what you want, try Specto. Find it here

Playon Kodi add-onPlayOn — An add-on that plays by the rules to give access to paid-for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. You can use it to record content and stream it on multiple devices. Where to find it: Default Kodi repository

⊕ TIP: Get more from Kodi add-ons. Unblock new content sources and stream more than ever before. See how

sportsdevilSportsDevil — For sports fans, this add-on will quickly become one you can’t live without. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer


Salts Kodi add-onSalts — Another fantastic add-on for watching movies and TV with Kodi. Salts (Stream All The Sources) has high-quality playback and the most sources available for your viewing options. Salts is guaranteed to give you highly reliable content sources, since it’s a multi-scraper add-on. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

cCloud TV add-on for KodicCloud TV — This is a great add-on for live TV with high quality streams and a very smooth user experience. cCloud TV also has a bunch of on-demand shows and movies. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

Evolve add-on for KodiEvolve — Has it all: sports, gaming, movies, how-to guides, audio books, and the list goes on. You’ll want to add this to your collection immediately. Where to find it: Goliaths repository

ustvUSTV Now — Watch live US TV on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and more. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

Sports Mix add-on for KodiSports Mix — Watch live sports from the US, UK, elsewhere in Europe, and India. A very simple add-on with no clutter. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

icefilmsIce Films — Access over 70,000 movies, plus concerts and stand-up comedy. Where to find it: Eldorado’s XBMC Addons repository

UK Turks Playlist Kodi Add-onUK Turks Playlist — UK Turks has a very well-curated collection of links for TV shows, movies, sports, concerts, live TV, and more. There’s also a big collection of odd-ball stuff, like movies from the early 1900s and CCTV cameras from around the world. Where to find it: Fusion Add-on Installer

iPlayer Kodi add-oniPlayer WWW — A great way to stream content from the BBC. This can be anything from Top Gear to Match of the Day. It’s a must if you like BBC shows. If you’re not in the UK, though, you will need to unblock this add-on. Where to find it: Default Kodi repository

Bob add-on for KodiBob — Watch TV, movies, sports, stuff for the kids, content for women, and more. Where to find it: Noobs and Nerds repository

Channel PEAR add-on for KodiChannel PEAR — Watch content from around the world with cloud-based live streams. This add-on is maintained by its own community of users. Where to find it: SuperRepo repository

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Use Kodi securely, and install add-ons with discretion. The legality of some of these add-ons is definitely questionable. But Kodi is truly a remarkable platform and will let you enjoy thousands of hours of great, free entertainment.

Some other great Kodi add-ons for music are TuneIn Radio and SHOUTcast 2. Both let users listen to thousands of radio stations around the world. Plex also now has a Kodi add-on, which may seem strange since the two are rather fierce rivals in the media player space. But the Plex add-on is a great get for anyone who love some theater technology.

List Of Live TV Channels On Kodi

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and things change rapidly on Kodi. That said, here are some of the channels you can watch live on Kodi for free (more about Kodi live TV and the best add-ons to use). Generally, you can also watch any TV shows on these channels on-demand with the add-ons above.

– Read our disclaimer for more on our streaming philosophy.


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